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on April 10, 2012
My husband and I gave up our iPhones for the new Nokia Lumia 900. We've been iphone consumers since the 1st generation. I have to say, this phone exceeded my expectations. The phone is sturdy and well built. The screen is huge compared to my iphone and it is lightning fast with the 4G LTE. I was concerned about the apps, but when I checked, the only apps I am missing is Words with Friends and Instagram. So, really, I can live without those for a little while until they come to windows phone. The windows phone operating system is very intuitive as well. I really like it. I love the live tiles and the deep integration to my social networks (facebook and twitter). All in all, I am very happy with this phone and would recommend it to all my friends and family!
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on April 10, 2012
I've always been a longtime fan of Nokia. They have such beautiful phones and hardware. Prior to getting this phone I was using an iphone 4. The iphone 4 is a great phone, but I still prefer the hardware from Nokia. The screen is bigger which helps with not straining my eyes and the Windows phone OS is actually very snappy and faster than the iphone. Only thing is it would be nice to have more apps on the Windows phone, but that's okay because they have Yelp, Opentable, and all the main ones that I like to use. Overall, it's a great phone with nice looking hardware. (got it in blue and the color really pops :D)
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VINE VOICEon April 21, 2012
For starters, I've been with Windows Phone since shortly after its release; it was a natural progression from the oft-mocked but secretly delightful Zune platform (RIP). It has been a journey not without its bumps. Windows Phone has had to claw its way into the smartphone market, and its continued existence is due purely to Microsoft's doggedness. It's not as if WP has nothing new to offer. It's a simple market fact that people tend to be happy with only two to three options in any category, especially in the technology marketplace. Witness the longtime twosome of Windows vs. Mac operating systems, with Linux running a distant third. There are plenty of other examples.

Windows Phone has finally wrestled its way into the scuffle, though, and it's a very good thing. It offers an extremely stable operating environment, surprisingly good performance even on mid-grade hardware which would choke an Android phone, integration into the fuller Microsoft user experience, such as Xbox Live, Office, and Zune Pass ($10 a month for unlimited streaming and downloading music, cheap enough to never feel the urge to pirate), and a user interface that is just fun and beautiful, and oh-so refreshing when compared to Apple and Android UIs.

And now, This great phone OS (operating system) finally (it cannot be stressed enough, FINALLY!) has a great piece of hardware to run on, something which expresses the same aesthetic and value system that the OS does. The phone is, first off, a terrific piece of engineering, a beautiful, industrial block with rounded sides which make it a joy to hold and use, with a stunning OLED screen which is easy to see even in bright daylight. Every aspect of the hardware is as good as you'd expect classic Nokia to put out. The phone's slimness and light weight, combined with the grippy matte finish, makes it as effortless in the physical space as the WP platform makes controlling and navigating the phone.

I mentioned the bumpy road to WP excellence; primarily it has been the lack of very good hardware. Previously I've been using an LG Quantum, a well-made phone but one which understood nothing, so to speak, of the Windows Phone way. None of the 1st-generation phones on offer for WP met its needs for a champion, and so far I believe Nokia is the only one to understand the OS, which is fine considering Nokia has pledged its whole cause to Microsoft. Together, they're performing an almost phoenix-like rise from the ashes, though it remains to be seen how far upwards they will be able to go. At this point in time, however, they have the perfect phone and OS for me.

There are some rocks remaining in the road: apps still haven't met the availability of Android and iPhone. This is mostly the fault of app developers, but it is actually a complex issue. Accelerating the development of WP apps takes Microsoft's evangelizing, user adoption, market acceptance, and plain old time. That is why people looking for Draw Something won't be able to find it (yet) on WP, and if your life revolves around installing cutting-edge, popular apps as soon as they've entered the public consciousness, you might be disappointed, for awhile. But WP doesn't get enough credit for what it does have, the aforementioned Microsoft product integration, which will only improve with the release of Windows 8, which takes numerous design principles straight from Windows Phone, and wants to augment the phone experience in some interesting ways.

In summation, I'd consider this to be the emergence of the first Windows Phone champion, the "iPhone" of Windows Phones. In fact, Nokia may well become the only WP manufacturer that really takes the limelight, and that's perfectly okay with me, while other companies will still offer another take on the WP for those who don't find Nokia's offerings to suit their needs. Essentially, we might see WP embrace the best of both iPhone and Android, with the seamless user experience of the former combined with the choice of the latter. Such can only be a good thing, and positions them to be a worthy "third" in a battle that has, until now, been a two-player game.
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on April 9, 2012
I am loving this phone way too much to give a completely objective review. But I can tell you something.

The black of the screen is so dark that you almost cannot distinguish it from the bezel! Its awesome! On a more technical term, the black part of the screen literally does not consume any power, and as windows phone has more black than any other color in its UI, the battery life gets a significant boost from it.
LTE is awesome. My LTE speed is almost as much as I get in my home by WiFi! YouTube in HQ!
The front-facing camera is amazing. If video chat has any preference at all, this is the phone to get. I am comparing to HTC Titan.
The build quality! If anyone is not familiar with Nokia's build quality, they can buy this phone eyes closed. Easily the best built phone in market. It lives up to Nokia's standard easily.
The phone feels really superior to hold. The side of the phone is rounded, not boxy or edgy, so its really easy to hold. And the texture of the poly-carbonate body makes thing even sweeter.
Fantastic call quality. Nokia held up to their reputation in call quality. The positioning of the external speaker allows you to listen to music or talk on speakerphone regardless of which side of the phone is facing up.

