Customer Reviews: LG Rumor Reflex Phone, Black (Sprint)
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on April 1, 2012
I've been a feature phone user with Sprint for over 4 years now. Over that time, I've used the Palm Centro, the HTC Snap and the Samsung Reclaim. This is my first LG phone, and also my first touch screen phone. I own an iPad3 and an iTouch, but I don't want a smartphone like an iPhone or Android because I don't want to pay a higher monthly fee/cost.

I've used this new Rumor Reflex phone for 4 days now. I give it an overall 3.5 stars rating that breakdowns as follows on the particular areas:
4 stars for the case/phone body - feels solid, not too thick, easy to pop off/on the back to remove/insert the battery and microSD card. GREAT that the phone can take a microSD card of up to 32GB!
4 stars for seemingly no problem with reception/drop calls, or sound quality on calls.
4 stars for an easy to understand and utilize user-interface.
3.5 stars for lcd touch screen - colors are bright and sharp, fonts appear clear and sharp, and the touch sensitivity of the lcd screen is decent (though not nearly as responsive as that screen of the iPhone or iPod Touch).
3 stars for the qwerty keyboard - the buttons are barely raised, they don't give good feedback when you press on them, and their placement doesn't seem natural. However, I think I will get used to it and type faster after a few more weeks of use.
2 stars for the battery. I barely get 24hrs of use even with the vibrate function turned off, with the screen brightness at level 4 (10 is the brightest), and I don't talk or text very much. I'm pretty disappointed with the battery life while the battery is brand-new, I worry how the battery will hold up after 9 months or a year of use - since I'm planning to use this phone for two years until I get another credit to upgrade with Sprint by renewing my two year service contract.
2 stars for the weak camera - haven't taken many pics but they don't look very good so far - colors are off and pics aren't very clear/sharp.

The above being said, it's still probably one of the top 3 low cost "feature phones" (non-smart phones) now on the market and if I wasn't using the Rumor Reflex, I'm not sure what feature phone I would go with. I got it for $29 after various rebates from Sprint for renewing my two year contract.

If you want a low cost feature phone that has a large touch screen and qwerty keyboard, and can live with charging your phone every night, you'll probably be happy with this phone.
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on April 5, 2012
I'm against paying for a data plan on principle, so I've never owned a smartphone. I need a phone for calling/texting, and previous had the LG Lotus. I LOVED that phone and wished that LG had kept it, but you can only get them used now, so I decided to upgrade. I was going to get the LG Rumor Touch, but when I went to the Sprint site, I saw the Reflex.

So far, so good. I'm new to the touchscreen, but I'm getting used to it and I think I will love it. The 3" screen is a good size, the camera is decent and the battery only has to be charged every 3-4 days, which is the best I've seen from the phones I've owned. Best of all, I love the fact that this phone can be locked and doesn't unlock when a text or call comes in, therefore there's no butt or purse dialing.
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on September 15, 2012
I've been having this phone for awhile now and I dont understaind what everyone on here is talking about.

1. I get four bars everywhere I go.

2. my battery life spand lasts over a week if I dont txt on it or if I dont have it on vibrate. even then If I talk, text, put my phone on vibrate, It dosen't die in four hours, it dies like in eight hours.

3. Pictures, okay people it will be crappy because you are on a phone camera. The most impressive pictures I've seen on a phone is on the new iphone which are clear and bright.

4.Recordings, I think its excellent because I decided to go outside in the recient hurricane we had,which I recorded without a problem, the sound was clear and the video came out clear.

5. The touch screen is very good you dont have to pound on it like other touch screens that I played with.

The only things I dont like about this phone is listening to the mp3's that you just downloaded to your sd card which is annoying that you have to go back and click on each song you want to listen to. 2. Ringtones, you cant add your own so you have to spent $2.00 which is overpriced for one ringtone.

And if your battery dies in four house 1, you need to get a new battery some of these phones they use recycled batterys so give your mother back her pink panties and get a ney battery. 2 you bought a used phone, which is dumb because you don't know what happend to the phone.
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on December 12, 2013
Decent phone, gets the job done. The touch screen seems to be a little problematic at times. I bought this phone for parents who aren't technologically 'savvy' and they say the keys on the keyboard are too small and sometimes have a rough time answering the phone due to the touch screen not reacting correctly. Seems basic items such as listening to your voicemail are a little cumbersome and complex for people who would buy this phone. I'd imagine the general consumer of this phone are less advanced users who need the ability to text, but don't need the smart phone capabilities. I don't think this phone is as easy as it should be to operate.
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on April 14, 2013
I tried really hard to like this phone.

