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VINE VOICEon May 29, 2012
Update 04/04/13: See K Montgomerey's comment to my review - although I've been hoping for a firmware update, DON'T INSTALL IT until LG confirms that they've cleared the bugs.


One of the maddening things about AT&T is that if you connect a smartphone to their system (and they catch you), you automatically get upgraded to a data plan. So if you don't want a data plan, you need to find a "dumbphone" that they will allow on their network without a plan.

The LG Xpression is about halfway between a smartphone and a dumbphone, and is made for people who want to send text messages but not to use a data plan. It runs a few apps and looks android-ish (but is not android), has a sliding keyboard, a touchscreen, and is pretty good. I got this for my daughter, who is a serious texter but doesn't need a data plan, and so far she seems pretty happy.

(Update: After several weeks, my daughter asked me to drop this to three stars because of some design flaws -- see below).

What I like:

- For the price (currently free with plan), it's pretty good. It plays music, takes pictures, sends SMS and MMS messages, and can run a few apps.

- Texting is pretty good. It has a slider keyboard, and arranges text exchanges into conversations by sender.

- Connecting to a computer is well designed. When you connect to a PC through the micro-USB charging port, you get options to mount the phone as an external storage device (requires memory card), to sync music, or to use the PC for an internet connection. I haven't finished testing that last option, but really appreciate it --assuming it works, it means that we can get to the AT&T app store without buying a data plan.

- For a free phone, the operating system isn't bad. You can customize the home screen with "widgets" like android, so you have little windows on the home screen from different apps.

- It does have a basic web browser and some social media apps for things like facebook, and is eligible for AT&T's discount data plan, so if you want to buy data, it's functional. (At that point, though, I might look at the basic android phones -- their data plan is a little more expensive, but they're a lot more functional).

What could be better:

- The keys are pretty flat, so they don't give you the same feeling as a blackberry.

- The texting length limit is odd -- the first text in a conversation can be any number of characters, but when replying to a text, the phone stops accepting additional characters after 160. (160 characters is the actual limit for SMS text messages -- phones that accept more than that actually break the messages into multiple texts that the phone on the other end then puts back together. There's no good reason to limit the length of replies, so maybe this will get fixed in upcoming firmware updates).

- The display and camera are both a little behind the modern standards, although they would have been great a few years back. A 2 megapixel camera won't blow anyone away, but is enough to take some pictures as needed.

- Compatible apps are limited. From a quick review of the AT&T app store, there are few if any free apps other than demos, and even paid apps are limited.

- It's missing some of the features from more expensive phones, like GPS, FM Radio, or WiFi. Still, for a texting device and phone, it's great.

Other notes:

- The look of the phone is probably more suited to teens and young adults, which is appropriate for a texting phone. It's fire engine red and feels plastic-y with a swooped pattern on the back cover.

In my opinion, it's a big step up from my daughter's last texting phone, and I recommend it.

Update 8/15/12: Over the past few weeks, my daughter has two new texting complaints.

First, the phone only allocates 300kb to store texts. In fact, even if you add a memory card, there's no way to expand the space allocated to storing texts. It took several weeks to reach that limit, but now my daughter has to delete texts every day to stay under the limit. Worse, there's no way to mark multiple (but not all) texts in a conversation for mass deletion, and no easy way to copy the texts over to our home computer for storage.

Second, the phone is erratic about when it recognizes the sender for a text conversation. Some conversations are identified by the sender name in the texting app, but some are identified by phone number some of the time, by name other times. (For example, if she exits and reenters the texting app, a conversation that was labeled by phone number the first time may be identified by the contact name the second time).

