Customer Reviews: Uniden DECT 6.0 Expandable Corded/Cordless Phone with Answering System - Silver, 2 Handsets and 1 Base (D1788-2)
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on June 26, 2012
I have been shopping for new cordless digital phones for our home for at least 6 months. I liked my old Panasonic 6.0 KX-TG 9000 series system for a couple years, had to replace one handset, but lately it's been useless. Transferring to speaker phone or even receiving a ring would make the phone screen blank out, and you'd have to run for another phone. I ordered the newer version of this phone (Panasonic DECT 6.0-Series 3-Handset Cordless Phone System with Answering System KX-TG1033S) back in February, but it lacked a key feature I insist upon, which is the ability to assign personalized rings for incoming calls (the old Panasonic version had this). I even called Panasonic, but they said they none of their current phones offer this feature. I returned that phone system, and kept shopping. Finally, I found this Uniden set that seemed to fit the bill. I looked through the manual online, and could see it allowed personalized rings for incoming calls, but it didn't say how many options there were. I emailed Uniden support, and they responded within a couple days to say the phone has 4 melodies plus 3 ring tones (they were wrong about one of the melodies: my phones came with Beethoven's 9th [Ode to Joy] rather than the Star Spangled Banner, which is fine with me). I decided I could make do with those seven choices, and ordered this phone set. It's simple (I didn't need an answering system, as I prefer the voice mail which comes with my phone service), the programming was not difficult, I like the envelope icon as well as the flashing light for message notification. Plus I can program in my voice mail number and it even adds a pause and my code. I can hit the envelope icon and easily retrieve any messages. Reception, range and voice quality seem excellent, and I am picky about that, having a slight hearing impairment. I like these phones so far. Maybe I'll be a Uniden customer now, rather than Panasonic. Another plus: the Uniden phones are a little more elegant, and lighter in weight than the old Panasonic. Thanks, Uniden, for answering this customer's pre-purchase questions, and for a nice little cordless phone system.
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Model Number: D1788-2|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It had been a while since we had a new phone and wanted something easy to use and could put in three different rooms.
We needed for the kitchen, bedroom and my husband's downstairs office. This works perfect for us.

Due to the man's office being downstairs and behind a closed door, we really needed something with an intercom which is why we wanted to try this. I need something that the kids and I can use to get in touch with him. Going up and down all day, is never good. Plus if he needs something he just intercoms us and we can get it down to him. Makes life much easier all around.

Best Features:
Store up to 50 names and numbers on the Caller ID
Store 100 names and numbers in the phonebook (this could be a minus too. We don't remember anyone's numbers anymore).
Silent Mode shuts off all ringers.
If we ever wanted to get another phone for the family room, we could expand this set with up to 12 extra if we needed to.
Speakerphones! We love this feature. Life is busy. I can't hold a phone while I do the chores I need to get to around the house. This is a great feature. My personal favorite.
Power fail feature. If you happen to lose power in the house, your phone will still work!
Price! Great price; under $80.00 for three phones and an answering machine!
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on September 12, 2012
I did a lot of research before buying this phone and it turned out to be a big disappointment. I wanted a nice, quality phone that had no answering machine because I prefer to rely on my provider's voicemail system and didn't want the bulk associated with the main unit. I knew that this phone didn't have call blocking capability and didn't come with a wall mount but it seemed to have all the other simple features I wanted, e.g., caller ID, speed dial, phonebook. Trouble is, those features turned out to be nice ideas with poor execution. Following are the pros and cons as I see them:

-Very stylish, lightweight phones.
-Well lit screen and keys.
-Good voice volume.
-Reasonable price.
-Batteries cheap to replace.
-Easy navigation once you get the hang of it.
-Caller ID, phonebook, and speed dial are linked among all phones, eliminating the need to enter phonebook info into each individual unit.

