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180 of 194 people found the following review helpful
on May 13, 2012
I'm tech savvy, but I am also aware that 99% of the users will never bother boot loading their phones, and it's not fair to see the complaints of the remaining 1% occupying 50% of the reviews here, making this excellent phone seem utterly worthless.

Now, for the remaining 99%:

I like new phones, and I've recently moved from a iPhone 4 to Galaxy SII, now to this HTC One X.

First of all, the screen is gorgeous. I loved the Retina Display on the iPhone, and although the Galaxy SII has a vivid OLED display, the resolution is significantly lower, and is further worsened by the larger screen. After getting used to the iPhone 4, I simply can no longer stand pixelation when reading! Another thing about the Samsung OLED is that the color looks a lot more saturated than normal. Therefore the pictures simply look inaccurate - a "normal" looking picture on the phone looks washed out on the computer, and a color-balanced picture on the computer simply looks too saturated on the phone. The HTC One X has a color-accurate IPS screen (so does the iPhone 4), but at the whopping 1280x720 resolution (compared to 960x640 on the iPhone). I simply cannot see how anyone will claim this screen is worse than the iPhone's. HD video simply looks amazing on it.

Did I mention HD video? Youtube HD looks great, but the phone does get a bit hot, and drains quite some battery when doing so. The screen is bright enough for usage under sunlight, but does drain more battery. The screen itself can account for >50% of power consumption. Without watching video, I can get a full day of normal usage with about 30% battery left at the end of the day. But if you are one of those who isn't always on your phone, 10 hours of stand-by drains the battery by only 10% (no kidding! I tried that today).

Another point people love to whine about is its lack of a quad-core processor, available in its Asia market. The fact is, this dual-core is more than sufficient, and I would take a power-efficient dual-core LTE processor anyday, over a power-hogging quad-core without LTE, and without a significant performance improvement. Trust me, you do not need quad core, but you WILL wish you can get 25 Mbps of download speed. Living in Los Angeles, I've been consistently getting LTE in most places. Download speed varies from 25+ Mbps (5 bars) to 8 Mbps (3 bars).

I regretted giving up the iPhone right after I got my Galaxy SII, but the One X has made me a believer in Android. Thank you HTC!
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57 of 63 people found the following review helpful
on May 17, 2012
Been using smartphones for last six years including blackberry, windows, and tons of iphones. But this is my first Android phone. Finally decide to try something new to replace my iphone4. Ice Cream Sandwich has a huge improvement from the last time research android phones three years ago. So far this phone is doing everything very well compare to my old phone.

Android has the Google Play store where you get apps, music, movies, etc. I tried out all built-in apps and they all work well except a few I didn't like. The HTC keyboard app is too crowd with options. Download the ICS keyboard. I didn't like the built-in web browser that much. Download the Chrome Beta. Chrome will be the default web browser on the next major Android update. The Chrome browser works just like the iphone one. All pinch-zone, double tap, and other gesture work. I set up the built-in mail apps, gmail, and yahoo to sync with my work Exchange mail and personal accounts. Only complaint is it doesn't have pinch to zoom on the email app for whatever reason. Not a big deal.
Calendar and contacts sync up up fine. All other apps Clocks, Alarms, Youtube, Google Maps, Music/Video player, Gallery, and Camera work very well.

The phone performs very fast. I played some HD 720 videos and it was fast and beautiful. Internet LTE speed is super fast like 30mbps per second. BTW, amazon only offer the 3 GB 30 dollar plan. I had no issues calling ATT after activation to swap it out and put the 15 dollars 200 MB LTE dataplan to save money. I have wifi at home and work.

The operating system is very easy to learn. You should feel right at home after a few hours. Also, search google if you want to learn how to do something. Android is very customizable.

Battery seems decent; With moderate usage in the morning, lunch time, and during my work breaks, I can get a full days use fine. As with most smartphones you usually have to charge it at least every day or other day.

