Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 900, Cyan 16GB (AT&T)
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on May 5, 2012
I received my cyan 900 two days ago. This is amazing! At first I thought the tiles were
kind of plain but you create your own design with different color apps, pinned pictures,videos,songs, spaces,picture slide show and it become beautiful. The apps have large print and are designed with pure class and enjoyment in mind. The phone is so easy to use and has great app selection. I grew tired of Android and Apple and finally made the switch to Nokia and their Windows phone. I can"t wait for the Nokia tablet now. I'm staying with Nokia and windows. Get it now! Before they run out again or raise prices!
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on April 11, 2012
I preordered my Cyan Lumia 900 and received it 4/6/2011. I had over 100 apps on my previous phone and they all were available in the Marketplace for Windows Phone. That, in and of itself is just incredible! Super easy to use and lightning fast. The camera is also awesome and their are some truly wonderful camera apps in the Marketplace. And I have had zero connection issues also. I think if you follow ATT&T's detailed Getting Started instructions yhou will not have any problems either.
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on April 13, 2012
here we go ...

1. price - a total steal for such a quality piece of hardware

2. display - ClearBlack display beats all other xxxx-amoled's

3. design+durability - solid, sleek, and sweet ... can't take my eyes off it

4. performance - fast fast fast!

5. stability - hung apps and that ole "waiting for app to close" on those "other" os's ... not here

6. typing - often overlooked by a lot of reviews, but folks, this uses an onscreen keyboard and for those of you (including myself) that were blackberry pros, ms research has done an awesome job in this area ... it's onscreen typing done right!

7. apps + social + outlook - check, completely covered here. the outlook integration on other smartphones suck compared to this, which i suppose, should be expected. i know some people here and there are complaining about certain "specific" apps, but they are either coming and/or there are alternatives

8. looks - boy is this a pretty phone ... yea, i sort of mentioned this in 3 above, but it bears repeating :)

9. camera+video - very crisp - this zeiss lens is a winner, though some reviews say otherwise, but as we all know, image quality has some subjectivity to it

10. music - awesome sound, great bass, clear

hrmm, i what else have i missed. any who, if anyone wants to know anything else about this unit ... i have one, just comment and i'll respond.

update: as ruslan pointed out (thanks ruslan) ...

11. this baby includes nokia drive 2.0 = free voice navigation turn-by-turn offline gps with international maps! there is just so much you're getting here folks.
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on April 25, 2012
First, the craftsmanship of this phone is fantastic. Feels amazing in the hand. I find it hard to adequately describe in words how much better this phone feels in the hand than others I've used.

Second, the new Windows Phone interface is intuitive and easy to use. Love the concept of tiles that are alive with data so I don't always have to open an app to know what's going on. The way my photos, notes, documents are just always with me on phone and my laptop (or any PC via cloud) is great. The automatic syncing to cloud for photos and docs works well, and is very convenient. I signed up for "Zune Pass", so I can stream any song over the air without an additional fee. This, combined with hassle-free Bluetooth connection to my car makes it very easy to stream basically any song over the air through my car stereo.

Third, different in a very good way. I like that it's blue (excuse me, "cyan") - really nice color. The screen is really, really gorgeous. Blacks are deep black. Screen is bright, but colors stay very saturated. The tiles on the start screen give the phone a very distinctive look, too. In fact, the OS and many of the apps tend are quite beautifully done. Between the hardware and the OS, the phone really stands out. I would say that the idea of using an icon based phone -- even a very good one -- seems sort of like stepping back in time now... they just feel sort of "dated" in comparison.

Not everything is perfect with this phone. For one thing, a higher resolution screen would be nice to have. That being said, the screen is still one of my favorite things about the phone (as I described) above. The camera is good, but not as good as I thought it would be.

Some folks might wonder about the apps -- and if they apps they want are available. So far, I've been able to find an app I like for all my needs. There are about 80,000 apps for Windows Phone now. Not bad. While this is not as many as are available on other platforms, I think for most people app selection on Windows Phone is not truly an issue. I think the reality is that the app universe has an extremely "long tail." What I mean is, most of the mobile phone apps (on any platform) have very few people using them. The apps that most people use most often are generally available on all the platforms.