-Ringer volume is *way* too low, and my hearing is just fine.
-Secondary units have an unacceptable (2-3 rings on main unit) delay before ringing.
-Unacceptable delay to access "speed dial". Call it a "slow-speed dial"!
-Delayed access to caller ID history and phonebook due to linked info among units.
-Surprisingly few ringtones.
-Quality of sound is very inconsistent- fuzzy on one unit; echos on another; tinny on the third.
-Cost to buy wall mount + shipping = 20% of price I paid for phone.

Based on my pros/cons list, you can see that the "pro" of having the Caller ID, phonebook and speed dial features linked among all units ironically causes some pretty major "cons", in my opinion. Perhaps the technology is just not where it needs to be yet. The delayed ring on the secondary units means that calls often go into voicemail before you realize the phone is ringing and have a chance to answer - if you even hear it. And frankly, it would be faster to dial commonly called numbers rather than wait for speed dial to retrieve the programmed number, which I find unacceptable in the long term. Those inconveniences, along with the inconsistent sound quality and very poor ringer volume alone were the main deal breakers for me. The phones are going back.
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on July 25, 2012
This is a pretty basic cordless phone, which is just what I was looking for. The handsets are lightweight and calls come in loud and clear. I like the "privacy mode" that keeps others from picking up the other handset and interrupting your call, and the intercom/call transfer feature. I'm not sure about battery life yet as I've only been using it for a few weeks, but it hasn't been a problem so far.
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on January 24, 2013
This seems to be a nice phone and I would have given it more stars except that one of the batteries went dead just 5 weeks after purchase. So far I have not been able to find another battery for this phone anywhere, locally or online. Amazon suggested I contact Uniden so I emailed them from their website. They responded that they wanted me to fax them my sales receipt. I emailed them back telling them I don't have access to a fax machine, could I email it to them. I emailed them 3 times and so far they have not responded. It's been almost a month and I have not heard from them. If this is how they treat their customers, I will never buy a Uniden product again.
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Model Number: D1788-2|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Uniden D1788-2 DECT 6.0

I've bought and used several different DECT 6.0 phones in the past. My last set was a Panasonic, which served me well up to the point one of the external speakers failed and I was unable to purchase a replacement via Panasonic.

The Uniden D1788-2 are similar to other DECT 6.0 phones. The DECT 6.0 network is one of the more advanced cordless frequency systems and is fully digital. Because it is a network, your satellite handsets do not require any physical connection to the base station. They simply sit in a cradle to charge up anywhere in your house and you can expand this system up to a few extra units, although it comes with 2 wireless handsets. The base station has a corded handset.

The cordless handsets use a NiMH battery pack, basically a pair of AAA batteries wired together in a pack. The handsets do not have belt clips or headphone jacks, so I was unable to use them with a corded microphone/headset for hands-free talking in the office.

The audio quality is acceptable, although my recorded greeting using the base station and handset microphones was rather scratchy. The base station ringer can't be changed, and because I turned off the ringers on all the cordless handsets (so they don't bother me in the bedrooms), incoming calls just sound off a generic ring tone on the base station. The handset range is on-par with my other DECT 6.0 phones.

The instructions are very sparse and poorly written. It frequently tells you to go to another page for more information on a topic. There are also lots of options/settings that aren't covered in the instructions. The network seems to operate very slowly. Navigating the menu and changing settings will result in a "Please Wait..." message on the LCD that takes a few moments to go away.

The red power charging LED is also a nuisance because it stays on even after the battery is fully charged. This can be annoying in a bedroom where you may want more darkness, but luckily the red LED isn't too bright.

Overall: 5/5 stars, good backlit keys, acceptable audio quality, doesn't break any new ground in cordless phone technology.

I will update this review if anything changes with my usage experience.
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on January 18, 2013
We have used these phones for a few days now but the problems have persisted. When using the handsets they sometimes don't give a dial tone and have to be put back on to the base and tried again. In addition, they regularly just cut out for periods of time during a conversation. It sometimes gives the out-of-range message when you are just feet from the base, and even the DRX100 Range increaser doesn't help.

