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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on June 3, 2012
My son has this phone and it works great! Ditto on the glowing remarks of others.

One tip. The battery life was just so-so until I figured out what was wrong. You might want to turn off LTE for now. My guess is that it is constantly searching for an LTE signal, and since it can't find one it is draining the battery.

In regard to download speed, we live in a rural area that never had WiMAX. I know the connection is still the same, but the speed seems so much faster than our first gen android phones. I wonder if battery life with LTE will improve when there really is an LTE network? If it proves to be too short, I might have to decide between speed and battery life. I can see using Tasker to only turn on (then off) LTE in certain cases.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 11, 2012
You can read the other reviews for the highs (fast, amazing battery life, lack of bloatware, Sense)and lows (Sprint not having LTE turned on, can't remove the battery, lack of a menu key, Sense). The only thing I want to convey is just how beautiful the screen is. Words don't do it justice. Even in direct sunlight its usable with the screen set to low light (note: "usable" not "great", for "great" in direct sunlight you need to jack up the screen brightness, which starts to negate the great battery life).

The thing about this phone is that I will find myself using it instead of my iPad because the EVO's screen is so much easier on the eyes; even though the screen is smaller, it's that good. It's good enough that I don't get eye strain when using if for two hours straight. In some ways, the screen is even better than an HD TV.

If I have a complaint about the screen, it's that the camera seems to take pictures with slightly exaggerated contrast to show off the color range of the screen (2nd note: camera is still amazing, even in low light, but it's no better than what you get with the iPhone 4S).

I am a huge fan of the original EVO, and would love to say this is the bestest phone ever. It's not, but it's screen is, and if that is what you care about most, buy this phone.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on July 11, 2012
I initially purchased this, but ended up switching to the Samsung Galaxy S3 because I was having some issues with my phone. First off I have to say that I love Amazon Wireless! Not only are the phones cheaper than buying directly from Sprint, but their return/exchange policy is top notch.

My prior phone was the original EVO 4G; which I loved. I really wanted to hold off a little longer on my purchase, but the touchscreen ended up malfunctioning so I was in desperate need of a new phone. I figured I'd give the new EVO 4G LTE a try. Because LTE is not yet live in my city, I would connect my phone to my WiFi whenever at home. As some other users have noted in online forums, my WiFi connection would drop intermittently. In addition I also had the known light bleed issue on the bottom of my screen. The light bleed issue wasn't really a big deal to me, but the WiFi problem was very annoying.

I called Amazon within my return window and they gladly exchanged my LTE for the Samsung, and I couldn't be happier. Although I prefer the build and look of the EVO 4G LTE over the Samsung Galaxy S3, I must say that I'm happy with the change. To me its seems like the texting/typing experience is more refined and smoother on the Samsung. More than likely, I probably just got a bad phone and I'm sure the WiFi issue will be fixed with a software patch. I think both phones are great, but for me so far I've been more impressed w/my Samsung - and no more WiFi problems!

Things I loved about the HTC EVO 4G LTE over the Samsung:
build quality / metal pieces
look and shape of the phone (more rectangular)
HTC clock and weather widgets
dedicated camera button
virtual keyboard
all capacitive buttons on the front
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on October 13, 2012
Recently, I renewed my Sprint contract and upgraded my phone through Amazon Wireless (great deal!) from an Evo 4G to the Evo 4G LTE. The Evo 4G LTE is an awesome phone! The only reason I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 are because of a couple of design changes from the Evo 4G that in my opinion are not improvements. I'll list the pros and cons of the phone, but nothing in the cons is a major deal breaker. I really do love this phone, and think if HTC would revert a couple of the design changes back to the way they were on the Evo 4G, then it would be the perfect phone.

PROS: 1. Very fast, even though my area hasn't received the 4G LTE service yet. Can't wait for that!
2. Beautiful display
3. The camera is very good, with almost no shutter lag.
4. Dedicated shutter button for main camera. Makes it easy to hold phone steady with both hands and still snap pictures.
5. Amazing battery life. I'm getting a day and a half per charge with moderate usage. The battery life seemed to improve after a few charge cycles
6. Great design (Love the red trim!), and seems to be well built and feels good in the hand.
7. Loaded with extra features. Beats audio, etc.
8. No longer have to remove battery to access removable memory card.