Basically, I love my Nokia Lumia 900.
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on April 10, 2012
I used to be an iPhone 4 user who jumped almost blindly to the Windows Phone bandwagon when it first came out about two years ago. Before that I swore I would never use Windows Mobile again. Well Windows Phone is not Windows Mobile and why did I abandon the bounty of the iOS camp and took a chance with Windows Phone? It was the design of the Windows Phone OS. Metro to me looked like the future and as a developer, I was stoked about all the behind the scenes plumbing that Microsoft did on the OS and how those little touches could enhance the user experience. I spoke to a friend about Windows Phone and compared it to an infant going up againts two giants, iOS and Android. It did not look like a fair fight then, but I always thought of Windows Phone as an infant but with Superman DNA and one day that infant is gonna grow up and kick some!! With the Mango release, Windows Phone has grown up and I think we are going to be in for some treat on the next major release, Apollo. But despite offering what I truly feel is the best user experience of any smartphone OS, Windows Phone has not quite caught on. An excellent OS alone can't sell, Windows Phone needed a Hero device. The Nokia 900 is that Hero device. On a sea of iCopycat phones, the 900 stands out, proudly pimping out Windows Phone's live tiles on its gorgeous screen. I can sum up my 4 day experience with the phone as this -> The first time I booted up Windows Phone, I thought I could never go back to iOS, and the first time I saw and held the 900, I thought I can no longer go back to the other manufacturers. Sorry Samsung, HTC, and others. I am officially a Nokia sheep now. Mmmmmeeeeeeeee (sheep sound).

Update 4/19/2012

After using the phone for two weeks now, I can say without a doubt that this is the best phone I've ever used. It is way better than my previous two phones (iPhone 4 and Samsung Focus) in a number of ways:

1) Cellular Reception - I can now make and receive calls at home. At&t's signal at my neighborhood is pathetic but with this phone, it's not an issue at all

2) Crystal clear voice signal - I no longer have to bury the phone hard on my ears to hear the other person I'm talking to.

3) Stonger wifi reception - not even close. My wireless N router is located in my living room and with my previous phones and even the iPad (well the iPad is known to have lousy wifi) I can barely get a signal in my bedroom. Not a problem with this phone at all!!

4) Stonger/Faster Cellular data reception - again, not even close. I can now stream internet music on my 40 mile drive to work with no breakup or interruption. Even streaming from Zune (known to have issues with slow cellular data connection) is no longer a problem! Just stellar!

5) Longer battery life - at the very least, it matches that of my iPhone 4, and that's with live tiles and LTE antenna. Again, stellar!

6) Audio quality - not as good as a dedicated music player like Zune HD, but very close and blows away my Samsung Focus and definitely better than iPhone 4.

7) Speakers - again, not even close. This thing is loud!

8) Build quality - as good as Apple's products. Nuff said.

9) Looks - space age cool and most definitely stands out from the pack. I can honestly say this is more appealing than the iPhone 4.

10) Screen - not the hi-res screen that most reviewers knock the phone for as compared to the iPhone, but I'll take this gorgeous vibrant screen any day over the iPhone. If you don't believe me, open up the email app on this phone and the iPhone4 and compare them side by side.

And last but not least -> great customer service! Nokia owned up to their quality control issue with the initial batch of phones that got shipped with the wrong firmware version and corrected the issue immediately in a way that no other company I can recall has done before. Hats off to Nokia!
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on April 12, 2012
Easily the best phone I've owned, due in equal measure to the operating system and the phone itself. Nokia and Microsoft have done their homework and have created a mighty impressive product. The operating system is so smooth, effortlessly intuitive and great looking, that it leaves Android and iPhone in the dust.

