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on June 18, 2012
As I work for an Android development firm we got a selection of devices recently. Included in the selection was both the HTC One X (the X) and the Samsung S3 (the S3). Both devices run the Android operating system or a flavour tweaked by either HTC or Samsung. Overall, the performance differences between the two devices are limited. Visually the two devices are quite different to look at. But just feel, the HTC wins easily. Feels much better in the hand than the S3. Personally I prefer the unibody build which HTC have used in this phone. Both devices have ARM-based Quad processors. Pixel density in the screen is higher in the X than the S3. One must remember that Samsung are in the display market in a major way. But again the difference in display density is small (312pixels per inch vs 302 for the S3). I didn't see any difference between the screens, even though they definitely use different technology. Find the HTC Android cleaner and more vanilla than the S3. But you can always put your own Android on a device or tweak the interface. S3 has a lot of bloatware included. Found it irritating to flip through all the apps and prefer the HTC Sense UI. The HTC Sense UI does integrate a lot of services I use, like Dropbox and Skype. You can add these yourself with the S3 but again, its not as intuitive. In terms of camera, the HTC wins for me. Should be noted that both are 8MB. Recording video with the HTC was definitely better. Battery wise, my HTC was running on average 28 hours without a charge. The S3 was running 31 hours on average without a charge and normal daily use. In a normal day, I usually charge at two points anyway - the office and at home. So battery shouldn't be such an issue. There have been some complaints that the S3 doesn't read some NFC tags. The HTC worked with all tags we had.

The HTC to me is a better build and HTC have enhanced Android far better than Samsung. It feels strong, like it'll last a long time with the chassis. The S3 feels a bit too fragile and I did scratch the S3 quite easily by mistake. Both phones are very similar. Best to go out and get a feel for both of them. My recommendation is the HTC. Really have to tip my hat to the guys developing it. Really great device. The HTC just won it for me.
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on August 9, 2012
I was looking to upgrade from my old HTC Aria and considered the Iphone 4S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy SIII and HTC One X. I went with the One X mainly because I could get the best price on it (picked it up for $99 from AT&T before Amazon dropped the price). I was looking for a top of the phone that would last me through my next upgrade and I am very happy with my choice!

Pros: Fast processor (apps launch fast, phone starts up REALLY fast, never encountered any lag); Great screen; fast camera; 25GB dropbox space FREE for 2 years (look it up!); Beats audio; 4G LTE (faster than any wireless network I connect to);
Cons: Currently, Skype Video calls do not work well on this phone. This phone is not currently considered to be supported by Skype, but I'm sure they will produce an update in the near future to fix this.

As far as the concerns in other reviews (battery life; internal memory; bootloader locked, etc) I have not found these to be a problem.
-Battery Life: I can get 2 days out of it easily, but I'm not using it for video and gaming on a regular basis. I put it on Airplane mode at work and turn on the WIFI to get email, internet. I do stream music pretty much all day and I'm typically at 60% battery at the end of the day.
-Internal Memory: 16GB is more than I had before! Plus, you get a free 25GB dropbox account with this phone, you just have to jump through some hoops.
-Locked bootloader: I don't care and I'm sure the majority of the other people who will buy this phone won't either.

Get this phone, you'll love it and can't beat the price right now!
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I decided to purchase the HTC One X based on its impressive reviews and because I've come to appreciate the Android OS on my Kindle Fire.

While performance reviews were impressive, I was skeptical. Not anymore!
AT&T 4G LTE is lightening fast as is application performance.

I've never seen such display quality, HD resolution, great dynamic range, realistic colors and bright.

The 8 mega pixel camera quality is exceptional and it comes with editing features and special effects.

Audio quality is the best I've heard on a mobile device.

Appilications I purchased for my Kindle Fire were readily available as were digital music downloads.
The Amazon Wireless price for this phone blew me away!
I highly recommend this smartphone!
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on May 25, 2012
This phone is fantastic. Rated 5 stars because I can't do 4.5

I have a couple of gripes:

1. No removable battery - the phone has great battery life, and a hard reset option built in, but if you run out of juice you can't swap out the battery.

