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on April 12, 2012
This phone is just amazing. Most of the CORE things we seek in a SmartPhone are so fluidly built into the OS itself that you don't need many apps. For the ones that don't exist like Pandora, I use wpFANDORA, which is awesome.
The NOKIA Build is just amazing, as compared to iPhone when you hold it and start using - just feels so solid and svelte. My favorite is the Live Tiles which show information without having to open and close apps one after the other - this definitely save a lot of time. To boot there is fluid integration with 25GB free storage on SkyDrive which actually make the overall storage to 41 GB. I can see all my albums from SkyDrive in my picture hub, which is one of my favorites. Also the camera is freaking awesome, if you are patient and learn how to take shoots. Only Anandtech took the time to review to the Camera on this phone and write a thorough review. I am not disappointed at all.
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on April 9, 2012
Love all aspects of the hardware and the fact that I can do everything I need fast. I'm in and out of the phone fast and I like it that the information that is most important to me is surfaced to the top. A few missing apps and I hope that Microsoft and Nokia will work hard to get those filled quickly!
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on August 2, 2012
I decided I wanted the Lumia 900 right now. I resolved that it was silly for me to wait for a new operating system that will cost three times as much up front and will remain just as expensive until spring of next year. So I gave my Android a rest and so far am extremely glad to be using this phone. It feels good to have given support to Nokia. They are innovators, but not the slickest marketers (which is why they're hurting, but I really believe they can bounce back.) What Nokia lacks in hot air, they make up for with pretty solid (albeit barebones) GPS navigation and fast, responsive hardware.

The Windows Phone 7.5 platform is an exceptional experience for me, despite some organizational and customization quirks. I almost stuck with Android for another two years but had the chance to go into a store and try the Lumia 900. If you are wondering how it works, find out yourself. I'm able to search the Internet incredibly well with IE/Bing (and Google of course.) The voice and optical recognition software are great touches. The resolution looks fine. The single core processor powers the device very well. The specs don't look wild on paper, but the thing moves along swiftly and the OS is not a totally nasty battery pig. Nokia's camera is intuitive and useful - macro settings, exposure settings, white balance etc. Long press and hit auto-fix to adjust light balance on the low light shots... works nicely along with the other Nokia imaging software available in the marketplace (and the new app Fhotoroom, which is also free and pretty incredible.)

What strikes me is how this phone has a 4.5 star rating on the average from so many people. Satisfied customers usually don't go out of their way to write a phone review in such numbers, the usual top-tier exceptions aside. The prospective Lumia 900 buyer at this point has a choice between listening to the market-savvy expertise of those who do not own the phone and what actual users have to say. The experts say wait for Windows Phone 8 or give dozens of reasons why Android and iPhone are currently better choices. What I chose to do is support Nokia NOW, and the phone team at Microsoft as well. The Lumia 900 will not be outdated until 20 months from now when my contract expires. It is working incredibly well and should continue to do so if all goes peachy. Applications will remain on the market for when I need them, and I'm sure the 7.8 update is going to be just fine. I'll aim to give an update about the update a few weeks from now in the comments.

I can't tell you whether to buy the 900 or wait; all I can say is with this many satisfied customers and the good bargains being offered, I did not care in the least about guru opinions regarding the next greatest thing. I care about having a product that I stand by. I stand by this. I'm surprised how much I like the Windows Phone platform - I never thought I'd get excited about anything by Microsoft, but I am excited about this. You might be surprised as well; see for yourself how this phone operates. By the way, reception and call quality? Yes, it performs really well on those fronts, and the phone interface looks especially excellent.
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on May 12, 2012
I have a 10 year old unlocked Nokia cell phone that I have taken with me around the world. It just works everywhere, finding signal where others can't and producing crisp, loud sounds at my end and transmitting the same quality to my fellow caller. It is also sturdy and holds a charge for what seems to be weeks. My experience with this little Nokia is why I was so happy to hear they were returning to the US market with the Windows Phone OS. I purchased a Samsung Focus when Windows Phone was released and have really come to admire the OS. Based on my previous experience, I was prepared to ditch the Focus when the Lumia 900 was available, but I wanted to hold it for myself first and see if that legendary build quality and design was still something Nokia could pull off.

Before I go further, I like the Windows Phone OS. It is clever, intuitive, and fun to use. I think this OS is second to none. As much as I like Windows Phone, lots of other people have written lots of other words about the OS. This review is about the Lumia 900, the phone.

