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on April 14, 2012
This phone is a work of art. The hardware is slick and the functionality is excellent. I waited to can my Blackberry for this phone to come out & I'm glad I did. Since we run a Microsoft Exchange shop at work the Lumia 900 becomes our #1 supported corporate phone very soon.
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on April 12, 2012
Windows phone is the most intuitive OS on the market and the Nokia hardware is the best look and feel since the iphone 4, but I would say it is even better with a beautiful large screen. Regardless if you are looking for your first smart phone or have had several this is the device you want in your pocket.
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on April 10, 2012
I received my Lumia 900 on Friday afternoon after pre-ordering through AT&T. I can't believe how beautiful the device is. The screen is amazing (even with the lower resolution of 800*480). I've been getting at least 16 hours of frequent use and phone calls on a single charge. This includes 8 live tiles, push notifications for email, gaming, web surfing and playing music (stored locally). I've been able to read RSS feeds clearly in direct sunlight. All of the buttons on one side of the phone is just a brilliant design. The weight is perfectly balanced from top to bottom. The Nokia apps are beautiful as well as functional (although ESPN should load slightly faster). I do wish that the Nokia Drive app integrated with search and contacts instead of having to rely on Bing Maps but I have navigation built in the car so it really isn't a problem in my situation. The call quality is amazing on AT&T in lower NY (NYC and Long Island). I have not dropped a call. The camera is good with ample light and good enough in low light situations. The speaker sounds really good and the earpiece has the perfect amount of volume and sound quality. This phone never lags even when I'm playing games and talking on the phone. I've been using the platform for over a year so I already feel like a pro with this OS. My mother just got an iPhone 4S and can't believe the screen on the Lumia 900. Nokia designed a really really good phone. Some people complained about a weird metallic sound when the phone is vibrating but I haven't experienced anything of that nature at all. I do wish the micro USB port was on the bottom but since I only have to charge the phone at night before sleep and I sync with Zune wirelessly it hasn't approached annoying at all. This phone is an insane value as a result of the build quality. I highly recommend this phone to anyone thinking of trying Windows Phone.

This is my second Windows Phone. I've used iOS (iPhone 4 and the 4S), Android (Evo 4G, Evo 3D and the Samsung Moment), WebOS (Original Palm Pre), Windows Mobile (all the way up to 6.5) and even a Blackberry. The Windows Phone OS is the most fun OS I've used so far. It's modern, extremely stable and MS is very persistent with the development of the OS and the hardware. You won't find all of the trendy new apps in the marketplace but you really won't miss them after a couple of weeks with the OS. It does so many ordinary things with such a common sense approach as opposed to many other platforms. Integrating social networks into the OS is ingenius. Cloud storage is built into the phone itself for pictures and MS Office. Zune is gorgeous on the desktop (MAC only gets the desktop sync client while PC users get to enjoy the full application) and elegeant on the phone. The Live Tiles may be "too simple" for some but I honstly can't see myself not having them. Going from a locked phone to snapping a picture without any lag, the consistently smooth UI and the low cost of entry makes this OS a real value.
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on April 9, 2012
I have owned Androids (EVO, Captivate, original Droid) and iPhones (3G, 3GS, etc) and I will never go back to either of those platforms after using Windows Phones 7. I have WP7 Samsung Focus, Samsung Focus Flash, HTC Trophy, and now the NOKIA Lumia 900. In my opinion Windows Phone OS is the best! It is buttery smooth with no lag or "force close" of apps and super fast. The OS is optimized so well that it out performs phones with dual cores and yet it has superior battery life. Microsoft redesigned this OS from scratch and every aspect was thought out so well (love the integration of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger baked right into the OS...simply brilliant). The craftsmanship of the Lumia 900 is second to none right now in the smartphone world. I own a cyan one and the color just pops!
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on June 5, 2012
The Nokia Lumia 900 is simply the best portable computer ever made. I describe it as a computer because calling this a phone doesn't describe 1% of what this device is capable of. The iPhone created the revolution for touch interfaces however the Lumia has taken this to a whole other level and for a fraction of the cost. Some of my favourite features are: Integration with social networks, XBOX, & SkyDrive. Live tiles, Nokia Drive & Nokia Music. This computer has a beautiful design and an interface that is easy and just simply works.

