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on June 27, 2012
OK this is really easy. If you are ready for an upgrade because you were like me and had an EVO 4G. It is coming on your 24th month or you have waited to see what is next. Which is so cool because you have been drooling to get a new phone. If you are good with Sprint in your area, which is always so important. Do not wait. This phone is such an awesome upgrade. You are waiting for no reason. You have to make the jump sometime. This EVO is everything you wanted the first one to be. No more low memory. I was worried about the battery but this is a totally different league. One bad. This phone is so thin and light that I lose it in my pocket. LOL. It is a no brainer. 3G is quicker and everything seems instantaneous or so much faster than before. I rarely used 4G WiMax on my EVO 4G so no LTE for now is cool. I have been so tempted to go to Verizon, but I like the idea of unlimited data. The phone feels solid and everything is so much better than before. Take the jump. You deserve it.
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on June 10, 2013
I had the HTC Evo 4G before, and that was an amazing phone. I dropped it in water so many times that I eventually stopped worrying when it happend - it dried out just fine with the battery removed. I dropped it on the ground countless times. (Okay, I'm clumsy.) It even survived being run over by a car at a gas station. Some kinda flattened plastic, a few deep scratches, but the screen didn't even shatter. EVENTUALLY I was playing with my dog and the phone flew out of my pocket and landed screen first on a pointy chunk of gravel, so the screen cracked. Phone STILL worked fine, and I got a replacement screen off of Amazon pretty cheaply, which was easy enough to replace myself. Etc etc etc, I LOVED that phone.

I got this new phone (the HTC Evo 4G LTE) over a year ago. The metal band around the edges makes the thing ridiculously slippery - I dropped it within about 5 seconds of taking it out of the box. The metal dented, and so I immediately bought a huge, clunky rubber case for it. The phone looks silly, but at least it's "safe". I have been extra careful with it around water, since I can't take out the battery - so far, no accidents.

As far as how well the phone works... It gets really bad service even in NYC, somehow. Sometimes it randomly restarts. Even when new, it had a bunch of random minor glitches. It deleted my voicemails even when I pressed "9" for save (repeatedly.) It went two months without notifying me of new voicemails. It would get stuck with the ringer volume on mute, and pressing the volume up button would make the volume scale appear on the screen, but not go "up". It frequently loses data connectivity even in good service areas. Etc. Etc. Etc. It is a piece of ****.

But the camera on it is pretty good, I guess?
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on October 23, 2014
After a month + twenty days, I have not been able to use the rear loud speaker ringer successfully. I just can hear people when speaking on a call, but they can not hear me even when trying to speak as loud as I can... plus, I can not record video sound with this great 1080p cam-corder because as you know, it recollects the record sound around by using the same rear loud speaker ringer I can not either use my headphone jacks because the music stops playing constantly. The phone came as described... except for the hardware damages I have given mention to. It is frustrating
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on March 31, 2013
I am a heavy smartphone user and use my phone for business, games, watching Netflix, and photos and video. My previous phone was the EVO 4G which was great at the time it came out. But, with new technologies, the phone was too slow to keep up. Enter the HTC EVO 4G LTE.
I chose the white version with brushed aluminum trim. This phone is everything I ever hoped for. Besides being beautiful, thin and light, it is super speedy, easy to use and works well in all mediums. My test drive included set up of phone, transfer of contacts, video, still photos while video recording, Skype use, games, downloading apps, battery life, music listening, and managing Facebook and Dropbox accounts on the fly.
My results are;
Transferring contacts and setup - I have never had a phone set up this easily. I signed in to my accounts (Kindle, Kobo, GMail) and they synched instantly. Transferring contacts, pictures and other content was as simple as pairing the 4G LTE with my old phone via bluetooth and Viola! everything transferred. Pictures, music, voice recorded notes, voicemail saved, Everything.
Downloading and installing apps - After signing in to Google Play, I just chose the apps I wanted installed and clicked install. I did not have to wait for one to finish, I selected all I wanted to install and the installation was seamless. The same process worked with my Amazon app store apps. This phone multi-tasks like a dream.
Video and photo - The camera is a make or break deal in my smartphone purchases. If the camera is not great, I won't buy it. The EVO 4G LTE excels in the camera area. The video is crystal clear and easy to use. You can take rapid still shots while in video mode and both the stills and video are crisp. Taking the stills is as simple as lightly touching the on-screen button as fast as you need. I have no use for a digital point and shoot, this phone completely replaces it. If you take a lot of photos with your phone, this is the phone for you.
Skype - Video calling is crisp and clear on this phone. You can see and hear well without stuttering unless you move around a lot.
Games - Angry Birds Star Wars, Bad Piggies and Solitare all played smoothly with no errors and paused when calls came in.
Music - Ah, music. Accessing and playing music is a dream on this phone. The music plays well through the speakers or bluetooth headphones. Beats Audio produces excellent sound and the battery life makes using this as a music player practical.
Facebook and Dropbox integration - The free Dropbox account synchs your photos automatically and is great for backing up your pics. Facebook picks up easily when you sign in and there is now a page manager that lets you post and respond on your business pages.
Battery life - Battery life on the EVO 4G LTE is great. It lasted through an entire day (9 am to midnight) of music listening, phone talk time, Angry Birds and checking FB and GMail. All while connected to my bluetooth headphones. During this test, I ran the music anytime I was not talking or playing games. The only function that uses excessive battery power is video calling. I would say we have a winner.
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on June 23, 2013
I purchased this phone with an upgrade from Sprint and love it. I had the original EVO 4G and really liked everything about it. I found Amazon offering the newest EVO LTE for $.01 with a contract extension. I could not pass up an EVO for that price. I have used it for almost a week now and really love it. It is very similar to the original EVO, but much lighter and faster. The non-removable battery worried me, but I have found that it lasts all day with fairly heavy usage (texting, talking, Facebook, and Slingbox viewing). I would absolutely recommend this phone for the price offered at Amazon.
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on May 29, 2013
One of the things that first really drew me to HTC was the obvious quality of the EVO 4G. I'm a former engineer with Motorola's PPG, MSPG and Mobility and have a certain amount of contempt for products that I can tell wouldn't have passed muster on our lines or in our R&D.

