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on November 14, 2012
When our bedroom TV quickly (and unexpectedly) died I wanted an LCD TV at a reasonable price.

I started at CNET. Their "Best HDTV (44-49 Inches)" was the Vizio M3D470KD. All the lessor rated HDTV's on their list were slightly to significantly more expensive. They write: "It boasts black levels and color accuracy that surpass competitors costing hundreds more, making it one of the elite values in its class. Very good picture quality and an extremely aggressive price make the Vizio M3D0KD one of the best LED TV values on the market."

But then I ran across the fella in these reviews who returned this Vizio for a Panasonic VIERA TC-L47ET5. However I then found an article at PCMag that directly compared the two head to head. Their conclusion was that the Vizio was a MUCH better HDTV at a MUCH lower price.

Since it was for the bedroom and, thus, not our primary/main TV I was not too interested in the Internet Apps nor the 3D. But when it came down to purchasing it this set was only $30 more than the Vizio without the Apps and 3D--so I figured why not get them for a lousy 30 guacamoles extra.

We've had the TV for 3 months now and I have yet to turn it on without being totally delighted with, and impressed by, the picture. (Someone mentioned in these reviews that the picture improved over time. I was skeptical at that but now I wonder whether there might be some truth in it.) My other HDTV's all have "Matt" screens and the "Semi-Gloss" screen on this, by comparison, makes it appear "almost Plasma" like.

Haven't used the Internet Apps much but using the Wizard that appeared when I first plugged in the TV flawlessly connected it wirelessly to my modem. Haven't used the 3D a lot...but the free (on Verizon FiOS) 3D movies we've watched were beautiful. And the way my girlfriend's grandchildren get a kick out of the 3D animated movies makes the extra 30 clams well worth it.

Would I buy this TV again? I can't think of ANY circumstances under which I would NOT!!!
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on September 7, 2012
I looked for about a month before purchasing this TV. Somebody pointed me towards the reviews on and that is where I found this tv. I was looking for a smart tv that I could access the internet using my wireless and I was looking for a 46-47 inch screen. It had a ranking equivalent to the Sony HX850 but was HALF the price!! I was afraid to spend $1500 on my first purchase, so I opted for the vizio M3D470KD and I love it!!

It has a great picture and I love using vudu and netflix so easily. The remote takes some getting used to, but what do you expect? It's nothing difficult.

The only thing I had issues with was setting up netflix When you access netflix for the first time, I needed to have the ethernet cable plugged into the tv. It would not connect wirelessly. I had no other issues with the other apps. Once I connected the first time, I switched it over to the wireless connection, turned off the tv, turned it back on and it was fine. I love this tv. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

I purchased from and the only issue I had is that they used ups ground. They must throw/kick/jump on all of their packages because the boxes was beat up and re-taped in several spots. the styrofoam inside the box was broken on the top right corner of the tv. I was pretty pissed and concerned about whether the tv would be damaged, but it is working fine. UPS should be ashamed of themselves for not taking care of their freight better.
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on June 3, 2012
6/2/2013 OK here is my latest update on satisfaction with this TV.

I have two major things that really irk me with this TV set.

1) First this TV can take up to 8 to 10 seconds to sync/display some TV stations when switching TV cable channels, it will display a black screen during that time period. If the TV looses sync during a program due to a loss of channel sync by the cable carrier it can take 8 seconds to go from a black screen to resuming picture play back.

2) I use a Sony sound bar with this TV and it is connected to the digital optical output of the TV. I have constant lip sync problems that really drive me crazy, voice and video are not in sync!

This week the TV is exactly one year old. I paid $900 for it a year ago and was trying to find a way to justify replacing it. I figured that if I sold it I would probably get $300 for it, and my wife would probably kill me. Well as luck would have it my college age daughter told me that the Vizio TV that I purchased for her in 2009 was dying, i.e. LCD back light was going bad! So much for Vizio quality. I decided to seize the opportunity and offered to give her my 47" one year old Vizio. So now she is very happy! I'm also very happy because I went out and purchased this years Samsung 55" TV model (see my other reviews). I am happy to say that no longer do I suffer from channel lag when switching TV channels and no longer do I have a lip sync problem when using my Sony surround sound bar.

