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on April 29, 2012
I upgraded from iPhone 3GS and I must say that I have been very impressed with Lumia 900 so far. This phone is a looker and feels nice in my hand. I was initially afraid that 4.3" screen would be too big for me but I pre-ordered it anyway and I'm glad I did :-)

The WP7 OS is slick and silky smooth. My favorite feature of all is the People Hub. Facebook and Twitter (the two things I use most) are nicely integrated into People Hub. I no longer have to jump back and forth between Facebook app to Twitter.

For those that bought a black one because of it's professional look but want to have/feel the charm of the white Lumia 900, I would recommend a white case I recently bought thru eBay [...]

Here is how it looks on my phone. It adds some thickness but it ain't bad at all.


For those that are still not sure if Lumia 900 is for you, I would suggest that you go to one of the AT&T stores and play with it for some time. It will not disappoint.
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on April 26, 2012
I moved here from South Asia and I have been using iphones(3GS and 4) for couple of years because here in US I didn't find Nokia smartphone. When i knew Nokia Lumia was coming to AT&T, I ordered one. Very excited to have Nokia Phone again after a long time. I love Nokia phone because of its build quality, design, great in call reception, call clarity, and a lot to mention.........(uufff tired).
I have been using Nokia Phones from my childhood. The long time i used one of their phones is Nokia 1100 which i've heard they sold 250 million at that time. Still none of the cell phones brand even imagine it. When i got Lumia 900 i went to bed lately, playing with the new Windows Software which i also like it because it's so simple to use and blazing fast. The only negative about the OS is the lack of apps which other reviewers mentioned earlier in their posts. I don't have to mention the pros of this phone as they are already posted here.

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on April 13, 2012
I really have just two things to mention that I think most other reviews missed.

My wife has been using a Samsung Focus for a while and I already knew I will like the OS. But the battery life is what totally blew me away. This is almost impossible. Being the first week with the phone I am spending a lot of time on the phone - exploring features and apps. Add to that two hours of browsing over WiFi during my daily commute and I am still getting well over 30 hours on single charge. Batteries used to last this long in early 90's when all your phone could do was make calls.

OS App Management:
Being a desktop power user, I have a tendency to want full control over apps. I am constantly seeking something like task manager and end all apps that I am not currently using and there is no easy way to do that in Windows Phone 7.5. But the truth is that it does not matter how many applications are suspended, they are not really running and not taking any resources. Just open as many apps as you like and keep switching without worrying about using resources and battery. The OS takes care of it.

Great camera, good display size for extended browsing, feels sturdy in your hand, fast growing list of quality apps, 4G fast, built in full GPS including voice directions (don't even need a data connection - Nokia Drive), low price ($0 till Apr 21st), full integration with Twitter and Facebook and the list goes on and on. It is impressive how you can go to the address book find a person and see their facebook updates, tweets, LinkedIn updates and even browse their Facebook albums without ever leaving the address book (or 'People' as they call it).

I am totally in love with my new phone. My wife now is yelling at me constantly to put the phone away :)

Edit (5/5/2012): Been over a month now. And I now have four email accounts, two calendars (personal and work), a bunch of apps using push notifications, and also a couple apps running in the background. I am now getting about 22 hours of battery life on a average day. Also I figured browsing over WiFi is a lot easier on the battery than 4G. Hope this helps.
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on April 30, 2012
After having used every iPhone, two Android phones and a Samsung Focus, I wanted to try the Lumia 900.

Nokia and Microsoft should be proud of this phone. Not only does it feel as 'substantial' (weight, polish, build quality) as an iPhone, it is AS nice as the iPhone in form. (I haven't found an Android phone that can compare with this one on build quality.)

The interface is easy to learn and twice as fun to use. Social media integration is simply top-notch and the ease of moving back and forth between applications and phone function is different but well-designed.