The best advice for those of you sitting on the fence is simply to just try one. I guarantee you will be impressed and won't look back. Microsoft & Nokia have reinvented themselves and I can't wait to see where they go from here.
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on May 22, 2012
I must say that I was a long time iPhone user (~ 4 years) and pretty happy with it. But it kind of starting boring and same UI since 2007. So whenever I went to at&t store, I tried Windows Phone. Initially I hated the live tiles and complained about so much wasted space. Android was out of the equation, so wasn't even thinking about it.
I finally made up my mind and got my lumia 900, I must says that I started loving it every bit. There are still few quirks but overall I like the simple interface, its fast (who needs quad core). Here are the few things I don't like
1) Wish google opens up there YouTube api to get native WP app. Talk about "Don't be evil" mantra :)
2) Back button sometimes gets stuck.
3) More quality apps.
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on April 13, 2012
This is the best phone I have ever used. I had the Iphone when it first came out. When the Iphone battery died I got a samsung captivate. A few months later I got a Dell Venue Pro (Win7) and I would bounce back and forth between the Droid and Win7. After a few months I parked the Droid and used the Dell Win7 phone full time. It was just a better os. I purchased the Nokia lumia 900 on day one and I am blown away by this phone.


-Great screen with really rich colors
-Silky smooth. It just never glitches
-Nice Nokia apps
-Very high end looking. It's a good looking device
-Good camera. It is a hair below the Samsung camera but still very good with a good flash.
-Great sound and my callers hear me well
-More than enough apps on Win7 platform. It is not the number of apps it is the quality. I have what i need. How many weather apps can anyone actually use.
-Good battery life
-Ability to pin your destinations on your start page. My wife and I went on vacation and we just googled our destination, clicked get directions, hit the pin on the bottom and it pinned and named it and put it to the start page. When you click it on the start page it starts your directions. Just tap the screen and it tells you what to do next. Made driving around a strange town very easy.
-Voice activation works very well
-The screen is actually recessed just enough so that if you lay it face down it won't scratch the screen.
-Great Twitter and Facebook integration

-I don't like the power button on the side of the phone
-I had to wait this long to get one...
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on April 23, 2012
The phone is solid and apparently very well made; which is what I'd expect from Nokia. This is the first Nokia phone I've had in probably 10 years; but my prior experience with them was that they made excellent phones and this one doesn't disappoint. The only thing about the physical phone that I'm not overly fond of is the power button placement. It doesn't cause me too much grief but because it is in the middle of the phone on the right side, I have accidentally pressed it a few times when picking up the phone and while using it. With that said, it's not a problem, just something I would change if I were the designer. Also, as with many of the phones I've used over the last several years, the in-call audio could be louder. I don't have a real problem hearing but if the audio were any lower, I definitely would have a problem; whereas, if it were louder, I could turn it down if needed. I switched to the Lumia 900 from a Motorola Atrix (which is an excellent phone) because I've been looking for an opportunity to try out Windows Phone (by the way, the audio level on my Atrix is close to perfect). So far, I like the Nokia very much. As a phone, it is pretty good. The signal strength on my Motorola is slightly better than the Nokia but other than a few times when my data signal has been flaky in places where I normally would have a better signal with my Motorola, that hasn't been much of an issue (I haven't had any missed or dropped calls; just intermittent data connectivity a few times and in this case, that's more of an AT&T issue than the phone because I'm on the borderline between Edge and 3G where this happens). The external speaker on this phone is excellent. I don't buy a phone for the camera but the camera works well enough for me. I wish the phone had a LED indicator to alert for events such as missed calls, new messages, etc. My Atrix has this feature and it's pretty nice. The battery life has been acceptable. It lasts all day for me and I charge it every night, just like I do with all my smart phones. The Atrix battery is excellent, better than any smart phone I've ever used (and I've used a lot of them), so I am somewhat spoiled to that but I haven't had any problems with the Nokia running out of juice prematurely. The screen is bright, responsive and performs well. I leave the brightness on auto adjust and it works well; I've had some phones where I had to control the brightness manually because the auto adjust didn't work well in bright light. All in all, the Lumia 900 is an excellent device which is why I gave it 5 stars.

