Customer Reviews: LG A340, Silver (AT&T)
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on April 13, 2012
I've had the original Samsung Rugby A837 since it came out in September of 2008. It's been a good phone all these years, but I was ready for an improvement. Unfortunately, everything was headed the smartphone route (even the Samsung Rugby line has migrated to a smartphone), and the remaining "phones" were aimed at the truly "basic" market, like the Pantech Breeze line. For me, I just don't need to carry what is essentially a nanocomputer with me; I just want a phone for calls and quick texts, maybe check a sports score, and grab a basic picture once in a while.

The LG A340 came almost out of nowhere in April 2012, and after reviewing the specs, I jumped on it. I qualified as an upgrade from AT&T, so it didn't cost much at all ($19.99 for me), and it arrived in a couple of days. The first thing you will notice about the A340 is that the screens are HUGE for this type of phone. The external screen is a remarkable 1.7-inch 128x160 - not that long ago, that was a typical size for the *internal* screen! The A340's inside screen is a 2.4-inch 240x320 that's very clear and sharp. Another thing I like is the clock reading on the internal screen doesn't take up an unnecessary amount of space, so you can actually put up some wallpaper that you can see without having it obliterated by what time it is. Not the case for the external screen though; wallpaper or not, the date/clock is just below dead center.

The sound quality is pretty good during phone calls (no issues hearing or being heard), and the keys respond quickly for basic texting. The camera is only 1.3 megapixels, so you're not going to replace a true camera with this, nor should you expect to. The camera has one drawback, though... the lens is on the back of the lower body (above the battery door) so you have to be very mindful of keeping your fingers out of the way when lining up and taking pictures. You'll also want to clean off the fingerprints before you take a picture, as your hand will otherwise normally be over the lens.

The A340 comes with a basic WAP browser, but AT&T does include its new Social Net app that allows direct access to Facebook and other social networks. Again, it's not a smartphone, so don't expect to watch movies with it. The A340 also handles AT&T Navigator for driving directions, and a few other built-in applications that may make life easier for some.

Physically, the A340 isn't as thick as the Rugby I'm replacing (and I did like the feel of the Rugby for that reason), but it's not wafer-thin, either. The A340 is very long when open, easily reaching from ear to mouth like a normal phone handset, and is over 2 inches wide as well... us guys with larger hands can get a comfortable grip. Battery life is listed as 3 hours talk and 250 stand-by, about the same as the Rugby, so no issues there. The A340 is also a "greener" phone, using recycled materials for the case and an energy-efficient wall charger.

This is what I want from a cell phone... a well-featured, full-size flip phone without too many bells and whistles. Thanks LG and AT&T!
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on August 11, 2012
This would be a decent voice "dumb" phone except that AT&T and LG have loaded it FULL of crapware that CANNOT be deleted. Ignore what you might see on the AT&T web site - NOT ONE of the numerous idiot apps has a "Delete" option. This phone is designed to trick you into using data. Here are the apps that I cannot delete:
- Star Tweets
- Wikimobile
- snap
- Pac-Man Champion
- My-Cast Weather
- Bejeweled
- Maps
- City ID
- Browser
- YPmobile
- Mobile Web
- AppCenter
- AT&T Navigator
- AT&T FamilyMap
- Social Net
- AT&T Radio
But wait - it gets worse !! My speed dial menu is ALREADY POPULATED with the following AT&T numbers that always appear at the top of the list and CANNOT BE DELETED OR MOVED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST:
- AT&T Check Bill Balance
- AT&T Customer Care
- AT&T Directory Assistance
- AT&T Pay My Bill
- AT&T View Data Usage
- AT&T View My Minutes
- AT&T VoiceDial
Because these seven appear at the top of the list, the speed dials for my family members DO NOT APPEAR ON THE SCREEN unless I scroll down. THERE IS NO WAY TO CHANGE THIS.
I have now spoken with AT&T four times about this. AT&T has finally admitted that NONE OF THESE CAN BE DELETED OR MOVED.
So - it's your call.
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on May 24, 2012
It's almost impossible to find a non smart phone these days. Your options are limited to crappy made in China phones or Nokia phones circa 2001.

In looking for a phone for my father, I wanted something simple, easy to use and cheap. I was able to get this on an upgrade for 1 cent. Amazon literally charged me 1 penny on my credit card. No rebates to deal with and in California no sales tax on the full price of the phone.

I really like the flip design of this phone, it prevents accidental butt dialing. Easy operation, open the phone to answer the phone and close it to hang up. I was able to transfer contacts easy enough by simply copying them to the SIM card and back again to the LG phone.

Another plus is the ability to increase the font size, for the overall menus and the screen where you dial a number. The large displays already help a lot, but the bigger fonts make it even easier.