Maybe those issues will get addressed in firmware, but for now, we're downgrading this to a lukewarm recommendation for heavy texters.
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on May 20, 2012
I've had this phone for about one week, and I have been very pleased with it so far -- and I am very picky. Being a new phone with very few reviews, I was skeptical.
I was looking for something to replace an older Pantech Link, that I use primarily for talking hands-free while driving and for texting.
I didn't want another phone with a data plan(already have iphones around the house), so one can imagine the choices are limited. Further, although the Pantech Link wasn't bad for a simple phone, I wasn't thrilled with it and we haven't had the greatest luck with other Pantech models my family members have had in the past. Needless to say, with AT&T, my choices of non-data plan phones became even further limited.
I'm going to keep this write-up short, but in summary, everything works the way it is supposed to (keep in mind this is not a smartphone). The touch screen is not like an iphone, but it is certainly acceptable. It is accurate, sensitive enough and predictable. One nice plus, I'm a mountain biker and ride with gloves. You cannot operate the touch screen on many phones while wearing gloves, but this one works fine. The ringer and speakerphone volumes are plenty loud when you want them to be.
One thing I needed to get used to: The bluetooth volume when you make a new call always defaults to the setting you configure in the phone settings. This is ok if you have that setting where you want it. Some phones go to the volume you used during the last call, which is nice. Of course, you can always adjust the volume during the call, but it will revert back for the next call. This is a very minor thing, and can be annoying if you don't set it the way you want it in the settings.
The slide out keyboard is good however the buttons are not raised, and therefore are not as easy to feel. I haven't used the keyboard much so far-- I've found that I can text pretty fast using the touchscreen and T9 for shorter messages. This does take some getting use to, however.
All in all, I'm very pleased, the phone hasn't done anything it's not supposed to, and is a very well designed phone with many advanced features.
I recommend looking over the user manual (available online), to learn more about it's features.
It seems to me that LG and AT&T did a good job with this one.
It is a great alternative if you do not want a smartphone.
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 LG has made a nice new slider cell phone and it seems they have corrected some of the bugs from some of the past models. Although not as smart as the full blown smart phones it does bring some of us basic phone users to a new threshold.

I mentioned in the video that you will need a cover for this phone due to it's very slick finish. Amazon carries one Body Glove model in two colors but as of this review there are no others manufactured.

LG Xpression C395 Inlay Body Glove Gel Case Red

Body Glove 9258101 Hard Shell Gel Inlay Slider Case f/LG Xpression Black

Overall I highly recommend this phone if you do not want a phone that requires a data plan and you are not one who beats the crud out of your cell phones. The slider function seems well built but may not withstand the torture some put their phones through. I'm giving this phone five stars because for the type of phone it is I think it deserves it. However I am not comparing it the amazing smart phones that are on the market today. This LG Xpression is not in their class (or price range).


Solid construction
Touch screen works very well
Easy to use menus that make sense
Good sound and reception
Excellent battery life with the right setting
Easy to attach bluetooth function
Sharp colorful screen
One button screen lock
Speaker option
Can add 32mg card
Replaces MP3 player
Tools such as calendar, notes, alarm, photo editing...
Icon dialing


Phone locks too fast when on call
Flat rubber keys on QWERTY keyboard
Slick casing requires a cover
If data is turned off can not send pictures, video or audio through text
Fixed lense camera okay but not as good as it should be
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on August 2, 2012
The choices for phones that don't require data plans gets smaller and smaller by the day. thank you LG for making a great phone for those of us that just want to talk, text, and occasionally send or view a picture text.

This is the best phone i've ever had that didn't require data service.

great touchscreen, great options, great battery life.

tech-UNsavvy people may not like the touch screen or all the setup options.

but tech savvy people that don't need/want a smartphone will really enjoy this phone.
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on June 6, 2012
I purchased the phone for my wife as she wanted phone with a slide out keypad. I got it as advertised in 2 days. Amazon even sent a free car charger with it. Out of the box she loved the phone. It does feel slick as some other posters mentioned but i dont think youll need a case to avoid dropping it. It is a 3G phone with decent camera for emergencies/moments you dont want to miss. I am a fan of having a camera phone if you ever get into a car accident. take lots of pictures. This will not replace a point and shoot camera by any means but it will suffice. it also records video. It has a headphone jack on the top and a spot to add microSD for music. i added a 1GB from an old phone i had and my wife has music on it already. the media player has a simple interface and lets you listen over the speaker if you dont have headphones in. the user interface is simple and smartphone like with 3 screens to slide between. homescreen is the widget screen add what you want(clock, calendar, media player, message reminder, and notes) is what my wife has on it now.This phone has no games installed on it but has a folder to add some. Batter life is great. and sound quality is very good. Better than my mother in laws Samsung Evergreen. she does not like that phone. so if your comparing the 2. this one is better.

