Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 900, Cyan 16GB (AT&T)
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on April 16, 2012
What a great product!

The fit and finish is pure design excellence combined with a smooth operating system and functionality. I am loving every moment of it. With its release on easter... i think the 'hidden' message is about folks that need to find the "eggs".
Many will understand what that means ;) but for the others... hidden features in the phone/OS when discovered are also known as "eggs" even in the tech world, so great launch during Easter time! Pun intended.

Reading most of the reviews, I believe everything is already covered in regard to the phone and its functionality ... I will only be repeating what is already said.

However, I will add the following viewpoints:

The phone is surely 'beautifully different', it really does take you away from the norm. While removing the phone from my pocket at a restaurant or work, always gets a 2nd glance from passerby's probably cause of the cyan color, which just adds to the intriguing factor of this cool device. Couple of folks at work, wanted me to sit down with them and explain its features, ins and outs of the phone - and its been only 4 days I have had it (2 of those days were Sat/Sun). Folks genuinely seem interested, converted a colleague, he is getting the white one, but will be purchasing the black one to get the $100 credit prior to 4/21 and is willing to pay the re-stocking fee when the white one comes out. Garnering this level of interest seems to only have been topped by the iphone, though this interest is only with the people in the "know", many folks don't know about the device or anything about its OS and given human nature - folks are highly resistance to change. The sooner they embrace it the sooner they will realize what they were missing or rather what they would have missed out on.

The growing marketplace for apps is only a matter of time that certain 'wanted' apps makes its way on to the device/OS, until a particular app is available on this OS, however the ones already available do the job just fine - all the popular sites and apps are pretty much covered. There is a comparable app for one that exists on iOS or Android, if the manufacturer of that app has not yet released one for this OS.

With every new device there is a learning curve involved, but this phone support the intuitive capability of the OS very well, a whole lot better than some of the feature (non-smartphones) phones out there. As an early adopter, there may be some bugs, which is fine given that the turnaround time to fix those bugs is pretty quick. The reward however is to have something that not many folks out there do, and be part of the change or revolution that maybe sweeping the mobile space once again.

I have always believed that Nokia makes great products, and they just proved my point. The Nokia lumia 900 replaced my Nokia N95 8gb... held on to it for 4+ years, well simply because it worked and did most of my tasks. In the 4+ year period I did also get the BB 9810 Torch which I am also using currently (mainly for work). Now the Lumia 900 just adds to the great experience.
Hence, I end by saying Kudos Nokia... replacing one great device (N95) with another great device (Lumia 900), thanks Espoo!

disclaimer - To some of the haters out there, NO - I don't work for Amazon, Nokia or Microsoft - I would be glad to though :)
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on April 10, 2012
Everyone here has given a more detailed review of the phone. What I want is to highlight the aspects that has been uncommonly mentioned.
1. Nokia Drive - an outstanding standalone GPS app for the Lumia 900. No data connection needed.
2. Feels expensive; solid, wanting to be touched. Excellent build quality from Nokia.
3. Looks - This is a fresh new phone, away from those usual black Androids. I am a gadget freak, own an Iphone and several others as well. This Lumia is on top of my list. I can't stop staring at it; never done this since the Iphone 4. Taste really matters in design, and Nokia has nailed it.
4. Capacitive buttons have just enough vibration for feedback.
5. Screen - auto brightness works like a charm. Compared to my old Samsung & HTC, Lumia does a better job of adapting to the ambient light. Colors are vivid and blacks are deep. Overall gorgeous screen.
6. Battery life is about at least half a day better than my Iphone, Samsung & HTC on regular use.

Just can't stop staring and playing with this phone right now. I am extremely enjoying it.
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on April 9, 2012
By far the best built phone I've held in my hand. This includes numerous Blackberries, WebOS devices, iPhone 3GS/4/4S, 3 Android devices & a few Windows Phones.