I have purchased my last Vizio product. I have had 2 Vizio TV's and a Vizio sound bar and all have had problems. Yes I paid a steep premium for my Samsung TV, but I love it. I also have a Samsung TV purchased in 2006 and it's problem free.


Vizio background: Vizio is a privately held US corporation, with about 417 employees. Unlike other TV manufacturers Vizio handles design, engineering, and over sees manufacturing for their TV's but outsources the manufacturing to 3 different companies in China, Taiwan, and Mexico. Vizio's philosophy is to sell quality TV's at value prices. Vizio doesn't spend money on marketing and passes on the savings to its customers that purchase their products through Amazon and warehouse clubs.

This is a 47" Vizio LED - LCD with Internet and 3D, this TV has all the latest features. The sound quality is average on this TV. It also has 4 HDMI ports, and comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses, and also has wireless connectivity. I bought the TV because of features, cost and because I wanted passive 3D not the active 3D that comes with expensive battery operated glasses.

Why do I care about 4 HDMI outputs? Well this is now the de facto norm for best connectivity options.

1) HDMI for Comcast cable box. If you want to receive 3D you will need to upgrade to a Cisco RNG 200 cable box (standard issue Comcast cable box doesn't support 3D). The only connection on the Cisco that supports 3D connectivity is HDMI.
2) HDMI for DVD/Blu-Ray player
3) HDMI for new laptops that have HDMI output that will allow you to surf the Internet on your computer and view and listen to the output on your TV. I've used this to play episodes of missed TV programs from my local PBS website.
4) HDMI one port to spare that I am sure will come in handy for something.

The colors on this TV are really vivid, it makes you feel like you are right in the action! We also tried out the 3D feature and are very pleased with it.

Adjustment for Watching Movies: My wife started complaining that this TV didn't play back the movies right! I didn't know what she was talking about. Looking back on the situation the best way to describe it is that all action on DVD playbacks looked artificially smooth, more like a smooth swan dance. I decided to research it and found out that this TV has a 240 Hz sampling rate to get rid of blurs on fast moving screen action. Well this 240 hz sampling up conversion apparently repeats frames and inserts new frames to accomplish what is does. The result is that the play back of movies from my DVD player didn't look right. In order to fix this go into Advanced picture settings and turn off the reduce motion blur feature and your movies will now play as they should.

Second adjustment: Tired of that annoying lighted Vizio logo on the front of the TV? Go into picture settings and turn off the display of the Vizio logo! Now the logo comes on briefly when you turn the TV on and then goes off!

Exiting 3D Mode: You can enter 3D mode by selecting the 3D button on the remote or from the on screen menu. The only way I was able to get out of the 3D mode was to shut the TV off. In order to exit 3D your supposed to select "2D Mode" from the menu options. To make it more user friendly the option should be labeled "Exit 3D mode".

Remote control: Yes the remote control is small, but I don't use it as I have a Logitech Harmony One remote. At some point in time I may have to add an applet and will probably have to use the remote keyboard function which I have never used.
Another advantage of using the Logitech Harmony Remote is that it has the ability to select the correct input when switching between modes. It selects the input source without having to cycle through all the inputs one at a time to get to the desired input!

User manual: The user manual is located on the Vizio website. No need to print it as it can be downloaded and saved to your computer as a pdf file. This will allow you to access the user manual anytime you have a need to do so.

