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on October 18, 2013
- Phenomenal audio quality for the price
- Comfortable
- Cord isn't obscenely long (I have my desktop on my desk, so it's a short distance away from my head)
- Design is nice looking
- Reasonably well built

- Cord is perhaps TOO short (it's JUST the right length for me, but might not work for other setups)
- Cups aren't large enough for comfort over LONG sessions -- I find I can wear these for three or four hours, but anything beyond that amount of time causes my ears discomfort.
- The mic isn't built-in to the headset, it's built-in to a second, four-pin TRS jack, making it largely useless to PC users without an adapter (not included) that splits the headphone output and mic input. These adapters aren't particularly expensive, but they are inconvenient, it would be nicer if the mic was simply built-in to one of the cups, and if it came with a standard cord that comes with two TRS connectors (one for headphone output, one for mic input).
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on May 15, 2016
I recently purchased the Razer Electra headset. It arrived same day at no charge under my Prime account. The unboxing was slightly irksome due to the amount of plastic inserts involved, and is extremely difficult to repackage as I was going to box them back up and send them back, but couldn't because I was afraid I was going to damage the box.

The reason I bought these is the cost for a headset with a mic. Decent price for headphones with a good sound to them. Heavy bass, clear high end. Haven't tried the mic, because it's a line in mic with a single plug (like most smartphone headphone/mic combos). Apparently I didn't look closely enough at the item description, and missed where it said this was the case. Or it wasn't listed. Either way, I had assumed these came with a detachable boom mic, but I was sorely mistake when they arrived.

The reason I decided to not send them back is that my wife liked them and wanted to keep them. She was replacing her Sony Xtra Bass headphones that had finally died.

The detachable cords for the head "set" are rubberized and a bit springy. Feels cheaply made compared to their normal braided fiber cables. The overall design is nice. The matte finish on the plastic picks up oil from fingers extremely easily and is very noticeable on the black coloration. The cushioning is comfortable, for the short time I tried them out. They ARE relatively heavy, due to the massive amount of plastic (because they are large) and the size of the magnets used.

My wife wore them for an extended time last night, but didn't complain about the weight and stated the ear cushions were very nice as they fit over the ear. The earphone parts do fold up, for "convenient travel size", but it really doesn't do much to reduce the footprint of these large and in charge headphones. The folding portion of them feels a bit flimsy, and am hoping it won't break just after the warranty expires.

The sound is nice. Rich, deep bass and clear mids and highs. The upper level at 25kHz isn't as broad as other lower end headphones (usually at 20kHz) and the overall performance isn't any better than the Razer Orca (with 21kHz to 15hz range) pair I've had for going on 5 years, which I bought used and had to resolder the wire connections twice on 2 years in after owning them and are still going strong.

Overall, if the head "set" had dual heaphone/mic jacks instead of a single plug, even with an in line mic, which my laptop can't support, I wouldn't be having buyers remorse. They seem solid. Only time will tell how long they will last. My Orca pair is still going strong, but I've had to repair them twice.
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on February 5, 2016
This' my first Amazon review. Maybe my last, who knows. Hope it's not bad.

TL;DR: This is a pair for the common listener. Most people tend to like a s*** ton of bass. The headphones are attractive enough to where I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't feel awful about wearing them in public. The look and the sound aren't the biggest problems, however -- it's just the way they fit. Don't plan on long listening sessions with these -- they'll get painful really fast. You can do better in this price range, but if you really want these, you can do worse. Replacement pads (if you know some that are compatible with the square shape) and buying used is recommended. (see the bottom for mic/cable things)

I've owned this pair of cans for a good four years. Got them when I didn't know a thing about audio stuff, and while I'm certainly not experienced enough to be giving you statistics and charts, I can tell you that these aren't really the greatest things you'll ever hear. But, I got these for $56. I use these things still as my daily driver, and I do listen to music a lot; but, as of right now, it's more out of 'necessity' rather than preference. I want to say that they're easy to drive, but I have to get these things at a pretty high volume on basic-stuff to get them to the quality that they're supposed to be at. Maybe that's just me not knowing all that much about amplification and what not, but that is something to look at when considering these. Another thing is the build.

The single biggest problem with this set is that they're just really, really uncomfortable. Even after four years, I still can't wear these things for too long. The ear pads are a lot like the cushions you'll get out of your basic IKEA chair. Stiff to start with, but you'll settle into it after using it for a while. But, use it too long, and the cushion will just become a flat piece of dry-mush. After about an hour of use, I have to start rubbing my ears -- unless I'm really focused on something and not paying attention to it, which is honestly most of the time. The ear pads come off easy, so if you can find a replacement for them, it's recommended.

Probably the best things about them are the sound and the look. I think they look great. Personally, I think the green and black variation of these are ugly as all hell, but the pure black palette compliments it. If you're not one to show off brands to things -- like me -- the muted Razer logo on the cups and the company's name written in "EXTREME COOL AMAZING GAMER" font don't get in the way of things. It's not something I feel bad about wearing in public. Then again, I don't mind wearing crocs if I have nothing else, so whatever.