I received it as a replacement for my damaged but much-loved Samsung Rant, so perhaps this review is a bit of an unfair comparison. But the Rumor Reflex just does not measure up to the Rant, even though it's several years newer.

I love the Rumor's big screen, and I love having a touch-screen - touching the screen is just so much easier than trying to manipulate cursor-control keys. But I'm afraid the good news ends there. This phone just feels like LG should have tried just a little harder -- just a bit more effort and this could have been a great phone, but this thing feels like no engineer ever bothered to use it to see if it's suitable for humans. Because, frankly, it's not.

I use a phone about 80% for texting/messaging, maybe 15% for talking, and 5% for web-related tasks. I assume that anyone who purchases a phone with a slide-out keyboard is probably, like me, big time into texting. So the keyboard on a slide-out-keyboard phone should be well engineered - it should work really well, or why bother including it?

This phone's keyboard is its worst feature.

First of all, the soft plastic keys barely provide tactile feedback - I can barely tell if I've pressed them. (If I didn't need tactile feedback I'd just use an on-screen keyboard, right?) The key layout of this keyboard is all messed up because the bottom alphabetic row is split by the space bar, making it awkward to find the keys you're looking for -- it's just not a TRUE QWERTY keyboard. (Actually, the space bar isn't a bar at all, it's just two keys with a single cover over them.. don't press it in the middle or it won't register - you need to press it in one of two sweet spots..). And because the keyboard layout is mucked up, you need to be able to see the keyboard very clearly or you'll wind up with the wrong key. But unfortunately the only way you're going to be able to see the keys clearly is if you're in full-bright sunlight or total darkness (so the keys' backlighting is visible). In any other lighting conditions - and I mean ANY other lighting from a cloudy day to a brightly lit room to a dimly lit room - the glare off the face of the keys will have you squinting and angling the phone back and forth in front of your face so you can see what you're typing. THIS is supposed to be a texting phone? No way!! (I admit I may be spoiled by the Rant, and its well-laid out keyboard with very tactile keys that are easy to see in any light..)

Speaking of the Rant, I truly do miss that phone's built-in instant-messaging capabilities (Yahoo and AOL and, now obsolete, MSN). The Rumor has no such feature - it's SMS/text messages or nothing. (An unrelated feature I loved on the Rant, missing on the Rumor: built-in Google Maps.. a few keystrokes and it produced a map complete with Google's live traffic display.)

Using this thing to talk does leave something to be desired, too, but it's not as bad as trying to do texting. As others have noted, the phone basically locks up as soon as you take a call (I assume this is to prevent your ear from unintentionally ending the call or performing other mischief on the touch-screen).. this is a little clumsy but I noticed that I pretty quickly adjusted to the idea that I had to press the unlock button atop the phone to light the screen back up so I could access features (like speaker phone, or ending the call). If this were the phone's biggest shortcoming, I think I'd keep it and learn to deal with it.

But there's one more big strike against this phone, and that's its lack of a missed-message/missed-phonecall indicator. With other phones I've owned, if I don't respond to a text message or I miss a call, the phone tries to bring my attention to that fact by, at the very least, flashing or blinking in a noticeable way. The Rumor has a status light that seems to do pretty much nothing other than confirm that it's plugged in and the battery is charging. Under normal operation (when not charging), the light flashes quickly every 10 seconds, indicating - well, I'm not sure what it indicates, but it flashes. If you miss a call, the phone does: absolutely nothing. If you miss a text message: nothing. And I have not found a way to configure it to do something other than nothing.

