Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 900, Cyan 16GB (AT&T)
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on April 12, 2012
This phone is utterly gorgeous; Nokia have created a world-beater, I'm very impressed. It feels great to hold, very solid and well-made. The Windows Phone software is brilliant too, just an excellent package.
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on April 9, 2012
I was an iPhone and Android user prior to the Windows Phone launch late in 2010. I bought a Windows Phone (it was the Samsung Focus on AT&T) when it launched and was very happy. I put my iPhone in a drawer and haven't taken it out since. Now I've moved on to the Lumia 900 and am even happier. The phone's hardware is solid and very well thought out - - though I do wish they'd put the power/lock button on top instead of on the side...

The phone is very responsive and the screen is very good. Despite the size of the screen, I don't think the phone feels especially large or bulky. In fact, it's very thin and pretty light, too. (I find the iPhone 4s to be heavy and blocky.)

The built-in apps are very good, especially the email interface. It's much better than the email apps on iPhone or Android. When compared to an iPhone, there's a ton more screen real-estate that's available for actually reading your emails since iOS takes up a lot of screen room with navigation buttons. Deleting, filing, etc. are also a lot easier to do.

Speaking of Apps, there are a few big ones out there (like Pandora) that don't exist for Windows Phone (yet) but almost all the ones I want are there. There are now 80,000 apps in the Windows Marketplace and (according to Forbes) it grew at an average of 340 apps per day in March. So, personally, I don't see this as an issue. All the apps I want, I've got (no, I personally don't use Pandora!),

The 4G performance is great and it has tethering (optional with AT&T), too.

All in all, it's a winner. I haven't found anything to complain about with the phone. (I pre-ordered mine and got in 4/6 so I've had a few days to use it.)
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on April 10, 2012
The Lumia 900 is really a great device. The design is simply the best you can find in a smart phone at the moment and while the display doesn't meet those of higher end droids and iPhones the Clear Black Display is stunning. The Live Tiles float on the surface and the colors pop making the experience a pleasure to look at.

The Windows Phone OS has some shortcomings yet remains ahead of its peers in terms of smoothness, integration with social networking services, microsoft ecosytem (skydrive, office, zune, messenger, etc) and its futuristic typograhic metro user interface. The lack of many major apps may be a draw back for some but it is not a deal breaker for me and I suspect countless others as the windows phone marketplace has over 80, 000 apps.

The camera is where the Lumia 900 falls short for me. I am not terribly impressed with the photos. Either they're too dark, noisy or grainy, You may have to fiddle with the settings to get some acceptable shots.

Overall the Lumia is without a doubt the best Windows Phone in the market today. Sound quality is excellent, the device feels solid and exudes quality. My overall score is 8/10 But I am increasing it to 8.5 on pricing. You just can't beat and LTE smartphone of this caliber for $0 - $100.

PS. I crossed posted this short review on the verge as well.
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on April 12, 2012
I have been so happy with my phone and then I downloaded iheart radio and listening to best classic rock ever made from LA and I just had an OMG. Moment....the speaker is awesome and I have it at 10 on a scale of30 eve at 24 the phone wasn't. Vibrating.
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on April 11, 2012
I bought two phones on Monday one cyan and a black... I have never had I phone this good. I've been using smart phones since the htc 8100 and this phone is the best built quality that I have had, I really love it.
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on April 10, 2012
Picked mine up yesterday for $100. Went to a Microsoft Store as I wanted to keep my current data plan. That said, Amazon has some sweet deals for those signing up for new plans.

The screen is gorgeous, and the speed is a huge bump-up over generation-one Windows Phones. I live in Washington DC, where AT&T's LTE network is respectable, and I've never gotten faster mobile internet.

Tough to argue with getting Nokia Drive, a free voice-enabled GPS :)
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on April 13, 2012
I switched to a Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) from an iPhone last year, and I never regretted it. Particularly after the WP7 Mango update, the OS is slick, fast and intuitive and simply visually stunning. By comparison, iPhone OS is looking clunky and dated. But the Lumia takes the Windows Phone to an entirely new level.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it is the first phone whose design is equal to the sheer visual beauty of the OS. It grabbed a page from the iPhone minimalism and took it one higher, with smooth uninterrupted lines. And the Cyan color is a nice "pop" - great change from the regular black and white. I hate to even put a cover on this phone. The Clear Black display is crisp and the colors vivid without being unnatural. I LOVE the feel of the Gorilla Glass. It's slicker with a more crystal appearance than my old Focus.

The added Nokia travel apps - Drive, Transit and Nokia Maps give me more bang for the buck than the Windows standard Maps, and the forward-facing Camera will let me get maximum use out of the new Skype app. The battery life has also been fantastic - easily twice the life I was able to get from my Focus.

The only minor complaints I have are the weight (it's balanced, but noticeably heavier than my previous phones), and the camera quality. But this will always be limited by optical distance, so this is a MINOR quibble. I have a DSLR if I want quality photos. I don't expect much more than snaps from my phone - if you are using your phone as a primary camera, I wouldn't recommend it, but it's just not how I use a phone.

