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on July 16, 2012
LG Lucid 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) I have to tell you that my wife and I bought one for each of us and we are very Satisfied. Of course there's always going to be something that you may not like but in general this is one heck of phone. And for the the price you can't do better, not even with an IPhone. And for those who talk about blackout, there's a thing called a Manual, you know the book that tells you how too! And granted the battery does suck but if this is the only thing I'm sure you can find ways to adjust your phone to improve this problem as we have. And as for as charging it has never taken me as long as some of you have claim to.
And as far as Verizon goes they have been nothing but the best customer service I have ever delt with. Believe I have delt with a lot and they rank the best in any of the cell phone co. So try try using that little device which is on your Lucid called guided tours and you'll find all the help you need, and if not call Verizon tech support they are more than happy to help you..................
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Three months ago I let a salesman talk me into 'upgrading' from my HTC Incredible 2 (3G) to a LG Lucid (4G) at "no cost"... right. The cost of frustration quickly outweighed the 'free' purchase; in my humble opinion, the Lucid has a horrid user interface while its software is insufficient and not user friendly at all. When I made the switch to the Lucid, was visiting a VZW store with a friend and just hanging out as she upgraded her phone... so that's what I get for not doing research before purchasing.

After just a month of using that Lucid, I tired of cussing at it and opted to get an HTC Droid DNA (thankfully, my wife's phone was ready for its 'new every two' upgrade and she nicely gave that upgrade to me as a Christmas gift). The DNA has been an outstanding replacement, and here is a summary of observations on the Lucid based on my experience with it as compared to other phones I have owned (Motorola Droid, Droid X, HTC Eris, HTC Incredible 2, and others):

To start off, the Lucid seemed to have a tad smaller viewable screen area than the phone it replaced but the Lucid was noticeably heavier, and the sharp corners (not rounded at all like both the Incredible and the DNA are) became a literal pain in the #$%... I am just not a holster kinda guy, preferring to carry the phone in pocket, and the Lucid was just not comfortable to carry in pocket for me.

Turning the Lucid on seemed way more time consuming than it should have been; thankfully I did not need to reboot it a lot. Once it did get up & running, the shortcomings really became apparent to me.

Right away I realized that the user interface did not have LCD notification capability -- at least there was no way I could find to turn on an LCD blink to let me know of newly delivered email, text or even voicemail messages. What a pain. As a matter of fact, the phone's resident voicemail app would not connect with my VZW voicemail; instead, I searched the Google Play store for a decently rated voicemail app and downloaded it -- and only then could I access voicemail.

In my opinion, email was not any better: The email setup process was seemingly more time consuming and less friendly than with other phones. I could not figure out how to setup the interface to allow interactive server connectivity to systematically remove email from the phone once removed from the host server... instead, every email had to be manually deleted from the phone. The interface did offer an integrated email Inbox either, so each email addy had to be individually reviewed and managed. Lastly, there was something seemingly just not right about the Lucid's ability to retrieve emails at all; it would not go get them and push them to the phone unless I manually did the following, in order: Manually activate Mobile Data, wait for the 4G indicator to appear, manually activate Sync, and then hit Refresh. Yikes...

Texting with the Lucid was OK -- the virtual keyboard felt fairly small and induced more typos from my stocky fingers, and the touchscreen alignment seemed a bit finicky. This led to more than a few interesting auto-spellcheck corrections... one of which I initially had to apologize to a neighbor's wife for, but has since become the 'butt' of neighborhood jokes. I like to keep texts in simple, threaded order and that is where the Lucid's resident app just failed as it would only show texts in the 'great for a preteen's use' bubble-speak format. Really...?

Another pet peeve for me is that LG decided to place the on/off button on the right side of the phone, and I was always accidentally hitting it or getting it confused with other switches (like volume). That placement was just a pain for me.

OK -- so the concerns above were enough to make me not like the phone, but the next two made it completely unacceptable:

Battery life of the Lucid seemed non-existent; out of the box I got about 4 hours total up-time before having to recharge, and that was without any real usage. Seriously. After installing my favorite Easy Battery Saver application, I got 6 to 8 hours max. Yep, really. Then I turned the Lucid's screen brightness down to its lowest level and that extended battery life to 12 or more hours (but hey, who needs to be able to read the screen anyway...) I had a second USB cable that fit this phone and had to take that cable to work in order to tether the Lucid to my work laptop... just to make it through the day. Not much fun.

Based on feedback I received, the call quality experienced with my Lucid was seemingly not up to par with other phones I have used. People generally noted that I sounded distant and muffled, and to me most of them sounded somewhat tinny. Signal strength, based on the phone's indicator, was much lower than experienced with my other phones. When comparing with my family's phones (when all in our home) and with colleagues' phones (in and around the office), I always had one or two bars less signal strength than others and most were Verizon customers too.

Was there anything good about this phone? Yes -- it played music nicely and I liked a couple of the ringtones that were preloaded.

