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on April 16, 2013
I am so happy about these I will write a review that will be worth your time to see and help you make your decision.

So, I have heard many type of headphones and sampled different brands. These do have a character close to that of the Dre Beats headphones and ll the others that are seeking to get a piece of that cash cow. These by far are SUCH an awesome comparison to those and at the price that amazon currently has them at you should buy 2...or maybe even 3 pairs and just give them to your friends as gifts. When they use them they will absolutely thank you.

Sound Quality: I listen to various type of music. Metal, Hip Hop, Classical and other kinds all over.

Metal music has a great range. Vocal screams and melodic singing in tune with guitars, bass and drums are are separated and can be heard extremely well. With the bass nob, if you turn it up to maximum it does not distort but slightly overpowers the rest of the music, which is not a bad thing. What is so sweet is when you know that awesome part of the song where they just break it down is coming up and you can quickly spin that nob to full bass and click it one volume up and be like OMG I'm going to break my neck from so much headbanging. :)

Hip Hop: This is where these shine the best I think, so much like what the dre headphones want to try to reach into and make everyone be like yes if you pay 175-300 dollars you'll hear the music the way Dre hears it. Listening to Gravity by Lecrae all the way through made me reallly like these headphones. Bass at about 80% is just right, and listening on my HTC DNA droid phone (While using Dr. Dre beats software LOL) Really sealed the deal with me on these.

Other types of music. They are just great. No problems of missing anything and really the range I would say is quite good. I cannot say these headphones are truly reaching down into the 9hz zone like they say but I have to say these reach bass better than many other headphones I have heard. The only other headphone I've heard that hits bass like this are some Sennheiser $400 headphones... I mean seriously thats too much money. I love music but good grief I mean I can buy a sweet 5.1 surround system with that kind of money if you shop properly.

OK so now some people have complained about the fit of these and being too tight. I can see how that is and it is relative. But if you don't have tiny ears and you can handle light pressure on your ears for long periods these are just fine. For working out or doing lawn work these are great too, they definetly wont move and you wont have to adjust really ever.

The cord is long enough for me to have it go from the headphones on my head down through my shirt and into my pocket with my phone there and still have a good 8 inches of slack. Not a bad length. IF you don't like the length you can always replace it. Great feature. The cord is secure and has not popped out from tension at all unless I wanted it out of there.

These are great! You wont regret!
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on September 26, 2015
I was looking for a very good pair of bassy, good looking, and sturdy pair of headphones, within the $100 price range. I looked online and found these with very high ratings. So I bought them and this is what I found:

These are very slick looking, the black to white contrast really makes them look good. However, the "STEEZ" logo and the bass knob stand out a little more than I would want them to.

Now I have a bigger head, and while they aren't the most comfortable headphones initially, I wore these for over an hour with minimal discomfort. They have the padded muffs, and padded head rest. I can only assume that this varies person to person.

I have had many pairs of 30-40mm driver run headphones. These are dual driver, a 30 for mid-range and highs, and a 40 for low range. These sound great. They are crystal clear and produce each frequency without any distortion, at any volume level. The convenient but unattractive bass knob allows the easy change of bass level. At all volumes and bass levels the sound is still crisp and clear. The bass is the highlight honestly, while it may not be the same effect of having two 12" subs blaring in the car, it is loud, crisp, and sounds great.


Minus the slightly unattractive labeling and minor discomfort, there aren't any cons to these headphones. The sound is fantastic, the style is sleek, and for only $55? I'd say this is a steal.
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on July 5, 2013
I purchased the Steez used like new for little less than new. In fact I stole them at $34.00. I`m not a big fan of this style of head phone,but the Pioneer brand made me stop and check them out. I am impressed with the sound quality and the low end response. The Bass EQ on the ear phone is a nice touch and it works very well. The clamping force on the ears is a bit tight. That may be the case,since I have a large noggin. These cans have a beautiful black piano finish. The build quality seems to be very good. I like to use these when listening to hard rock or metal. I seem to get the best sound with my amp or head phone amp compared to the MP3 player. I would recommend these to any head banger or the hard of hearing.
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on January 11, 2016
I've been using these headphones for about the past 3 years now and I have some pros and cons. I'm a gigging DJ and these have been demoted to my backup set simply because they can get really uncomfortable after a short amount of time. The plastic material around the ears builds up sweat easily as well. Another con would be that, in my opinion, the highs can be fatiguing. Especially if you have to use these at a high volume. However, there are some pros to these as well. Aesthetically, they look very nice and sleek. The variable bass knob on the left ear is awesome. The option to use the microphone and volume buttons is really handy if you use this just for listening. Plus the cord doubles as an aux if need be. If there was a way to lock the cord so it doesn't get pulled out so easily that would be a huge plus.

