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on May 7, 2015
Well I spent a total of 4 dollars on this product and it's shipping. And I got exactly what I paid for. Plus it's hard to find a watch that fits my tiny wrist lol. But the watch gets scratched up easy and had the 9 notch inside the watch was a little faded but other than that it's still workin and it's makin me look dope af. So cheers & chi chi's ;P
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on April 27, 2016
I got three of these. Red for me, pink for my daughter, yellow for my son.

Let me be clear right off the bat. I understand how Amazon works, and I understand how non-electronic products work. Sometimes, people get duds. Sometimes, people get more duds than they should; we call those companies "off brand" or "total s***." People on here have written some pretty bad reviews for these watches, but that didn't deter me because the style was on point.

My daughter and son LOVED these watches. I loved my watch. They're stylish, simplistic, and feel really nice. The rubber doesn't tear at my arm hair, and it didn't slip up and down my wrist all day when I wore it. The kids were excited when they got home from school because I "hid a gift" in their room, and it was up to them to find it. I'm surprised they didn't find it sooner, because until my wife pointed it out, I didn't know that these things tick as if they're a crane truck hurling boulders. I'll get back to that though.

My daughter and son both broke theirs the second day and third day, respectively. My daughter was riding on her bike the second day and took a spill, shattering the face of it on the sidewalk. Both her and her brother said it was a very normal fall. She didn't hurt herself, or the bike. The watch was the only casualty, and from that I thought "weird. Must have hit it just right." Then the next day, my son brings it home and sets it on my desk, unbeknownst to me. When I came to my desk and saw it, it was also shattered. Apparently his hit a door or something at school and the front shattered in the same fashion as my daughter's did.

Now, I didn't go to fancy detective school. I'm not Sherlock, nor would I claim his extreme forensics skills. I've, in fact, never formally solved a case for any sort of police department, or even give much of a damn when watching Scooby Doo. Mysteries? Not my thing. However, having gotten to the bottom of this was an easy one: It's very cheap. The watch face is easily broken. Do not bump it against ANYTHING, for it might act like an old person with glass bones. It will absolutely, without a doubt break itself on whatever surface it can.

Now, back to the loudness of its tick. I want to reiterate that I LOVE this watch. I would have given this item a 5 star review originally had everything been right. The fragility of the watch put it to 4 star in my mind, but then when my wife told me she'd secretly been manipulating how we sat together, so that my arm containing the watch would NEVER be near her head.. I got suspicious. Upon prying about it, she said its ticking was insane, and it would be all she could hear. We like loud movies, and watching Walking Dead, Supernatural, really anything where the volume is pretty loud. However, this watch was to her, what the crocodile was to Captain Hook. It drove her absolutely nuts.

I went to take it off, and she told me no. That I should enjoy the watch I got myself. However, being the awesomely rebellious awesome guy I am who awesomely loves her, I secretly removed it the next day and I don't think she even noticed. I'm sure she gets it by now, since I'm not tormenting her with the sound of planets colliding, but I do what I need to for her. I miss my watch, but it still rests on my desk. I'm probably going to give it as a gift to a friend who also likes the black/red color scheme. Either way, GREAT watch.
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Enthusiast: Petson January 23, 2015
For less than $5, this is a pretty good watch. No numbers, but you can see the markings on the face. Hands are outlined in the same bright neon cor as face markings and band. I don know how well you would be able to see them in the dark though! Face is fairly large, so it might be too large for a smaller person. Jelly band is BRIGHT Orange/red (not red-red) and it textured on the outside, but smooth on the arm side. Would be a good summer sport watch.
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on March 27, 2017
I bought this watch primarily for work. It was $3 and I figured I wasn't risking much purchasing it. It's comfortable,silicon band is very flexible, and it keeps time. The only trouble is that I have a very physical job and the watch stem pops out if I bump it up against anything. So the watch stops until I notice and tap the stem back into place. The watch might be fine for someone who isn't lifting boxes all the time.
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on February 12, 2014
My husband ordered this because he wanted a red watch. I think he thought it was going to be bigger or something. To me, this is a lady's watch and should be labeled as such in the description. It looked far too girly on him. The quality seems to be good so far though.
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on July 19, 2014
I do not understand what some people are complaining about!. I got my watch 1 week ago. It works just fine. In case you are wondering it is battery operated. For those who worked it for a day or two then it stopped, you got a bad battery. It is battery operated, i tried to wind it on the first day. Could not do it.It would just go around in cirlcles endlessly. The wind up Knobb is used to set the time, and is just so you can connect the battery to the what i call an ignition switch for a lack of a better word. It works just like a normal watch. It feels good with the rubberized band. However, you need to swab it every know and again to avoid sweat build up,and smell. Other than that it looks awesome. Red is my favorite color. It is a man sized watch. Does not look feminine at all. If you dont like the color red there are many others too choose from. If you see a bad review about this watch, ignore it!. The only thing that was a pain, was that It took about a month to get here. Shipped from overseas. Other than that, you will be pleasantly supriesd!!!!
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on March 3, 2017
The first day I wore this watch the pin came loose where the watch and band connect and fell off
Unfortunately the glass shattered on the watch! Was actually surprised it was glass at this price. I'll try and get it replaced if I can figure out how?
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on May 1, 2017
I have several of these watches and love all of them. Am always getting compliments on tem. The price makes it easy to have several of them!
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on January 12, 2014
My boyfriend loves this watch he wears it with anything he can! I bought the gray one too but when we received it it was damaged. Sent it back and got a full refund on it. Rebought it and it should be here soon so we will see how that one goes!
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on February 27, 2014
I get lots of compliments when I wear this watch. Lots.. I never would have thought a cheap watch would do it to that degree :) Pros: tons of compliments.. I love the look of it. I really like wearing the watch. The cons: I have very sensitive skin, so I know wearing the cheaper metals may react w/ my eczema. This watch wasn't any different than any other lower cost jewelry I've put in my ears or on my skin.. I react to it. My overall verdict.. if you don't have overly sensitive skin.. get one in every color.. if you're very sensitive buy w/ a bit of caution. I know I have my work arounds if I really like something like clear nail polish over the metal part so my skin stays free from contact.
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