Customer Reviews: HTC One S, Blue (T-Mobile)
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on May 7, 2012
I have had this phone for about a week now. I originally had no plans to purchase it and had not done much research on it, but when my HTC Mytouch started to wear on me, I decided to stop into T-Mobile to check out the new phones. This was set up next to the Galaxy S II which I had thought I would be picking up that day.

Let me tell you this.. I'm really digging this phone. I was initially concerned with the fact that it has only 16gb of internal storage space, but I have been pleasantly surprised with that particular design feature. The phone does come with a 23gb DROPBOX account, and given that it has a very fast and dual-core 1.5 GHz processor and runs on the 4g Network, I am seeing no reason to keep mass amounts of music and picture files on the device itself.

Coupled with things like Spotify, and Amazon Cloud streaming.. im really digging this little machine. It is sleek, lightweight and really the fastest mobile device I have owned. ( I had the original G1 Brick:) Im saying if you get a chance to go and play with this phone, you will be very happy.

The camera is 8mp which is more than enough to use for casual photo taking, and the screen is really vivid and crisp sporting a 4.3-inch qHD AMOLED Display. It also records in HD 1080p, (which I don't believe the Samsung SII does.)

As of this post, I am extremely happy with this device. Give it a try if you are looking to upgrade your T-mobile device anytime soon!
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VINE VOICEon June 5, 2012
I have had a lot of Android phones the last two years. When this came out I was weary not having a SD card but it hasn't disappointed.. With so much internet memory I have loaded all my apps at ease, and take a lot of pictures and videos which I upload to my computer easily or know they are on the cloud storage..

The picture and video quality is very nice.. Love the different effects but really haven't had much of use for them, more fun then anything ( gives that Instagram look on a few of the settings ) .. The audio is very nice, was shocked at the surround sound quality with my head phones- Beats Audio is really quite spectacular! I have normal headphones, nothing fancy and the sound is great.

Powering off and on is a must at least every other day, clears the internal cache and helps my phone run great. Have had for a month and my phone has only frozen once.. realized I hadn't turned off for a few days and wasn't using the Task Manager to close applications- By holding the power buttons for five or so seconds the phone restarted.. Battery life is great as well-I make sure I turn off wifi, gps and such when not using to help battery life.

Overall extremely happy-Love having a Android that can support my love of lots apps and so far only one freezing instance, easily remedied!
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on July 26, 2012
This is a GREAT phone. There is no faster phone on the market (yet...until the quad-core Tegra 3's come out ~September) in the US. The screen is beautiful. Aside from the brightness, sharpness, and color, the AMOLED screen has two huge advantages: 1. Reduced power consumption, 2. I can read my screen with my polarized sunglasses on! Couldn't do that with previous LCD screens!

The Beats technology is great when listening on headphones. Not so great (makes it muddy) when you plug it in to a quality sound dock (still great sound on cheap sound docks). Fortunately, you can disable it right from the top pulldown when it starts up. I love it. Purists keep saying that it "ruins" the sound. They're silly. All decent portable devices sound better with a little EQ and that's what this technology is. It's designed to give you a good listening experience with headphones. This is NOT an audiophile device where purity is at a premium.

The solid metal case is sleek and tough. HTC went with no memory card and no battery access...many people see this as a negative, but it's actually allowed this to be the slimmest thing around and is squeak free (unlike other phones where the removable back gets squeaky or loose). The construction oozes quality, unlike the flimsy feel of plastic of the Samsungs out there. As for the memory card access, HTC has thrown in a free, 2-year, 25GB Dropbox account with this phone. Simply activate Dropbox at the initial setup of the phone (it walks you to this automatically on first setup), and it gives you 25GB of access-anywhere cloud stoage. That's hard to beat. On top of that, I already had an account and the 25GB was added ON TOP of my existing account, so now my account is 29.75GB. Sweet! Thanks, HTC!

This phone rocks! Great sound, great speed (BTW, most tests show that this Snapdragon S4 is just as fast on most applications as the Tegra 3 with 4 cores).

Sense 4.0 rocks as well. It's a slick interface with nice features like:

Turn the phone face down and it silences the ringer.
Turn the phone face down while on a call and it switches to speaker phone.
Put the phone in a purse or pocket and the ringer gets louder.
Touch the phone when it rings and the ringer drops the volume about 80%.
That's just a little of what Sense does. It's a great skin.