CONS: 1. No replaceable battery. Even with the improved battery life, it's much more convenient to swap batteries than to be tethered to a charging cord, especially considering CON #2.
2. HTC moved the Micro USB plug from the bottom to the left hand side, right where your fingers are when you're holding the phone. Makes it very awkward to hold the phone while charging.
Please HTC, on the next version, move it back to the bottom out of the way!
3. No mini HDMI any longer. This isn't that big of deal for PC's or laptops, you can use the included USB data cable in place of HDMI, but after purchasing 2 mini HDMI to HDMI cables to
use on my TV's, now I have to buy 2 more cables.
4. Speakerphone not as loud as on the Evo 4G, but still pretty clear and fairly easy to hear, especially if you turn the phone around, since the speaker is on the bottom of the back
5. QuikOffice software no longer included. This isn't really a con if you download the free DropBox software they are promoting, as it includes Polaris Office. I even got the free upgrade
to 25GB of storage by following their instructions.
6. No massage app. or automatic back scratcher. (just kidding)

All in all, I'm very impressed with the Evo 4G LTE, and I hope HTC fixes the minor design flaws on the next version. In 2 years, I will be ready for my perfect phone!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on September 11, 2012
Having previously owned the original EVO 4G and having regular access to the EVO 3D (owned by the boyfriend), I can safely say that while HTC's previous versions in the EVO series have all been exceptional devices, HTC really hits it out of the park with the EVO 4G LTE. It has so far managed to be everything this gadget geek has long dreamed of (within the laws of physics of course) and more.

To preface my actual detailed review, I would like to expound upon the degree of use my phone undertakes on a daily basis. It's my dedicated work computer and music device. I commute to different locations, some taking about 50 minutes one way during which I stream music from my Amazon MP3 cloud as opposed to just playing files off the device. At work, I am constantly getting in and out of vehicles with my phone stowed in my back pocket and am constantly removing it to input data that requires loading multiple html pages every few minutes as well as taking/making work calls. I also occasionally stream YouTube videos and frequently browse the web and check email. I currently live and work in an area where Sprint has not yet implemented 4G LTE. That means that I only have access to 3G coverage.

The top reasons this phone makes my job and my life easier:

It's fast!: Data speed was my primary concern in upgrading to the EVO 4G LTE before our city gains access to LTE. I am very pleased to say that despite currently only having access to 3G on this device, it loads webpages and streams videos faster than my old EVO 4G did on the regular 4G network. I'm giddy with anticipation for what it will be capable of when LTE finally comes to town.

It's quality build: With the type of work that I do, my phone needs to be able to take a beating. HTC has continued to impress me with their build quality and they've taken no short cuts with this device. In fact, they have only stepped up their game by adding an external and internal metal frame, part of which you can see wrapped around the outer edge of the screen.

Battery life: While I had to invest in an extra battery to charge and swap out regularly on my old EVO 4G just to make it through the work day, I can now do everything I need and want to do throughout a regular work day all on one charge and still have plenty of juice to spare at the end of the day. I can't stress enough how significant this is for anyone that fully relies on their phone to properly perform their duties at work.

Operating System: Properly reviewing Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is entirely its own beast but if you want the greatest degree of control over the functionality and performance of your phone, there is no better OS.

Reception: As of yet it seems to have better reception. I have not tested this to the fullest extent possible but I can say that while previously my streaming music on my drive to and from work was interrupted in a couple different places on back roads due to no signal on my EVO 4G, I have not had the same problem with this device.

Form factor: This is the thinnest EVO yet which makes its home in my back pocket a much more comfortable set up for me. And to reiterate, I still don't need to worry about snapping it in half as it's solidly built.

Icing on the cake:

The screen: I would venture to say that its beauty rivals even that of the Samsung Galaxy S series having just recently compared the two side by side. It has a noticeably larger, crisper and more colorful display versus the original EVO and provides even bigger virtual keys with which to enter all that data for work.

Beats Audio: While the sound quality of the on-board phone speakers is of minimal concern to me personally, for those of you that do regularly enjoy music and videos out loud, this is the best audio I've ever heard on any phone... EVER. Keep in mind that it's still only phone speakers, but you can also raise the volume significantly higher than previous EVOs in order to actually hear it even in a noisy place or to actually hear the ringtone from your pocket.

Camera: As far as phone camera's go, so far this function seems to be perfectly sufficient. I haven't messed with it enough nor have I gained enough experience with camera's on other phones outside of the EVO series to give a legitimate opinion but in comparison to the camera on my old EVO 4G, it appears to be more responsive and the video recording function can be immediately accessed with one touch now which is particularly convenient when attempting to capture those unexpected and hilarious YouTube worthy moments. The phone also has its own dedicated physical button on the side to instantly bypass the lock screen and access the camera function.

