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on February 22, 2013
The item as described, claims to be an LT28i, but none of the sellers that are using Amazon to fulfill the item are actually selling an LT28i. What is being shipped is a left over AT&T phone that is an older model and the package is being opened so that the phone can be unlocked. The phone is then being put back into the same AT&T packaging and then sent as a NEW Factory Unlocked LT28i. The box even has a sticker that is not factory but then states that the item is a new LT28i. The factory seals are broken and all of the paperwork with the phone even states that it is an LT28at and the AT&T logo is still on the phone. For those not in the know the LT28at was made specifically for AT&T for sale in the US and uses the frequency bands for their coverage. A LT28i has a different frequency that should, according to other reviewers, allow it to also work on US's T-mobile and other carriers 3G frequencies in some parts of the world. Just by unlocking it (even if it was done at the factory which I doubt) does not change the radio receivers hardware used to send and receive calls and data.
I suspected that this might be the case as some reviewers were stating that they were receiving an AT&T phone so I sent e-mails to five sellers who were offering this phone close to or just below the three hundred dollar amount, asking if this was actually an LT28i, or an LT28h or an LT28at (all have some frequency differences, and I stated that I wanted a LT28i) and most of them are also listed as using Amazon to fulfill the order. I received a reply from one of them stating that they knew the phone was an unlocked LT28at AT&T phone. I received another reply stating that they had just run out of the actual LT28i the night before but still had the LT28at (although 3days later they are still listed as sellers having phones in stock but not stating it's an LT28at). There was one seller that did take his listing off of Amazon after replying that he too didn't actually have the LT28i in stock. Another never replied but their listing was removed shortly after my e-mail to them. The last one never replied but was nice enough to leave their phone number in their sellers page and in their description they even stated that they were proud of their accurate descriptions (HA!). I called them and they said not to worry about the picture or other reviews and that the item was exactly as described, so I ordered from them. Obviously there are several sellers marketing there LT28at's and marking them off to a reasonable price but knowingly listing them with the wrong description. If you look at some of the other sellers under this listing there are some who do state that their item is the AT&T phone and others state that the phone is the LT28i and is shipped from Japan but those are at a much higher price tag (guess you get what you pay for, see my pics).
If you are planning on using the phone on AT&T then none of this would matter to you but if you are specifically looking for a phone with that 1700 frequency then you need to expect to pay more. I'm glad it was fulfilled by Amazon as it's not what I was wanting and expect to have no problems with the return.

Update 25February2013: As expected I had no problems with the return as it was shipped by Amazon. I was still trying to get an Actual LT28i at this price and used my significant others Amazon account to again e-mail the sellers and all but one of the sellers at the $300ish price point admitted that they indeed only had the LT28at. The last one who apparently specializes in tablets but not returning e-mails is the one I bought from last time and I already knew what I got last time and it was not the LT28i, just an LT28at that was unlocked (see Pics). Like I said once before, if you are going to use AT&T or don't mind not having the 1700hsdpa band then this listing will work for you and it may have worked in the past for a true LT28i but without going over the $450 mark I don't think you will get a true LT28i anymore. By the way there is another listing on Amazon for about $350 for a LT28h which does have the 1700hsdpa band but not the LTE bands. The other listing for a LT28i that is around $350 is also from one of the sellers who e-mailed me back and stated that that one too is really an LT28at.

Update 3March2013: Sorry to give a bad recommendation. The LT28h I recommended in my last update that was listed for #350, came as an LT28at also, but get this, the box claimed it was an LT28i. I am either thinking that many of the sellers either don't know the diference between the Xperia Ion versions or they assume that the Buyers won't know the difference. See the running comments to this review.