The sound is what you'd expect out of the marketing of this. Really bass heavy -- something I used to really enjoy. They're pretty great for rap and EDM, but you'll be disappointed if you are someone who mostly listens to rock. They get the job done for most people. A lot of people I've had try these out say they're pretty decent, so take that for what you will. For gaming, you can do better for this price range, but if you're looking for boom, this'll give that to you.

Overall, they're great for people who are looking for that common sound that most things below this price give. They remind me a lot of a pair of Beats, but with better build and a much more reasonable price. Razer might be known as that company that overprices things, but these fit in with most headphones offering a similar sound signature that are from brands people know about. That being said, you can't go wrong with getting used if you don't mind the possibility of a having to clean them. Just because I said the price was more reasonable doesn't mean the price is the best. Like I said before, I got these for $56, and that's the price you should probably look for, because that's much more appropriate.

... Oh, and the microphone. Forgot about that, to be honest. It's not great. Don't get this as a headset -- you'll be wasting your money. If you really want the headset, get yourself a VMODA Boom Pro, and clip that on there. It comes with two cables, one with an inline and one that's just the cable. The cable's a bit prone to the swirly-swirl of death, but if that really bothers you, getting a replacement is really cheap. Your basic 3.5mm -- what it should be.
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on March 11, 2013
To be honest, this has to be the best headphones I ever bought. I don't use the mic feature since I have a professional one here at home, but this headset does have that feature built into one of the cables, but I never tried it.

Most headsets that I buy tend to break in about 3 years time due to poor design and cheap plastic, but this headset is built very well and I'm confident will last me ages.

Sound is great, it picks up bass really well, mid-range is of great quality, and high pitchs (what tweeters on house speakers are for) are above average.

My only complaints are that the two cables that connect to the headphone to the computer (and or stereo) are way too short. Perhaps between 3 to 4 feet long. If you have a computer that sits a ways away from you, you might want to search Amazon for a longer cable... but the cables that do come with it are very high quality.

Excellent head set. You get more quality for your money with this deal.. I think I'll only buy Razor head phones from now on.
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on August 30, 2014
Bough this pair in 2013 Xmas, I not consider myself an expert audiophile, but an avid gamer.
I have used many headphones over the years for both Pc and Media Players and cell phones, my experience goes from cheap ($10 Generic) to the most expensives ones ($300 & $400 top brands).

In all this time I have tried several brands , like: SkullCandy, Monster, Beats, Pioneer, Sennheiser, Behringer, Audio-Technica, Numark, Denon, Sony, Bose, Tritton, Steelseries, Razer, Logitech, Turtle Beach and finally Genius.
Among all these brands I've only purchased the ones that passed my Price/Quality/Performance "TRYOUT", and guess what?
Razer Electra is on that list (along with Steelseries, Pioneer and Audio-Technica, if you want to know).

Since the Razer Electra are made for gaming they should cover a wide variety of sounds/frecuencies range, from a sligth footstep behind you to a huge explosion in your face, without neglecting the voice clarity in group chat; and for the price ($49.99 when I bough mine) they really excels in this feature.

Taking into account what I said earlier, those cans can't go wrong when listening to music, all that said I'll try to point out the Pros and Cons of this Product.


* Ear cups fits perfectly to the shape of your ears
* Heavenly ear cushions, pretty comfortable even at long periods using them
* Well padded, flexible, adjustable headband
* 2 really strong detachable cables, one with built in mic
* Floating ear cup for better and comfortable fitting
* Enhanced bass, basslines are powerful, balanced and clear, in high volume you can actually feel the bass vibration on your ears(I mean outer ear, not your inner ear)
* Mids and highs are delivered with clarity, deep and cristal clear quality
* Amazing isolation, even better that some ANC - active noise cancelling headphones cough, cough, Sennheiser, cough cough.
* Pretty lightweight, sturdy construction taking in account they are made of plastic
* Foldable like DJ style headphones
* Replaceable cable
* Update *Replacable Ear cushion in 2014 produced models


* The desing is pretty plain ( I like them but 90% of my friends said that)
* Bulky
* No cushions Replacement (update the 2014 ones comes with a cushion replacement, also the new price is $69.99)
* Lack of Swivel mechanism


This headphones may not look as attractive as the godlike fancy, luxury, stylish and overpriced brands like Monster, Bose, Beats, or Sennheiser, but they deliver true quality audio to your ears, the quality sound I feel with this headphone is only compared to my Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-2000-W Professional DJ In-Ear Headphones Priced $370 when I bough them. So for that sound quality they should cost at least twice that price, hopefully Razer will never read this .....