After using the Lumia 900 since it launched, I can safely say that Nokia still knows how to build phones. This is an outstanding device. I live in an area where AT&T has yet to provide LTE service, but I have no complaints at all about the pseudo 4G service I do receive. I've used the phone throughout the local AT&T coverage area and I routinely have great signal strength. I've had two dropped calls with this phone, but in each case, both me and the other party were in moving vehicles when that happened. I can't tell which of us may have been responsible for losing the call. Receiving volume on the phone is very good. I've heard no echo or delay effects and had none reported to me. The volume on the ringer is easily heard even in noisy settings. It is also a pleasure to listen to calls on the speakerphone. Again, there is ample volume and nothing raspy or harsh about the sounds the speaker produces. I've read criticism of the vibration generator in the Lumia 900. Some people say it feels harsh, even mechanical. What I've noticed about it is that this is a vibration you will notice when you have to have the ringer turned off. In a shirt pocket, even a jacket pocket, you will notice the vibrator. And that is the whole point isn't it?

The unibody design of the phone creates a feel that is a real pleasure. It is not slick or slippery at all. It is certainly heavier than the Focus S or other Samsung models, but I've discovered this added weight, combined with the matte finish, assists with gripping ability. The phone feels solid and real. There is nothing ephemeral about it. The great sound quality I mentioned above and the robust volume fit perfectly with the heft and feel of the device.

Years ago, Nokia was known for putting the power button of its phones on the top of the device, while most other devices used a long press of the call end button to power down the phone. Nokia has evolved away from that standard, but has come up with a new approach that appears all its own. All of the buttons on the Lumia 900 are on the right side. This is certainly different than the approach taken by many manufacturers. You may not like this but I think this approach works very well. Just grabbing the phone out of a pocket, you can easily tell its orientation without looking because all of the buttons should be on the right. The dedicated camera button requires a much firmer push than either the power or volume rocker. This helps prevent accidental shots inside your pocket or purse.

Nokia provides an ample collection of nice apps with the phone. Nokia Drive is an outstanding on and off line turn by turn navigator. This program is head and shoulders above anything available on Apple or Android devices. Other Windows Phone device makers customize their devices with apps as well, but compare Nokia's offerings with say, the HTC Hub or Samsung's NOW. There is no contest. If you aren't interested in a navigation program, there is a transit app, a photo studio app, and lots more.

I am very glad that Nokia figured out what it does best is design and market phones and has left the OS work to someone else. In the pre-smartphone era, they were my manufacturer of choice of my cell phones. There are good products out there from other manufacturers, but having Nokia back in the game in the US means good looking, well built, solid, and high performance devices are finally available to smart phone buyers.
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on April 9, 2012
Quite simply LOVE the phone! Easy to use. Simple set-up. Totally different than any other OS I have ever had before. People hub is very cool and the maps are great. Intuitive and very easy to use!
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on April 16, 2012
I recently purchased the Nokia Lumia 900 and have only positive things to say about it. It does everything I would want a smartphone to do and it does it all very quickly. I switched from a Blackberry Bold 9000 and the Lumia 900 is in a different league. The windows operating system is the best out there. Its very intuitive and functions seamlessly. I had no problems synching my email accounts. The battery life also seems to be very strong and the phone can easily get through a full day of heavy use. I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a fast, easy to use smartphone.
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on April 14, 2012
This is a great phone. I switched from an iPhone 4 to it. It can translate a menu written in a foreign language just by taking a photo of it! It has Siri-like integration built into it and it works very well for search and stuff. I can attach more than one attachment to an email.

My contacts are fully integrated with all their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter information rolling up together in one view. Speaking of which, it takes 2 minutes to transfer all your contacts wirelessly via bluetooth to your new Nokia Lumia 900, all you need to do is download the free Nokia Contacts Transfer app that comes with the phone, pair and voila! I have ~3000 contacts, no glitches whatsoever. The phone has Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) built into the operating system. Nokia REALLY knows how to build the phone part of a smartphone, and it shows. Call reception quality is fantastic. No issues there. The screen isn't a retina screen like iPhones have, but its quality is very, very very good! In sunlight, the screen is unbelievably clear for use. I have most of the iPhone apps I'm used to, and all my music (my entire iTunes Library) from Google Music streams through an app called Cloudmuzik. No issues at all there. I miss Audible, Dropbox, GoodReader and Mint, but I know it's only a matter of time before they show up. I can be patient.

The software is very smooth, no lags or skips and the interface is beautiful. Battery life is long and trouble free. I'm not here to put down other phones. Buy what suits you, but this is a really good device from a company with a great reputation and 50% of all mobile patents, including most foundational ones on LTE technology. The camera is the only thing that hasn't lived up to expectations, it's not as good as an iPhone camera, particularly in low light situations. There's a pink haze at the center of the photo focus that persists, not sure why? I hope Nokia fixes this soon enough. Windows phone is a solid OS, and Nokia is a very reputable hardware maker. You can see that they collaborated thoughtfully to produce a great product. Did I mention the phone comes with free, fully downloadable, offline (you don't need to use data) turn by turn navigation in 60 languages with maps for 100 countries? Fantastic!

