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on April 10, 2012
As a bit of context, I have an iPad 2 which I happily use daily (so I'm familiar with iOS) and have tried various Android incarnations on numerous phones (including the latest Samsung flagships) but found myself underwhelmed by the user interface.

I'm a business user by day and so email functionality is important to me, but also wanted deep social networking integration and speedy web browsing; hence, I wouldn't settle for a 4g LTE-less iphone.

So with that background known, let it be known that I'm in love my Lumia 900. The Outlook notifications are as instantaneous as push emails were on my old work Blackberry. The social integration goes waaay beyond just having a facebook or a twitter app -- it's woven in right with your contacts in the "People" section. Not only is web browsing fast, I tethered my laptop to the phone, ran's speed test, and discovered its 4g LTE speed is quicker than my home wireless network!

It's all so seamless, smooth, fast, and beautiful.

Oh right, the apps (or lack thereof) issue. Aside from Pandora (of which there's already a Pandora-like app, not to mention Spotify which is best on WP7), I haven't run into any apps that weren't available. Heck, even gmaps, a program that uses Google Map data, is better than "Maps," the apple program that uses Google Map data for the primary mapping application on the iPhone. This is in addition to Bing Maps and Nokia's host of several programs aimed at helping you get around. What I expected to be a deficiency in terms of app coverage instead turned out to be way more than what's offered on any other platform.

So I think it's a safe bet to say that no matter what you're looking for, chances are you're still covered otherwise (see: aforementioned streaming radio example). As for the marquee name apps that are still missing from Windows Phone (i.e. Instagram), I think it's an equally safe bet that with the phone being the simultaneous #1 and #2 sellers on -- not to mention all of the positive reviews you're reading on this very page -- app makers will be forced to develop programs for this platform, lest they lose out on a burgeoning pie slice of the mobile market.

Really, my only nitpick is that despite the well-deserved praise for its build quality (it's literally seamless and feels very solid... whereas if you pick up, say, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus it feels cheap and plastic-y) there's not really any grip to the polycarbonate case. It's not slippery, per se, but I'm worried I might drop this while, oh I dunno, drinking, considering there's only the smooth polycarb shell to grip on to. It would've been nice if some other, more friction inducing material were woven in at key grip points, but I suppose that would have detracted from the sleek minimalism of the phone. Minor gripe.

Also, I wish the power button was on top. ...That's it. Those are my only complaints. A completely new phone with a new (to me, and probably to you) operating system and new ecosystem and my only gripes are "oh, I'm worried about dropping this when drunk," and "I wish a button was there instead of here." That should tell you something. Well, actually the fact that I'm often waaay too lazy (I mean "busy"...) to write reviews should tell you something, and here I am gushing over this dumb thing.

I'm beyond pleased and wouldn't trade this phone for any competitor. I was hesitant about being an early adopter, but now and thrilled to have been one. Five stars all around.
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on May 25, 2012
Upgraded from an iPhone 3GS. I found the speed of this phone to be a great improvement over the apple platform, and it blows away my wife's iPhone 4 in the speed of browsing, etc. I haven't missed any apps that I had previously, but I'm not a huge 'app' guy, mostly get the free ones...but I've found something equivalent to everything I had on my iPhone. Great user interface. Had some trouble at first with losing connectivity to the net, but the patch fixed it. My main wish is that it had more local storage.
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on April 17, 2012
Full disclosure: I did not buy this phone through Amazon. I am a long time AT&T customer and picked it up at one of their stores while the phone was essentially free with the Nokia rebate. Also, if you check you'll see this is not my first Amazon review, I've been a regular for quite a while. On to the phone...

I upgraded to the Lumia 900 from an HTC Surround running Mango, primarily because the Nokia deal was just too good to pass up. In the deal I got nicer hardware, with the unibody construction, and a smoother experience with the upgraded processor. I've also noticed that reception is better, I'm getting an extra bar in my home office, and the battery lasts much longer. The display is stunning and more usable in sunlight, and of course it's larger so it's a bit easier to type on. There are far more apps than I know what to do with, and I especially like the Netflix and the Kindle apps. Although the screen is too small for extended movie streaming the quality is excellent and I was able to watch part of a movie on WiFi while enjoying a fast food burger. With the Kindle app I was able to download a library book through my Amazon account and again, while smaller than something like the Kindle Fire, the reading experience was still pleasant.

This is a an excellent phone/movie streamer/Zune player/GPS/etc., etc., and I highly recommend it. How can you go wrong at this price?
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on April 18, 2012
Have the Nokia Lumia 900 (black) now since 10 days and I have to say that I am loving it. I am coming from the iPhone 4S and and Samsung Galaxy SII, but think that the Nokia Lumia 900, which came free to me since I started a new contract with AT&T, is by far the best phone of those three and the best phone I had so far.

The construction of the phone is very solid and I am not afraid to break it. The unibody is great and does not seem to get scratched. The screen is great, maybe not a retina resolution but that is not necessary. So far, I never had problems with reading the screen even in bright daylight, the sun directly shining onto the screen. The back camera is good as well, at least in daylight and the front facing camera is awesome, the best I have had so far. Skype and Tango work great with it and my video chat partners say that the quality improved significantly.