P.S. Sorry for my bad english u_u
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on March 23, 2015
I like the headphones but they are very bass heavy. It took the supplier TWO MONTHS to ship it to me. EDIT: I still have these headphones, it's been a year and a half now. I use them almost daily and they're still working great. However, I don't think they're actual Razer headphones. I think they are counterfeit. EDIT: They're still working three years later (which is a long time for me) but I have replaced them with ones from the actual manufacturer. I'm not sure if this pair is authentic Razer but overall I would say that I'm very happy with the purchase.
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on August 10, 2013
Overall the headset is very good especially for the sale price I got for which was around $45-$50. There may be better headsets out there but for the price, this is definitely a good one.

- Good sound quality, nice bass, with plenty of depth
- Comfortable ear cushions
- Sturdy, high quality feel
- Microphone is good enough for gaming, nice and clear

- Feels a bit heavy after long use
- Irritates large ears, the end of my ears actually touch the inside of the headphones and become sore after an hour or two
- Ears become a little hot after long use
- Also, to use the inline mic for PC gaming, you either need a combo headset/mic port on your PC or you need a splitter for the wire (which is what I also bought for these headphones)

Update - 8/14/13
While I was playing games and talking with my friends online, they told me there was a very loud and annoying buzzing sound that they could hear coming from my microphone. I also noticed that while just having the headset on that I hear a buzzing sound, it is probably because of my computer since I don't have a dedicated sound card but just be wary that you may hear a buzzing noise all the same. When actually listening to music or when gaming, it is hardly noticeable.
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on May 30, 2014
This headset from razer is actually pretty good considering the price, but I have a number of more personal issues with it.

-Great sound quality for the price. Most of all, the bass is great on these headphones.
-Removable cable
-Alternate cable allows you to have phone calls with it
-High quality cable, not even a single part of it shows signs of wearing out after almost a year of use

-All plastic build. While it does feel good, I along with a friend of mine have broken a pair of these. Thankfully, after having snapped a part of the plastic it still functioned, it just didn't fit quite as well.
-Large pair of headphones. Not so big that they aren't portable, but they look a little silly when you wear them in my opinion.
-Too tight on the head. For people with big heads this will be more of an issue. These headphones get really uncomfortable after extended use of over an hour.

Overall, if you have a smaller head then go for it, but otherwise it will likely be too tight and cause discomfort.
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on July 7, 2014
This is an amazing pair of headphones. If I had to rate them based on 10, i would give them 9/10. The Headphones are simply amazing, they provide an incredible comfort and sound quality. Also, have to mention that the design it's sweet.

I've never been one of those guys who write a lot and this time isn't going to be the exeption, so I'm going to be quick


The sound is amazing. The bass is really good and if you want to have more than that ( that I don't think you will) you have the option to download razer sypnase which allows you to EQ your headphones.

The comfort is the first thing that you'll notice from these headphones.

The cable is "ok" and it's replaceable which allows you not lose your headphones if the cable breaks.


Makes some silly sounds when you move the left side, but as the time goes on you'll not even care about that.

If for some reason the headphones get hit on the extendable plastics, they can break without taking much time, so try not to let that happen.

The price of the headphones has raised a lot, I got them on 2014 for 44 dollars and now they're for more than 100+ and even if they're really good, there are better headphones out there that we probably haven't checked yet, so that's a big minus for the rate and the reason why I didn't give it 10/10

Spite of all the s***s that I mentioned before, I recommend them to everyone who likes to listen to music at high levels and enjoy great quality sound.
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on March 7, 2014
Not only does this product have an incredibly smooth and stylish design, but it is the most comfortable headset I've ever placed upon my head. I could honestly sit down for hours with these things on my head, but there is one problem. A lot of people today enjoy to take their laptop, sit on their bed, and watch Youtube videos, Netflix, or any other form of entertainment. Personally, after a while of sitting up in bed, I like to rest my head on my pillow, however with these, as with most headphones, it's incredibly uncomfortable to lay your head down with them on. That's my only complaint about this headset, everything else is excellent, from the packaging to the product itself. In the packaging there comes two, not one but two audio jack cables, that way if something happens to one cord, you can just pull out the other. The packaging, like most Razer products, comes with a standard Razer sticker, which now sits happily on my laptop, it's up to you what you do with it. While the audio is only Dolby 2.0, it sounds amazing, especially when listening to music, you really get a good bass with this. On the note of gaming, it's not nearly comparable to that of a 7.1 surround sound headset, however it's not a pushover. Gaming with these headphones is a very comfortable and enjoyable experience, and I would recommend it for a budget gaming headset. The ear pieces are packed with a very comfortable material, that also helps with soundproofing; people in the outside world won't hear your music very well, and you won't hear people in the outside world very well. The band connecting the earpieces is lined with a normal plastic innard engulfed in a comfortable material on the bottom side, as well as a material with the Razer logo painted on it. In summary, the headset has a sleek and comfortable design, and the packaging is arguably flawless. The sound quality is great especially for listening to music, but is a little lacking when it comes to the gaming world. It's easy to become immersed in what you're doing due to the quality of the sound and the filtration of sounds from the outside world. This allow you to become more involved in what you're doing, and less involved in the conversation of the couple on the bench across from you. I would give this product 5 stars out of 5.
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