Customer Reviews: LG Lucid, Black 8GB (Verizon Wireless)
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on April 5, 2012
Pros- Great Price tag, Dual core processors and the 1GB of RAM make this phone really snappy. The frotn facing camera is a nice addition, the build quality is nice with gorilla glass and aluminum accents around the sides, 2.3.6 with ICS in the future, 4G LTE is nice as well, the screen is a good size.

Cons-The cameras aren't exactly the best quality colors are muted and the sharpness isn't there. The screen doesn't name enough colors and pixels are slightly grainy, the battery charges quickly but drains fast, no SD Card.

I have had this phone since the day it came out and so far it has been pretty good. The phone has really snappy performance with the Dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 4G LTE make the phones performance feel really quick, the dual cameras are a nice addition. The promise of Android 4.0 ICS in the future means that this phone is a little future proof. The call quality is great and the keyboard is easy to use and type text messages or send emails. The camera and the screen both could be better but these are no penalty box. Some people complain about LG's interface but I find it isn't to intrusive and has some handy features. Battery life is abysmal in the best of situations but on the plus side it charges pretty quickly. Overall the 79.99 price tag retail is very fair for the features you get, so this is no penalty box for a phone and you will be pretty happy with it in the end.
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on May 15, 2012
To start off, this is not a review about Verizon customer service, that's a whole different scenario! This is strictly about the LG Lucid phone. Since our old phones were wearing out, we decided to up grade to our first smart phones. The selling point was the price and the duel cameras that allows use of apps like me when I tell ya, this is a grandkid thing!
When the phones arrived, the activation instructions were simple to follow and only took a few minutes for each one to be up and fully functional. After having these for a week, they are easy to use and set up. They come preloaded with some good apps. If you like phone games, you will have to download your own. It only comes with two demo games, no solitaire!
All the functions that I have used perform well. The dual-core processors are very quick. I have not used it as a wi-fi tether yet. 4G connectivity has given us no issues so far. No matter what type of building I'm in, there is always a couple of bars on the signal meter.

The only real con to this phone, as with all smartphones is the short battery life. It has to be charged everyday, vice once a week. You will want to download and install JuiceDefender to extend the battery charge. I am going to order the extended life batteries in the very near future to try to improve the battery life issue.
It appears that once again, Apple has been beat at their own game. This outperforms the iphone in price, network speed and dependability.

We got the extended life batteries for the phones now. It does extend the battery life with moderate use. If you can resist the urge to play on it all the time, you can get a couple of days worth of charge running juicedefender.
Keep in mind though, your cases will not fit because of the bigger battery. You will have to modify them to make them fit. I cut out a square hole in the back of my wifes jel case to make it work.
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on August 4, 2012
I'm upgrading from a Droid Incredible, which was slowly dying in the hardware department because the charging port kind of busted and wouldn't charge half the time. And the construction, while stylish, felt cheap and flimsy. When I heard that my mom was going to get a new phone early, we were trying to find the best deal. Knowing me, I wanted the best phone possible, which would be like either Motorola or Samsung Galaxy branded. Then when mom was talking on the phone with Verizon, she got a deal with this phone. And I thought, "Ugh, no, not LG," because I heard LG wasn't that great. That was years ago and apparently, that was a huge understatement. This phone is by no means, a slouch. I'd say this is not only for beginners for smartphones, but also for advanced users that have a tight budget. However, it is not without falls, though. I'll be comparing this to my old phone in several sections.

Build: This phone feels really nice in the hand. The construction is not cheaply made and has a good weight to it. The Gorilla Glass display also feels sturdy and solid. The battery cover is also easy to snap out so you can exchange batteries for put in an SD card.

Style: The handset may look ordinary in the front, but the sides and the back do look really attractive. The sides look like they were partly in silver (but its not). The power button is on the top ride side of the phone and the other side is what looks like a button, but it really isn't. The back is smooth with a black and red pattern on the back.

Hardware: I already talked about the build, but lets get more specific here. The screen actually looks great and vibrant for a mid-range phone. The screen resolution isn't the greatest as you can tell when looking at texts in the browser, but it's good enough to make it look pretty good as well as responsive. Calls can come in through the top pretty clear compared to my Incredible, which was hard to tell what people were saying as they were fading in and out on that phone. And they can hear me pretty good, too apparently. Inside of the phone is a beast that could take you by surprise. Armed with a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and 1 GB of ram, you should have nothing to worry about for app compatibility, at least for a long time. The charging port on the phone is the same on the HTC Incredible, so finding charging cables made it a little easier as they do work with this phone. The only bad thing I might say about this area is the battery, which will have its own section.

