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on June 3, 2012
Hey guys. Writing this review as an android enthusiast, coming from an Atrix 4G.


As far as this phone goes, the design is beautiful. Unibody construction, fluid design, smooth surface, semi-gripped outer finish, and glass curved into the design of the phone.

Two buttons, a single lock button, and volume control. Aux jack on top.

Front Facing camera's slightly embedded into the phone, pushed back a few mm.

Back of the phone is very minimal-single LED Flash with camera, Speaker grille on the bottom center, under the removable sticker with your Serial/etc on it.

Nonremovable battery (unfortunately), and micro-sim slot next to the lock button.

Three touch buttons on the bottom; no menu.

The screen is again, absolutely beautiful. IPS display, highest resolution on the market today. Colors are clear, perfectly saturated, and the brightness on this screen (the maximum) is blinding. Easily viewable in sunlight, or at any (yes, any) angle.

--Performance (OS and Camera)--

The phone runs a dual-core 1.5 GHZ S4 setup, unlike the global version. Personally, I've seen little to no lag going through every process, from setting up the phone, to installing new apps, to performing root operations.

Opening and closing applications is quick, no lag.

The multitasking built into sense (by HTC) works very well. I've heard of complaints about it being too aggressive, but it seems to work quite well, and memory is managed efficiently between sense, background apps, and foreground-running apps.

Sense 4.0 is the cleanest version of sense i've ever seen, and the fastest running too. No bugs yet, and all of the widgets and effects are flawless. Just the way i'd expect ICS to run.

The one flaw I had with the phone is the lack of the menu button. Using all apps, a small bar is added on the bottom of all apps running that can be used to hit menu. This is decently annoying because this shrinks the actual usable screen area, though not by much. This is also especially frustrating with third party launchers; the bar takes up valuable space.


The camera on this device is BEAUTIFUL. It shoots very fast, with a good continuous shot amount. The aperture of the lens is f/2.0, which is great. Haven't had any experience shooting lower light photos, but i'd imagine this kind of aperture performing very well in combination with the added graphics chip for the camera.

1080P Video looks very good, and photos are crisp and minimally saturated/minimally noisy. Best camera on a phone i've seen (though, iPhone 4S comes very close to beating it).

No FPS issues as displayed in some YouTube videos.

--Data Speeds, Connectivity, Calls, Speakerphone--

As far as data speeds go, I can only comment on HSPA+ connectivity. I live in an area that does not yet have LTE (at least, AT&T LTE), Long Island, NY. HSPA speeds have always been up and down on the various HSPA devices i've owned (Inspire 4G, Atrix 4G, this phone).

I can get anywhere from 1.3MBPS on an average day, to 7.9MBPS (DOWNLOAD) on a great day (or at 5AM any day of the week). Upload speeds are usually around 1MBPS, never lower than 0.9MBPS.

At the time of this review, data was measured to be: 5.97MBPS DOWN, 1.21MBPS UP, WITH 68MS PING ON HSPA at 3:24AM on 6/3/2012.

On this phone, I am getting a constantly higher data speed than on my other previous phones. The ping also appears to be lower in the various apps i've tested with; a good 50ms faster.

Connecting to data is usually snappy, though, loading some applications can be a drag. That's AT&T though, not the phone.
As soon as LTE comes into my area i'm hoping for around 20MBPS+ (DOWNLOAD) as many people have been getting not too far from me (NYC).


Signal strength on this phone seems to be very good, as many other reviewers have said. It rarely ever drops, and data connection seems to stick. SMS, MMS, and Calls are VERY FAST. Calls connect within two seconds, on average. Text messages are sent within three to five seconds (which is average) but MMS messages are sent much quicker than on any other phone i've tested. And i've owned "a few" smartphones (Backflip, Atrix, Inspire, iPhone 4, HTC One X).

Calls sounded very clear on my end, with no distortion.

On speakerphone, voices and treble did seem a bit muffled. It doesn't get very loud, and it isn't powerful at all. But it's tiny, as the back grille shows you. This phone's more of a music phone (as in headphones, using the aux jack) than speakerphone. So I understand HTC's cutting corners here.

