Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 900, Black 16GB (AT&T)
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on April 16, 2012
I am a phone fanatic. Thank god I am in the Telecom industry and don't have to pay for most of my phones. In the past year alone I have used an iPhone 4, Samsung Focus, HTC Inspire 4G Samsung, Infuse 4G, Samsung Skyrocket, and Galaxy Nexus. I laid down the $99 for this phone for me and my wife, and we could not be happier about doing it. I had some reservations moving over to Windows Phone based on my early experience with the Focus - man have things changed. I love how solid the hardware feels in your hand and how integrated WP7.5 really is. The voice actions over bluetooth (read texts to you, reply to messages, call contacts - all over bluetooth) is absolutely amazing. Regarding the Marketplace - I am not missing 1 single app from Android and now have over 50 apps on my phone. If I could find one gripe, it would be that the vibrate sounds loose in the phone, but my wife's is fine. I have to say Thank You Microsoft and Thank you Nokia for such a wonderful experience. I truly believe that this phone is the launching point for Windows Phone. Well done!
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on April 16, 2012
After researching the phone and comparing it(with the galaxy note) I found the Nokia Lumia Black 900 an excellent choice and having ZUNE music player helped as well.
The NOte was too big and pricey, while the Nokia was within my price range and perfect size.
When purchased thru Amazon on April 8, I was expecting to pay $99 but WOW! after selecting it for an upgrade it showed $19.99. Right away I added it to cart, purchased it and within 3 days I got it with a bonus(a free car charger).
So I when I opened the box, I was amazed of the size and camera detail on back. Within 30 minutes of charging and calling to activate it, I was making phone calls, texting, exploring the net and setting up my profile.
The only problem I found was inserting the microsim card cuz I thought I was going to break the door and pinhole.
Since I had a regular sim card from my previous motorola phone, I transfered my contacts thru google/gmail. No problem here.
Love this new nokia phone.
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on April 9, 2012
Coming from a Samsung Focus the Nokia Lumia 900 is a definite step up.

Processor speed: Noticably quicker in places like the xbox live app where your avatar pops up quicker and games (especially the Harvest)and apps load much quicker.

Screen: The 4.3" screen is beautiful and easy to read in the outdoor sun with little glare. The touchscreen is responsive and the gorilla glass is very durable.

Camara: Outdoor shots are great, the 720P video is great. Better than my focus. Indoor shots can suffer from noise depending on lighting, but are still pretty good for a phone. Hopefully Nokia will fine tune some of the settings in future firmware updates.

Software: I can only recommend people tryout WP7 and make their own opinions about it. The OS runs very smoothly, with little to no lag, and very almost never locks up. In fact I can't think of one time in 18 months of owning my Focus that I had to do a hard reset.

Apps: I would be lying if I said that WP7 was lacking some apps. While a large portion of the most popular apps on the other OS platforms have either official apps or 3rd party apps on WP7 there are a lot that don't. The positive thing is that as the user base growns, the potential for these apps to come to the market are much greater. And while it is not an app, per se, I still consider the Zune service to be the best thing ever, and the driving force for me to go WP7. $10 a month for unlimited DRM protected music downloads (you cancel service you can't play them), has allowed me to download entire catalogs of musicians, and to explore other types of music without the financial risk. Plus I can stream music from my PC, Xbox, and phone if I don't want to download. By far my favorite service with WP7.

Nokia Apps: This is one area that app market shine on the Nokia Lumia 900. Nokia Drive, a full offline, voice navigated, turn by turn, GPS app is FREE. Offering the ability to download anything from individual states to full countries of offline navigation. Creative Studio is a phenominal picture editing app. The ESPN app is well set up, offering video and live tiles for each sport. And I read nothing but praise for Nokia Transit.

The only con I have about the phone for me is the increase in size will take some time to get used to. Being significantly larger in the hand I have almost dropped the phone a couple times.

For those who are interested in the WP7 platform, this is a great phone to enter the platform on. The build quality is exceptional, the OS experience is fluid, and the phone is a joy to use. Personally, I've had a hard time putting the phone down since I got it on the 6th.
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on April 16, 2012
Just b/c all have been said about the phone, in addition to saying I just love it. The nicest surprise about the phone is actually the included Nokia apps.

Nokia drive is awesome. The maps are impressively accurate, the turn by turn directions work great. I used it during the weekend on a trip to the Olympic penninsula and didn't miss a beat. The equivalent Garmin app is worth $29.99
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on April 25, 2012
I have the blue model, and this phone is great. Everything just works smoothly and naturally. Microsoft and Nokia have really hit this one out of the park. Those new TV ads are right -- every other phone looks and feels like it was a beta test after you use one of these. The camera is fantastic and the screen is gorgeous. Web browsing is fast and smooth on LTE or WiFi. The app selection is great. If anything, I think the app store experience is better because you have to sort through less chaff to find the useful apps. Last time I checked, you can't get WORDAMENT on the iPhone or Android. The Lumia 900 is suited for everyone from basic users who only have a few contacts, to power users with lots of different email accounts & hundreds of contacts.
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on April 28, 2012
My review is to help people resolve a problem that drove me nuts trying to find a solution. My phone, upon delivery, did not have the voicemail password established. This caused my phone app to open the voicemail feature each time I wanted to use the phone pad or contact list to make a call. I would have to input a password (I have a password established to open the phone up for security) so I would use the main password (I found out that ANY password would work at this point because none was established for voicemail!). The phone app would then allow me to select the keyboard or contact list but in a few seconds, the app would revert back to the voicemail password field requiring me to re-input the password (remember, I didn't have one at this point). This process would recycle every few seconds but if I was fast enough, I could get the keyboard open to input a phone number to make a call!