The camera(s) are not quite on par with the iPhone but are more than adequate for casual photos. Having all of the Windows Live services built in to the phone make managing those pictures as easy as Apple's iCloud.

It's been said multiple times but it's worth repeating: The ONLY issue is the lack of apps. That is simply the only thing that makes Windows Phone less appealing than the iPhone. There are enough apps and enough of those bigger apps (Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, games, etc.) that make this much less of an "issue" than some would have you believe.

There is simply something about this phone that makes it hard to put down. It is well-built and beautifully designed. And, most importantly, it is simply a joy to use.
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on April 11, 2012
My first phone was a Nokia (6110) in 1998. Then, I almost had all brands! I finally got my Lumia 900. This is such a perfect phone: beauty of the design, responsiveness, nice and user friendly operating system (Android is such a complex and basd OS in comparison), great camera (it will not substitute a real camera, but still, great), nice sound...

I also got the Zune Pass at $10/month with unlimited music download.

All of this for $0!

Buy it and enjoy it!
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on April 16, 2012
I have had this phone for a week or so. All the cell phones I have ever owned have been Nokias. I am loyal to the core. No company makes the hardware as great as Nokia. Previously, I had a Nokia E71X and let me tell can throw a Nokia phone against a wall and it will not break..too bad the old Sybian system did not do well. It was easy to use. Nokia phones are made to last. Not cheap looking like the iphone.
Anyway, the Windows system is a breeze to figure out.
My phone was charged out of the box. I had it up and running within 10 minutes. Was able to tranfer all my contact and more from my old Nokia via bluetooth easily. The picture on this phone is GORGEOUS. There are not many applications yet like android or the iphone, but that will come in time..the more people use them. I cannot highly recommend this phone enough. Get this phone and see for yourself.
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on April 15, 2012
I got the new Lumia as a gift and decided to set it up for my kids. I was amazed at the new Windows experience. Unbelievably I think there are many dimensions on which this is better than an iPhone. My only criticism is the camera quality. But beyond that it is amazing in almost every dimension.
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on April 17, 2012
I was with iPhone since launch, until lately iPhone4 was just behaving unpredictably and getting slow when i updated to iOS5. Added to these nuances i was boared of IPhone. Tried Android, as many of the latest phones had great H/W specs. But something about Android, it felt like I always had to tinker and customize to my needs. And needless to say some mundane apps just crash frequently. I also felt lost with Many applications in Google app store and their genuineness. I tried Windows Phone on Lumia 900, I must say "I am not switching phones anytime soon!". With this phone i feel I have a device which acts as a phone first and as a smartphone second. This is how i felt when i got my hands on Iphone 1st gen.

Overall great device, great job done by Nokia and Microsoft

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on April 10, 2012
I had a Samsung Focus before this, along with an iPhone, a "top level" android phone, Blackberry, etc etc etc. This kills all of them. Not even by a little, but by A LOT. Everything is easier, everything is quicker. In my opinion, don't be a spec junkie when it comes to phones. It doesn't work that way from my experiences. This phone KILLS IT on everything I need it to do, and although the pictures don't really do it justice, it's a real head turner. Also, first smart phone that I've ever owned that I don't feel bad about not having a case or screen protector on it. Which is a good feeling indeed. Don't wait, buy this now. I promise you will not regret it. Oh and did I mention the camera is awesome too?
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on April 12, 2012
I've owned quite some phones, from normal feature phones to iPhones. I was quite sceptical due to win mobile's bad reputation, but after trying it in-store I decided to give it a chance. The phone is so different and beautiful, and the system is just a joy to use and even look at. With the facebook integration, the tiles are not bland at all, but blistering with photos and information. It s said that there is no personalisation on windows phones, but for me the ability to see updated photos of my friends and family integrted into the intface makes the phone more persona than custom lanchers could ever do.
Sure, there might be fewer apps, but I foun everything I needed. If you need a phone that's beautiful, fast and just works, you can't go wrong with this gem.
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