2. No SD card and only 16 GB storage

Other than that, this phone is amazing! Super fast with a gorgeous display - this phone has one of the best displays I've ever seen. Almost as sharp as the iPhone 4s, and much larger.

AT&T didn't want the bootloader unlocked, but thanks to the folks at XDA the bootloader can now be unlocked with ease.

Overall, this is the best phone I've ever owned!
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on July 10, 2012
I'll preface this review by saying that I'm not a multimedia buff at all, so I can't speak for the quality of the camera or music quality. Both are good enough for me.

What I was a lot more concerned with is the speed and battery life of the phone. This is an extremely snappy phone. The international version has a quad core Tegra processor while the AT&T one has a dual core Snapdragon one, if those names mean anything to you. However, according to most of what's been reported, the Snapdragon is actually faster than the Tegra despite having two less cores because the software is more optimized for two cores rather than quad four. Also, the Snapdragon is a bit more power efficient and allows the phone to have a much better LTE implementation. There's a bunch of tech details supporting that, but most of it went in one eye and out the other. Whatever the reasons, the HTC One X for AT&T is very fast. And on LTE, if you're lucky enough to live in a place with LTE coverage, the One X is blazingly fast with download speeds greater than 20 MB/s.

Just a sidenote, what AT&T calls 4G is actually HSPA+, which is only marginally faster than 3G. What the rest of the world calls 4G AT&T calls 4G LTE. A bit confusing, but even on HSPA+, I get download speeds of around 4 MB/s, which is still respectable.

In terms of battery life, my phone is pretty good, but I definitely can't get it last for longer than a day. Mine lasts a full 9-hour work day with moderate use, but it needs to be charged afterwards. By moderate use I mean HSPA, email, web browsing, music, and some gaming. I haven't turned down the brightness of the screen or fiddled with the sync settings though, so I could probably extend it a bit if I did. I haven't been able to test battery life on LTE yet, but battery life will definitely be a bit worse with it. I'll update my review if/when I get a chance to use LTE for an extended time.

I'm actually going to go a bit off-topic here to talk about battery care in general so skip to the next paragraph if you just want to know about the phone. I've heard a lot of people talking about letting your battery run all the way down before charging it in order to extend your battery's life time. I'm not a battery expert, but from what I understand, doing this every time is commonly held to be useless and probably harmful for current battery technology. It was recommended back when NiCd batteries were commonly used, but now we use NiMH batteries. NiMH batteries have a set number of charge cycles; you won't increase or decrease significantly this through your charging habits. It might help to fully discharge the phone to once a month, but the benefit should be negligible if you only have the phone for a couple of years.

Storage however is a bigger problem. I don't know why AT&T limited us to the 16 GB (~12 useable) version AND opted out of the free 25 GB dropbox deal the rest of the world gets. They probably didn't want us using too much of their network by constantly downloading and uploading, but it's pretty annoying. Maybe if enough of us complain they'll change they're stance, but I'm not holding my breath for it.

The multitasking is pretty annoying too. For those of you who haven't read the thousands of angry internet posts about it, the HTC One X closes an app around 10 seconds after you relegate it into the background. It still remembers what you were doing; it just needs to reload. So, for example that means you stay on the same webpage but it reloads, and it doesn't noticeably affect things like music or movies. HTC is standing firm maintaining that this is a power-saving feature rather than a bug, so I'm not sure if they're changing it soon.

However, like the issue with the locked boot loader, I'm sure some people on the interwebs will think of ways to fix the multitasking. That's the beauty of the Android platform. If you look around, maybe there's even something already out there to help.
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on May 12, 2012
The phone is awesome, loving the speed of LTE in my area. Camera is fast for a phone and takes excellent pictures. Excellent upgrade from Samsung galaxy S2 and dismal Sprint network. Recommended!
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on May 11, 2012
I've only had the pleasure of playing with the phone briefly (as I'm still waiting for it to be off back-order with AW) and it blew my mind. Currently, I'm an iPhone user and this phone really shatters nearly everything about the iPhone 4S. I'm still quite confused as to why they didn't follow in Apple's footsteps with Siri, but whatever. Over all, it's a great phone and the screen is unbelievable! I just wish it had a home button, that way it wouldn't take two hands to unlock the device. I'm sure that's something I can get used to.
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on May 22, 2012
This phone functions as a phone, which leaves little to be desired.