Windows Phone 7.5 is so far also a great operating system. I don't mind that I only have 5 flashlight apps instead of 30. One good one would be enough for me. Furthermore, Nokia and Microsoft seem to be extremely fast with fixes. While Samsung left me in the dark with reception problems for over 3 months and Apple's antenna-gate was never solved, Lumia's was fixed within one week and we got $100 for the inconvenience. That is customer support and commitment.

Overall, I am recommending the Nokia Lumia to all my friends and family and they are fascinated about the refreshing, responsive UI.
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on April 12, 2012
I have had the latest android, skyrocket galaxy s, and I also have an phone 4. The Lumia is by far the best phone I have used. I am in love the platform and OS that Windows is using. I am not a fan of Android and iOS was the best in my opinion, the windows OS has impressed me. The 25 gb sky drive ( cloud) is my favorite feature. It uploads all my photos and docs directly to my iPad.

Best phone of 2012.
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on April 16, 2012
Picked this up about 8 days ago and my socks are knocked off.
This phone is WAAAAY better than the iPhone 4 and 4s I had.

Do I miss a few apps, yes but only one or to. I've found everything I've wanted from the 90k+ apps that are available in the market place.

Here are the things I think make this phone amazing;
1) The Phone's design - Holding it in your hand it's a perfect phone. If feels sturdy, not to heavy and looks amazing
2) Screen quality - The blacks are blacker than what I saw on my iPhone retina display. The screen is bigger and brighter. It's the best screen I've seen to-date on a phone.
3) Battery Life - With aggressive use, always connected to Facebook Chat, Messenger Chat and with a ton of apps using push and live tiles my battery lasts longer than any other phone I've had
4) The Camera - In day light it matches my previous iPhone. At night (night-clubs, etc) it kicks the pants off of it and androids. This weekend in a club in NY I took a bunch of pictures and am now sharing them with my friends that had iPhones as they had blurry photos.

I can't say enough about this phone!
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on April 11, 2012
I have used Apple 4S and Android Samsung galaxy. I find the MSFT OS to be easier, and love the metro tiles.
I love my new Lumia
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on April 12, 2012
I had a lot of doubt about picking my next phone coming out of Black berry. I finally bought the Lumia 900 from Amazon, great service by the way; when I received the phone it was a struggle to activate it from ATT, not fault of the phone, but ATT help desk were not trained well. I finally got the voice going, but no internet connection, called Amazon they told me to take it to ATT store to download software to fix the problem. I called ATT help line, woman had no idea what I was talking about, even I was more in tunned listening to news than her, well I hang up and called again, I wanted to make sure ATT would fix something that I had bought at Amazon, this time I got a technician that new what he was doing, he told me that I had not been activated properly by prior technician, after about 10 minutes my internet and everything else was working fine. By the way,the instructions do not say that you need to call ATT to be activated, and then ATT technicians don't know what they are doing. Bottom line, this is a great phone, but ATT and the instructions are to blame for the bad rap, at least that was the situation in my case. I am delighted with the phone, by far better than black berry, and I think the Iphone; I think it would have been perfect if it had better resolution, but that is not too bad, but not great. I think window phone is going to win the day at the end. Now after few days of use,I love and I mean I love this phone, Iphone seems antiuqe compared to this.
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on April 9, 2012
The industrial design and craftsmanship of this phone are outstanding--Nokia has built a phone that can only be rivaled by Apple. Combined with the fact that this phone has true 4G LTE (not the slower "faux-G" in the iPhone 4S), a pretty screen, and a good camera, you're getting a lot of value for your money. The Windows Phone operating system is beautiful as well and very easy to use (I say this as someone who previously owned an iPhone).

The main drawback of Windows Phone is that there aren't as many apps as on iPhone/Android. Most top-tier apps are available (Facebook, Yelp, New York Times, CNN, WhatsApp, Epicurious, ESPN ScoreCenter, Flixster, MyFitnessPal, Netflix, and more are present and accounted for), and great third-party alternatives are available for some of the missing apps (for instance, check out PrimeTube if you're looking for a good YouTube app, or MetroRadio if you want a good Pandora app). However, there are a few important apps that just aren't available, such as Draw Something and Words With Friends. If these missing apps are deal-breakers for you, you may want to look elsewhere--but if you can live without them, you won't find a better smartphone for this price than the Nokia 900.
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on June 11, 2012
I've had my Nokia 900 for a few months now and this is an update to another review I did giving it 5 stars then. Since then it's a perfect 5 stars and this review also speaks of the huge gain in apps at Marketplace. The apps are so beautiful and so much thought of quality I must give Nokia and Microsoft a thumbs up on keeping such a high standard. If you move from Apple or Android, you will be shocked how beautiful the apps are on the Nokia. Nokia has their own section in Marketplace and you will be very happy with the apps there. I love the Nokia Pulse app through NokiaBetaLabs, that is like a private social media for family and friends and you can add pictures as well to send to each other. Everything about this phone is easy, beautiful and quality. Nokia is also adding more apps and those are especially apps to grab. If you have apps on iphones or android you like, those may appear on better different apps at the Marketplace. BUY THIS PHONE....YOU'LL LUV IT. This is the best smartphone ever.
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