If you are buying this under contract, I challenge anyone to find a better deal than this phone at under $100/$50. This is not a flawless phone, but if you look at the price, it blows all other phones out of the water.

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on April 10, 2012
If calls is what you miss most in your iPhone then this is the phone you need to have.
Remember the presentation Jobs gave about how all smart phones loose signals when held at certain position, well Nokia has done something which the biggest company in world couldn't do. This is the one smartphone which is also a great phone, apart from everything which a smartphone does, this is a great phone too.
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on April 16, 2012
First of all buyers should be aware of the data bug issue.. Nokia fixed this on April 16th so if your device came with an older version, you have to use Zune to update the firmware.. This process will take 20 minutes and you have just to click next and wait.

I do not want to mention the great things this device offer, everyone know that the built quality, call quality, design , ...etc is A++++, so I just want to mention the things that i did not like:

+ I wish there is an LED indicator that will tell you if you have a notification like a text message, email ...etc while the screen is off.

+ The Micro USB Charger is on the top!!! really!! this mean if you have micro USB charger cradle you have to flip the phone upside down :)

Overall I think this phone is a great great device and I think WP7 is the most usable and informative OS you can use.. Android is buggy and memory/power monster and iOS is pretty much useless in the home screen.

And for the Apps I know that WP7 has only 70K now but for an adult it already has my main apps from Banking, credit cards, news, social networking ..etc so i do not care if they do not have angry birds space..

And for all WP7 haters,,I had HTC Evo since launch and I bought my ipad over a year now, so i used both OS before trying WP7.
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on April 12, 2012
This is my first review, but I wanted to let others know that this phone is amazing! I love the voice recognition on this - it's so accurate! Texting on this phone is so much better than the iPhone I had, I can't even describe how much better! It fixes my typing and does it accurately, rather than making me look silly by changing what I've written to something silly, right before I hit send.

It's fast. The screen is beautiful. The batter lasts forever.

I could not be happier!
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on April 12, 2012
Okay so I had a Samsung focus that I cracked the screen on over 5 months ago and had the chance to upgrade during christmas to the focus S. I saw the lumia 800 and fell in love. I figured I would wait to see if the 800 was to come to the USA. Once the 900 was announced, nothing was going to make me change my mind otherwisw, I was going to wait.

Well I'm glad I did cause this phone is so dang nice and beyond a head turner. The screen is so large and much more vibrant the the focus I had. The speed is fast and does not lag out at all. Why get a quad core when you don't need it in my opinion, it's not a pc. The camera has some great features and is premium in the field of point and shoot for everyday use. I know the Titan 2 has 16mp but if I need to go that high then I might as well get a professional camera.

In the way of apps I know the selection is lower then apple and android but the os has only been out a year and a half. Everything takes time and all the apps I need are there. I mean, I have 50+ apps on my ipod and only use maybe 15 consistantly. All of which I have on my phone.

The only real complaint I had was that my data was not working out of the box. It is a software issue that att and nokia are aware of and is being fixed with an update on Monday (16th). Furthermore, nokia is giving everyone who got the phone before the 22nd a $100 credit to their bill for the issue. So the phone is free!!! So yeah, well worth it.
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on April 20, 2012
I was intrigued by the Lumia 900, but was planning on holding off to see the next model later in the year. But after seeing the price (especially after the $100 credit), I just couldn't pass it up.

This phone is stunning. It looks great, with a sleek design and the colors really pop. The clearblack screen actually does what it promises, as the colors look just as great in direct sunlight.

But more importantly is how great this phone feels. I feel like when I got my first cell phone so many years ago, I just can't put the phone down. I was worried the 4.3 inch screen would be bulky, but after about 5 minutes, it felt like this is the size cell phones should've always been.

Everything about this phone is top notch - great call quality, extremely fast and responsive OS, great battery life, and the beautiful build of the phone itself. Really impressed with the Nokia apps (particularly Nokia Drive, Creative Suite, Nokia Transit) in the marketplace as well.

Love it.
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on April 9, 2012
Big and bright screen even in direct sunlight. Windows Phone OS is refreshing and smooth. Live tile notification is very accurate and time saver. IE browser is very fast on 4G LTE and the renders the webpages very nicely. I have a SharePoint site and work and I have smooth integration with the SharePoint site and I can now update my documents (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote) from my phone and publish it back to the SharePoint with a click. SkyDrive automatically backs up all my documents and photos onto the cloud so I don't have to worry about my photos and personal stuff if I lose my phone. I just found out that you can go to the windows phone site ([...]) and login to find, ring, lock or erase your personal data on the phone. That's so cool! Xbox integration with Xbox companion app is icing on the cake.
Lumia 900 camera pictures are great especially outside and lowlight pictures. Even though the screen is huge it feels nice and comfortable holding it on in the pocket. Nokia has done an excellent job with the overall phone look and feel.
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