Glad to have switched.
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on July 10, 2012
The LG Lucid is amazing! Ok, it is my first smartphone, but I never realized what a phone could do. It's easy to use and there's thousands of apps you can download. All the features are wonderful and Swype is the fastest way ever to type. I haven't had any problems with my Lucid in the past six months that I've had the phone. I've never had a phone I enjoyed (or found as useful) as much as my LG Lucid!
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on July 10, 2013
This is the daughter of the person who owns this Amazon account... I've had this phone since August of 2012 and already I feel like I need an upgrade because this phone is a piece of junk. Sadly I'm stuck with it.

-The battery life is awful. If I have the screen brightness set to 50% and use apps that require wifi (usually inside my house), the battery will be nearly dead within 2-4 hours. I'm 15 years old and I'm a communicator. I text all the time and I talk to a lot of people on Facebook. Having to stay plugged up almost constantly is not fun. Don't even get me started on how much the 3G/4G (as it swaps back and forth for some reason) eats up the battery. I watch the battery percentage go down by the minute if I have the data on.
-The phone gets hot very quickly and overheats if you have the screen brightness up all the way for more than half an hour.
-The browser constantly crashes when I try to type in a URL or search for something. I often have to reopen the app 2 to 3 times before it quits acting up.
-Speaking of crashing, other apps seem to be crashing often as well, as well as the keyboard. Luckily, the phone itself doesn't freeze up too often, but it freezes up enough for it to be annoying. I often end up having to remove the battery and letting it rest for a few seconds before putting it back in.
-It takes a ridiculously long time to turn on. This is a huge pain if I need to make an urgent phone call and my phone has shut off or frozen in my pocket.

-I like the photos it takes on the back camera. The front camera's not as good but I can deal with that because I love the quality of the back camera.
-The music player is decent, though a bit annoying when ringtones get mixed in with the actual music (that can be fixed easily though). It plays music louder without headphones than my iPod Touch does.
-It charges very quickly when plugged up to an outlet and not a computer. (This would be better if it didn't lose its charge almost as fast.)
-The call quality is okay.

Overall the phone's pretty bad, but it does have a few high points to it, such as the camera and the music player, which are two things I use on a daily basis. However, as soon as I get the chance or the money, I'm switching to a new phone immediately. This one isn't worth using any longer than necessary.
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on February 26, 2013
The battery life can be extended by turning off your location when not using the GPS and by not leaving windows open in the browser.
That being said, this phone doesn't stand up to regular daily use. If I accidentally drop the phone a tiny bit (even just onto my dashboard when trying to get it into the GPS holder) the back falls off, the battery comes out, the SD card gets jangled and all my music playlists are lost. This has happened a lot. I've had many cell phones, and it's pretty common to drop them and have no damage other than cosmetic--scratches and small cracks.
Also, the voice command never recognizes my voice when I'm driving. So as far as having a safe hands free GPS, this thing is worthless. Again, my last phone (Motorola's first Droid) worked great as a GPS.
The transfer of photos from the phone to my PC is also quirky. My PC tries to import EVERYTHING when I just want to move a few photos from the phone to my computer.
I called LG (these are issues with the phone--not Verizon--although the Verizon rep talked me into buying it) and the tech guy basically just told me that dropping a phone would always cause problems, that I'm not using the correct voice commands (I looked it up and guess what--I was using the correct commands) that I spoke too fast, too slowly, it didn't like my tone (ha ha ha) etc. He talked me through getting my pictures onto my PC by ONE by ONE opening every jpeg-labeled file in my phone until I found the pictures I wanted. Wow--really?--that's not my idea of user-friendly. It used to be simple--plug the phone in, see the pictures, select the ones you want, click transfer--done.
I'm really disappointed. If the tech guy had been better I might forgive LG--I used to have an LG Chocolate phone--it was sturdy and didn't have all these issues. I guess I'm stuck with this stinker for another year and a half, then I'm going iphone for my next purchase.
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on December 4, 2012
I have had an lg lucid since May 2012. Due to immediate issues I had to have it replaced under warranty two months after I got it. It started having the same issues a few weeks ago. The screen at the bottom often doesnt light up, which causes it not to move back and forth between home etc. It seems to struggle to type as fast as my fingers go. The constant freezing makes it so I have to reboot it multiple times a day. Today I tripped over my dog and fell. It hit the floor and the screen shattered. It actually works better now, but I dont think it is wise to use it with a shattered screen. If you are like me and seem to get lemon phones, dont get this one! It has some cool qualities, but it frustrates me on a daily basis with its freezing and the terrible battery life.
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on February 24, 2013
I have had nothing but trouble with this phone since I got it 8 months ago.

I've gotten one replacement phone and three sim cards from Verizon trying to resolve issues I've had since the start.

I recently activated the mobile hotspot for an additional monthly charge from Verizon. Now I get "An error has occurred when activating this functionality" about half the time I try to use the hotspot. If it doesn't connect, I've found that if I remove the battery and sim card, wait a couple minutes and put it back together, the hotspot will work for some undetermined time and then I'll have to do it again. I've gone as little as five minutes up to an hour before having to redo it.

I've also been getting 05 Communication erros with 2 bars and Error Code 1001 errors. I'm not sure what those signify.