I was certain that the phone would be too big in my hands. But that's not the case. My hands have gotten use to it and I can do most things with one hand if I wanted too. The back of the phone has a smooth curve surface with makes holding it very comfortable. Also, the phone is actually lighter than my old iphone4. Phone fits int he my front pocket fine. I don't use the case. On youtube people done scratch test. There were zero scratch on the screen and back of phone. So no cases is needed.

Charging phone with a/c wall adapter takes 2.75 hrs from 5% to 100%. That same charge on usb cable laptop charging takes 5.5 hours. just an FYI. This is normal cause the a/c outputs twice the amount of amps.

I haven't had any issues with the phone. My wifi works fine. Phone has not crash or locked up. Also, I have my phone encryption and didn't notice any slowdowns.

The three major phones Android, iPhone, and Windows phone now have polished their phone very well. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of them. It ultimately comes down to if you want to do business with Google, Apple, or Microsoft. Personally, I don't really buy paid apps or media so I have no attachments to any of them. Since I been using iphones since 2007 the new Android phone is definitely a fun new experience so far. Thanks for reading. See ya in 18 months when I get my next phone upgrade.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on August 9, 2012
Update 9/23/12: I just downgraded my review of this phone from 5 to 3 stars for two reasons:

1. Battery life is worse than advertised and battery is non-replaceable.

2. This phone does not have an SD card slot and only about 8GB of space is available for storage. I knew this when I bought it, but wasn't concerned because the AT&T sales rep who sold me the phone in an AT&T store showed me in the HTC USER MANUAL where it comes with 23GB free space on dropbox (for two years), and dropbox is integrated into the latest HTC Sense operating system.

According to the manual, after setting up dropbox, photos and videos are automatically uploaded to dropbox after capture. Had also read several reviews that mentioned HTC was doing this due to the lack of an SD card slot. So when I recently started running out of space after several minutes of HD videos (one of the phone's best features) I went to claim my 23GB free space on dropbox (supposedly automatic after completing the "getting started" steps). But it was not to be. HTC & dropbox now say that AT&T is "not participating in this promotion" and only the 2GB free storage is available (with a little more if you jump thru dropbox hoops and invite friends, etc.).

The problem is that the user manual says NOTHING about any "promotion" or required carrier participation. The dropbox storage is depicted as a feature of the phone in the user manual (even the manual currently on the AT&T site), which makes sense due to the miniscule and non-upgradeable on-board memory. And now I see that AT&T is offering a competing online storage plan that you is PAY after 5GB. Maybe that's the reason AT&T?

In any case, this is unseemly, cheap and probably illegal, since it is advertised and sold as a feature of the phone, and is further depicted in the user manual as such. It also makes a phone that does excellent 1080p video virtually useless for events (sports/outdoor activities, weddings, parties, etc), with 8GB or less usable storage. Really wanted a phone that does great pics & video (which it does) so I wouldn't have to carry another camera along.

AT&T and HTC should correct this oversight now, or stop with the false advertising! With only 8GB of storage available, this phone is much less appealing and much less useful.

*************** END OF UPDATE ***********************

I've had this phone for almost 2 weeks - upgraded from a HTC Inspire 4g. Wasn't going to bother since I really liked the 4g and didn't think it would be that much of an improvement. I was very happily surprised! HTC really hit the sweet spot with this phone, because:

- The SCREEN is just absolutely gorgeous! Much deeper colors, much brighter than the 4g and I can see it perfectly fine in bright sunlight (one drawback of the Inspire 4g). And the colors are ACCURATE (unlike Samsung screens), which is great for photos and videos.

- I've now totally given up on carrying a digital camera for anything. The camera on this phone is simply amazing - photos and video are at least as good as most point-and-shoot digital cameras. You'll be surprised how good it is.

- The larger screen size is just right - wasn't sure I wanted to go larger than the Inspire 4.3" screen, but now I love the One X 4.7" screen. The extra size makes texting, email and videos much easier to do.