I was initially concerned about the lack of support for multi-core processors, but for whatever reason(s), this is simply not an issue with this phone and operating system. I have experienced zero hesitation no matter what apps I'm running and no matter what I am doing with the phone. This baby runs as smooth as silk. I was also concerned about the relative lack of apps, but 95% of apps are derivative and/or useless anyway. All of the apps I used previously have been available (or an equivalent app), with the exception of Chase and United Airlines. Their mobile web sites will do just fine for now.

As for entertainment, the Zune music, video and game experience is head and shoulders above Google's Play store (or whatever they're calling it now) and iTunes. The interface is slick and intuitive. The Zune marketplace has everything I've searched for and wanted to purchase.

In short, do not be afraid to make the switch to this phone. I was a bit hesitant and now I couldn't be happier that I made the leap of faith. I've rarely been so impressed with a purchase. Kudos to Microsoft and Nokia for an awesome product.
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on April 10, 2012
This phone is simply amazing. So much more intimate than any phone in terms of build quality, it feels like NOKIA and Apple were melted together to form the most elegant and durable device. I really like the headphone jack metal rim ring, it looks super cool along with the FCC curved letter stamping on the bottom. Just little details that are usually over looked on other phones, are made so beautiful on this device. I really can't get over how snappy it is, I was really expecting it not live up to the hype to be honest. At&t LTE pulling 30+ Mbps... -_- makes my home internet seem more like molasses. More than worth the wait. The 1.4ghz processor is no slouch and much better experience than my friends Samsung Focus. I heard a few sites bashing the camera, I wouldn't say there's anything wrong, it does take on its own character but the images really are good, and not over saturated like most phones, its quite pleasing to eye. The speaker is solid and good for media play back, it position makes it really hard to accidentally cover the sound, and even if you do cover the speaker holes, you can still hear the sound as if it werent covered...awesome! The vibrate functions at near hummingbird speed, some might mistake it as an odd sound, but it's just good hardware, maybe too good. REALLY amazing front facing camera, its almost unbelievable that a front camera would look that clear. So believe the hype, Go play with one at a retail. GOOD JOB NOKIA
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on April 9, 2012
Like everyone that pre-ordered, I received my phone on Friday and have been using it all weekend. I'm loving it! The screen is gorgeous, and the camera very nice. I had a HTC HD7 and I did some side-by-side comparison pictures and the Lumia definately had the better picture. But it wasn't just the richer color, the image was sharper and better stabilized. I'm so glad I got this phone.
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on April 9, 2012
I received my Cyan Nokia Lumia 900 on Friday morning from AT&T. All I can say is WOW. I upgraded from the WP7 Trophy on the Verizon network to the Lumia. Verizon obviously doesn't want to support the Windows Phone lineup so I went back to AT&T. I was lucky to get the phone for free on the AT&T promo for new customers.

This thing is very fast. I have had the iPhone, iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid X, and the HTC Trophy. This thing blows them all away.

The screen is really something to see. Not only is it incredibly sharp, but outside in direct sunlight it is easy to see. It's almost strange how easy it is to see this thing outside.

Battery life is impressive. I had the extended 2200 mh battery on my Trophy and this 1800 mh comes very close to that runtime. A whole day of use is very easy. Checking emails, FB, twitter, occasional video/music playback, the battery still is 1/4 full at the end of the day.

LTE coverage here in Indianapolis is pretty good on AT&T. Again, the speed of this device can't be overstated. It's a single core that runs like a dual core Android.

I'm an Apple guy. 2 Macbook pros, an iMac, and an iPad. But this thing works better than an iPhone. Believe me. I've tried em. I'm not a Microsoft fan but I'm sold on WP7.

They should call it something else! I understand the MS stigma. My advice-Get over it! :) You should at least look at this thing! Hate to sound like a fanboy but I want this platform to do well so I can keep using it in the future. I'm selfish!
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on April 12, 2012
Easy to use, Quick to navigate from task to task. Responsive and stable UI. Solid feel and good looks. Great built-in capabilities for tying communication across Facebook, Twitter, email, chat, and phone. All around happy with the phone.
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