The data speeds are also terrible. I was told by Verizon tech support that my home is surrounded by towers and they don't know why my connection fluctuates from 3G to 4G back and forth. It also fluctuates between one and three bars without me moving the phone. My speed tests at home are normally UNDER 1 MBPS speeds up and down. Even when the phone is showing 4G. I rarely will get speeds above 2 MBPS up or down with this phone anywhere!

I've never got four or five bars even inside a Verizon store where I was told they should have the strongest signal possible by tech support.

Verizon offered to sell me a network extender for $150 to boost my signal at home and I told them that was unacceptable.

Lately, I've been getting complaints that there is a lot of static when I'm talking to someone but I don't hear it.

I'm stuck for another year plus with this POS so Verizon offered to give me a Samsung Galaxy Stellar, a Pantech Breakout or a Pantech Maurauder as an early upgrade. Unfortunately all these phones are three stars or under in the reviews, so it seems I'll be trading out one lousy phone for another.
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on August 13, 2012
Overall: Really fantastic smart phone with a smaller still palmable form factor with a lot of great features.

Brilliant screen.
Great camera on front with flash, alright forward facing camera (for taking self portraits.)
Not too big, not too thick.

Battery life isn't great (it is still a touchscreen android)
GPS locator isn't too precise, even in 4G network coverage.

..It has a great speaker for listening to music if you so choose but also for the speakerphone. Unfortunately, they put it on the back. This means for best quality you obviously have to turn the phone upside down on it's brilliant face, and this is odd because now you can't see who you're talking to or use the keypad without holding the phone. Maybe it's just me, but the only reason I really use speakerphone is for multi line meeting calls and hands free functionality. Using my hands to flip over the phone repeatedly to hear or accept incoming calls seems a bit contrary to usability.

Bottom line:
It's a great phone, with good call quality and the wonderful Android OS. It processes all with ease and seamless transition, which is nothing short of impressive for this little phone. If you're going for a smartphone or a new android, I would recommend.

Compared to Black Berry..
-It's way easier to use.

Compared to iPhone..
-iPhones do have better battery life than this particular model. This is the only advantage. The LG is also significantly lighter.
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on February 15, 2013
Me and my wife both purchased it right after it was released. They both worked fairly well at first. About 7 months in the battery and operating system on both our phones started to get worse and worse, Now my phone wont survive the 10ish hours Im out of the house every day without being charged. Thats with hardly any use, The operating system is always glitching and stops playing audio and I have to mess with it to get it to work. Needless to say I would have taken it back but the screen cracked about a month and a half into its meltdown. Bottom line, you will be better off with another phone. Two phones down and over a year till my next upgrade.... ugh.

Oh and the camera picture quality went way down hill from when we first got them. That one is hard to explain.... haha
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on June 29, 2013
First, let me say that I purchased the Lucid 2 through Verizon, a fact that may be important to readers here who want to read reviews only of products purchased through Amazon. I am a very active Amazon customer but have a Verizon landline account; it was easy to move forward using my existing account.

The Lucid 2 looks like a beautiful tablet. It offers two modes: a mode for the first-time smartphone user and a standard mode for the experienced user. I chose the starter mode since I had not previously owned a smartphone.

The hardest part of the learning process was inserting the SIM card. You have to pop-open the back cover (also called the battery cover) using the same opening as the charger port. A new user does not want to damage the charger port, and it takes a little patience to be sure that you are handling the delicate SIM card and the removal of the back cover with proper care.

After inserting the SIM card and battery, one is instructed to charge the battery. A blue light shows that the battery is charged. At a later time, you can add a battery charging screen (three are available and are stored within the smartphone) so that you can view the progress of the charge.

There are video tutorials stored within the smartphone and a very fine series of help screens located at under Support.

The smartphone feels very much like a tablet. I was able to watch movie previews by accessing the App (icon) to an online movie site.

One of the main reasons that I wanted a smartphone was for weather-watching during hurricane season. There are various ways to use Apps (icons) that are basically shortcuts to features that you wish to use. The weather App also functons like a pop-up screen to give you instantaneous viewing of local time and temperature. My primary interest is the tropics, however, and I am able to access [...] easily. I will download the App from that site at a future time.

By the way, you can use Voice to access sites on Google. You can also use Voice to display the name of a person or a telephone number (that you had previously entered); you can then touch the name or number and then send the call. Voice can be used for text-messaging as well. As a young senior (age 63), I really like these Voice features.

I own a Canon digital camera and did not buy the Lucid 2 for photography. Those people who do use a smartphone for photography may wish to read reviews about this feature on Lucid 2; my understanding is that three or four other smartphones might be a better choice if photography is one of your priorities when buying a smartphone.

I have read some online, professional reviews that criticize the Lucid 2 as being plain from a design perspective. I disagree. One reviewer -- whose opinion matches mine -- said that the Lucid 2 is gorgeous. It is. It is elegant and fun to use.

UPDATE: I am having a lot of problems with freezing and lack of responsiveness. A LOT of problems.
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