- The phone itself is not much larger (screen goes closer to the edge), but it is very noticeably lighter than the 4g.

- No problem at all running Ice Cream Sandwich, which is much easier to use than Gingerbread. Everything happens much faster.

- Does everything faster - only have 4g where I live, but I get about 30% faster speeds than with the Inspire 4g, and web pages load about 3x faster due to the speed and better CPU.

- Battery life is excellent. It seems even better after the update which downloaded about a week ago (will prompt you and will only download over wi-fi).

- The beautifully sculpted body and gorgeous screen make iPhone 4 owners jealous.

If you're eligible for an upgrade, get one. You won't regret it.
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40 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on May 7, 2012
1. Locked bootloader, doesn't concern me, don't need it and I'm sure when I do, someone would have figured out a way.

2. 16GB memory with 12GB available to use. Knew about it when I bought the phone, can't complain.

3. No micro SD slot. Knew about it when I bought the phone, would have kept my samsung galaxy skyrocket if this was a deal breaker.

4. The screen is great in general and I know it's HD, but I would prefer to watch 720P/1080P movies on my 55" big screen than a 4.7 inch phone. It's more for convenience, not a home theatre replacement. That should free up the 12GB available for more movies rather than trying to squeeze 720P movies into a phone.

Hands down, best android phone out there. Can't stand Samsung's build quality, even the new S3 is not going to cut it in that department.
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on June 29, 2012
First, let me say that I've tested all three smartphone ecosystems: iOS, WP and Android. I enjoyed them all, especially my recent purchase of the Nokia Lumia 800 (which I posted a review a while ago). So I'm pretty unbiased when it comes to pointing out pros and cons of each system, at least I'd like to think so.

Ok, now onto the actual review.


I think this is absolutely the best looking smartphone HTC has delivered, and arguably the sexiest smartphone available on the market. Some might prefer the square edges of the iPhone 4S, some might like the Galaxy S3's curves. I just love the One X. It's the perfect combination of great clean and feel good design. I bought the white version. I think Apple would be proud to call this one of their own.

Now the screen. Best. Screen. Ever. It's big. It's bright. It's sharp (720p!). It's LCD2 and not pentile (haha Nexus). It's super sensitive.. Oh, and it's super battery-consuming. I can get maybe 4 hours of screen usage out of every full charge. And this is at 20-30% brightness (which is still plenty with this screen). The 4.7" size can be difficult to use with one-hand at times, but it's not really a problem unless you have super small hands.

The rear camera is also the one of the best. Sure, it still can't compare to a good P&S but in good lighting, you can get some terrific shots. The camera app is also awesome and very customizable. I love the Best-shot feature which lets you take a burst of shots then pick the best one to keep.

The only things I (personally, some of your might think otherwise) don't like about the design are:
a) power button is on top. It works for the iPhone, but when you have an almost 5" phone, it can be a little difficult to press the button with my index finger while holding the phone. I think Samsung got it just right with the power button on the right side of the phone.
b) micro-USB connector is on the left vs. at the bottom. This is not really a big deal, but I believe that we'll never see an elegant charging dock thanks to the horrible placement.
c) loudspeaker is on the back.

Bonus, there's also an LED notifier which I think should be on every phone. Very useful and saves battery too since I don't have to turn on the screen to check for new notifications.


It runs Google's latest big upgrade, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, (JellyBean 4.1 doesn't count) out of the box. This is expected (shame on you Sony) of any flasgship Android phone coming out in 2012. HTC customized it with their own Sense user interface, and you either love it or hate it. I personally think Sense 4.0 is a huge improvement from 3.0. They've removed a lot of the bloated stuff that slows down interface and cleaned it up more than a little. It's very usable and I quite enjoy it.

Ice Cream Sandwich is.. ICS. All I'll say is that there's not much it can't do. It's hard to review something that has been discussed to death. It's smooth, it's fast, it has tons of nifty features built-in. The notification system is still above and beyond that iOS is capable of. If you want a more detailed look at ICS, all you have to do is search on Google.

