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on April 16, 2012
I will sound like I'm repeating what everyone else has been saying, but it's all true. The first time you pick up the phone, the build quality simply jumps out at you. A solid, one-piece body that doesn't feel like it's going to scatter into little pieces like other smart phones out there. The buttons feel well-made and like they should last forever.

The screen is very good, and 4.3 inches makes it somewhat easier to read or watch videos compared to those little 3.5-inch phones. It is now summer, so I'm outside more here in New England, and I find I can read the screen where my friends fight to find shade to read theirs.

Battery life is important, and while I wait for a battery that can power my phone for a week without recharging, I am superbly happy to have a phone I only have to plug in at bedtime, and have gotten more than two days when it's been used only lightly.

I often need to put people on speaker phone, and the good-sized speaker on the phone works very well.

I especially like the integration of this phone with services like Twitter and Facebook. Under "e-mail and accounts" in settings, you can add social networks and gmail, then be connected without having to add separate apps.

The "tile" interface at first worried me, as I kept looking for app or widget icons, but then it dawned on me that this interface makes a lot of sense for a touch-based interface. I give Microsoft kudos here--good job.

If you use a or account to log in, all of your app purchases and downloads will be available on a single Marketplace web site in the future in case you need to re-install any.

Actually, there are so many positives I could talk about, but I've got work to do, so just know that after a week of using this phone, I went from "what the heck am I doing", to "wow, how smart I am".
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on April 9, 2012
This phone does not keep amazing me. The build quality is impeccable. Everything works in harmony with the OS. Nokia has done a great job with this phone, even though they had not much hardware to choose from. Still, Windows Phone does not need anymore at this time. I recommend this phone to anyone, you won't regret it. And to those worried about apps, we already have more than 80,000 available, and growing at more than 300 per day. I am sure soon we will have nothing to worry about when it comes to apps. The rest comes with Windows Phone 8. ;)
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on April 12, 2012
Bought this phone from the Microsoft Store...I couldn't wait 2 days on Amazon to get the $99 this phone is unbeatable in price. Plus if bought before April 21st, Nokia will give $100 AT&T credit bringing this phone to FREE! I heard many arguments about Windows Phone to IOS to Android..the number of apps in the other OS is getting old....I'm able to find many apps that I need from the Marketplace from Pandora (MetroRadio or wpFandora) to money organization app...the Live Tile needs to get used to but coming from Android static icons with a background it's a breath of fresh air to something new. If you are into browsing 100,000s of apps as your daily use of a smartphone this is probably not the phone for you. If you are looking for dual core, HD screen thinking of future OS updates, than also look elsewhere. A smartphone you buying today is to be used today, 24 months from now, there will be a complete set of new phones with different specifications and OS update. I suggest looking into the WP Marketplace to see if they have the apps you are looking for before buying this phone...if you are just looking for a phone to browse the internet at LTE speed, integrated Social Media...this phone rocks!

- Great feel to the polycarbonate..doesn't feel cheap when you hold it
- Nokia Drive ---been using Nokia Drive since Symbian and Google Navigation doesn't match to the quality of this GPS Navigation...and its free with off line also has like 50+ languges for voice navigation
- At $99 for a premium phone...its a no brainer compare to $299 for high end Androids or iPhones
- LTE speed is fast compare to the old 3G
- easily integrate with Hotmail/Google/Yahoo mail/contacts/calendar
- The Cyan color turn heads when you use it waiting in line at Costco
- Battery life last a full day on medium use on LTE with Wifi and Bluetooth turned off (My Samsung Galaxy SII will last about 5 hours before I need to charge it)
- Playing Spotify on my Samsung Galaxy SII (4G) will last a bit less than 3 hours before I need to charge
- Nokia Luma 900 playing Spotify on LTE wil last a good 5 hours before I need to charge it
- I left both phone on playing Spotify in a loop on my playlist
- Clear Black AMOLED screen, easier to read outdoors in the sun
- Can link multiple email inboxes into one inbox for ease of use
- Group Messaging so its easier to keep track of group texts in one thread instead of getting each text individually
- MS Office syncs to Skydrive and I can edit on my PC and sync it
- feels a bit heavy compare to the SII and other phones because of the polycarbonate...doesn't feel plastic toy like a lot of phones out there
- Camera is descent but doesn't have the quality of the my Nokia N8
- No free tethering option
- No Skype integration yet
- No removeable batteries
- No USB mass storage option ....will have to go through Zune...I go through Skydrive for my files and MS gives you 20GB of data with Windows Phone

The pros for me outweight the cons and with Nokia Drive offline mapping, a $99 price tag (FREE till April 21st) this phone is a winner
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on August 18, 2012
First of all, I love the iPhone. It really is a great phone, and it does surpass the Lumia 900 in many areas. However, I decided to give the 4S to my girlfriend, and give the Lumia 900 a try.
First of all, it's really customizable. Yes, you can uninstall preinstalled apps, and you you can use mp3's as ringtones without an obscene workaround like you have to do with the iphone. This makes it a lot easier to personalize you phone - a thing the iPhone really lacked imho.