Oh, and the camera! It takes about 10 pics a second if you hold down the shutter button. It then automatically selects the best picture if you let it, or you can discard those that didn't work out, or, simply hit the back button and every pic is saved. I truly stopped using my pocket Canon camera.

The 4G radio works well, too...the HSPA+ isn't LTE, but, when traffic isn't heavy, I get about 27Mbps on T-mobile. Typically, during the workday downtown (where there's more traffic), I get around 9Mbps. Call quality is great.

With this phone about to be bumped down with the upcoming One X+ on T-Mobile in September, this phone should see some serious sales and be practically free, a real steal if you can get one, with no noticable performace drop from the upcoming phones.

You may sacrifice true HD (720p, this phone is 560p), but the screen is sharp on all web pages and most users won't notice it. Additionally, the screen hits the sweet spot of fitting in most people's hands. My friend prefers the size of this to his Evo 4G LTE (One X), even if he loves that giant screen. He misses the true one-handed control.

UPDATE: I wanted to update that the 4G radio on this thing is really great (aside from the speed). My wife has the Samsung Galaxy S2 and we use our phones side by side a lot. On our morning commute, we listen to streaming radio. Hers drops the music out a lot as it tries to buffer and/or loses a good connection. It will stop for a few seconds 3 or 4 times during our commute. Using this phone on the same app has zero-1 interruption on the same drive everyday. Additionally, being both on T-mobile, my phone gets a data connection in places hers can't. Great job HTC!

***Another UPDATE***
So, all of the sudden, my phone was having horrible connection issues. Stuff that even wiping and re-flashing the system ROM didn't fix. I wanted to tell you all of a fix for weird bugs. Press and hold the power key for about 45 seconds (it will pop up a couple of different screens while doing this...just keep holding the key until the HTC splash screen comes back on after reboot). Not sure what this does, but HTC told me to do it and it fixed everything without having to re-customize my phone.
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on June 9, 2012
Being a T-Mobile customer for the last four to five years and a college student that loves technology I have experienced some of the best phones and some of the worst phones. This is the ONLY phone I have ever wanted to write a review about. As a customer of T-Mobile the only thing that has kept us from switching is our lack of service with other carriers. T-Mobile has been able to provide us with UMA calling which has recently been remarketed as wifi calling. In my house, we do not have regular service and I depend on the wifi calling to make phone calls and to receive texts. I have the bare minimum for data usage (200mb) a month since all I do is check my email and use limited app data.

I didn't want to explain my life story but I felt that that needed to be said since it may show any future buyers the fact that I really need a phone that I can depend on and isn't something that I want to chuck out the window every 5 minutes (my Blackberry Bold 9700 was notorious for this). The best way I can explain this phone is that it is one of the best that I have dealt with.
The texting is simple and easy since the keyboard suits me. It may not suit someone else but when I had the HTC Sensation I found the keyboard to be a pain and my text messages often displayed it with random letters where they weren't suppose to be.
Phone calls are clear, however, when making calls through the wifi calling i found there to be static and some of my callers have noticed sound in the background when I was sitting in a quiet room. T-Mobile did release an update on the 4th of June which has made the wifi calling less buggy and a lot better for myself and for my callers- less dropped calls, less static, less background noise, etc.
The speed of this phone is spectacular! My downloads are done in under a minute, the 4G speeds are super fast (Sensation 4G didn't come close), my emails are in before I can turn on the phone, etc.
The Beats Audio quality I rate as good to very good. I only say this because it doesn't add a ton of bass sound feel to it but rather rounds the sound out and makes it more clear. I tested it in my car's audio system that has a sub in it and if you turn the Beats audio off the quality is much rougher, static(y), distorted at higher levels, etc.
I noticed that the battery life is pretty good- I learned that once I receive the 14% notification then it's time to find a charger and as with any phone, depending on what you are doing and how often will then depend on whether or not the battery life will run down faster. Sometimes my phone will get very hot! at least mine does when I have certain applications opened.
Camera is great- snaps pictures very quickly and are very clear. Phone has some options on effects but I haven't really played with them much. Flash is bright and is a great alternative to a flashlight.
Wifi Calling app is great- I have my phone set on wifi preferred and the wifi calling app usually starts up and appears in my top display bar within 3 minutes of walking into my house.