There's one major gripe I have with HTC though. The multitasking system they implemented. Using the excuse that the phone only has 1GB of RAM, they're handling multitasking very aggressively. Apps are being terminated too quickly and have to be reloaded. This is utter crap. I can live with it, but I hate it.


Battery is really bad, and since the One X has a unibody design (which I love), there's no swapping batteries :) If you need a phone with super long battery life, then the One X is not for you. Or do what I did, buy an external battery pack.

AT&T required their One X's bootloader to be locked. But nobody should be complaining about this now since it's already unlockable with 3rd-party softwares. I've unlocked mine and flashed a custom ROM with no problem.

Google just announced that JellyBean will be released for their Nexus line in mid-July. It's super super smooth with a handful of new features. Let's hope HTC won't drop the ball on this.

Overall, this is an amazing phone. It's not perfect, but the flaws are outweighed by the amazing things HTC were able to achieve with designing this flagship phone. 5 STARS!
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33 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on May 9, 2012
I've had the One X for about a week and just love it after my iphone 3S finally died. I was a bit hesitant to move the the Android eco system but the process is very smooth and Google has alot more features than Apple (like Google play, its free music cloud). The One X is beautifully designed and anybody who has seen it does a double take. Performance is fantastic including the battery which easily goes a 1.5 days w/ moderate use - I haven't come close to draining it in a day even with heavy use. Its very fast in general and the camera is the best on the market - fast, great zoom, etc. HTC's "sense" software makes for easy navigation and is a joy to use. After a week of use, I feel sorry for the folks who bought iphones recently as the hardware and overall experience is vastly inferior. Bravo HTC!
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on October 5, 2012
I purchased this from ATT after baptizing my Atrix 2 in Pepsi (it didn't survive). I had gone in for an iPhone 5 (which is gorgeous, but smaller) and didn't want to wait for a month for delivery. The HTC One X was $99 with 2-year plan (reduced because the One X+ quad-core is coming out). I couldn't be more impressed, and having owned this for three days, feel that is it significantly better than the Galaxy III or iPhone 5 (but for different reasons).

I looked at the Galaxy III. I had previously owned a Galaxy II and hated the interface, plus it was fragile. I was interested in whether the Galaxy III had improved ... but it hasn't. The main draw of the Galaxy III is the big AMOLED screen, which, frankly, is not really that nice. The main drawback is Samsung's interface (you absolutely have to root the Samsung's to eliminate their poorly designed interface and get back to native Android). Samsung also has extremely poor sync software.

In contrast, the One X keeps most of the Ice Cream Sandwich interface (a good thing). There is some ATT bloatware, but you can go into Settings->Apps and disable most of these (just like on a rooted phone). HTC doesn't have an unlock for the bootloader yet, but I presume this should be on the HTCdev site shortly (HTC is pretty good about this). Given the native quality of their Sense user interface, it may not be necessary to root at all (I know that not everyone likes Sense, but I find it much better than Samsung or other handset interfaces).

As for the iPhone 5 ... pictures don't do it justice. It is beautiful to hold and use. But! The screen is much smaller than the One X (Retina is not an obvious improvement on the One X screen) and the iOS interface is not as customizable as ICS, while being equivalent in 'user experience'. So I give the edge to HTC One X.

HTC One X's camera is better than any of the competition, because it has a larger lense (f/2.0) which gives it better low light performance. The native camera software is also much more usable (and faster) than the Galaxy III ... comparable to the iPhone 5.

Build quality appears solid, and the phone feels good in the hand. The sync software works as advertised ... no problems.