Call quality is really good, the messaging system is also great. It's easy to use, though not as easy to set up as the iPhone. It's not as crisp and fast as the iPhone, but the Lumia 900 will hold power all day without the need for a recharge.

The menu system is absolutely cool, and it will get even greater when it gets updated to 7.8 in september 2012. I love the live-tiles, though at the moment, some of them are simply too big and bulky. But 7.8 will fix that.

The lumia has free Nokia GPS which is pretty cool, though I don't use it. But it's there. The maps aren't as good as Google's, but there is an app for that. (Uh, copyright infringement, eh Apple?)

At first I hated that the Lumia 900 imported all my contacts from facebook and twitter, but once I found out that I could group and link people, it really came in handy. Too bad there is a limitation of 20 people in a group, I hope they fix that in a later update. However, the grouping is what is really great, for it also group the content your contacts post on facebook, twitter or whatever. That's absolutely awesome. No more do I have to read about old classmates commenting on pictures of people that I don't know. This limits the info stream to the people I care about.

I hope more apps will appear, and they will - also, I really hope that Microsoft update IE in 7.8, since the browser in no way lives up to Safari on the Iphone.

The image quality on the camera is not as good as the iphone. I also find it rather slow, but the action shot app from nokia helps. The best thing about the camera, is at you don't have to push a button to take the picture; simply press the screen where you want the focus, and the picture is taken. I love that feature. Another good thing is that it is wide angle and f/2,8, which means that it will work in low light conditions.

Last and not least, you don't have the same phone as everybody else. Yes, iPhone and Android phones surpass the Lumia 900 in many ways: Like better browser, camera and more apps in stores. But the windows phone has something I can't really place. I love this phone as much as I loved the Iphone 4s. Perhaps it is because that I'm no longer running around with the same phone as everybody else, or perhaps it is because that I can sort in all the BS coming from facebook and twitter. In any case, I'm happy that I bought this phone, and I give it four stars.
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on May 31, 2012
I've been loyal Nokia customer all my life. And I just wanna tell you guys this is an amazing phone from Nokia. Moreover, some Nokia users will say that the were tired of the Symbian OS, and now as this is Windows phone, I must tell works better than any Symbian. U just can't beat NOKIA. It was the first company that started to produce cellphone and since then it was the best, is the best and will be the best :D Just don't think more, this is defiantly what you want to buy!!!!!
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on April 25, 2012
This Nokia Lumia 900 is the BEST PHONE I've used so far. I've had the opportunity to own several Android, Apple and now 3 different Windows Phones and this one is the best I've had my hands on. Nokia APPS are awesome also, and 4LTE, wow!

I noticed a reduced speed of the swipe from my Samsung Focus, but it only took me a day or 2 to actual get used to it being slower, and now I can't tell the difference. I know its by design, and I have no issue with that. This phone is heavier, more solid, takes great pictures, I have had 2 conversations via Bluetooth from my car for over an hour thru the back roads and where previous phones I have had, including my focus, dropped calls and faded in and out on the audio. Not tis phone, it was rock solid. I've asked people on both long calls, when we were done, if they had any audio issues as it was a new phone, and both times they said it was clear and they didn't even know I was on my phone in my car.

My other phones using the same noise cancelling headsets or visor clip bluetooth always had some issues, and I have not been so lucky, normally calling back or having the call dropped at some points on the drive home. Again, I gotta say, this phone for the past 2 1/2 weeks has been great in all the areas I use it! Music, my audio books, my bluetooth stereo sound, simple as pie to setup and get running, right out of the box.

Solid, Solid phone! I'll be buying my wife one and tossing her old phone out the window very soon.
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on April 12, 2012
I picked the Cyan version up from a corporate store a few days ago.

So far I'm loving the phone. Spec wise I thought I would be underwhelmed but there's a certain... grace to the regular functions. Its not instant-zippy fast but with the animations I don't even notice a difference. Microsoft has a put a lot of thought into the design and execution of the visual language and it shows. Its hard to put to words but it just has a certain elegance that makes it a joy for everyday use.

Integration between contacts, facebook, and messaging is pretty awesome. Default mail client is clean and efficient although gmail power users might have issues. I never delved all that deeply into the labeling structure so I've been fine.

I really love the live-tile interface and have had a number of friends interested in potentially picking up the phone because they're bored of iOS structure.

For apps, I'm finding it incredible with the Metro interface/design language. Reading using the USAToday/CNN/BBC apps is a treat and a nice change from the typical orientation on the web/most phones. I can't wait to see what will happen with apps once development becomes more widespread. To be honest, I hardly use IE9 on the phone with the specially designed apps.

SkyDrive app is great and the OneNoteMobile app is pretty awesome. Can include pictures and recordings made using the phone into the Notes. These are then automatically linked to SkyDrive if you've setup your account. Can also edit notes from your SkyDrive and it will automatically push the update to your phone's Note.