Software: It is running Android 2.3.6 aka Gingerbread. While it was nice on my Incredible, it makes my phone feel like its behind the times. However, there is a promise of Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwhich (ICS) in the future, so there's still hope there. It has LG's Interface overlay, which I wasn't thrilled about at first, but it actually grew on me as it had a nice set of widgets I found to be even better than HTC, like the dialer widget. Though the dialer is a click of a button away on the homescreen, it's still a nice touch if you don't want to exit your homescreen and it is very functional. Another widget is Social +, which connects your FaceBook, Twitter, and Myspace (who uses Myspace anymore!?), and it is really nice because not only check other peoples' statuses, but also your updates on the ones you made and your messages, which you can reply to through the widget. The calendar and note widgets are nice as well. I only wish you could sync FaceBook events and birthdays to the calendar, but I'm being nit picky since that was the only thing I liked about my previous phone. I could just use MyCalendar Mobile for that. Another thing LG added was 4 different themes to switch from. How convenient! Though you can just download a 3rd party Launcher and probably be happier with that too.

Connectivity: It can connect to 3G and 4G Verizon towers for internet, and can have voice over data, something the Incredible didn't have. Though you won't get unlimited data on this phone thanks to Verizon's selfish need to rape people of their money (Why Verizon, why...?). Not everyone has wifi at home, so that was a lame of them. You can create a hotspot with this phone, though. Sadly, I can't get 4G in my area (c'mon Verizon! Give me my money's worth!!), but when I'm out connected to 4G, it's really fast. Much faster than 3G, which is obvious enough. It has Bluetooth 3.0, which I had no problem with since I can easily connect my iControlPad (iCP for short), which is a bluetooth gamepad I use for games and emulators on it. I haven't tried a bluetooth headset, though, but when I do, I'll mention it in an update for this review.

Apps & Games: This phone will load games almost immediately, thanks to its speedy processor and gig of ram. Apps like FaceBook and Instagram don't lag at all. Gaming is pretty solid on this phone too. From Words With Friends to Grand Theft Auto III, it runs like a champ. There was hardly any glitches in GTA III and it didn't force close at all like it did on my 4th gen. iPod touch. There even emulators available in the market as well as other places to download. From Atari 2600 to an N64 emulator, it still runs great and they all work with my iCP. You will not be bored with this phone as it will let you play all of your favorite games, rather it be new on the market, or old-school style.

Keyboard: While it lacks a physical keyboard, it comes with a decent LG-branded onscreen keyboard and Swype. You will love Swype as typing with be a breeze with one finger. You literally swipe from one key to the other on the screen to create the word. There are other keyboards you can download from the Google Play store if you wish it.

Cameras: The cameras are actually pretty good. Not the sharpest, but not the worst either, hence the price of a mid-range phone. The back one is a 5mp camera, which takes pretty good pictures and supports full 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps, which is actually pretty good. The front facing camera is VGA quality and its great for taking a picture of you and a loved one or video chat. I haven't done any video chatting yet, so that will be a future update in this review.

Battery Life: This phone contains a 1700 mAH battery. Oh, I really want to say, "Yes, this battery life is awesome!", but its not. Its not the worst, but if you're a light to mid user, you should be fine for a day. If you're a heavy user, though, then I'd recommend bringing a charger, or at least an extra battery or two, or get an extended battery.


Overall, I'm pleased with this smartphone. Its a worthy upgrade from the Incredible as it. The pros outweigh the cons and would highly recommend this phone for people who are new to the smartphone world and on a tight budget. Does everything a phone should, and more. Just make sure it has all the features you want. If you have any question, just go ahead and ask on here.
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on June 12, 2012
I love the LG Lucid 4G Android cell phone LG Lucid 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) I recently obtained. However, the battery life is so short you need to carry the charging cord around with you where ever you go! Even with my settings minimized, the battery is almost totally drained within five (5) hours. I couldn't even get through a day at work without recharging it! I did locate an extended life battery for it, (at a cost of $42.00 from Verizon) and that seems to help, but it has now doubled the weight of the phone and I cannot find a case that accommodates the extra size of the battery and battery cover. Does anyone know if one exists?

Other than the battery issues, the Lucid is really slick! I love all of its features, it's really fast, accurate, does everything I expected and it handles apps really well. My only question is: why couldn't LG incorporate an extended life battery into the original phone????
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on June 21, 2012
I've had the LG Lucid for almost 2 weeks already and so far i have to say this is a pretty decent phone for the price. Currently you can get this phone for either 30 bucks or almost free. Usually phones like this are usually bad phones, but the LG Lucid is an exception. With a Dual Core and 1G of Ram it makes this phone pretty snappy fast. The loading time from when you turn it on is pretty decent. The screen is not huge but its not small either, and the 4G network is pretty decent.

Some people might complain about the fact that it does not come with an SD card and yea its a bummer however you can a decent card here on amazon for real cheap.