-----Final Thoughts-----

This screen is huge. Coming from an Atrix, this phone is totally different. Though, because of how beautiful it is, I can CONFIDENTLY say I have no regrets. One suggestion I do have, for consumers- get a case. And a good one, apparently this screen breaks easily if dropped.

Other than the size, everything about this phone is beautiful.

The following things are rated from 1-10.

Design: 10
Weight: 10
Price: 10
Connectivity (Data): 9
Speed (Data at Time of Review): 8
OS and Software (Preloaded): 10
Storage Space Available: 7
Expandability (Space): 6 [No SD Slot, though the 23GB of DropBox is GREATLY appreciated]
Camera (Photo/Video): 10
Carrier: 7
Calls, Audio: 10
Battery: 8
******* *******
Overall Rating, out of 100: 93%

If you have any questions about my review, or this phone in specific, feel free to leave a comment on this review.

Good luck.
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on January 15, 2013
I have always been a die hard HTC fan but this model is making me think it is time to change. I was tickled when I fist bought this model, but now 6 months later, I am awaiting warranty replacement #3 as I do this review. Here are the combined issues I have had with this model:

1. Lighted buttons on the phone work intermittently.
2. Sim card reader burned out on first phone.
3. Problems with intermittent sim card errors on second phone.
4. Launcher occasionally resets itself when unlocking phone.
5. 4g data quit working on 2nd phone.

I usually do not carry phone insurance and did not on this one. Although all these problems I have had so far are under the 1 year manufacturer warranty, I am now worried that I have a high likelihood of having to by a new phone at full price after warranty runs out. Not because of my handling of the phone, because I am always extra careful, but because I have a strong chance that replacement #3 will not make it until my 2 year At&t renewal discount.

This phone is great in day to day use, but the reliability has been terrible for me. perhaps you will have better luck? or maybe not?? Buyer beware.....
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on May 8, 2012
I've switched to the OneX from a Samsung Captivate that I had from the first day it was released. I do know my way around Android and then some (I'm a software engineer by profession). Here's my impressions of the phone after a couple of days of use - hope it helps others to make an informed decision :

** Snappy and responsive - and very good specifications. I know most people dont care but here's the deal : If you buy your phone on contract you want it to last at least a year and a half without it becoming obsolete. I had the experience with Captivate - I was able to resist switching to the latest and greatest as my phone was great when it first arrived and was good enough at the end of the upgrade cycle.
** Great camera - the best you can find in today's market (under carrier contract).
** Sleek design - the 4.7" screen just melts away. My wife's iPhone 4s feels chunky beside it. Have no problems having this in trouser pockets or jeans and no - it doesn't show an inappropriate bulge.

** Some poor design choices by HTC - they may not all be an issue for everyone but as an end user we pick and choose what WE want - not what is jammed down our throats. The battery size is small for the screen size (1800 mAh) and would not last more than 20 hrs for light to moderate use or 8-12 hrs for heavy use. Also, the battery is not user replaceable. There is no memory expansion slot for plugging in our own micro-SD card. I can live with both these design choices but others may find it a dealbreaker.
** Software has a learning curve - this is minor though. In fact I do like the look and feel of HTC Sense 4 after a couple of days. There sure a a few quirks about the interface that I'm still getting used to.
** Locked Bootloader and "crippled" Google Wallet - I know this is a touchy subject and people would rant over taking off a star just because it is the fault of AT&T (I'm sure its only speculation but I do feel its true) but please understand that we are talking about the AT&T version of the phone so I feel it valid. I'll go into more details below.