Update 17March2013: Finally success (thanks New Generation Products (CellGSM)). After at least 30 emails to various sellers I was able to find the right phone I was after. If you notice when you look at the different sellers under this listing in the buying options you will see that there are a bunch selling for around $300 and then a bunch selling for closer to $500. I emailed all of them and found that all of the cheaper ones are selling the AT&T branded phone that is usually unlocked. The higher priced ones do usually seem to be the right one however. As I have been fairly involved with this listing and review (see comments button below), I have noticed that the prices from the different sellers fluctuate on an almost daily basis and was able to get one for $400 but as it was their next to last one they raised their price the same afternoon. After waiting for a week for it to be delivered, I was elated to finally see a Sony box, with a factory seal, an UnBranded LT28i phone inside, with a Sony Experia charger (had U.S. plug by the way which I didn't expect), and had the Sony brand ear bud headphones with microphone in the cord. It did come with all of the bands that I have previously written about including the 1700 hsdpa band and I do get T-mobiles 3G network and should be able to get AT&T's and T-mobiles LTE networks once they are available in my area. I am still disapointed that I couldn't get this phone for the $300 I was hoping for but I do finally have the phone I wanted.
I'm not going to do an extensive review of the phone itself but will say that the reviewers saying the battery is a disappointment are correct. Of course I have been playing with and setting up my phone for the last few days but have had to recharge overnight and mid day to make it last. It should be enough once I am over this initial setup period but I'm sure a bigger battery would have also added more weight to I guess it was a trade off. The camera is awesome for a phone and I am comparing to a Nokia Lumia 900 that my spouse has and my older phones. I know the resolution is better on this phone but the focusing and brightness of the pictures is what I was comparing. This is my first Android phone and it is I giant step up from what I had. It started updating from Gingerbread to ICS within seconds of giving it a password to my Wifi. No Jellybean yet but I don't know much about that upgrade to know what the difference will be (I do prefer the Windowsphone OS on the Lumia better, but the apps are still better here). Hope all this helps someone and as said before if you want to use this phone only on AT&T's networks then this review hardly applies to you but, the listing is for an LT28i International version and not an LT28at unlocked for international use so I thought everyone should know the issue and I am still leaving this review rating for the listing a 1 star because of those issues although the phone itself that I now have is more of a 4 or 5 star phone.

Last Update 30May2013, Battery life is not bad now that I am not constantly playing on it. It can now show 80% or more at the end of the day if I only use if sparingly (remember it has a huge screen but I also don't have a fakebook account so I don't have to be constantly on it and I can walk and look where I'm going). I have gotten several compliments on the resolution of the screen and the quality of the video and the pictures. The USB/HDMI cover that does look like it should break off, I am happy to report is alot stronger than I thought it would be and currently doesn't show any sign of wear. I love this phone. I also see that there are still people buying this phone from the cheap sellers and are still getting the LT28at instead of the LT28i, and yes my true LT28i does work great on T-mo's 3g and 4g networks.
review image review image
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on May 27, 2013
I ordered this unlocked version of LT28i from the seller 'Extra Virgin Tech Products' so that I could use it on T-mobile. What I got was LT28AT in a battered AT&T packaging. Phone was unlocked and it worked for calls when the SIM was inserted. But the data would not work. When I took it to T-mobile store, they asked me to put in the Access Point Names, still no luck. When I got in touch with Sony Customer Service, they told me to update the phone and did not guarantee that it'll work with 4G because LT28AT is exclusively made for AT&T. The LT28i or LT28H might work on 4G with T-mobile. Since LT28i is what it says on website but they send LT28AT I had to send this back to Amazon. Since the purchase was backed by Amazon, their awesome customer service took care of return shipping.
I didn't get chance to use the phone that much, but here are my first impressions. 4.6" screen is awesome and great touch responsive. The soft buttons have the problem of non-illumination of the icons, but the horizontal line under the icons; but you could get used to them if you have used Android phone before. The keyboard customizations are good and so is predictive typing like "Swype". Camera quality is good and pictures come out nice in daytime. In night time and low light, the pictures are noisy, but same is true with other $500 phones like Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC one X. Voice clarity was clear, although I didn't use the speakerphone. To sum it up, if you're AT&T customer and would like to stay with them, this is a great choice if you don't wish to shell out extra money for the Galaxies and Ones. If you are looking for a phone for T-mobile because they have better plans and they don't sell subsidized devices, this version (LT28AT) is not good for you.
I have rated 3 stars because the phone and Amazon customer service was good, seller packaging was bad and the description on website is misleading.
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on February 27, 2013
The product sold is unlocked version of LT28AT and not LT28I(I stands for international version).
So this does not comes with original sony boxy but AT&T box.I bought the phone from PhoneMax.
LT28I comes in Sony box which will have a earphone and hdmmi cable which AT&T version does not have.But the radio frequenecy is almost similar compared to LT28I (picture attached).You can see the radio frequency by dialling *#*#7378423#*#* and looking into Service Info>configuration

Now coming to phone ,it was unlocked as mentioned as my friend's T mobile sim worked without any problem.
For AT&T customers you may need to add the Access Point Network(APN) manually
in order to get 4G network for a pre paid plan.Call center guys said its not possible to get a internet connection for 4G phones without a contract.but that was not correct as it worked for me by buying data plan and adding the APN manually.