Phone quality seems good although the pictures seem a little.... off is the word, I guess. I'm not entirely sure but I think it has something to do with the post-processing because pre-snap the pictures look really clean but post-snap something weird is going on. Passable but an update might improve things down the line.

The camera and the app shortage are literally the ONLY things that I do not 100% love about this phone. The apps should be remedied as more users arrive on the platform and we'll see what happens with the camera.

If you're looking to upgrade to your first smartphone or just looking for something unique to try I can't recommend this phone highly enough.
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on April 15, 2012
I guess at this point I don't have too much to say that hasn't already been stated, but I completely love this phone. The color is amazing - in some lighting it looks like a dark green-blue; other times it beams bright blue. I have to admit, sometimes I find myself just staring at it.

One bit of advice I can offer - go all in! If you move to Hotmail, Skydrive, Office (which does have free online Office apps like Google Docs, btw - great for sharing and collaboration), Bing, and Zune (get the Zune Pass!! You will not regret it), you will discover just how powerful, useful and integrated the OS really is.

Link your contacts' various accounts together (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), and you will find out how amazing the People Hub is. You can make groups, pin contacts to the Start screen etc. Very cool.

If you use Skype, you won't find it in the Marketplace, but is available as a beta app here (link will open the app in the marketplace on your phone) - zune://navigate/?appid=c3f8e570-68b3-4d6a-bdbb-c0a3f4360a51

Did I mention you should try Zune Pass?? There is a feature called SmartDJ that will generate a playlist of music that is similar to any song, artist, or album. I always have trouble discovering new music, and this feature really does wonders for me finding different artists (it works without the Zune Pass, but you need it if you want to play music that you don't already own).

The Nokia apps are also pretty stellar. I like Nokia Drive a lot - shows speed limits and can warn you if you are going to fast (you can decide how much over to have it warn you at). The Transit & Maps apps are also wonderful (if you are in a big city). Saved my butt once by getting me home from the middle of nowhere after the commuter rail stopped running. Though some feedback on the camera is lackluster (I think it is fine), the Nokia Creative Studio is awesome at fixing up photos - it also has a really cool panorama feature that stitches four photos together into a landscape. If you are into filter effects, they are there, too.

Note - if getting a new email address through Hotmail, you can choose an "" domain extension; which I like because it is shorter to type and easier to share. If you are reluctant about Hotmail - don't be. These days it is perhaps the most feature-rich email service out there. The "Sweep" feature is spectacular at helping you keep your inbox tidy!
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on April 12, 2012
There are many great points to this phone, really, it's the best phone I've ever picked up. There are also places in which to improve on, as on any phone.

The Lumia 900 is the most beautiful phone I've had the opportunities to lay my eyes on. The pictures don't do it justice and you really need to hold this in your hands to truly appreciate it. Anyone complaining about thinness is kidding themselves and trying to complain about something. The 11.5 mm thickness is just fine and feels thinner than it is.

I'm sick of people complaining about the display. The display is absolutely beautiful, and is fully functional outside, something I can't say about any other phone. The resolution is fine. Yes, it would be fantastic if 720p, but not a deal breaker, or even close to it. It looks beautiful and is fully readable. Stop saying it's awful, because it's not.

The cameras are where Nokia can improve, even possibly through software update. It takes fantastic pictures in well-lit areas (as well as the 4s in my opinion), but subpar in low light. I'm also sick of people saying the video recording is awful, because it isn't. 1080p is nice, but 720p is just fine, again it is not a deal breaker.

Reception is fantastic, have not had problems where I've seen others have problems (iPhone users). Call quality is great. The speaker in my opinion is very loud, I keep it at the lowest setting most of the time, and my hearing is not great.

Performance is fantastic on this device. So much faster than the original Focus I've had and every Android smartphone I've seen my friends with.

Software, of course, is fantastic as well. I love Windows Phone. It is the best smartphone OS out there. There are of course areas in which it can improve, but that's true of all platforms. Even at the current point in time, it beats out iOS, and definitely beats out Android (and yes, I've used 4.0).

Battery life is relatively great. The battery doesn't just disappear while not even using it like it does on Android. It easily gets me through a whole day, and I live in an LTE area. This is what I would say is medium-heavy use though. I'm sure if I was using it heavily, it would be on the edge of getting me through a whole day's use.

I'm also sick of the way people talk about the ecosystem (not enough room to explain). Yes, it is lagging behind, that's obvious given it didn't arrive until 2 years after the others. There are some applications that I wish it had, but nothing deal-breaking. There are alternatives to a lot of thing, which is nice. I wish there were more official apps, but that's it. The OS has built-in my most important features and uses that make it far more efficient than the other platforms.
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on April 12, 2012
This is a solid piece of hardware! The Nokia Lumia 900 looks great, feels great, and functions great! There is an issue with data on some handsets (mine included), but Nokia has already identified the problem, given us a roadmap for fixing it, and have promised a $100 rebate for the inconvenience.

The Windows Phone 7 Operating system shines on the Lumia 900
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