Seriously, Nokia have over-delivered for a $50 phone, but I guess they're like Avis, trying harder. The amazing thing is that even if you buy the phone outright, it costs only $450. Best value for money for an LTE smartphone.


I personally didn't experience the data connectivity issue reported, but on Friday April 13th, three days earlier than promised, Nokia shipped a software update that fixed the issue for those affected. You still get to keep the $100 they offered for the inconvenience as long as you bought the phone before April 21st, 2012. Below is the dedicated page with video and written instructions for how to fix the issue.

The issue was caused by a data memory overload problem in software that handles the SIM card. Nokia has set a new bar for responding to a problem with dedication and promptness, but if you're still unhappy and disappointed, you can return your phone to an AT&T store for a full refund.
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on April 10, 2012
If calls is what you miss most in your iPhone then this is the phone you need to have.
Remember the presentation Jobs gave about how all smart phones loose signals when held at certain position, well Nokia has done something which the biggest company in world couldn't do. Apart from everything which a smartphone does, this is a great phone too. This phone doesn't need diapers (phone cases) for it to work as a phone.
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on April 19, 2012
While this may seem to some as another Nokia 900 user jumping on the bandwagon of 5 star reviews, I assure you it is sincere. I switched from an Apple 3Gs last week after my iphone would no longer hold a charge for over a couple of hours. Time to move on. I looked at the iphone 4 and 4s, some Samsung and HTC models, but the Lumia 900 seemed to be both a quality phone and a great deal. I've owned a Nokia in the past and really liked it. But the Lumia has blown me away. It is the first Windows OS phone I've had and I've got to say it is sweet. Fast, responsive, and easy to use. I don't do alot of surfing or music listening, but I do have several email accounts and need a sturdy,relaible phone. So far, the Lumia 900 has met my needs perfectly. The battery life seems superior, the set-up was fast and very easy, call reception is good, and I love the design and feel of the phone. I was a little wary it would be too big, but it is a very convenient phone to carry around.It has some weight to it, which I like, and the camera is awesome! Using Zune for downloads and transfers is okay, but I do wish more apps were available (I'm sure they will be as Windows OS catches on), but I have other devices with apps, so it's not a deal-breaker for me. Overall, The Nokia Lumia 900 has been a real joy to use and I see it as a phone I can use for a number of years without wanting to change because of problems. If you're wondering whether to give it a look, I would definitely recommend it.
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on April 15, 2012
Coming from using iPhones (3GS, 4S) and Droids (HTC Inspire), I can't gush enough about how superior this phone is. I've owned this phone for close to a week now, and I have to admit that initially it took a little getting used to, the good news is that like an iPhone it's pretty intuitive to learn the features. For me the real power of the phone is in its ability to aggregate data from multiple places and present it all in the one place with the minimal number of touches to access it.

I have a number of accounts with various services; facebook, linked in, hotmail, gmail, outlook exchange for work etc. Adding each of these accounts to my phone was incredibly simple. Once added the OS does an amazing job of organizing things in a intuitive way. Want to find a photo? Just go to 'pictures' and voila, I get a list of photo albums with sample photos from all of my different accounts in one place. It doesn't matter where the photos reside...on my phone, from facebook etc. You can do the same with notifications, someone commented on a facebook post, I have a new text, I only need to look at my phone even when its locked to know what's going on.

A week later and I feel like it's features like this that put me in control of my information and make life so much easier. I'm not stuck in my phone digging around open and closing applications, a quick glance and I'm up to date.

I feel like this is a game changer from Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T. Here are my top reasons for loving this phone:

1. The windows phone 7.5 OS is really well designed, for instance when you go to photos, it aggregates your photos from the phone, facebook, gmail, hotmail, linked-in and any other accounts you might have all in to one easy to navigate list of albums. All features on the phone just make stuff super easy, I feel like I'm finally in control.

2. Setting up accounts is a snap

3. Live tiles show you updates without having to launch apps

4. The battery lasts about 36 hours under heavy use (my droid lasted less than 8)

5. The photos, video and screen are higher quality than an iPhone 4S

6. It's effectively free until April 21st!

7. It's blazingly fast(4G LTE) and incredibly smooth.

I will admit that the phone is a little bulky (especially with a case) and that there aren't as many apps as iPhones or Droids (there's more than I expected all the same). Netflix rocks, the only app I really miss is Mint (finances), but I'm sure that's in the works.

Buy one, you won't be disappointed.
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