<The rest of this review is about the Windows Phone OS which runs this phone - not specifically the Nokia Lumia 900>
I fully expected to miss my Android phone more than I have because the Android phone is more like Windows Mobile used to be. But so far, the Nokia hasn't let me down. I do like the ability to highly customize the user interface that you get with Android but the Metro interface is not really designed for that; it's a new approach to the mobile UI and it does what it does very well. It actually took me two to three days to get used to using Metro over the desktop icon look and feel of Android but I seem to have acclimated to Metro fairly well. The live tiles are very nice once you get them arranged the way you want. It's like any major change in life, it takes a little while to adjust. With some changes, that adjustment never really pays off but the Metro interface is a nice and unique way to work. There are some things that could be better and are in other OSes and at the same time there are things that Windows Phone does better than others; that is common when comparing competing software of any sort and to be expected. So far, I haven't run into any show stoppers on Windows Phone.

I use my smart phones to stay current with my e-mail, to make calls and for general internet access. I do also use 3rd party apps but I'm probably not as demanding in this area as some. I like to have a few games to pass the time when I'm stuck in limbo for whatever reason (Doctor's office, airport, etc...). I like to have a good weather radar, GPS navigation, Amazon shopping, book reader, common information search tools, and a few utilities for my job as IT Manager. Windows Phone Marketplace has apps for all these things. In some cases, the apps are not the ones I used on Android but in most cases they work about as well and in some cases they're better. There were three or four apps that I had on Android that I didn't find an alternative to but they weren't apps that I use very often and they aren't anything I can't live without.

I'm a technical person and I generally like to have more control over settings and such than Windows Phone provides (it's a lot more like iOS than Android in that regard) but I've been using it now for a few weeks and I'm not having withdrawals or anything. That's probably because in the last two years, I've gotten in the habit of using a tablet (Android) for things I used to use my smart phone for. Consequently, I don't spend as much time on my phone as I used to in the past for things like internet browsing and e-mail; the phone is more like a backup mobile device for me now days, as opposed to being my primary mobile device. On the other hand, it is the only mobile device I have with me at all times; so, it has to be highly functional.

One thing I don't like about Windows Phone is the requirement to connect to the PC using Zune for some things; e.g. loading some updates, music and the like. In this regard, I prefer to get all my updates over the air and as for music files, I prefer the device act like a USB thumb drive when plugged in; you shouldn't have to depend on a separate application for managing files. But, that's more a pet peeve of mine than a real problem. This was also a point of complaint against Apple products by many users as well because of the iTunes requirement; recently Apple began relaxing some of that, hopefully Microsoft will too.

The bottom line is that Windows Phone is a solid OS with a lot going for it. It's fast and has everything that most people require. For the more advanced user, there is still room for improvement; but at this point, I think the only major feature it's missing that I need is VPN. I expect VPN will eventually be added in a future release. For now, I can work around that requirement. Also, the reason I didn't give Windows Phone a try earlier is that I absolutely need the tethering feature and that wasn't available initially. So far, I'm liking my new phone very much.
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on April 16, 2012
I have a iphone 4s it works well for me, and from all the pro apple and nokia hate I have heard on cnbc from Jim Cramer, I almost did not consider this phone for my wife. Thank goodness I listened to her, We saw it and bought it, and love it, what a wonderful breath of fresh air this system is! I hope we all have this phone and operating system as an option in the future, seems to me they are going to come up with some wonderful and interesting things. I am telling my friends, this value phone may be the phone of the people.
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on April 11, 2012
I went to the local AT&T monday evening to pick up the Lumia 900. The phone works great its very fast. The battery life is good from what I can tell. I previously was using an iPhone 4S and needed a change. iOS is awesome but its nice to see a unique UI design. The interface actually grows on you, I've found that I can do things faster on the Lumia than on the iPhone.

The only thing I dislike is the limited 16gb of storage. Offering a variety of storage sizes would be better. The LTE is great, the connection over LTE is faster than Wifi. (13.63 vs 12.45 Mbps).
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