Cons: (1) lacks SD slot and removable battery. Neither is an issue for me. Battery life has been good so far. (2) not quad-core (as is the International version) or the new One X+. Again, not a problem, since the other two cores are only used for games (which is not how I use my phone). In fact, this was a + for me, since ATT dropped the price from $199 to $99 in anticipation of the quad-core One X+.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on May 22, 2012
I waited a little too long to upgrade from my old iPhone 3G (not even a 3Gs). Having experienced just how slow a smartphone can get before becoming completely obsolescent, I wanted a phone with enough RAM and processing power, to remain fast for the next two years until I'm eligible for my next upgrade. I also wanted a bigger screen and 4G/LTE for better streaming music performance.

After a LOT of research, I narrowed my choices to three phones: the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy 3, and iPhone 5. Only one of those phones is available NOW in the U.S. (May 2012): The HTC One X. I'm glad I didn't wait. It is a beutiful phone with an incredible display and a great "feel" in the hand. It is also FAST--no matter what I throw at it, it doesn't slow down.

If my old iPhone could have held on until this fall, I'd probably wait for the iPhone 5, but I didn't want to settle for a 4S with half the RAM of high-end Android phones like the One X, a 3.5" screen, and only 3G connectivity. Likewise, I considered waiting until the U.S. version of the Galaxy 3 was released, but I just couldn't wait any longer and wasn't convinced it would be a better phone for me than the One X in any case.

I read a lot of reviews comparing the One X to the Samsung Galaxy 3. Bottom line: it is probably a draw for the most part, with most professional reviewers prefering the case design of the One X, but noting the onboard storage advantage of the G3 with its removable micro sd card.

More onboard storage would be nice, but there is no need for tons of onboard storage if you embrace "the cloud." I use Google music to access my music library, but rely mainly on streaming music (Spotify, SiriusXM) with my unlimited AT&T data plan and solid 4G LTE coverage where I live (D.C. metro area). The phone also comes with a Dropbox Pro account with 25 GB of cloud storage for two years.

If you need a phone now, and don't want to settle for an iPhone 4S with only ~half a gig of RAM, 3.5" screen, and 3G, this is the best phone available in the U.S. It will probably be a draw between the One X and G3 if you can wait until mid- late-summer. If you can wait until the fall, it might be worth seeing what the last device designed by Steve Jobs--the iPhone 5--looks like.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 5, 2012
I have used many android and iOS devices over the year and have to say this device took me by surprise. At first it felt a bit big but after a short time it begins to feel amazing in your hand. The combination of material and design really feel at home in my hand. and that screen... oh my it is very very nice. I find myself reading a lot more blogs and movies on my device then before.

The camera is simply stunning - i am having a great time besting my friends with iphones at bars and bright day light with this camera. People now are asking to use my phone in favor of others to capture moments together. The great display and advanced tools really make editing pictures on the device possible.

I also really like what HTC has done with Sense it has become very light and the device feels nimble. I use the device a lot for business so a solid exchange mail client is a must. The way I am able to customize tabs, have multiple folders and accounts really makes this a power user device when it comes to getting work done.

All in all the device has been a real surprise. I have a lot of faith in Android after using this device. It really has turned this around. What a great product!
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7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on June 3, 2012
Hey guys. Writing this review as an android enthusiast, coming from an Atrix 4G.


As far as this phone goes, the design is beautiful. Unibody construction, fluid design, smooth surface, semi-gripped outer finish, and glass curved into the design of the phone.

Two buttons, a single lock button, and volume control. Aux jack on top.

Front Facing camera's slightly embedded into the phone, pushed back a few mm.

Back of the phone is very minimal-single LED Flash with camera, Speaker grille on the bottom center, under the removable sticker with your Serial/etc on it.

Nonremovable battery (unfortunately), and micro-sim slot next to the lock button.

Three touch buttons on the bottom; no menu.

The screen is again, absolutely beautiful. IPS display, highest resolution on the market today. Colors are clear, perfectly saturated, and the brightness on this screen (the maximum) is blinding. Easily viewable in sunlight, or at any (yes, any) angle.

--Performance (OS and Camera)--

The phone runs a dual-core 1.5 GHZ S4 setup, unlike the global version. Personally, I've seen little to no lag going through every process, from setting up the phone, to installing new apps, to performing root operations.