I never thought such a product could come from HTC. The old HTC, was a company that touted to the super users, from their early windows phones. I couldn't wait to get my HTC out the box, and start seeing what I could break or customize on my own. Quickly jumping into hacking my Androids into root and playing around.

This phone is entirely different.

Out of the box:
This is a uni-body phone, which means you have no access to the battery. They have left the option out of adding additional memory via a memory card slot. At first you may be skeptical, but to the average user, this gives a level of security. HTC is taking the concerns out from under you, and promising that the phone doesn't need modification. The same feeling exists when first turning it on.

HTC's Sense UI combined with Android 4.0 leaves very little to be desired. The interface is smooth, and easy on the eyes. Highly customisable, but not overly cumbersome for the average user to figure out.

HTC is no longer touting to the fanboys. Ultimately this is a good thing.

What I want out of a phone, and what this phone offers.
pretty interface,
simple to use,
lots of apps,
finally a clean sms chat interface,
Music and sync capability,
Screen shot capability (hold down the power button and volume down at the same time for 1 second)
Business e-mail
quality camera
HD video
front facing camera

Ultimately I want a phone that works out of box, no need to break in, in order to get things running. Anyone can use a phone like this, and there are no strange glitches or broken functions. It works, which is rare when buying an Android phone.

HTC is making a statement by building a phone like this. They are now making phones that not only work, but work well in all the basic ways you expect a phone to work.

Negating a review based on lack of memory card slot, or no battery replacement is old hat. Rarely would you see a review drop a star on an iPhone for the same reasons. Interesting how Cnet authors, and so many people on here are downing it for this reason. We're in a new era, where battery and extra memory shouldn't be a concern. In the future if you want a phone with more memory, you will buy a phone with more memory. Cloud storage has replaced most of these needs for high memory, and with 4G, it is even easier to sync with the cloud.

I am glad that HTC is moving in the current direction. Simple, beautiful, effective, and efficient. If you want something cumbersome, go back 5 years. Move ahead with the times, it's time we the users got something we wanted, and not something that looked cool, but only to have basic phone functionality broken. Well there's an app to fix that usually, but who wants to download and pay 10 dollars for business e-mail apps, swipe to text, screen shots, or VPN.

Ultimately fan boys should stay away from this phone, or get with the times(as I will be).
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on December 12, 2012
I love a lot of things about this phone.. almost everything, in fact.

-Screen is brilliant. Great colors and superior pixel density
-Fast. For the most part, runs everything smoothly. (More on this in my CONS)
-Excellent build quality. Feels great in the hand and the rubberized sort of feel on the cover makes it easy to hold and more difficult to drop then say the S3.
-Camera quality. SUPERB camera.

-Sense UI. The sense UI stutters when scrolling through homescreens or through the app drawer. When not manipulating Sense menus and the launcher, the phone runs VERY smoothly. Thumbs down to HTC on this.
-Touchscreen was defective after one day of use. There appeared a horizontal strip in the upper lower half of the screen that was completely unresponsive. At first, I wasn't sure what was going on. When pulling down the notification shade, it would jump to the bottom or top, respectively. After a few minutes of wondering what was going on and restarting the phone, I downloaded a sketch app from the Google Play Store and filled the screen with scribbles. To my dismay, there was a strip that was blank, along with a couple of small spots on the upper right that didn't register touches. I emailed HTC first and they gave me troubleshooting steps (none of which worked) and came to the conclusion that it was a hardware issue. After many phone calls to AmazonWireless, I ended u[ returning the phone, as this is now out of stock. I will be ordering the Optimus G next.

I have never really cared for HTC phones (I have owned the Droid Eris, Inspire 4G, and MyTouch 4G) due to their Sense UI. It always seems to hinder the hardware and cause the phone to bog down when using their software. As I wrote above, 3rd party apps are fine.