my one gripe is they sent it with a bad battery. got it plugged it in came back 2 hours and unplugged it. it had 3 bars. fully charged. later than night the phone wouldnt turn on. i plugged it in and the screen lit up showing LG logo. never turned on. I took it to an ATT store and the lady said the battery was no good. she opened a box for a new phone and gave me that battery. no problems since. like i said the phone is amazing. i would have given it 5 stars except for the battery problem which was easily fixed by battery swap. i have already recommended amazon wireless to friends and family. as the price is amazing. to get the same phone from att online it would have been $50 after mail in rebate. i paid a penny and got hooked up with a car charger. with the 2 day wait. hope this review helps those looking into getting this phone. oh yeah it does have a gps built in but i dont use it because you have to pay extra to AT&T when you do.
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on November 11, 2012
What should you expect from the LG Xpression? Know before you go.

I regularly use the text, call, MP3 player, calender/planner, memos, audio record, and camera. Had it for two months.

I give it 2.5 out of five stars and recommend it if you want a
- "free phone" more than you want a high-functioning gadget.
- only use text and call
- don't mind pocket dialing

The gory details:


- CONVERSATION VIEW (as it ought to always be) texts are displayed with the entire history of your texting with that contact, which rules. it puts the message in the context of the larger back and forth of the conversation, so you can easily scroll-up with the flick of your thumb and see what was said in previous messages.

- GOOD RECEPTION (again, as it ought to be . . .) texts and calls through thick walls

- phone and text functions work

- No data plan

- PHYSICAL Camera BUTTON (as it always ought to be) works at reasonable speed and doesn't look too bad.

- Standard headphone-jack (as god intended) u can use your regular headphones to block-out the rest of the people on the bus so that you can go home and watch TV on the internet and read this review.

- touch screen "feels" great, it's responsive and fast whenever phone is not frozen (see below).


- EXPECT DELAYS in all non-basic function areas -music player esp.

- FREEZES inXplicably for 10-20 seconds maybe once a day, sometimes more.

- MUSIC PLAYER SLOWNESS & FLAWS: with 1800+ songs and it's VERY SLOW and gives you a "LOADING . . ." screen for literally 30-60 seconds (no Xaggeration) when you start the "app". Then another 15-25 seconds before you can use the (genuinely helpful) search feature. Plus, the phone limits you to 2000 songs (yes a 32GB card will work . . . as long as you only use about 1/8 of it for music.) aaaand it doesn't know %90 of the artists names or album titles making it basically only good for shuffle (which is mostly what I use it for, in case you're interested).

- ALARM(s) WON'T WAKE PHONE, none of the phone's 3 alarm apps (yes, three separate alarm apps) will wake the phone from being completely off (which every phone ought to do), so if you want the alarm to go off in the morning, you have to leave it on all night, risking battery-death and close-quarters cell-vibes to your dome-piece (brain).

- CONSTANT FACE DIAL - when I talk on the phone I often find that my face has swiftly: hung up on my call, re-written some random's contact information, put my call on hold (still no success in ever coming back from hold once there: I can't find the button? I guess I'm getting old.) and begun calling someone else. My face and this phone love to taunt me.

- CONSTANT POCKET DIAL - it's much too easy to unlock the phone by accident and it has no type-a-code-to-unlock feature (only a code to type in if you change sim cards which is very rare) a friend who has the same phone says they also pocket dial people all the time and at very unfortunate times.

- CLOCK is only on certain screens instead of always visible, if you want to know what time it is you may have to navigate to find a clock.

- no CALENDER CALLs, you can't be on a call and look at your calender, so someone asks you on a date, you have to be all "let me check my calender and then call you back . . ."

-Audio Recorder is okay but you must CONVERT the files (and download a file converter if you don't have one) to listen in itunes because the Xpression records in some crazy non-universal file format.

-CALENDER reminders just say: "a reminder is happening" but you have to unlock the screen, and click to find out what it is, instead of it just telling you in the initial dialog. and the mysterious reminders disappear fast so it's easy to miss them if you didn't feel the buzz the first time.

- FYI you cannot change your ringtone so I hope you like "At&T PlayOn" or vibrate. Yep, to date, I've never been able to change my ringtone because: every time i select the ringtones the phone says "loading . . ." for literally TWO AND A HALF MINUTES (for real, no joke, i just tested it for this review) and then the screen goes black and displays the LG symbol for 30 seconds or so in a process that takes over 3 MINUTES and yields zero results.

-the qwerty buttons aren't my favorite either, but therapy is helping me increase my coping skills.

