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on April 8, 2012
Seriously, you cannot buy a better smartphone at this price. I purchased mine at my local corporate AT&T store for $99 during the pre-sale. I received the phone on Friday the 6th and as someone who has had Blackberry's, Windows Mobile (old versions), several Android devices and even tried an iPhone for a while, this is the best phone I have ever used.

The phone itself is solid, well built and has a great feel to it. It is heavier than some other phones, but that is actually a good thing. No plastic feel here. The screen is a nice 4.3" inches which to me is the sweet spot. Not too big yet not too small. I think the iPhone's screen is a bit too small and some of those 4.7 inch screens just are a tad too big. My previous phone is a HTC Inspire which also has a 4.3 inch screen. It is also is easy to read and see the screen in the outdoor sunlight. Something my Inspire struggled with.

This is actually my first Windows Phone 7, so I am new to the whole OS.

Setup - A breeze!!! No need for instructions or looking online, this was very intuitive. Email setup with my Corporate Exchange server was as simple as putting in my email address and password. Magically, everything started syncing, contacts, email, calendar, task, etc. I also setup my Gmail and Hotmail accounts within seconds. I saved all of my photos from my old phone to a MS SkyDrive account. Log in to your Windows Live account on your phone and everything is there. No hassle, no mess, no worry.

Apps - Yes, the reports are true, there are less apps in the Windows Marketplace then on Google's or Apple's. Before deciding on giving this phone a chance I checked the Windows marketplace to see what apps I would miss if I did move. There are some, but nothing that was a deal breaker for me. Your mileage may vary, and I recommend you do this as well before jumping into a Windows device. Most of the major apps are there for me and in fact, some are so much better on the Windows phone. They take nice advantage of not only the Live Tiles on the home screen but the apps seem more integrated into the OS. Check ESPN, Fourquare, CNN, and some other major apps. You will be pleasantly surprised.

OS - I was absolutely surprised on how much I like this OS. It is just better than Android and favorably compares to iOS. It is fluid, fast and very responsive. Gone for me is the constant lag of Android and the same old bunch of screens with icons. It may not be for everyone, but if you give it a fair shake, I think most will like it. The integration with Office and the ease of email setup is fantastic. The onscreen keyboard beats any keyboard I have used in Android and the iPhone.

Phone - Obviously, this is a phone so that functionality is important. I actually really liked my Inspire and I am a fan of HTC phones, but I found myself constantly dropping calls and lately it seemed to get worse. I also was doing hard resets on the phone every couple days (turning off, battery out) just to get things working again. With the Lumia 900, areas where I knew the calls would drop because they always have, did not. The call quality is great. People on the other end of the line say I sound much better than I did with the HTC. I also had a maximum of 2 bars of signal in my home with the HTC, on the Nokia I get at least three and sometimes 4. I also have yet to drop or miss a call on the Nokia, something I was so used to happening on the HTC daily. Speakerphone is loud, louder than the HTC which is great when driving. BlueTooth setup took seconds in my car and I was able to play Zune through BT onto the car audio system easily. I am new to Zune as well, but they seem to have a great selection and I could only find one band not on Zune that was on iTunes. Obviously iTunes has the edge here, but Zune is no slacker.

Battery - Inspire - max 5 hours before it has to be charged, and this is typical of most android devices. This phone has gone on for over 13 hours without a charge and still has juice in it. This week during work will be more telling of the actually battery performance, but it is much better than the any Android device I have used.

All in all, this is a great phone and one I can recommend to just about anyone. Would I recommend moving from iPhone to WP7, maybe, maybe not. Depends on how much you like the iPhone. The iPhone is a great phone, no denying that but for me, I prefer a larger screen, and until the iPhone 5 comes out with a larger screen, its just not for me. Would I recommend moving from an Android device to WP7 -- absolutely. Give it a try and you might like it better. Android has its strengths, but WP7 is more polished and faster and just works better.

This may be the phone that gives Microsoft and Nokia the push they need to become a contender.

4/10/2012 Edit: Took the phone off the charger around noon today and have used it moderately today (couple calls, facebook, twitter, streaming about 1hrs worth of music off Pandora, very few SMS messages, about 200 email messages and about 40 replies, WiFi radio on all day, but no connection so cell only). It is now 12:23 am and I have 62% remaining on my battery. SO 12 hours and more than 50% of my battery remaining. On my HTC the same usage would drain the battery down to 60% in about 2-3 hours or less. No more tied to a charger constantly during the day.
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on August 20, 2016
Was a cheap replacement phone for my daughter when she broker hers...was thinking at the time that nokia is known for its durability. I still give them props for that...other products that sell better aren't very durable.
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on November 9, 2014
Good, some scratches (more than expected). poor apps choice but using this phone for the actual call and texting, it's a good phone, high sound quality, ok picture quality. It's like taking a picture with an iphone 5 while moving it around- that's this phone holding still trying to focus
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on July 31, 2015
served it's purpose ----- until it stopped working.Definitely has something to do with the charging port. My daughter was never crazy about having a Windows phone.
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on September 23, 2016
Nice phone still have it...today n working as of 9-20-2016. Great item.
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on November 26, 2013
great phone..i got it as a replacement to replace my blackberry since im not up for an upgrade until 2015..this phone is very good..i was surprised when i saw the price..so i had to buy it since it was only 1 left in stock
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on June 3, 2015
By far, the best phone I have ever owned. It is a PHONE FIRST, then a smart-phone. Love the speech to text for texting feature
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on June 14, 2015
Two weeks after receiving the display started showing nothing but streaks of colors. It no longer shows the main menu screen, nor anything else. It still works with my car via blue tooth, but that's it. What a disappointment.
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on November 28, 2014
very durable but in contrast to apps and wifi receiving it sucks , perfect phone for people who dont care about apps that much
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on March 24, 2016
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