Over all, I wouldn't really recommend this phone to others. I did a quick Google search and realized I wasn't the only one with touchscreen problems. Quite a shame for what was a "flagship" device.
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on May 21, 2012
I have had the HTC One X Phone for a Week now, and I am debating whether to return it. I switched from a blackberry torch, after being a blackberry user for many years. I won't repeat all the great reviews about this phone's amazing screen/color, HD Quality, Camera and processing speed. Yes, these are all true about the HTC One X. I also like the swipe texting, and so far every app I downloaded installs easy, is free, and works great. Unfortunately, as great as this phone is at doing photo/video/internet tasks, it sucks as a device to text and email people with. Most of the problems I list here MAY be fixable with an upgraded Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, or maybe it's just my specific phone, but such an update is not yet available:

1) Major Notification Issues:
At least several times a day, I won't get a notification when texts come in. Only when I manually enter my text message app will I see that I have new texts. I had to download a separate SMS popup notification app just to know if I have a text message.
Emails will not update/sync unless you enter the email app yourself and wait for it to refresh, no matter what amount of "sync every 5/10/30 minutes" option I enter. And the sync is slow. Seems to be a bug in the OS. Also, if yahoo mail requires you to enter those annoying words in the box to login to "protect spam", your phone's email app won't be able to login and check your yahoo mail. Don't know if this is yahoo's fault or HTC's.
FB, Instagram and other apps will not display a small mark on their app icon to indicate a new message has been received. Seems so simple a feature to lack.
2) Sometimes, WIFI signal cuts in and out, even if I'm in the room with the router, it shows 0 signal and I can't browse internet when it cuts out, unless I turn off Wifi and use up my data minutes.
3) Phone has major trouble processing mass texts. Labels them "MMS" and then you have to click "message details" to see if there is more than one recipient, then it only shows 2 of the recipients. If you click "recipients" it crashes the message program altogether. Half of all mass texts sent never get delivered or freeze on "downloading". Speaking of MMS, I have only been able to receive about 25% of the picture messages sent to me on this phone.
4) Sometimes shows "loading" screen for 5-30 seconds if you jump from internet browser to homepage. Dual-core processing??
5) My connection to the AT&T Network turns off overnight sometimes. I have to restart the phone to get it back on. Displays network on, but shows an "x" for a signal. No explanation.

More Minor issues, probably correctable by messing with the settings:
6) Email links are not hyperlinked. You have to adjust the settings for emails to "max size", and then most hyperlinks will be available. No excuse for a phone this powerful not to have default hyperlinks in emails.
7) Speakerphone. Clearly it's something I'm doing wrong, but it never seems to stay on while I am trying to use it. Keeps switching back to handset mode. There's some setting about flipping it over to automatically turn on/off speakerphone.
8) No micro-sd slot? Not a bug, but a complaint. I guess 16 GB is enough, for now. Micro-sd slot helps make your phone more of an mp3/movie player though.

I know there is an unofficial update which supposedly fixes the text message notification bug and the wifi bug, but I am hesitant to install it until it is an official release, lest I void my warranty. Returning the phone seems to be the only course of action at this point. May go for the Galaxy 2S Skyrocket or Nokia Lumia 900. If you stick with this phone, download the update, and get a cover!

UPDATE: I returned my HTC One X for the Nokia Lumia and I couldn't be happier. To Commenters: Todd: You misunderstood me. Yes, it does come with Ice Cream Sandwich; I meant an upgraded ICS OS, such as version X.2, which fixes the bugs in the initial release of a software. I am not surprised you are a manager at AT&T as it was the AT&T employees who convinced me not to get the Lumia 900 in the first place, and to get the droid instead. I have over 600 contacts and I used the outlook contact sync, it took about one minute to get all my contacts over to the Lumia. The only issue is the unavailability of many apps, and the desire of Microsoft for you to use their apps instead of googles, but I knew that issue going in and decided it's not as important to me as a good phone. I'm off to write my rave review about the Lumia now. Thanks Valentin, you were right!
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