-Probably the best quality hardware design I've seen yet on any mobile device.
-Battery life is good. Lasts all day for all but the heaviest of users (used from 7am to Midnight on first day with juice left)
-Buttons I wasn't sure about at first, but after using for a day the placement felt right. Feel solid as well.
-Speaker & call quality are both very good.
-Camera isn't the best out there, but is good. Well above average and more than enough for most people's needs.
-HSPA+, WiFi are both excellent (no LTE yet in Seattle, so can't vouge)
-LTE radio for very fast data connection
-Front Facing Camera is very good for its use, and has clear video for calling.
-Nokia services / apps = very good. Transit & Drive are a godsend, and Creative Studio is very fun and well written.
-Screen quality is amazing. Color rendition and depth of black colors are very good. Reflects much less in the sun than other phones (good for daylight viewing).
-Microsofts surprisingly good "Windows Phone" Operating System which has won numerous awards, and the hearts of fans & tech bloggers alike.

Add this all together for a phone they are only selling for $99.99 on contract (or lower depending on where you buy/sales going on) and you have a champion phone. Do yourselves a favor and don't assume its an iPhone or settling for something else. This platform is more fluid and stable than iOS, it has a fresh new interface design that is fresh, and almost universally heralded for its new design elements and presentation of information. Its satisfaction rating among users is extremely high on carrier sites & amazon alike. This is because its good!
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on April 10, 2012
Nokia Lumia 900 is the best premium smartphone.

1.State of the art design.Premium look and feel.Love Cyan color.Screen is brilliant and awesome.800x480resolution is good.May sound bad compared to Galaxy nexus or iphone.But clear black display (CBD) pops up color really nice on screen.Because of Clear black display even in direct sunlight there is no problem in seeing the screen and it works great.No smartphone in market can match with this feature of screen.Exclusive to Lumia 900.
2.Slickest OS(Windows 7.5). Live tiles.Intuitive.Snappy.
3.Battery life.1 day 2 hrs with moderate use with LTE.
4.Social networks (Facebook,Twitter) deep integration into OS.
5.Application integration into OS.Applications are designed to look same as OS.Means there is uniform OS user experience even in applications also.Multitasking.
6.Local scout works great.You can find the places to eat,see things around ,shopping locations.Finding all at one place (Local Scout) including directions(navigation), ratings,reviews.No need of going into restaurant app or shopping app or navigation app separately.
7.Outstanding Call quality.No dropped calls.Speaker works great.
8.Video chat.Front facing camera is 1.3MP with f 2.2 (wider aperture)and wide angle.I think this the only smartphone in market now to have front facing camera with f 2.2 wide great with Tango and Skype also.You can uninstall the WiFi Tango version (Nokia) and then install 3g/WiFi capable tango application from Market place .
9.8 MP rear camera f 2.2 28mm.Works great.Night time photos are kinda grainy.Camera software update can fix it.Nokia is good in pushing updates as they did for lumia 800.
10.All commonly used apps (whats app,flickr,ebuddy xms,Bank of america,Spotify,Picasametro,Evernote,vevo,espn,BBC,cnn,engadget,netflix,fadango,flixster,imdb,american airlines,delta,kayak,kik,photobucket,amazon,kindle,ebay,four square,gas buddy,Govoice(google voice),groupon,pinstation(Pininterest),newegg,shazam,text plus,vimeo ,you tube pro,yelp etc.,) are available in marketplace.Some top apps are missing.Definitely user base is increasing .Microsoft promised to get top 25 apps of iOS and Android soon(1 or 2 months).