Overall, I love cell phones and I love having the newest thing but I must say that this is one of the only phones that I can say that I will probably have for 2 years or until the iPhone comes to this carrier. I have re-found my love for Android and for HTC phones. If you're on the fence, just get the phone, I do not think you will be disappointed unless you found a dud.

Note of Caution: No Micro SD card slot (fine for me I'm not going to use more than 16gb anyway) and you will need a micro sim. If you plan on using wifi calling then you will not be able to cut your old SIM card but you will need a new micro sim since the wifi calling has been updated. I learned this the hard way but T-Mobile was nice and gave me the free micro sim after they tried to cut my old sim.
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on July 19, 2012
I have owned an Android G1 and Android Samsung Vibrant. The G1 was great for its time, it was the first android phone. I was never happy with the Vibrant, it was very laggy - I had to install a custom ROM to make it usable. The GPS never worked properly.

During the Father's Day sale at TMobile I bought 2 of these for my children. The One S is SO fast! Even watching my children use it makes it painful to go back to my vibrant. My only complaint would be that the battery is not removable so I can't buy a new one when this one starts to wear out... as all batteries do.

The usability of this phone is AMAZING! It just makes me happy and HTC does updates faster than Samsung.
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on September 19, 2012
Have had this phone for couple of weeks now, and I have to say I really like this phone.

It suprised me how thin and smooth it is when I first got it. The aluminum back case gives a much better quality feeling much better than Samsung GS2's plasticy case. The size of it is just right - 4.3 inch screen - much larger than Iphone4's, but not too wide for one hand handling. The screen resolution of 960X540 means a high density of pixels and its higher than most of 800X480 4-inch screen.

light, thin, slick body;
high definition screen;
8MP camera;
duo-core CPU;
good price(I got it free after rebate-still waiting on rebate),
Android 4;
Free 25G DropBox space(for 2 years);

No memory card slot - it has 16G on board memory, but you only get 10G of free space to use after its reserved space for OS and Apps; thanks to the 25G of DropBox space. I can't see how 35G of space isn't enough for me right now!

No HDMI - you have to use their accessories to stream video to your TV

I really don't understand why people so crazy about Iphone, even if the phone loses signal if you don't use a phone case, and even its clock messed up at
Jan 1st, 2011, when lots of people were late for work because of their alarm clock didn't ring! Yes I admire apple been the first one to come up with a smart phone, but now its time to look at other options
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on September 12, 2012
There has been something different wrong with each of the now four HTC OneS phones I have had the displeasure of using. The mini sim card and no SD card with no battery to remove and reset the the user very few options. The most current HTC OneS I had configured at the Issaquah T-Mobile store. They are suppose to be the cream of the crop, located just down the street from T-Mobile headquarters. Nice man was able to transfer most of the apps and files onto the new HTC OneS and that was a huge help. I was so hopeful... but that one died last night. Light is on but nobody home, black screen. There are a number of issues with these phones. It has a great camera but that's it. Even when I tried to open the phone via the USB via my computer.. nobody home. There is a way to get it back on but, I'm done.
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on November 30, 2012
I'll just make a list rather than an essay like others have done ;)

Snappy response time
camera has burst mode (perfect for toddlers who don't stay still)
camera on-par with most digital point and shoots
decent enough bettery life
screen resolution looks good even watching HD movies
light weight
large screen BUT it still fits in the smallest of ladies jean pockets!!!

easily scratched/dinged
no expandable memory :(
can't remove/swap battery
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on September 4, 2012
I love this phone! Got the black / red color. And same coverage as tmobile except my plan is $49 per month for UNLIMITED Voice / 4G Data/ Text... it's awesome. check out [...]
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on September 15, 2012
Nice device, but be aware that numerous users are experiencing a SERIOUS ISSUE whenever carrier signal is weak:

The phone will then switch homescreen/multiple screen view on its own in very quick succession, and disable all the capacitive buttons. It will keep doing this until you find a spot where the signal is better (if you're lucky). In the meantime, you will not be able to do anything at all: call, pick-up, use apps, whatever. Basically, you then completely loose control over your phone. Just google "HTC one S touch button issue" and you'll see many times many posts about it.

This issue has been reported to HTC by many users FOR SEVERAL MONTHS NOW, but no patch or update has been released yet as to address the problem. So keep this in mind if you want to purchase this device... You have been warned.HTC, please FIX THIS ISSUE! Thank you...
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