Ultimately, I would say that this product is not worth its price, but it can be decent if you don't mind paying.
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on March 1, 2014
Way better than headsets with 50mm dynamic headsets because it has dual drivers. I don't know why other companies don't make more over the ear dual drivers. Its the future. All these stupid headphone companies had super long vivid descriptions about their lame products but have the same specs. Don't be fooled by them. The Steez 808 is a product that sells it's self. The performance will satisfy you.

-Dual drivers in each ear for treble and bass. This means raising the bass won't interfere with the treble. Awesome.
-Sounds unbelievable. I've had beats before and the Steez 808 sounds so much better.
-A lot of bang for your buck. Can get at $50.
-Doesn't need noise isolation. That's just an overused ploy anyways.

Can't be folded in like beats. I don't know why this bothers me.
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on August 26, 2013
The cushion is a bit small and hard (not as soft as the Sony's) compare to other headphone BUT the sound are amazing! Compare to the price of the best quality headphone out there, this stand up strong to the test. I used to own a Dre Beats Pro, which is incredibly expensive and a bit heavy (weight), and the sound quality are almost the same, even better. No missed rhythm and sound, so every notes are heard. It works like you Iphone stereo headset, has the volume control and click (start/stop/answer) function, you can answer phone calls while listen to music (it will pause the music and then resume when your finished). Too bad there's no noise cancellation technology though, but once you start tuning, you couldn't hear much noise from the environment. Not really necessary, but for those who are picky, but what can you do to the low price, awesome sound quality, light weight, stereo headset combo, comparing it to the name brand headphone out there this is one of the best!
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on January 10, 2013
I have nothing to say but good things about these headphones. They are so clear, that I find myself listening to my old song library only to discover there are details you simply don't hear with low-end headphones. I tried Beats by Dre and wasn't impressed at all. The vocals got muddy and the bass was overwhelming. Had a Pair of the Skullcandy Hesh 2's and they broke within 3 months. I own Bose AE2's and I find I like these much better. Not only are they more comfortable, but the clarity is on par (and in some cases rivals) the Bose headphones. I would highly recommend these to anyone out there. My only minor gripe is the cord being a little short. But since it's detachable, you can pick one up easily enough for a few bucks. All in all, fantastic buy with a price much more reasonable than other high-end phones.
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on June 19, 2013
I had these headphones for about 2 weeks, then they cracked. I returned them and ordered a pair of sony v55's which feel 100x more comfortable lighter and clearer then these. These are insane for bass. The bass knob is not a gimmick and it had my fiends all talking about it. The plastic feel somewhat cheap and doesn't rotate well at all. The ear pads look thick and comfy but are actually dense and hurt my ears pretty bad. I found my self constantly moving them off my ears for a little to relieve the tension even when I made the headphones bigger. The sound leakage isn't nearly as bad as my new sonys but they do leak. (the sonys are on sale right now and are cheaper)they sound fantastic for video games on my PC and for netflix when i watch breaking bad. It like bassy surround sound. The bass knob is great but the comfort is a one star and the quality is a two. The price is due to the speakers quality and thick bass. Try these on before you buy....trust me.
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on December 28, 2014
Steez 808 se-mj751l headphones were a great surprise. I have many form sony mdr-xb500-700 , and ath-m50,hesh and bello digital, but you have to hear this pair of phones, one thing that is crazy was price was low, but the sound is what is the ticket great sound in all music. I set my Ipod to flat or classic because it has the best response. The phones work great when i listen to opera.hip hop,etc. The bass comes in when it is needed in the music and it is clean. it does not block out the world around you unless you turn them up but they don't make your ears sweat like some that are noise isolation phones. Pioneer well done hip for this time sounds like your right there
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on December 11, 2013
I just bought a pair and so far so good! I put up the volume and it still sounds clear the bass doesn't feel like it's everywhere even when I adjust the bass equalizer on the side of the headphone. I like thy it has a detachable cord it comes in handy when I accidentally pull the cord against something it just comes right off. I mostly used it for studying or walking around campus. I use my ipad or iPhone with these headphones plus the controls attach to the cord is a nice feature, it works really well with apple products I still haven't tried droid products with these headphones.
The only bad thing I would say that it hurts my ears after a while but I just stop for a little bit then try them on again no biggie. Another thing would be the material of it, although it looks cool it sometimes feel like it will break if I have it long enough in my backpack but then again I make sure that I don't through my backpack around when I have my headphones.
I looked up these same headphone on bestbuy.com and they sell them for $129.00 I was surprised that I got them for 50-60 bucks!! I was looking for se headphones that would match up with dre beats without the price and I'm glad I've made my choice with these pioneer headphones. Hope this helps!!
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