I loved nearly everything about the Evo 4G.

The screen was larger than just about anything out there, the OS was intuitive the display was bright and crisp, the CPU was quite fast, it had lots of fun little features that were lacking in competitive products (like the kickstand) and the thing was solid. Just holding it in your hand, you could tell that it was put together well. (If you used an extended battery, with it's added heft, that feeling was even stronger.) I loved it; my only complaint being that the 4G coverage was very sketchy in my area.

When the Evo 3D came out, I decided to upgrade. The 3D photos and video are a pretty neat feature, but are fairly inconsequential as you must view them on the phone's screen (or a 3D HDTV, I assume - I haven't tried). The kickstand was gone, the sound didn't seem quite as good but most importantly, it just didn't feel like it was built as well. You could feel the phone flexing in your hand when you handled it or used the physical buttons, and from dat one, the display seemed to flicker when certain colors were displayed. I gave it to my wife, who likes it more than her Blackberry but she still complains about the display being flaky. It also cuts out from time to time, requiring the power on button to bring it back to life. (If it's a screensaver timeout, it occasionally fails to recognize touchscreen activity, as it will cut out as she's typing).

I went back to my beloved Evo 4G.

Then the 4G LTE was announced. It was bigger, thinner and faster than my old Evo, still had all of the features I'd loved about the old one and also had a camera shutter button (with continuous shooting, which takes a multitude of photos in quick succession when you hold the button down, so you can pick the best one for action shots)... *and* it used LTE (which has greater saturation in our area than Sprint 4G did). I got one of the first ones.

The feature-set was remarkable. I was a little concerned about the onboard battery (it is not removable as it is in the other HTC phones). I was used to keeping a battery on the charger and swapping them out, but otherwise loved everything about the new LTE. The Beats Audio sound was impressive, and although it wasn't as good as most purpose-built digital cameras, the 8 megapixel in the 4G LTE was VERY nice.

It would be the perfect upgrade to the Evo 4G were it not for that build quality and the onboard battery.

The screen flickered from time to time (I realized that it was tied to certain apps I'd run, like the Android Store, but have not come up with any reason why an app would be tied to screen flicker). The onboard battery became problematic in a way I hadn't thought of when I first got the phone: With the old Evo 4G, every once in a while, it would lock in such a way that a quick reboot, by pulling the battery and putting it back was necessary. You can't do this when the battery is built into the phone. There are a number of ways that HTC has worked around this, by performing a power reset or clean with key combinations or holding the pwer down for an extended time, but there is still no way to hard-cut the power to the phone. About 10 months after purchasing the phone it was sitting next to my desk charging and it went dead, powering up and resetting did nothing and a quick search on the forums led me to believe that this was a common defect. I sent it in as it was still under warranty.

Unfortunately, I'm told that the reason that the phone won't power up is that the case and/or screen is damaged and that neither is covered under warranty, and that repair will be $220.

It may seem like sour grapes to give a bad rating after a declined warranty repair, but I do case and screen repairs for friends with broken phones all the time. Screens tend to cost in the neighborhood of $3.00 and cases about the same. The case/screen (which were not broken when I sent the phone in) would not have prevented the phone from charging or powering on, but replacement with labor should not be more than $80. Pending an explanation from the service department as to the reason that there is no response from the charging light when connected to power I plan on having the phone sent back to me for an autopsy to determine exactly what the issue is while I continue to use my old, dependable, bulletproof Evo 4G.

...and I think I'll try a new manufacturer when it's time to upgrade. The thinner phone and faster processor are not worth the ability to reboot the phone and to buy a new battery when the original starts having trouble holding a charge, and suspect build quality is a deal-breaker when the warranty service department seems to be a profit-generating arm of the company.
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on November 8, 2012
Use caution here. I've had my HTC EVO just 33 days. Today it just simply died. Made a call it had 3/4 charge and 30 minutes later it's just dead. No lights even on the wall charger.