Warranty considerations: Prior to making a Vizio purchase you may want to call Vizio or check their website for a list of authorized dealers, there are about 6 of them. Vizio will only honor a warranty claim if the item is purchased from an authorized dealer. To better understand Vizio warranty issues read the user reviews for the VIZIO VHT510 Surround Sound System.
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on September 4, 2012
This screen is so sharp and colorful its a little disconcerting at first. After a while you get used to being able to enjoy the sharp details especially with sporting events and news. Cant say much about the Smart part of tv except its nice to not have a second device for internet movies. The 3D part is untested with a lack of programming to see. All in all a huge step up from old Aquos lcd.
The bad....speakers are a joke...use your home theatre as you should anyway. The remote is nearly useless with awkward buttons and hard to need spindly digits...what gives Vizio...should be twice the size.
Get this unit, the screen says it is black and color is perfect with razor sharp details.
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on April 10, 2013
I am starting from
1) Remote control- This is really a new technology. Remote have inbuilt keyboard. Remote is small, we can cover all keys with single hand with fingers.
2) 3 D technology- Very nice 3D, figures come out and flying in front of us so seems like watching in real. Very clear videos. Never stop or shows lines, even I have played very high memory movie like 13.6GB. But everything was very clear. That’s the best 3D that I is comparable to 3D theater.
3) Passive 3D So Battery-free 3D glasses, deliver superior immersive 3D TV, with a light weight frame that’s designed for maximum comfort. I even can use 3D glasses of theater. Comparative cheaper and comfortable 3D glasses than active 3D battery glasses.
4) Video qualities- Edge Lit Razor LED backlighting, 240Hz SPS refresh rate, 10,000,000 to 1 DCR and 1080p Full HD. So no doubt on video and picture quality. True blacks to pure white in every shade delivers each video, each image with spectacular intensity and realism.
5) VIZIO Internet Apps- automatically updating So, I ensure that always running the current version and accessing the latest content of apps.
6) In Last I am not a technician of TV, but that TV is better than my expectations. I am simple person and don’t know technical detail but I know this is the best. Before purchasing I have read I lot of Single star reviews, but Now I am feeling like, they all were fake reviews.
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on December 21, 2012
I did a lot of research before purchasing this 3D TV. It is everything I expected, and more. There actually is a newer model of this version, the m3d470kde, and the only difference I can see is in price (more expensive) and the refresh speed: 120Hz on the newer model, which is rated as slower than my older model listed as 240 Hz.. (Go figure that the older one is 240). I've had it for about a month now.

The TV is attractive, with a black border and ultra thin, hence the "Razor" name. The LED picture is crystal clear, with deep blacks and brilliant colors. The 3D is impressive, using the passive glasses without any batteries or wires needed as with the active glasses. It comes with all of the hookups I needed, including 4 HDMI inputs, and the usual coaxial, RGB, and RCA inputs. The optical output allowed me to hook up the TV directly to my ancient Pioneer receiver for surround sound, with the aid of an optical to RCA converter I purchased at Radio Shack for around $40. You will need to add some kind of sound enhancement to this TV also, as the TV comes with tiny little speakers which sound like crap. (But I already knew this from the previous reviews of this model.)

The TV comes with Internet Apps, which can be connected both hard-wired and wirelessly. My wireless connection does the job, and was really easy to connect. This is where the included remote really comes in handy. It is not a slider, as the new model uses, but actually has a QWERTY keyboard on the back of the remote, making inputs really easy and fast - no more using the arrow keys to move around and pick letters and numbers. You can access Netflix, Hulu and all of the other apps that usually come included in Smart TV's.

My recommendation is to consider buying this model. There are other TV's available in this size, and I'm sure some are considered better quality, such as Samsung and Sony, but for the money it is a great value. My amateur eye cannot tell the difference when comparing side by side in the stores, and I didn't see any ball blur that the slower models exhibited while watching sports. Kids of all ages will love the 3D features. Finding Nemo in 3D was amazing. If you are looking for a State of the Art TV with all of the bells and whistles, buy this Vizio 47 inch LED.
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on November 29, 2012
That qualifier in the title is important. For the price it is a fantastic 47" television with a feature set that can't be touched by other manufacturers. My understanding is Vizio makes money on volume which allows them to sell televisions at a lower cost than other manufacturers such as Samsung or LG. The color reproduction is excellent after calibrating (I used the recommended numbers from another reviewer of the television) and the quality of the television stats match TV's costing twice as much.

