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on September 17, 2014
As close as u can get to a smartphone & not be a smartphone - so not pay smartphone fees every month! Still can access Facebook & Twitter & limited email & GPS. Slider phone with pull out keyboard. Holds up well to daily wear &tear. Good battery life. Easy to operate.
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on September 2, 2016
i was very happy
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on May 7, 2013
I'm not so sure about the other reviews, but I haven't had any of the same problems they had with the exception of one reviewer.

Some of the problems that I have with this phone are:

1. when you use the internet on the phone for an extended period of time, it will take the some of the battery bars down like one maybe two bars.

2. Sometimes I use this phone's sprint navigation feature which will severely drain the battery life of my phone (The phone shut off on me while I was driving home-thank goodness I knew the way back from that road)

3. I can't zoom in most of the time with the camera (which is a real bummer when you are at a rock concert. I need a closer pic of the band! & I had floor seating!)

4. when you zoom in with the video feature the picture is blurry. :/

5. it's still a little difficult trying to type with the touchscreen keyboard. I agree with one of the reviewers that you have to press a little above the key you want to type with the touchscreen. (I eventually got used to it & it's not a problem anymore-the typing method is similar to the really old phones with just #s on the keypad/dial pad or whatever it's called)

6. my phone did not come with a micro sd slot so I can't move my old pics in.

7. if you are not careful on how you hold your phone you might delete some of your text messages since the touchscreen is heat sensitive.

Some of the pros of this phone:

1. Excellent battery life I could go 3-4 days without charging it if I don't use the internet (for a long time), sprint navigation or take too many videos.

2. I can zoom in when in video mode

3. I dropped the phone once and had no problems (not so sure how long this will last after several more drops but I am buying an external case-don't want to take any chances)

4. I have received compliments on how cool this phone looks.

5. The screen is nice and large which is good enough for me since it's not a smartphone

6. the tiny mirror on the phone's back is useful when I want to take pictures of me and one other person

7. my phone does not shut off on its own (I guess I'm lucky?)

8. I have had no problems calling other people.

Might update this review later after more usage.
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on July 1, 2013
Exactly one year ago, and after being a Sprint customer for seven years, I purchased an LG Rumor Reflex. I upgraded from my very basic, seven-year-old flip phone because I wanted to send and receive photos. For several months after upgrading I also tried the data plan but found it to be slow and extremely frustrating, so I canceled that feature after a few months. I was very happy with what I called my "semi-smart" phone and had only a few minor issues with it until yesterday when it died. I woke up to the phone trying to reboot itself. The phone wouldn't turn off or on - just the reboot screen cycling through. I looked online to find out what to do and tried the steps indicated on the Sprint help page without success. After spending a bit more time researching the problem I've found that this is a software issue that is not uncommon with this phone. I was still hopeful today when I took it back to the Sprint store that they would be able to help restore my phone but they said there was nothing they could do. My phone is dead and Sprint pretty much said "whatever" - unless I wanted to fork out $ for a "refurbished" Rumor (yeah, right) or even more $$ for an upgrade. Sadly, I am stuck for another year on the contract for a phone that no longer works because of a lousy design. Thankfully, I had kept my old flip phone and have reactivated it. As soon as the contract is up I will cancel my Sprint account. Warning: SPRINT STILL OFFERS THIS PHONE IN THEIR STORES. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PHONE!
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on October 21, 2012
If you're thinking about getting this phone an upgrade to the Rumor2, you will be very disappointed!

The keyboard is a softer rubber, which you actually have to press harder on, and then it will type double letters, or worse, lock your function key, causing you to write gibberish! Not only that, they relocated some of the functions, like comma and apostrophe. The letters on the buttons are very tiny, and the function characters are very faint and hard to see.

The touch screen is not calibrated the same way as other popular touch screen devices: you need to touch way above what you intend to select. The menu has too many steps and the whole thing is just not very intuitive.

If you don't lock the screen before talking, your ear will "hit" buttons and take control of your phone. And if you are listening to messages, chances are that you will delete the message before you even listen to it!!! If you need to dial numbers, as in a password or numeric command, you will need to first unlock the phone and then select "numeric key pad". Too many steps!!!!

This probably isn't a deal breaker for many of you, but I have to mention it: There is no way to shut off the blinking indicator light. It blinks once every few seconds to let you know the phone is on, or you have an alert... well, I can't stand it, especially on my nightstand when I'm trying to fall asleep! Plus I think it wastes battery. This is the first phone I've had that does not give me the choice.

I hate this phone! If you are considering purchasing it, please go to a retail store and play around with it first!

If you could still buy a Rumor2, I would recommend that phone instead. There are really no good choices in the non-smart phone category anymore!
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on October 22, 2014
Worst phone made by sprint. AWEFUL!! Cuts off and reboots in middle of texting and calls. BIG disappointment. Only reasin I keep it is because my plan is old and I don't want to upgrade to the newer smart phones
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on December 9, 2012
I upgraded to the LG Rumor Reflex Phone when my contract was ready. I figured I would be getting a decent phone even though it is not a smart phone. The phone has major issues. A Google search of the Sprint forums will prove this out. You will find hundreds of complaints about this phone, if not thousands. It will suddenly reboot when on the internet, it will also do the same at times when you click to use the camera. Just a sudden reboot. Other times it will reboot while attempting to access the web.

Support for this device from Sprint is a joke and they will not offer you a solution. What they will tell you is that you need to take it to a Sprint store for an evaluation, and when you get to the Sprint store they will tell you that they do not service that phone at that location. Then Sprint will advise you to send the phone in and they will attempt a repair as long as you are willing to pay 35.00 for such a service.

The phone has had issues since day one. I have had it now for six months. Sprint will NOT replace the phone with a similar or like phone, nor will they offer a solution to the problem. Basically if you purchase this phone with the two year contract, Sprint tells you, "live with it for the next two years."

We pay for the unlimited data but when we can not sue the internet nor even take photos much less sent photos to others, one has to wonder why Sprint is scamming folks with this phone.

I would never, ever recommend this phone nor would I ever recommend Sprint to anyone, not even my worst enemies.
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on September 17, 2012
Ive had this phone since june and after a month it started shutting down and restarting when id slide it closed after sending a text, this causes it to loose the text so not only do i get to wait a minute for it to turn back on, i get to re type the text. Other then that i do like this phone, ive never owneda touch screen before and its pretty nifty but the shutting off thing is becoming a real pain as its happening more often.
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on February 13, 2013
This phone is just plain egg terrible! I'd only got this phone because my old Android Phone broke and I was left with nothing much but this butt load of a phone. Where to even start. It shuts down completely whenever it wants, it doesn't have the greatest of features, and the touch screen doesn't work as well as many others who has used this phone before. I would never recommend this phone to anyone else and stay as far away from getting it as possible. This phone is just not worth buying the money and investing it into at all!
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on June 9, 2013
It is poor design its hard to open without hitting on screen buttons or side buttons on the phone. I had this phone 2 weeks hoping i could get used to it but it doesn't get better. I had the plan rumore without touch screen and it was a much better phone if you want a good texting phone
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