Opening and closing applications is quick, no lag.

The multitasking built into sense (by HTC) works very well. I've heard of complaints about it being too aggressive, but it seems to work quite well, and memory is managed efficiently between sense, background apps, and foreground-running apps.

Sense 4.0 is the cleanest version of sense i've ever seen, and the fastest running too. No bugs yet, and all of the widgets and effects are flawless. Just the way i'd expect ICS to run.

The one flaw I had with the phone is the lack of the menu button. Using all apps, a small bar is added on the bottom of all apps running that can be used to hit menu. This is decently annoying because this shrinks the actual usable screen area, though not by much. This is also especially frustrating with third party launchers; the bar takes up valuable space.


The camera on this device is BEAUTIFUL. It shoots very fast, with a good continuous shot amount. The aperture of the lens is f/2.0, which is great. Haven't had any experience shooting lower light photos, but i'd imagine this kind of aperture performing very well in combination with the added graphics chip for the camera.

1080P Video looks very good, and photos are crisp and minimally saturated/minimally noisy. Best camera on a phone i've seen (though, iPhone 4S comes very close to beating it).

No FPS issues as displayed in some YouTube videos.

--Data Speeds, Connectivity, Calls, Speakerphone--

As far as data speeds go, I can only comment on HSPA+ connectivity. I live in an area that does not yet have LTE (at least, AT&T LTE), Long Island, NY. HSPA speeds have always been up and down on the various HSPA devices i've owned (Inspire 4G, Atrix 4G, this phone).

I can get anywhere from 1.3MBPS on an average day, to 7.9MBPS (DOWNLOAD) on a great day (or at 5AM any day of the week). Upload speeds are usually around 1MBPS, never lower than 0.9MBPS.

At the time of this review, data was measured to be: 5.97MBPS DOWN, 1.21MBPS UP, WITH 68MS PING ON HSPA at 3:24AM on 6/3/2012.

On this phone, I am getting a constantly higher data speed than on my other previous phones. The ping also appears to be lower in the various apps i've tested with; a good 50ms faster.

Connecting to data is usually snappy, though, loading some applications can be a drag. That's AT&T though, not the phone.
As soon as LTE comes into my area i'm hoping for around 20MBPS+ (DOWNLOAD) as many people have been getting not too far from me (NYC).


Signal strength on this phone seems to be very good, as many other reviewers have said. It rarely ever drops, and data connection seems to stick. SMS, MMS, and Calls are VERY FAST. Calls connect within two seconds, on average. Text messages are sent within three to five seconds (which is average) but MMS messages are sent much quicker than on any other phone i've tested. And i've owned "a few" smartphones (Backflip, Atrix, Inspire, iPhone 4, HTC One X).

Calls sounded very clear on my end, with no distortion.

On speakerphone, voices and treble did seem a bit muffled. It doesn't get very loud, and it isn't powerful at all. But it's tiny, as the back grille shows you. This phone's more of a music phone (as in headphones, using the aux jack) than speakerphone. So I understand HTC's cutting corners here.

-----Final Thoughts-----

This screen is huge. Coming from an Atrix, this phone is totally different. Though, because of how beautiful it is, I can CONFIDENTLY say I have no regrets. One suggestion I do have, for consumers- get a case. And a good one, apparently this screen breaks easily if dropped.

Other than the size, everything about this phone is beautiful.

The following things are rated from 1-10.

Design: 10
Weight: 10
Price: 10
Connectivity (Data): 9
Speed (Data at Time of Review): 8
OS and Software (Preloaded): 10
Storage Space Available: 7
Expandability (Space): 6 [No SD Slot, though the 23GB of DropBox is GREATLY appreciated]
Camera (Photo/Video): 10
Carrier: 7
Calls, Audio: 10
Battery: 8
******* *******
Overall Rating, out of 100: 93%

If you have any questions about my review, or this phone in specific, feel free to leave a comment on this review.

Good luck.
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