That said, similar to what other reviewers have said, there are a few downsides - some more nitpicky than others. The television is not instant-on. After turning on the television it takes several moments for anything to appear on the screen. I've stopped noticing after a few weeks, but every once in a while I will catch myself wondering if I have actually turned the television on. Also, the screen doesn't seem to exhibit the same brightness as other televisions that makes everything seems to pop off the screen. It could be just an issue of color saturation, but after playing with the settings I am not convinced this is the case. What has caught my attention is the amount of blooming and backlight bleed that shows during dark scenes. I am told this is normal for most edge-lit television screens, but it is disappointing nonetheless. I hear 3D is done well on the television (and comes with four pairs of glasses), but I have no 3D source and there is no 2D to 3D conversion on the television so I can't make any comment. That said, if something was created in 2D I can't imagine there is any amount of processing that would make the 3D worth watching.

Another downfall worth mentioning is the software on the TV. On top of the few seconds it takes for the TV to turn on, the software to launch an app, such as netflix or hulu, takes a while as well. If you want to access these services expect it to take a minute or two from power-on to launching the app. On the flip side, I was able to connect the TV to my network wirelessly and have never had any problems with the signal dropping or having to reconnect to the network.

Some of the more nit-picky bits.
-The buttons on the remote are small and the remote itself isn't backlit. I have managed to survive. There is a keyboard on the back of the remote making searches on netflix and amazon prime far easier.
-Sound quality is not very good. I connected a pair of speakers to the television, quick, easy and cheap fix.
-Not particularly stylish. But, I bought it for what appears on the screen, not the frame.

A television worthy of your consideration if you are in the market.
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on March 3, 2013
This is my second Vizio HD television. Because we like to watch movies, the first was a plasma 1080i which served us well and had a great picture. I sold it to buy this one. For the price, the picture on this 1080p HD TV is superb. It handles fast action movies without a problem, with an extremely clear/sharp picture. There are also plenty of setting to adjust the color and temperature the way you like it. So far the internet apps have worked as advertised once the firmware was pushed. The only thing we did not like was the soap opera effect (caused by the game smoothing setting ) set as default out of the box. It makes movies look like a TV show. Once we learned how to turn the setting off, we were in business. We have not tried the 3D capabilities yet. I would definitely recommend buying this 1080p 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D TV. A special note about the Amazon Seller, Electronics101deals, there shipping department did a great job adding extra packaging to protect the TV during FedEx shipping, thank-you.
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on January 22, 2014
3d on this thing is amazing.

If you have a crappy Television provider, then it might drive you nuts because the tv comes in so good and the picture might get choppy do to the station, it is more noticeable with a nicer tv.

It is great for xbox 360 games, the speakers are ok, nothing special but gets plenty loud enough for you by going into the 20's.

I have had it for a couple years now and its still holding up nicely. It was one of my best investments I have made, Vizio is made in the US, and I rarely find something that makes me so proud to be an American! It has a cinema mode that is fantastic for watching movies, Vivid is the best setting to have on it for watching movies. Only during football games do I notice some shadowing, but luckily I do not watch much football, baseball and basketball comes in fantastic.

Also it is not to heavy for moving around, and doesn't collect to much dust or run up the electric bill.

Love my TV.
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on January 9, 2013
We were size constrained to a tv no larger than this one. Also, we ve had good experiences w 3 prev Vizio sets so it was appropriate to strongly consider the brand.
The picture is fine. The sound is anemic, maybe not anemic, but not as robust as on our other Vizio s. afaik there is no dedicated speaker out so to run additional audio you must connect to your sound system, something I have done w good effect. I'm not sure which but one of the speakers is buzzing already but not always. Got to diagnose that.
I did not know that just because you have Internet access that does NOT mean you can surf the web or do email. You can get to sites like amazon and Netflix and a number of other sites, but only through their dedicated apps. It appears that this is common to all Internet ready sets. 3d works well on the 3d stations through direct tv. Have not tried it from other sources. Some have reported that once you access 3d you have to go back to the menu to choose 2d
That's true. And a bit of a hassle esp for the "remote control challenged" in your household.
It also doesn't seem to default back to the memory setting of 16:9, but goes to 4:3, if you've accessed something like on Netflix than is 4:3.
We ve had the set for about a month and we are mostly satisfied though.
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