Here is the solution: open voicemail up (call yourself or press the number 1 key), go to admin for voicemail and establish a password! After establishing a password, the phone app takes you directly to the keyboard or contact list instead of forcing you to input a voicemail password.

Now you know. I switched from an iPhone 3GS to try out the Windows phone and am very pleased with the phone. I am missing a couple of my favorite apps that are not available yet on the Windows platform but fortunately I can still access them from my iPad. They will come as this platform gains traction. This phone is a great value for the price and a real challenge to the iPhone 4S.
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on April 26, 2012
I've been an iPhone user for a number of years now and I decided it was time for a change. A friend of mine got a windows phone last year and I thought the interface looked nice and clean, so when I heard about the Lumia 900 I decided I would give it a try.

So far this phone has exceeded my expectations in almost every way. The Windows Phone 7.5 interface is fast, easy and very aesthetically pleasing. If you are tired of all the cluttered little squares that make up the iOS interface, you are not alone as that is one of the reasons I like the Lumia 900. The live tile area (the big squares you usually see when you see a windows Phone) is clear, customizable and many of the apps give live information without having to actually open the app. To name a few, the weather shows the current weather, calendar shows what's coming up next, and your pictures cycle through to give you a different look all the time. You can have multiple e-mail accounts separate or linked, and each of them can be it's own live tile so there is no need to back up and choose which account to view after entering the e-mail app.

The only downside to the OS right now is the lack of apps. It has most of what I need as far as basic apps, but there aren't a whole lot of developers making apps for it yet, so it's missing a few things that I would want.

The phone itself has a really nice big screen and it is easy to navigate or answer calls with one hand. It's quick to enter the camera without having to unlock the phone (just hold the camera button down for a couple seconds), and the quality of the photos are excellent. The only slight negative when it comes to the buttons are that the lock button and volume buttons are right about where I would naturally hold the phone when talking. However after a couple weeks I'm starting to get used to holding it slightly differently so I don't accidentally hit those buttons.

Other than a few minor issues, I highly recommend this phone!
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on April 14, 2012
**Using my husband's Amazon account **

I traded in my Blackberry at the AT&T online store for this phone and boy was I glad I did. It feels like I advanced technologically 5 years overnight. My husband has an iPhone and he can't stop playing with my phone, and the only thing stopping him from getting one is his contact isn't up for another 2 months. So far for me the 'lack of apps' is overblown - if you are looking for some odd ball apps that few people use, maybe you will find more of them on iTunes but there are Lumia apps like the Nokia nav that beats having 5 iPhone apps. Just downloaded the OS fix and will see how that fares in the coming days but so far very happy with the phone.

PS. Remember how long it took Apple to admit to the antenna problem? Nokia/MS came right out and produced a fix in less than a week and issued a more than generous credit. There will always be bugs but I would much rather be dealing with a company that is forthcoming.
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on April 11, 2012
Receveied this phone today. This is so much better than I thought. I was using Iphone for few years and switched to Samsung focus S which I receivd as a gift from my friend. I liked Focus S, but I felt Lumia is much solid. even I don't feel like i need a case for it. Also Nokia Drives is GREAT. Bing map was ok, but not great. I no longer need CAR navigation system. I highly recommend it! To be honest, Nokia Drive is one of the main reason I recoomend this phone! try it, you will love it. My quesiton for Microsoft is that why can't they have app like Nokia drive come with other WP7 phones?? Well Nokia did great job on this phone!
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on April 13, 2012
Window Phone OS + Nokia Hardware is a win. While processor specs may look unimpressive, this phone out performs my former dual core Android phone and is snappier than my iPad2. This is my first time trying the Windows Phone OS and so far, I am very happy with it. One of my favorite things about the platform is how all 3rd party apps I find are designed with the same Metro style giving an impressive unity to the UI across all apps - even more so than with iOS. The people hub is brilliant. It mixed my contacts (which were a complete mess) from Windows Live, Outlook, Facebook, GMail into one, clean, deduped list. Any interaction you want to do with someone is right there in one place.

As for the hardware, again, resist the temptation to focus on specs. The resolution is nothing like the retina by the numbers, but its beautiful. The blacks are extremely black which looks stunning with the black-heavy Metro UI. The colors pop and Nokia's proprietary coated glass cuts glare and looks impressive. My only complaint about the screen is that it tends to really show fingerprints.

The camera is great, but maybe not the very top available. Its better than the camera on my Motorola Atrix. In comparisons with the iPhone 4s, it seems to be a matter of situation as to which produces the better image. The Lumia 900's images tends to be warmer in general. Sometimes that looks really great, sometimes you want to tweak it a bit.

Overall, this phone is great! Its a real looker. I've had numerous people ask me what phone I have when I've been out in the last few days. I dont know if the public at large is ready to try a new OS, but I'm convinced that if they do, they will love the Lumia 900 running the Windows Phone OS.
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