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on October 25, 2012
I bought my first cell phone in 1986, so I'm not exactly new to the market. I didn't want a phone that required a data plan, and the Xpression looked like the least objectionable phone on the very limited list AT&T will let you use without a data plan. Opened the box, and found it had no manual, just a one sheet quick reference guide. It has all sorts of useful information on how to use AT&T Social net, and ignores the useless stuff like where they hid the button to hang up the phone when you finish a call. Most phones have a green button to dial and a red button to hang up, but not this one. Went to the LG website, and printed out the manual. It was 120 pages long, and that was just the English version. No telephone should be so convoluted that it requires a 120 page manual. After using the phone for a few days, I found the following fatal flaws:

When you try to listen to your voicemail, the keypad disappears off the touch screen. Since AT&T's voicemail system requires you to use the keypad off the touch screen to delete or save your messages, this is a bit of a problem. You have to slide out the keyboard, and find where they put the asterisk key so you can end the call.

If you put the phone in your pocket, the keyboard will slide in and out slightly as you walk. If you've locked the phone before you put it in your pocket, this will unlock it, allowing you to dial anyone in your contacts without even trying, or even knowing you're doing it. It also makes it difficult to pull the phone out of your pocket when the phone is ringing to see if you want to talk to that caller without inadvertently answering the phone.

The contact list is set up in such a way that if you have a home and mobile number listed for a particular person, the buttons are so close together that you end up having to use a stylus to select between them. The only way to make it work is to enter a seperate contact for each phone number, not for each person.

If you hit a wrong number when dialing and hit the back arrow to correct it, it enters a 3. You have to hit just above the back arrow to actually use it to delete.

If you have the keypad on the touch screen and slide out the keyboard, the screen says it's dialing. Doesn't say who it's dialing.

If you set the phone ringer on silent, sometimes it doesn't ring, sometimes it rings anyway. When you go back to check your settings to make sure you had it set just to vibrate, the settings show that you did.

I think this phone was designed as part of AT&T's marketing strategy to make people buy a smart phone and pay for a data plan to get a phone that actually functions.I think AT&T needs to accept that there is a substantial customer base that doesn't want to browse the web on a 3 inch screen. I've got a desktop, a laptop and a tablet, and I've got all the internet connectivity I need. All I really want my phone to do is make phone calls and be able to handle text messages.
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on September 5, 2012
It looks and works great until you realize that once you fill the tiny memory allocated to texting you will have to delete texts every day to get new ones. All obvious solutions fail:
1) can't make the phone push texts to the microSD card
2) can't find software to back up texts
3) only two options for deleting texts
a) one at a time (in a really painful way such that menu to delete then you get the chance to delete one text before getting kicked back to regular menu so you have to go through menu again for each text delete)
b) delete a whole conversation

For kids that want to keep some text history this means a big time sink each day while they go through the tedious process or pruning to stay under the TINY 300kb limit (that is about 500 messages WITH NO PICTURES).

Seriously LG. Improve the software if you want this to be a phone for today's texters. It can't be that hard.
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on July 31, 2012
Despite the strange color, this phone is amazing!! It's a touch screen, which I love, and it slides out. WAY better than my old phone, the Eternity II. It is super easy to text on, but I don't know much about the web (I don't have a data plan). The minor down side is that the screen locks while you are calling after a few seconds, but that's the only bad thing.

There are 3 different screens (you can go to them on the touch screen), and they you can customize all of them.

If you have any further questions, please comment below.

I suggest this phone, especially to teens who love to text.

I also bought this case (Black and White Flower Design Snap on Hard Plastic Cover Faceplate Case for Sprint LG Rumor Reflex LN272 / AT&T LG Xpression C395 + Screen Protector Film + Mini Adjustable Phone Stand and it looks super sharp with the red.

Hope this helped!
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on November 8, 2012

My dad bought me this phone because my sister's old phone broke and it wouldn't charge, so I kept having to switch her battery packs. My dad then bought us each this phone. The LG Xpression is a red touchscreen phone that also has a QWERTY keyboard if you slide it sideways. I really like how you have the option of typing on a touchscreen or a QWERTY keyboard.
I think that the touchscreen keyboard could' have been better, it is hard to type on it but you have the QWERTY keyboard so it is okay. I recommend this to teenage boys and girls.
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