11.Tellme (Voice commands) feature already built in WP 7.5 since 2010.Ask Ziggy app looks promising.Cora-Voice assistant [...] in works.
12.Nokia drive.Lifetime free turn by turn navigation Works online and offline.You have have to download the maps to use on offline mode.Whole U.S map is around 1.5GB.Instead of downloading whole U.S you have option to download one to many states based on your interest.My state download was around 50mb.It works great in offline mode.
13.Nokia transit.
14.Micorsoft office (Word,Excel,One note,Lync,Powerpoint,Sharepoint Skydrive)
15.16GB memory is little less for me.But comes with 25GB skydrive.Automatically you can enable to save photos to skydrive to save space on phone.Windows phone 8 Apollo comes with micros SD slot coming soon (September-October).
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on April 11, 2012
I got this phone two days ago and i can't keep my hands off from it. I had my doubts on getting this phone; especially, because i had to pay the full price. I had the Iphone 4S, but I got bored of IOS, screen size and data speed, 5 years now from first iphone and IOS is the same. I had the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy SII, excellent phone , but after a while I got bored as well. I got the ATT Galaxy Note, its size was uncomfortable. each time when i pulled it from my pockets, i had to be very careful of not dropping it. OS and stylus are not the best. I got the unlocked the galaxy nexus and i was really happy with this phone. but when i heard that Nokia was planning to release this phone in USA. I wanted to try it out. To be honest, I did not put the flag too high for this phone, and since I tend to switch phone often, I thought I would be returning this phone the next day. But now, I really like this phone.I think that Nokia and Microsoft are on the right direction. It is the perfect combination. it has, of course, its down side like any other phone or is the iphone a perfect phone? No at all! I really recommend this phone. it feels right on your hands, screen is beautiful, LTE speed is fast, no lagging. and App store is decent, and growing. I do not miss any app from iphone or android.
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on April 9, 2012
I pre-ordered mine off the AT&T website and received it two days before it's official launch date, and this is deffinately the best windows phone yet. The design is beautiful, though switching from a Samsung Focus S, which is thinner than the iPhone 4s, it feels a little thick, but I quickly got used to it and realize that it makes the phone feel really well built. The buttons are nice and stiff, so no accidental presses. The screen looks great. The speaker is nice and loud. Calls are clear and much louder than on most phones which is great, that way I can hear clearly even when in noisy environments. The battery lasts a lot, with plenty of calls, some web surfing, downloading apps, at least one hour of youtube videos, a video call via Skype, and plenty of texting, the phone lasted almost two days!

My only issue is the camera. The daylight pictures are okay, but low light pictures are grainy and lots of red eye. I have looked at the hardware specifications of the phone, and I think the problem may just be software. On that note, for the Lumia 800, NOKIA quickly released updates improving battery life and camera up to their renowed quality. So my guess is NOKIA will probably be quick to fix this issue.
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on April 12, 2012
I have owned multiple smartphones over time. I used an iPhone for 3 years and migrated to Windows Phone back in November of 2010. My previous phone was a Samsung Focus (Windows Phone). When I acquired my Nokia Lumia 900 (Cyan) I immediately noticed the weight. It feels solid in your hand - not too heavy and not too light. When you turn it on you'll immediately notice how snappy the software runs. Every aspect of the operating system reacts very fast. This is a combination of the Windows Phone 7.5 OS and the hardware specs of the device.

Because this is a Nokia device you also have access to Nokia specific applications. My favorite application is Nokia Drive. I have a vehicle that supports Bluetooth connectivity so my phone is paired with my Van. Nokia Drive has turn-by-turn audio navigation - but what makes it really solid is that you can download the maps to the device so you do not have to rely on connectivity. This is a fantastic feature!

The front facing camera works great with Skype but also does well if you want to take self-portraits (with you and your better half). ;-)

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking at a new smartphone!
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on April 10, 2012
I don't even know where to start. I've had my phone for over a day now and I'm completely thrilled with the product. Best place to start is with describing the solid construction. Use of polycarbonate body feels really sturdy and makes me not cringe if I dropped the phone. Screen is beautiful and the colors just pop out. Given how vibrant the screen is, I haven't really noticed a huge difference when reading kindle books on the Nokia device even when comparing it to my iPad 3. OS is smooth and fast. No clue why reviewers are so hung up on the phone being single core. For most of the rest of the population that chooses their phones based on experience, the rest of us won't notice. Live tiles are a breeze to use and make getting things done better. Speakerphone is loud and clear. When I'm on the speakerphone, people can't tell that I'm on it. This phone is stable, stable, stable. No more rebooting like my two other samsung Android phones when I'm trying to make a phone call. No more laggy performance even though I shut down every app and made certain nothing was running in the background. Even listening to online radio on Wifi is more stable on this device. Only negative thing I can say about the device is that the app ecosystem is less than iOS and android, but I've found adequate enough replacements that it's not that big a barrier. For example, WP7 doesn't have Pandora, but I've found iheartradio to be a better product anyways. Some of that is made up for by the great Nokia specific WP7 apps. Nokia Drive is fantastic. Imagine turn by turn directions with maps that can be downloaded (no data hog worries here) for over 100 countries with spoken directions in at least 20 languages / accents (Urdu anyone?). Maybe one other thing is the camera underperforms given what I had expected from a Zeiss camera, but overall it's okay versus other camera phones. Colors are average, but photos are actually pretty sharp. Speed to take a photo is a bit on the slow side versus iPhone 4S my wife has.