So I really wanted to like this phone, because I like its big beautiful touch-screen. But no, I've already called Asurion (Sprint's insurance partner) and told them that the phone they sent me to replace my Rant does not cut the mustard because it (a) does not have the same features, and (b) the features it DOES have do not work very well. (To their credit, they did not argue, they just agreed to send me another model!)
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on June 27, 2013
Well what can I say I've had this phone for roughly six months and I think it's time to write a review... Well okay where do I begin. This phone has very bad reviews on it. I will say one thing. If you want to use this phone for email internet music or other. Just go out and get a dang smartphone. Basically for me I use my phone to make about 50 texts and a few calls every day and I do not use any other features on my phone. Here is my review of the Rumor Reflex.

Great battery life 5 days strong
Great Case with screen protector
Easy to text with
Easy to understand and use
Calls sound great
Many ringtones available
Easy to read words and perfect size of phone
touch screen is clear, bright and works great 95% of the time

Camera isn't the greatest but don't complain people go out and get an actual camera!!
Every once in a while about once per month it'll act goofy on me and the lock and screen will mess up but it fixes itself shortly
I've heard the email is not good have not tried it myself
Have heard mp3 is hard to use and going on the internet is difficult

So that's what I have to say as an unbiased review of this phone and basically if you want to go on the internet... BUY A SMARTPHONE don't complain and say how bad this phone is because you cant access your email. This phone is made for the basics and it will do just fine for you if you use it for the basics, Don't look at other reviews they are to biased and some have downgraded from a smartphone. This phone is not a smartphone and should only be used for the basics else from what I've heard you could come across promblems
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on November 29, 2012
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! This phone has a defect where the phone shuts off every time you check your email. The phone locks up constantly and you can't get on the internet. I have tried contacting Sprint about this problem and finally called LG-the manufacturer of the phone.
No one is willing to take care of this and I have only had my phone since June 4th and have been calling on this phone for 2 months!
Do not buy this phone!
Also the sprint authorized store customer service was aweful! Rude employees-was in there an hour and not satisfaction.
LG knows they have these problems and are still unwilling to send me a replacement.
Spring store in Fairview Heights, IL told me that this phone is "known" for having this problem shutting off when checking your email.
LG wanted me to pay shipping, send in my phone for-who knows how long? Aweful customer service from Spring and LG!!!
This is my last LG phone EVER. And when Spring contract is up-I am done!
Lots of internet reviews on this phone shutting off and locking up.
Lots of disappointed customers.
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on April 27, 2015
I LOVE this phone. I had a Samsung Gravity for 2 years that I adored until my husband doused it in pineapple juice and it ran no more. I use Ting so I could not get another Gravity. I love the touch screen front with the slide out full key board. I only use this phone for talk and text so I can not speak for the internet capabilities or gaming. I have dropped this phone innumerable times and have not suffered any cracks or real damage. Love having a phone that is suited to real life. With my mild-moderate usage, it runs about a week between charges.
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on December 9, 2012
I upgraded to the LG Rumor Reflex Phone when my contract was ready. I figured I would be getting a decent phone even though it is not a smart phone. The phone has major issues. A Google search of the Sprint forums will prove this out. You will find hundreds of complaints about this phone, if not thousands. It will suddenly reboot when on the internet, it will also do the same at times when you click to use the camera. Just a sudden reboot. Other times it will reboot while attempting to access the web.

Support for this device from Sprint is a joke and they will not offer you a solution. What they will tell you is that you need to take it to a Sprint store for an evaluation, and when you get to the Sprint store they will tell you that they do not service that phone at that location. Then Sprint will advise you to send the phone in and they will attempt a repair as long as you are willing to pay 35.00 for such a service.

The phone has had issues since day one. I have had it now for six months. Sprint will NOT replace the phone with a similar or like phone, nor will they offer a solution to the problem. Basically if you purchase this phone with the two year contract, Sprint tells you, "live with it for the next two years."

We pay for the unlimited data but when we can not sue the internet nor even take photos much less sent photos to others, one has to wonder why Sprint is scamming folks with this phone.

I would never, ever recommend this phone nor would I ever recommend Sprint to anyone, not even my worst enemies.
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on March 30, 2012
good texting
great sound on calling (other phones you cant even understand the person)
very cheap.. i got a 2 year contract
easy to use... well after i got used to it

loses coverage a lot.. thats probably sprints falt though
live tv isnt very good
ringtones and screen savers are WAY to much... 2.50 for a screen saver that i can just send from my ipod to my phone for free... ringtones are the same price

over all this phone is pretty good quality for my first cellphone
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