"Downside?" you ask?:

The only potential negative I see to this device is the "internal" aspect of the battery. This had concerned me initially given the amount of use I regularly subject my phone to, however as stated above, I have not yet encountered the problem of running out of power before the day is over. In regards to the eventual decline of the battery's ability to hold a charge, I can happily report that unless you are fairly tech inept you can very easily crack open the device and replace the battery yourself. There are likely at least 2 dozen videos up on YouTube by this point that will show you how to do this. Thankfully, HTC does not hate on it's own customers by forcing them to take the device into a service store for a "professional" to safely access its internals (cough... Apple... cough).

Also, I can't dock this device in any way for Sprint's slacking off with phasing in LTE. But for those of you that are concerned about it, you may very well have the same positive results I have with only 3G, at least until we all do finally get LTE.

All in all, the HTC EVO 4G LTE is an elegantly refined and inspired device. It illustrates that HTC, as a company, has yet to succumb to laziness but rather has continued to evolve their platform and reputation for exceptional innovation and design.

And the crowd roars!...
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on June 14, 2012
My previous phone was the first-gen EVO 4G which I bought upon release and owned for two years. That was an excellent phone that aged so well none of the EVO's released in its wake were enough to tempt me to upgrade.

That said, the battery life was always an issue as was the small amount of internal storage. If was going to be out all day I'd have to be judicious in my use of the phone to avoid running out of charge, and even on a normal working day I'd need to be sure I charged my phone every afternoon. You adapt but it's an inconvenience. And Sprint pre-loaded a number of apps to the phone's internal storage and wouldn't let you move them to the SD card or delete them. As a result "low storage space" messages were a fact of life.

I've had the EVO 4G LTE for two weeks now and I can say with confidence that both of those issues have been more than adequately addressed. The new 2000 mAh battery holds a charge for all day and then some. I have yet to receive a low battery warning and I'm using this phone a LOT. The 16GB of internal storage allows for plenty of apps with no problem at all. The free 25GB of Dropbox storage means I don't have to use up the internal storage with my music, photos or documents, and if I want more storage space, there's a Micro SD slot that supports up to a 32GB card.

Aside from fixing the original EVO's issues the new phone is also an upgrade in every other way. The dual core processor is quick enough that lag time, rarely an issue with the first EVO, is a complete non-issue now. You tap, the phone responds, and it's done, as quickly as that. The display is sharp, the colors rich and there's no over-saturation of any particular color, as can be the case with other phones.

I was concerned about how the phone would feel in my hand since it is larger than my old EVO, but it's quite comfortable. There is very little bezel around the screen so the phone itself didn't get much longer or wider despite gaining a lot of screen size. And it's so thin that your fingers can comfortably wrap around it without a second thought.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is a revelation. I enjoyed Gingerbread but ICS is much better in just about any way you can think of. Beautiful, intuitive and easy to learn and use. A feature I especially enjoy is the facial recognition unlock.

Some professional reviewers have said that Sprint's lack of an LTE network right now is a demerit for this phone. But in my experience it does seem quicker than the first-gen EVO on Sprint's 3G network. Plus unless I'm traveling I can tap into Wi-Fi anyway. And when Sprint's LTE service reaches the San Francisco area I'll be able to utilize it from day one. So, for me at least, the waiting for Sprint's LTE network is a non-issue.

To sum up, the EVO 4G LTE addresses the first-generation EVO's shortcomings and then some, while also improving on that phone's strong performance in other areas. If you are on Sprint and wondering if this phone is worth renewing your contract the answer is yes. And if you're not on Sprint and wondering if this phone is worth switching to the Now Network, I say give it a try. With Sprint's 30-day return policy you've got nothing to lose and once you start using this phone you won't want to return it anyway!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 5, 2012
I knew this phone was going to be good, but it totally surpassed my expectations. I had the original EVO 4G, and decided it was time to upgrade. This phone is just downright awesome. I've gone the entire day using it pretty heavily with GPS, Facebook, internet, texting, apps, etc, and the battery only got down to about 50%. It is very fast and easy to use. There are some minor quirks about ICS that I'm not too fond of, but they are very minor. I love this phone so much.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on September 7, 2012
-The battery life is good if you turn off the 4G lte antenna. I'm in a location that doesn't have this available yet.
-The screen is beautiful.
-The phone is faster than the original EVO, but I don't notice any huge difference.
-I've had 0 problems with the phone crashing/resetting after a couple of months.
-The button on the side for the camera is a nice touch.
-It was incredibly easy to transfer all my information from my previous EVO, almost like I never switched phones.
-The structural design is smarter, when you set it down it doesn't scratch the hell out of the camera lens like the last one did.