"Locked Bootloader":
Most reviewers claim this is a non issue and it doesn't matter to the general public. But here's my take on this coming from personal experience. Android phones in general tend to lag behind in updates from carriers and companies due to the nature of the business and other factors. meanwhile the software ecosystem around Android keeps moving forward creating an unpleasant user experience as time goes along and we still cannot "upgrade" the phone as we are stuck in the contract cycle. I had this happen to me with Samsung Captivate - the phone came with "Eclair" version of Android and took 8 months after the release to move to Froyo and then another 6 months to Gingerbread. Meanwhile the user experience around Android apps was moving towards ICS. The only thing that kept me happy was that at the end of my official warranty period I could visit a development community and "upgrade" my phone unofficially to ICS. I also noticed that most of my coworkers who weren't software geeks had done that to their Sprint EVO phones too and claimed that that was the only thing keeping them on the phone long enough for the next best thing to arrive while not tied to a contract.
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on March 25, 2014
I switched over from Sprint to AT&T in May 2012. I had been using an iPhone 4s on Sprint's network and wanted a change. I had preferred Droids as my previous smartphone had been a Droid, and my friend who worked for AT&T suggested I buy the OneX or The Galaxy S3. I had heard good things about both companies, though at the time Samsung was not quite as big of a player in the market as HTC and due to the shortage of One X's (this was during Apple's let's sue everyone campaign) I decided on the One X. I thought why not get a phone that was not as available to the public as the S3 and when I first got the phone and started playing with it/setting it up I fell in love.

I was not off put by the fact that I needed a computer to change/set up the way the phone looked, in fact I thought it made the profile look crisper and better and more personalized. I would say for about the first three months I had this phone I loved it. It was after about three months that I started noticing some features on other phones that were quite a bit more impressive than my own. To me it was as though I had bought this phone after it had been out some time and not virtually right after it was released. I will state the pros and cons I feel. These are just my opinions.

Speakers: Although the beats audio is a nice feature unless you have those specific headphones the sound has no detectable difference. What is detectable, however is how quiet the speakers are. This makes watching videos or showing a song/video to a friend quite difficult, I have also missed calls, texts and alarms due to simply not hearing my phone.

Body/design: When I first got this phone it was a giant on the industry, now it is average or dare I say small. I personally love the design of this phone. It is sleek, modern and attractive. I still think the design is one of the best things about this phone. However, the white one (the one I purchased) has a tendency to show every speck of dirt and grime and unless you use a case (which will cover up the cool "boat" design) your phone will likely become dirty quick.

Cameras: The front facing camera is poorly engineered at best. It is embedded deeply into the front and collects dirt and dust like a magnet. I have to clean it out with a q-tip at least once a month just so I can see the low quality pictures it takes. The back camera was great when it first came out, but now it is nothing special. Plus side the flash is very bright.

Speed: This phone has no external storage and 8GB is nothing. The phone will fill up quickly and slow down quickly. I notice a lot of lag as swipe between screens.

Battery life: And now here we are, the reason I gave this guy two stars. The reason I called AT&T and got them to give me a free upgrade early. The wonderful battery life or the "HTC Curse". When you first buy this phone you will likely not notice anything about the battery life. In fact it will seem like an average phone to you. However as the months go by you may notice you are having to charge it a lot more, in fact it seems as though you are continually charging it throughout the day. Eventually you will need to keep it on a charger just to keep it turned out. Eventually the phone commits suicide and if you're like me you use your insurance to get another one. Phone two, same pattern. Phone three same pattern. Phone four same pattern and I am getting upset. Phone five. I did not plug it in overnight, o well it was at 90% when I went to to bed and I have all my background apps/back lights off. Check phone upon waking up-5%. Yeah time for a new phone.
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on July 5, 2016
It's an okay phone for the short term but I have found that there are often "bugs" when getting a refurbished one. I've had two and neither has made it 7 months without significant issue. (volume and headphone problem; will not charge)
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on June 3, 2012
Most of the things that people are deducting 2-3 stars for are petty compared to the overall quality of this phone.

Fits perfectly in your back pocket. The phone is super slim, but doesn't feel fragile.
The screen is incredible.
As you can guess, the dual-core processor makes this phone incredibly fast. I run 4-5 things at once without a problem.