One minus with AT&T is the inability to remove the default AT&T contacts from the phone. There may be a way to do it but I'm still trying to figure out how.
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on July 8, 2012
LG/AT&T saw a niche (the U.S. Seniors Mkt) did some research and made a good 3G phone/2G EDIG) for us. i.e., They accounted for high frequencies hearing loss by Seniors. This phone has a capability to deal with it. I have had the phone three weeks. Seems to have enough battery. Comes with a USB type a/c wall charger. Good phone sound and the text is easy to read. I believe there is a capability to block selected unwanted incoming (phone numbers) calls or messages. Saw it someplace while tinkering with the phone just can't recall where its located. Well written manual (PDF) is available on line. Can't locate call block in there either.
If you want you can set up voice commands to make the phone dial for you plus several other verbal command functions. If your laying on the floor and can get the phone open you can tell it to call someone on your list of phone numbers.. and it will do it. When your at Best Buy just tell them what you want the phone to do and they will set it up for you. Service is the one thing that Best Buy is better at then Amazon. Something the bozo's that run Best Buy don't seem to understand. The A340 has lots of alternative sounds, ring/vibration and other settings. When the phone rings the screen on the front shows who's calling or what the text message says. Just flip it open to talk or see the message on the larger screen. Push a button and it switched to a loud speaker phone.
This is not a $400 Apple. It's a free (sorta) phone from AT&T via Best Buy and its loaded with capabilities that I have no use for. I just handed over my 5-year old Nokia and Best Buy transferred all my phone numbers to the new phone and handed me the Nokia back. So I drove a nail through the Nokia sim chip and took the phone to the recycle center. Best buy will also get you a new phone number or set-up an AT&T account if you want one.
Bottom Line: Most Seniors could care less about Facebook, maps and the mobile web. But it's all available in this phone for an extra $20 or so per month. Set it up and give it to Grandma. This one she should be able to use.
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on July 23, 2012
I purchased two of these phones. after a month of use if you use the phone for more than a few minutes it feels as if your ear is frying. And when it starts doing that the party that you are talking to cant hear what you are saying. This is not just on one phone but both of them which leads me to believe that this model phone is an ATT reject as they do not sell them on their website. Now the only thing that ATT can do is replace them with the same model.Why would i want two more of these? I just paid two upgrade fees and cannot get another upgrade until i am due for one. I am just using my old phones. Do not purchase these phones unless you really dont want to talk to anybody on them.
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on October 12, 2012
This is a very nice phone, particularly if all you want to do is make and receive phone calls. But then, what else is a mobile phone useful for?

There is one major flaw with the phone that has been noticed by many others. It is impossible to delete the seven stupid contacts for AT&T. Worse, "AT&T" is early in the alphabetization, so these seven contacts end up dominating the contact list. My work-around, which is a total hack, was to prepend "A " to all my other contacts. This works, but it is ridiculous that one has to resort to this kind of hack.

Are you listening AT&T? (Yes, stupid question I know, they don't care, they still think they are the phone company.) This phone would be ever so much better if these contacts could be deleted or put somewhere else.
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on June 21, 2012
The good first. Calls are clear and as loud as you need. It can take up to a 32GB micro sdcard. Relatively large display.
Now for the bad news. LG and ATT do not make backup software you can use on your PC called PC synch, very bad for anyone who values control over their contacts, calender and all other data. There is no backup command or restore command on the phone as all my previous Nokia's had. Hours with ATT on phone resulted in no help in transferring my contacts or Calendar. If you have less then 250 contacts you can copy basic contact details only to your new sim card and then use it on your new LG a340. I have over 800 contacts. I got a $25 credit for wasting my time from ATT then they told me to go to an ATT corporate store who had equipment to do those transfers. They took my phones and told me that they cannot move the contacts because the LG a340 is not supported. They told me to contact LG for backup software. I contacted LG and they told me the Carrier develops the software. I am now blue toothing one contacts at a time from my Nokia. I will have to do the same with my calendar. They promised that it would be trivial to transfer when I ordered the phone. Excuse me I need to spend the next week manually transferring my contacts and calendar. I'll come back and edit after I have more experience with this phone.
Finished the A's and B's. Still no luck finding backup software for this phone. Another disappointment for a phone which can take a 32GB sdcard is that when I attempt to see files on that card which started off 90% full there is a very long delay accessing the memory card. I think it should only take a memory card it can obtain files from in a reasonable time frame not so long I want to leave it and get back later. Now to get my C's transferred. bye
More calls to ATT sent me to a Corporate store on the Upper West Side. Same problem as other store. Phone not supported. Spoke with a new agent on phone, she agreed I must return phone and get a different one made by a company that provides backup software and possibly backup/restore command to sdcard. LG A340 should be labeled Senior Phone. No way to back up except only contacts with internet to ATT cload. This is my first time returning a phone. All my Nokia's had the functions I needed with sdcard backup and PC sync. If I don't like the next phone I will have to buy an unlocked Nokia and use that. Oh yes they gave me another $25 credit.
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on March 20, 2013
These phones are pretty bad.

We missed calls all the time. My wife is pregnant, so we had to buy a pair of Go phones to get better reception so that I wouldn't miss her call when she went into labor!

The software running the phones is glitchy too. Sometimes it would take up to a minute to open our address books, and then it would open up other software, called CityID when we ended a call.

Bad news.
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on December 5, 2012
Beware of this phone. The face plate is too heavy and is secured to the body of the phone by two weak outer hinges, rather than one strong central hinge. If the face plate slides when you touch it, you should return it asap because it means that one of the outer hinges is beginning to fail.
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on October 18, 2012
I loved this phone at first for many reasons, but unfortunately it has gone down hill. I've only had it about 4 months. I'm beginning to think the battery is faulty. I noticed it was getting worse when it would do buggy things-- like not opening my address book until I rebooted it a few times, or when making a phone call it would say "call divert set" and just shut off. And it has been turning off on it's own very often for no reason or without warning. Very frustrating because judging from other reviews the only thing att will do is send me a new one, and it will probably do the same thing. And I've already used my upgrade for this.
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