-The multi tasking is terrible, want to reload the web page you were just looking at two seconds ago because you sent a text message? This is a common problem for me for almost any application and is incredibly irritating.
-The 3G antenna is sub par in my experience. In places that I get 5 bars of cell service I constantly have data connection issues and am unable to load up the simplest things.
-Can't change the battery out so if you're away for a long period of time you'll need to bring your charger.

All in all it's an ok phone, but I don't feel it is worth the price I paid for it.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on July 1, 2012
Phone is a great upgrade from the first Evo.


Camera - Is notably better than old Evo, image noise is less with ISO, low light is much better (even in auto flash, it chooses no flash a surprising number of times), less blur. Video is significantly better, again less noise, better frame rate, better resolution, looks better than early point and shoot HD cameras. No disappointments considering the size of the tiny sensor.

Speed - It takes a lot to try and slow it down, current software and apps pose no challenge for speed, no lagging.

Screen - HD! Plays HD videos from youtube or your camera videos without hesitation. Color is great, fingerprints seem to not be as big of a problem with this screen and I have a dirty hands often. Did I say the screen is nice?

Build - Is much thinner, and lighter vs. old Evo, but much more buttoned down. Loose flimsy cover of the old one no more, the rear panel is tight and firm like a non removable piece of the phone, only removed to access SD card slot. Opening over camera does not have a separate lens to protect like I initially thought, when you pop the cover, its just a hole, and the camera and tiny lens are left. Quality overall is improved several notches. Kick stand is very firm, no accidental closing is going to happen.

Hack-ability - There is currently no trouble rooting this phone, using the HTC available route, or other. Roms are abundant already, and plenty of developers are working on it.

Functionally everything works smoothly, it feels like a finished product


LTE isn't here yet. Option to disable LTE radio for battery is kind of buried a little.

Google wallet is currently not functioning. Waiting for it to be enabled.

Update: 7/11/12 htc update fixed Google wallet for real this time, currently uses a Google prepaid card that gives you $10, or a citi Mastercard, which I don't have. But it's fixed.

Update: 8/1/12 Google wallet update has allowed all major credit cards to be used, not just the one citi card. In fact, a card I had used through google payments before and had saved was already loaded for me to set as the primary card.

WTH is the deal with landscape everywhere but home screen? Launcher replacement or Root options are the only remedy so far.

Coming from rooted Evo to non rooted Evo LTE is a little frustrating, and tempting to break this one in early. Mainly the non-uninstallable programs bother me, as well as tether, and any access to system files. Bright side -- you do have the option to disable apps in the details, after uninstalling any updates, there is a button to disable, no more bothering for updates and they don't load up or show in drawer.

Speaking of drawer, I miss the scrolling app drawer, and instead have horizontal pages. Not a fan.

You need to install a SD card to see the disk drive option show up in the usb menu. Transferring to internal storage is extremely slow for some reason.

The phone is slippery, that beautiful aluminum ring, combined with being very light, makes one handed holding frustratingly droppy. A cover is now installed, and makes a big difference.

I miss the search button, and lesser so the menu button. But really the search button. Not sure why ICS phones are going this route. Don't get the point. Now have a shortcut to search on home page, or you can use the search widget, Hey Google - not as good. And someone was not paying attention when they put the home button directly below the spacebar, nothing like typing a message or mail and repeatedly hitting home button. Would be nice to disable the home button when text boxes are active.

But gripes aside, do love the phone. A worthy piece of technology even in overly critical hands.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on July 9, 2012
On the surface, this phone is well worth the price out of the box (as is the case for my wife), but me being the techy I am I couldn't wait to root and install a custom ROM on this phone. I have a 64gb memory card installed, movies, music and comic books (nerd paradise). I am also able to use my IP sniffer, as well as a cadre of networking tools from this phone. I was able to shoot, edit and add music (all on the phone) on video complete with titling sequence. The addition of an HDMI cabling further add value to this device. I know there are those who will compare this to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but if you're going to do that, really do a side by side comparison (or end up paying a restock fee, lol). This phone is great...funny, I haven't even mentioned the phone functions yet. Excellent call quality and this is all still on a 3G network (4G to be installed in 1st/2nd quarter of 2013). Video calling is great with the software correct feature. I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!!
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