Apparently this is not an uncommon problem. A search on "htc evo lte just died" turns up 310,000 hits. So I'm not alone. This very common problem is also known as the HTC "Black Screen of Death" or the BSOD.

I took it to the Sprint store and they said they didn't know what was wrong. Replacement will cost $38 even though it's still in manufacturers warranty. Sprint does not honor them without purchase of additional 'protection plan'.

Faulty product, poor service.

David Kumhyr
Austin TX
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on December 12, 2012
I have been using HTC phones, since the first EVO. Every update brings great improvements over the last. The HTC EVO LTE 4G is no exception.

Great feel in your hand. Feels solid and comfortable, not bulky ( and I have little hands).

Fast, very quick and responsive.

Great screen. When I turned the brightness up, couldn't really see much of a difference between by boyfriend's iphone 5. It comes with automatic brightness, which I assume is to save the battery life. Also love the size, my eyes are not what they use to be. I can barely see my daughter's screen on her iphone.

Improved battery life. I can go all day and into the evening. Actually don't put in on charger till I go to bed. My phone usage consists of bluetooth my music in car to and from work. Listen to music at work. Texting quite a bit, checking email, playing wordfued all day and of course a number of calls throughout the day, some longer than others. One thing to note however, some of the assistance apps ( similar to Siri ) tend to shorten the battery life.

Cool little features, like if you are talking and lay phone with screen down it automatically turns on speaker phone, and when you pick it up turns speaker phone off. Of course, the kickstand is back ( I actually use it).

Camera is great, tons of features love the fast shutter so you can pick the best one, especially with people that its hard to catch them smiling. Does the cropping, editing , panoramic, effects, etc.

Beats Audio is kinda of cool. I see it as more of a gimmick though. Some say if you get actual Beats headphones you can hear the difference. No big deal for me sounds fine as it is.

Don't have 4G in my area, so that part is kinda of useless to me, unless I'm out of town.

HTC Sense, I personally hate it. The good thing is you can get batter Launchers, like Go Launcher is my favorite.

I've had mine for a few months now and don't really have any major complaints. I got a case, dropped it a few times, no issues. I actually took the screen protector off ( didn't like how it dulled the screen), and have dropped it after that and screen was fine.

I was going to get the galaxy, but I like to do the opposite of what everyone else is. I don't regret my choice.I love it when people ask me, ohh what kinda of phone is that.

Great phone, if you want something different.

Update: I've had the phone for almost 6 months now and I added a extra star. After all my various apps and stuff running, has not crashed, locked up, involuntarily rebooted or slowed down in anyway. I've even dropped quite a few more times, still no screen crack without a screen protector. The best part is my battery life is still really good. Checked it with my boyfriends iphone 5 ( which I consider the iphones to have the best battery life ) and it appeared just as good. I actually do more on my phone daily then he does. Now I did not do a minute by minute comparison, just checked at the beginning of day, and then checked at the end of day between the two phones. So in summary hardware: excellent OS: Jellybean is the best version yet of android, as it should be since it the latest = awesome phone.

Wait to be fair there are a few complaints I have. 1. The volume toggle is in a bad position for me, find myself accidentally bringing it all the way up or down, because that is where I hold the phone 2. I turn the media volume all the way up for the bluetooth in my car. Unfortunately, when I decide to listen to music on phone with my headphones it blows my ears out if I forget to turn it down first. Now I'm not sure if this is something I can set somewhere to change that ( haven't found a setting yet), but if not they really need to make it automatically drop the volume down when headphones are attached. However, both quirks don't change my opinion of phone, can't be perfect.
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on April 27, 2013
I can't 100% give a review on this phone as I bought it for my step-daughter and she's in FL. Although she's really happy with it. I did play with the phone a bit before I sent it to her, putting apps on it and such. This was the first HTC phone I've ever interacted with and I was impressed. The phone was really responsive and the display very clear. The camera took descent photos as well. It was very comparable to my Galaxy S2.
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on April 6, 2016
I needed an unlocked Sprint phone for Kajeet service. I like Kajeet for my kid because he can only call or text me or my husband and a few other numbers we allow like grandma. I chose this phone because it was the cheapest Sprint phone I could find. I bought it for price. I was very happy with the shipment. I liked that they included a checklist of what they did and a CD of the manual although I didn't use it. The mini USB cable it came with didn't fit into the phone but I had another so I was able to charge the phone and the USB to plug adapter works good. What I was not so happy with was getting this phone cleared and activated with Kajeet. The phone had the prior owner's number and email. I had to figure out through the internet how to hard reset this device. Then I needed to wait to contact Kajeet's customer service to get the unlock code in order to activate the phone on Kajeet. It took a few hours, a few screams and a few other choice words but I am very happy with this phone. The phone is an android phone, the first in my family. It took a little bit to get used to since my husband and I use iPhones and I sure wasn't going to buy this kid an iphone. The texts and calls and sound are great. Battery life is ok but I haven't played with it enough to ensure it doesn't drain on me. So far it's good. It has what I need. I don't know about internet. Camera is ok. It fit my uses but it would have been best to have that phone completely cleared with a hard reset before sending it to me. Thanks for the great service and the good working item. It is still working now since I got it in February.
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