Android 4.0 is good, not great. It is what it is.
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on June 18, 2012
As I work for an Android development firm we got a selection of devices recently. Included in the selection was both the HTC One X (the X) and the Samsung S3 (the S3). Both devices run the Android operating system or a flavour tweaked by either HTC or Samsung. Overall, the performance differences between the two devices are limited. Visually the two devices are quite different to look at. But just feel, the HTC wins easily. Feels much better in the hand than the S3. Personally I prefer the unibody build which HTC have used in this phone. Both devices have ARM-based Quad processors. Pixel density in the screen is higher in the X than the S3. One must remember that Samsung are in the display market in a major way. But again the difference in display density is small (312pixels per inch vs 302 for the S3). I didn't see any difference between the screens, even though they definitely use different technology. Find the HTC Android cleaner and more vanilla than the S3. But you can always put your own Android on a device or tweak the interface. S3 has a lot of bloatware included. Found it irritating to flip through all the apps and prefer the HTC Sense UI. The HTC Sense UI does integrate a lot of services I use, like Dropbox and Skype. You can add these yourself with the S3 but again, its not as intuitive. In terms of camera, the HTC wins for me. Should be noted that both are 8MB. Recording video with the HTC was definitely better. Battery wise, my HTC was running on average 28 hours without a charge. The S3 was running 31 hours on average without a charge and normal daily use. In a normal day, I usually charge at two points anyway - the office and at home. So battery shouldn't be such an issue. There have been some complaints that the S3 doesn't read some NFC tags. The HTC worked with all tags we had.

The HTC to me is a better build and HTC have enhanced Android far better than Samsung. It feels strong, like it'll last a long time with the chassis. The S3 feels a bit too fragile and I did scratch the S3 quite easily by mistake. Both phones are very similar. Best to go out and get a feel for both of them. My recommendation is the HTC. Really have to tip my hat to the guys developing it. Really great device. The HTC just won it for me.
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on September 12, 2012
Looks and works great when it is all charged. However battery dies rapidly. No convenient way to carry extra battery!!
With LTE, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth turned off, it easily lasts all day. GPS seems to drain the battery the most.
Bugs in wifi and switching tasks were fixed but there are still issues with power management.
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on November 24, 2012
We have a few Apple products in our household - 2 iPads,2 iTouches, but only 1 iPhone now. I just was not excited to upgrade to the iPhone 4s or even the 5. I guess I got bored. I think Apple makes great products and I actually feel a bit guilty, though I am not sure why. I researched phones for several days, it was between this phone and the Galaxy S3. When I went to the store to try the phone out in person, I just liked the look and feel of the HTC one x better ($100 less in price is good also). I have absolutely no regrets. I am even more excited than when I went from the Blackberry to the original iPhone! My favorite upgrade is the big and beautiful screen. I haven't had any trouble transitioning to my first Android phone, the time learning the phone has been fun. I am really impressed with the functionality of this operating system. It is blazing fast, good battery life, great design. I don't have a problem with the amount of storage, I use cloud for my music and streaming pandora is smooth. The only thing I haven't liked so far is the default mail app, I am using the google mail app instead, which is not a problem. I will love it even more when I stop expecting that home key to work like my iPhone's did. Great phone! The BEST smartphone I have owned so far!
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on August 12, 2012
I have owned an iPhone 4 and most recently a Samsung Galaxy S 2 (both on AT&T). While I didn't care for the small screen of the iPhone or the Apple control freaks, I really grew to detest the Galaxy. In the year that I owned it, it was plagued with hardware and software problems which Samsung and AT&T were unable to fix. After AT&T replaced the Android Gingerbread OS with Ice Cream Sandwich OS things got worse. Sometimes I couldn't even make or receive calls. Since the Galaxy was under warranty, AT&T was willing to replace it with a HTC One X. I have used the One X for a week now and can report that it is a vast improvement over the Galaxy and even the iPhone. Basically, it operates flawlessly. Speed of operations is excellent. Applications operate reliably without crashing.
The screen is big and provides beautiful color rendering and, while it doesn't have the high contrast of the Galaxy, it doesn't oversaturate colors like the Galaxy did. Conversation audio quality is great. Unfortunately, the speaker is on the flat surface of the rear panel, so both audio quality and volume decrease when the phone is placed on its back. The volume and power buttons are almost flush mounted so activating either is a bit challenging. Based on other reviews I had concerns about battery life but, even with moderate use, it lasts two days between charges. Finally, the HTC Sync Manager makes synchronizing files and information with your PC a real pleasure and a vast improvement over iTunes.
Overall, this is the best smartphone I have ever used.
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