Also, when purchasing on Amazon it shows the DCX170 as a compatible handset for this base. That isn't the case, you actually require a DCX170BT which is twice the price per handset over the DCX170.

One other thing is that Uniden telephone technical support has been pretty poor in my experience. I've had to wait up to 30 minutes for a technician, and while one did resolve my problem the other was not helpful at all and gave me incorrect information (resulting in the purchase of the wrong handsets).

I'm very disappointed in the performance overall, and with the vendor support and will now have to return and try a different brand. Hopefully, the seller support will be better.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon February 23, 2015
EDIT 12/16/15 - I haven't had the out of range errors lately but the batteries all need to be replaced. I believe the batteries lasted about 6-8 months. I also wish the volume went a little higher.

EDIT - 6/12/15 - Lately I am getting OUT OF RANGE errors when I move downstairs with the phone. My house is large. The home station is setup upstairs in the middle of the house. I'm in the very west front part of my house downstairs and it says OUT OF RANGE. The last uniden phones I had I could take outside and into the front yard and not get that error. I'm disappointed about this. I had another set of Uniden phones that were starting to die so I bought these to replace them.

First of all you need to plug the main set into the phone line in order for the other two to work. You can turn off the built in answering system (I use my phone company's). The screen is clear and very easy to read. It does have speaker phone and mute (which I need for conference calls for work). It also has flash to add people if you have a third person to add to the conversation. I haven't tried bluetoothing the contacts from my cell yet.

I have a 4000 sq foot house and I do not have issues with bad reception anywhere in my house or even outside. I can hear just fine with these hand sets both with them up to my ear and on speaker (volume is adjustable).

This does not come in a standard store box, just a blank white box but all of the items are wrapped and new. I'm very happy with this purchase and felt it was a great value.
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Model Number: D1788-2|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
High marks to Uniden for giving us the best of both worlds: A corded desktop/wall mount corded phone and 2 cordless handsets. I didn't realize previously it was possible to have both.

One big advantage of this phone package over the cordless phones that my sons have is that when their power goes out, so does their phone service. However, with the D1788-2, this is not the case. Even if there is no power you can still make phone calls using the base set. That's a huge plus for anyone who lives where there are occasional power outages due to falling tree limbs, storms, or general power failure.

You can also dial in to your answering system from any touch phone when away from home after programming the phone with a security code of your choosing.

Not much to do to prepare the phones for use. Plug the base set into an AC electrical outlet using the provided adapter and to a telephone jack using the provided cord and attach the handset to the base with the provided cord; put the provided rechargeable batteries in the charging units for the two cordless phones and plug the chargers into electrical outlets using the provided cords. Now the phones are ready to use as well as to program following the menu in the users guide.

Pretty much intuitive, but good instructions are in the manual.

Programming the phone is not difficult. You have the choice of programming each phone separately or by clicking on the global menu option to program all 3 phones with date and time, etc, at the same time.

The user guide that comes with the phone is relatively small. If you prefer something larger, google Uniden D1788 User Guide and you will get a larger PDF version which you can print or read on your computer monitor. I found it easier to use this version to focus on what I was trying to accomplish.

The phones are good looking, especially the base phone.

The Uniden D1788-2 is a good wireless phone package at a good price. I recommend it.
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on April 3, 2013
I have had to purchase 4 Uniden D1780 phones in the last 2 days because either the phone didn't work or when I called the Support line waiting 25 minutes, they gave me wrong info. but worst of all is that the User's guide does not have all the instructions for Assigning a Speed Dial Number and is missing the last 2 steps. How are you even supposed to deal with a company that is that un-customer friendly. I can't one-touch the memory to dial and there is a hum so loud in the receiver that I can't hear the other person. HELP, HELP, HELP.
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