Regardless of the situation with apps, at the end of the day, the killer application for any smartphone is voice. I can't even begin to express how thrilled I am with the reception on the phone. There is a spot on my drive back home that I used to ALWAYS drop coverage on the iPhone and Samsung Android phones. I drove right by and kept the conversation going. It was like I was on my verizon phone. The conversation always used to get cut off when I'd pull up into the garage and walk into the elevator in my building. With this phone, the reception was crystal clear with absolutely no degradation in the signal.

While other folks may be amazed by the pizzazz of more apps and dual cores, I just want a phone that works. This phone works with few hiccups and shows what happens when a smartphone actually functions as a phone. I used to think the reason why I kept dropping calls was because AT&T had an inferior network, but after having this phone, I've decided it was because I had the wrong phone.
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on April 10, 2012
I come from Europe and Nokia is a big deal there. I've been in the US for almost 5 years an I always missed having a good Nokia phone here. I had a Iphone 4 for a year and I got so bored with it. When I heard the Nokia is coming back to US and especially with a unique device and OS I was so happy. Since I never used a Windows phone before I was very anxious to try it out. When the Lumia 800 came to the Microsoft Store I fell in love with it and I wanted to buy it really bad even if it was $899. But at the same time I already knew that the Lumia 900 was also coming in a few months, so I decided to wait. And I'm very glad I did. I went to the Microsoft Store on the 9th to see the phone for the first time, I was stunned, what a beauty. As soon as the phone turned on, I couldn't get my eyes off it, the OS is very well designed, super fast, beautiful interface, great selection of apps(i didn't care about all the people that say Windows Marketplace is very small), they have everything I need. Nokia Apps are great and perform amazing. The camera is great also, I don't see a need in more megapixels for a cell phone, 8 are plenty. If I need better pictures I can use my digital camera. The screen very responsive, the Clear Black technology gives it a very sexy look and the colors are very bright and feel alive. Overall experience is unforgettable, I just can't stop looking a it. My wife and friends all have iphones and they said the Nokia Lumia 900 is an absolute beauty! I highly recommend this phone if you want to be unique and also have a great tool in your pocket. Good luck Nokia. I want to see only great phones in the future and especially in the US.
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on April 12, 2012
Amazing phone!

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing the lumia 900 because a couple of bad reviews (after further research into the reviewers I found they are simply biased towards apple, period) but after owning it for 3 days now I can see they were clearly just looking to "create" issues or make waves. This phone is incredible. The screen is incredible, the construction and ease of use just amazes me every time I pick it up.

At 200 bucks this phone would be worth it, for 100 is it just a give away and wiht the 100 rebate nokia is kicking in for an issue that I have not even come across just says they are serious about windows phone. I think I will actually feel guilty about accepting a 100 rebate from nokia on my AT&T bill. I want them to turn a profit. There are some amazing designers and engineers at that company and our money is what allows them to keep jobs.

Anyway, I don't really know what to say for a review, I just know that the phone, the marketplace, using the zune software, the build are just all I could ever ask for. This thing loads fast, turns on fast, the internet is fast. It just works and works well.

If they make a better version of this phone in a year, it will be akin to polishing a perfect diamond.

Thank you Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T (I just came from verizon)you have done an amazing job!
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