I didn't think I could love my Windows Phone more - I was, thankfully, wrong!!
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on April 15, 2012
I've had this phone since April 6, when it was shipped via AT&T (I didn't buy it from Amazon unfortunately). So far, it has been an incredible upgrade from my previous Windows Phone (HTC Arrive). Breaking it down:

I got the cyan version, and I definitely like the color of this one. It's an eye grabber, and looks great. The screen is a huge upgrade from my previous windows phone. It has been rated the lowest reflective screen out of any smart phone in the market today. Easy to view in bright sunlight. Clearblack is just as advertised. The larger screen is also an upgrade from my previous phone, and I think it's just right. Anything bigger and I'll be annoyed by how it fits in my pocket, but large enough that videos look awesome and viewable by anyone I'm sharing the screen with. The feel of the device is also top-notch, as the polycarbonate body feels great, and the weight of the battery gives it a sturdy build. Also great, LTE is fast, and the coverage in SF Bay Area has been good. Basically LTE wherever I go. As far as the other internals, pretty much the same as my previous phone given the hardware standards by Microsoft. Regardless, the Windows Phone OS is just as silky smooth given its hardware internals. Camera is good, definitely better than my previous phone, so no complaints. Could be better, but good enough for what it is. Nice to have a front-facing camera for Skype and Tango and any other future app that takes advantage of it.

Software OS:
Not much new for Windows Phone here between my old device and new device. It's still the same OS that I liked from my previous phone. Smooth, clean UI. Deep social integration without needing to load or download any apps if you don't want to. I have the requisite apps such as facebook and such installed, but for quick updates, the people hub was all I needed. I was able to get my essential things set up in a matter of minutes. Facebook contacts/im, twitter, work exchange email, hotmail/gmail sync, etc. Reinstalling my previously installed apps were more of a pain, but should be solved in next major WP release. Not much else to say here. People say that the app marketplace is not as large yet, but honestly who the hell uses more than maybe 10-20 apps on a regular basis? I don't, so I don't really care. Then again, I have an iPad and a android tablet, so really, I'm not missing much.

Nokia Apps:
One of the major things between choosing different phone manufacturers for Windows Phone is what apps they provide. I'm definitely not missing much from what HTC offered, as Nokia is offering better and more regularly updated apps. Nokia Drive is awesome for getting somewhere. Only thing they could improve there is better POI database, but works otherwise. Nokia Maps is also an excellent alternative to the fairly good built in Maps. In some cases, it's possibly better. Creative Studio is a nice photo editing app. I love the before after comparison slider. I haven't used Nokia Transit, but it will be great to use if I'm in Europe again.

Xbox Live:
I'm not going to lie, but since I own an Xbox, it's an added benefit to have Xbox games available on my phone. Achievements! I can also check on when my friends are playing quite easily.

Honestly, I can't wait for what Nokia will put out next with the next major Windows Phone release. I'll probably be ready to just pay the premium for it.
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on April 12, 2012
I must confess that this is my first review here on Amazon despite using the site for more than a decade now. Why now? Well, because this phone deserves praise for its value, design, and software. Overall, it raises the bar in terms of user experience and functionality.

Value: Nokia just said that they'll credit customers $100 on their first bill to compensate for some minor software glitch (which I have yet to experience) that'll be fixed by 16 April. The phone is essentially free for customers that buy it by 21 April. But just because its free it doesn't mean to say that its a bad phone. Nokia did this to gain marketshare into the smartphone business here in the US which is 80%+ dominated by Android & Apple. Their desperation is your gain. Also, its a high-end smartphone that compares with the iPhone and high-end Android phones. Yes, the apps might be lacking, but its growing and I could seriously care less about the multitudes of worthless apps. Its about quality.

Design: Simply beautiful. Its a head-turner. The unibody design reflects careful attention to detail and the buttons (volume, power, and camera) are well placed for both comfort and functionality. The screen is crisp & stunning, and offers great resolution.

Software: I could care less if its Microsoft, Apple, or Android. What matters to me is how it makes my life easier = FUNCTIONALITY. The phone's software exceeded my expectations in terms of ease of use, responsiveness, intuitiveness, and seamless integration of all my online accounts. I was a bit hesitant at first about the "tiles" but they really make it SO EASY for me to keep abreast of whats happening. The "Linked Inbox Tile" links all my email inbox - Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail so I can check all three with just one click of the tile. Also, under the "People tile," I have the ability to link all my contacts on Facebook, Linked-in, and my address book on Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail - this gives me the capability to easily call/email/text my friends with just one click!

As far as phone call quality, my friends have noticed better reception and voice quality from me. This is from someone who's been on the Verizon network for almost 8+ years...I happily cancelled my current contract with Verizon to get the Nokia Lumia 900 because I believe this is a great product. Try it and you'll never regret it.
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on April 18, 2012
All I can say is this is truly the only phone that has covered all its bases in terms of having close to no shortfalls. It's easy to fall to cliche and say that it is better than the iPhone, but it TRULY is better than the iPhone in my opinion. Despite being a locked AT&T phone, there is extreme elasticity in terms of being able to personalize the device. From endless free apps, to absolutely seamless xbox live/facebook/twitter/email integration, this phone has surpassed all expectations. To boot, the phone was $50!(And before the 21st of April there is a rebate for $50 to $100 on top of that!

The hardware is absolutely magnificent, feeling like the $500 phone that it really is(unlocked) and feeling like the supreme quality that has become associated with Nokia over the years.

Furthermore, there are things like Nokia maps, Nokia drive, and Nokia transit that will give you voice directions on how to get places by car, public transportation or just plain maps(FREE).

The voice recognition software is by far the best that I have ever used in my experiences. Not only did it understand me, but it understood my heavily-accented dad's accent! You can even send a message by only having to press one button. With it, you can also search the internet, call a contact, open an app, etc. -Far better speech recognition than Siri-
The three dedicated buttons are absolutely fantastic and crucial. One takes you back one screen, one takes you to the home screen, and one takes you straight to searching for whatever you want!

The speed of this phone is insane, particularly with the 4G LTE feature which truly is faster. Between screens, opening apps, etc.l, this phone is enormously fast.

Overall, the integration that this phone has, between apps and websites truly pushes far above any phone on the market today!

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