Battery life....Yes the battery is not the best and i wish it would last longer, however i knew that ahead of time and i feel that almost all the phones, with some exceptions (iphone, Droid Razzr Maxx and others) will have battery issues. Plus you have to keep in mind that the more you do with your phone the quicker the battery will drain. So if you plan on gaming on your phone, or always texting, or browsing the net at all times then you might want to consider buying something else, or you can always get a battery pack! Which is what i did. Bought one here on Amazon for about 20 bucks, best 20 bucks spent in my life, can charge my phone twice on it. So think about doing that, it still beats getting a larger battery for twice the price.

Call Quality: Not sure if this is me only but the quality does seem a little odd at times, i've had people tell me that they sometimes have a hard time hearing me and i do have to say that on speaker there is a little cracking on the voice. I don't really think is anything major, and i hope it stays that way.

Bloatware: While some of the apps that came pre-loaded were some that i used (google apps, Netflix) others are just JUNK. This is probably the only real thing i hate and wish bot the company (Verizon) and the manufacturer(LG) would stop putting bloatware or at least let us remove them

Dual Core Processor
1GB Ram
4 Inch Scree
Camera, Decent picture quality and video quality plus front and back cam's
4G/3G support
Android 2.3 System

Overall i have to say that this is a decent phone for the money, and if you are looking to get a new phone that has 4G and that is pretty fast and at an affordable price, then go for this one, but be warned that the battery is not the best, and again i would recommend getting a battery pack.
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on April 24, 2012
I've only had the Lucid for a few days, and I'm going to take one star off for when the honeymoon inevitably ends, but as of now, I can't find fault with this phone. It suits me perfectly. It's nearly as flat as Razr, while being a lot less oversized. I wanted a smartphone that looks and acts like a smartphone, all while fitting into any pocket.
Lucid is running Gingerbread, which seems considerably faster and more stable than Froyo. I would've liked a phone that ran Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box- updates play havok with my phones - but the Nexus seemed a bit cumbersome.
Lucid's processor is fast, maybe not as fast as the top tier phones, but still plenty fast. It comes preloaded with a decent amount of apps and features - a phone widget for immediate dialing, Nav, Google Play Music, Book & Movie, and access to the app market Play Store. Verizon threw in a few of their apps as well. While these cannot be deleted, they don't take up tons of room, and are easily ignored.
Phone quality is very good, much better than my older android phone, and it's nice having a face button for voice mail. The front and rear cameras take decent pics and are easy to use. Of course the best way to gauge if a phone is right for you is by giving it the hands-on test, give Lucid a shot.
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on May 1, 2012
I happily used an LG chocolate for almost three years, and have passed that great phone on to my husband. I tried an HTC rhyme and a Droid Razr before finding the Lucid. It is the perfect step up for a "mature" user, who mostly wants a comfortable reliable phone, but enjoys a little internet use and good tools. It's the PERFECT size..large screen, smaller overall size. It is great for that. Haven't had it long enough to really speak to the battery issue. It takes time to get all the apps loaded and updates settled in and to get the phone optimized. Also helps to get past the fascination stage. I think there are some excellent apps out there (advanced task killer) for one that can be used even by a novice to get the most out of a phone. If you play games and take videos and change wallpapers several times a day, you are going to pay with battery life...........speaking from experience.
Hey, it's a phone first and very easy to use.
Do get a protective cover and screen protector and buy the insurance!!!!
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on March 21, 2013
I used my upgrade to get one of these...boy am I ever sorry. The only positive thing I can say about this phone is that it's 4G...other than that, this phone quite literally sucks...batteries dry. I'm stuck in a contract on this phone. If you do anything other than leave it in standby for calls, you will need a pocket full of batteries.

Speaking of which, if you are playing a game, or watching a movie, or doing anything you might have bought a smartphone for, the battery draws down so quickly it gets HOT.

The OS is set up to avoid using data if at all possible, therefore if there is an open wireless network anywhere in the area, it will jump on it like a horny dog, regardless of the quality of the data connection. You have to specifically turn off Wi-Fi to avoid this issue.

If you are in line for an upgrade or simply considering a new phone, avoid this turkey at all costs. It does nothing especially well, and if you depend on this phone being awake when you need it, you should look elsewhere. It WILL let you down.
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on April 22, 2012
My husband and I each bought this phone the day before Easter and we both like it. As the girl explained it to us, this phone is for people who are new to smart phones. This applies to my husband and I. Before this we had never even had a contract plan before.

I have to say that I like this phone. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the apps that are preloaded. Some of them I can't delete. I don't use them and would rather have the space for other things.

If someone knows how to delete them, please let me know.
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on January 17, 2013
You get what you pay for with the lucid. The first major flaw is the battery life. You need to charge it 2 times a day just to use it. The only way to save some battery is by disabling the data and turning your brightness all the way the down. Example: when i started writing this review i had 41% battery life. I'm now at 36%. Also the lucid tends to freeze. Alot!! Especially while texting. I would recommend you save your $50 (the price paid for my lucid) and buy a different phone.
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