Now the phone battery drains out in a day provided its not in stand by mode for a long time. if you have turned your internet connection all the time it drains more quickly.Also the back panel gets heated up which is not a good sign.Incoming call quality is okay sort and if you are expecting high volume ,you may be disappointed.The small button to unlock is not that comfortable to press.

Coming to positive , Display is superb and so do the camera.Loved the pan mode camera so that i can take pcitures wide angle around 180 degree.Processor is good enough for phone for all functions,games,android apps. GPS capturing with GLONASSS is quicker.I am going to keep this phone as with this price i think its a good buy.
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on December 31, 2012
This is a great phone for people looking for a high end device without costing quite as much as others. I use the phone mainly for navigation, phone calls, text messaging, camera, and as a MP3 player. I bought the unlocked international version and it works perfectly with my AT&T mini sim card that I cut to make a micro sim.

- fast
- beautiful screen
- good audio quality from external speaker
- excellent storage capacity (~12 gb internal + sd card slot)
- mine came with android ICS out of the box
- battery is good for my uses
- great hardware quality
- camera is awesome in my opinion (contrary to professional reviews)

- some random shut offs (very rare)
- the flap that covers the micro usb & hdmi port gets loose over time
- for some reason phone call volume seems a little lower than I'm used to - could just be my perception though

Overall, I really like the phone and would recommend it to anyone wanting a low cost high end phone. I took off one star because of that flap being a little loose - it just annoys me.
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on July 9, 2012
I just got this phone as a replacement for my xperia x10 a few days ago and it is great. It came as described new in box with everything. There was no hassle with seller and he seemed more reliable than other sellers with under 30 reviews.

dual core 1.5 ghz cpu
large HD 4.6 in screen
Light sleek design
great Exmor 12 mp camera

Phone lasts about a day and a half to two days with moderate use

Still on gingerbread 2.3.7
Bottom keys below the screen are not as responsive as I would like ( probably since I'm used to the x10 button keys) nothing to big
PSM or Playstation Play Is not supported yet might be because this is the international version and I'm using T mobile in California or its still too new?
*** Uses Micro Sim I had to change my sim to micro ***
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on September 30, 2013
i have seen a friend of mine use the phone and its ok though you should try and be making a more quicker delivery of the product to the recipient for this will make your market to be reliable and efficient at all times,therby increasing prfitability.think about it from my point of view and how can i be an AMAZON partner AND MARKET YOUR PRODUCTS AT THE SAME TIME,SINCE AN amazon OUTLET WOULD DO WELL IN SOME PARTS OF AFRICAN COUNTRIES NAMELY Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,Burundi,Rwanda,Botswana,South Africa,.think about this and send your people to come do a survey and iwill be more than willing to see this chain of stores operate in Africa.
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on January 21, 2013
This device has traveled around the world with me, giving little or no problem. Slip in the chip and the phone is running right away.
The camera is packed with features and I got much better results than some reviews suggest, particularly in fading light.
Video quality is superb.
The Walkman is a . . . walkman. Nice interface, good sound range.

Battery life is as low as widely reported, my experience is about 9 hours with walkman, camera, texting apps and browser used quite heavily. A removable battery would be ideal.
The power button is unresponsive about 1 time in 20.
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on November 20, 2015
It is working, and fast too.
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on June 21, 2013
I bought the Xperia ION LT28i and sent me the Xperia ION LT28a. The Xperia ION LT28i, supports 3G and LTE network offered by my carrier in Venezuela, but not the LT28a, that was the phone I received. The phone connection is faulty due to network incompatibility. The phone features offered are different from the features of the phone that I have received. The box even has a sticker that is not factory but then states that the item is a new LT28i.
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on March 14, 2013
Phone had scratches inside the cover, box was oily (poor storage), highly DIY printed owners manual. Very not-factory packed. Screen was dirty even with the cheap "screen protector".

Item is merched as the LT28i but item delivered is LT28at. I'm not the only one. Theres multiple reviews of the same type where other dissatisfied customers received an LT28at instead of the LT28i they ordered.
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