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on April 9, 2013
Update April 14, 2013: I still love the phone, but not as much. I compare it to loving someone with something incurable, because you feel limited in the amount of love you can give it. In this case, the something incurable is the data/wifi coverage. It doesn't pick up my wifi signal strongly enough, even my disconnected phone still picks up my wifi and I use that for the internet when I can. The 4G? You can forget about it, because you'll drain the battery even faster as it searches for it. The 3G? We all know it's slow and also a battery eater, but most times I have to click on a link a few times just for the page to load. I get a lot of problem loading page errors. I have all of my bars too btw. Then the phone overheats. I've called Sprint and they did "refreshes" but I think that is about as useful as the button you push to cross the street, it's more of a feel good that someone is attempting to do something than the issue being resolved. I still have time and I'm glad I ran into these problems early enough I can send the phone back in hopes that I do not get a worse phone. Same model of course. Another issue is the video quality. Beautiful. But I can't send those (unless I bluetooth it) because a 30 sec video will be 35MB!! I tried the MMS friendly video captures, but they're horrible. Video quality of the first video phone. I just don't get it. And for these issues, I bring the rating from a 4 star to a 3 star. I'm not happy.

...the battery life sucks for it to be a high end phone. It overheats just from browsing the internet more than 10 minutes and with moderate use my battery will take me through the day. It's not terrible, but I feel like I am limited in how much I can use my phone as I was with my Samsung Replenish. Sometimes pictures do take a while to come through if I'm not actively on my phone.

Other than that, the phone is awesome. Simple to use, I like being able to disable all the crap I don't use that came with the phone. Picture/video quality is amazing. No reception issues. It may scratch easily, but the phone itself is durable. Though I am iffy about the battery back after a year of taking it on and off, it's flimsy. Overall, great phone and not at all complicated. Oh and I got it in like two days.
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on April 12, 2014
I got this phone in May of 2013 and it came in and worked okay. 60 days later the charger no longer worked. 120 days later the charge port had become detached from the motherboard and would not charge anymore. I had to buy an external charger with 3 extra replacement batteries. 180 days later the phone would not power on anymore. I sent the phone to Samsung because it was still covered under the 1 year warranty and they repaired it. It took 2 weeks to get it back but it was better than paying $150 on top of what I already paid a month for insurance. I asked Samsung if they had a known defect or recall on the charge port and they said no but being as though I used to work for Asurion and 53% of the phones that needed to be replaced were SIII's and II's I know this was a lie. I would recommend this phone BUT with caution as these devices are not problem free and may start messing up on you BEFORE 90 days. So be prepared in the event that they do.
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on April 28, 2013
As someone who never used his old phone that much, actually hardly at all I wasn't sure why I wanted to upgrade to a newer model. Honestly it took me months of debating with myself before before I finally made the decision to purchase this phone. And because I was an existing Sprint customer I was able to buy it from Amazon at a great price. I thought the phone would be hard to learn, it wasn't. I thought it would be confusing, not at all. Now that I own it you can bet I'm using it on a daily basis. One of the best uses I have for it personally is when I'm sitting in the doctors waiting room ( I have four doctors) and instead of thumbing through the magazines I can now use my phone to keep myself entertained. Even when I'm called into the examining room, where as we all know you spend another fifteen minutes or so of waiting I still use my phone for games until the doc finally walks in. The built cameras are very nice and easy to work as is every other function of this phone. Sure my monthly bill is more now but like every thing else you have to pay for what you want. And if you want a new phone then get this one and use it for your own reasons just as I do with mine.
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on July 31, 2015
TaylorWireless delivered three days before the target date, and the phone (a Samsung Galaxy III) was in better shape than the "conservative" rating on the site. As far as wear goes, it looks to be in much better condition than I expected. So far, I see no difference between it and the BRAND NEW one I received (included in an expensive 2-year contract) two years ago. There were no noticeable scratches on the screen, which is all I'm concerned with. My point is, it is an excellent device in perfect working order, packed efficiently along with a strong battery, wall and car chargers. I couldn't be happier. This was to replace a stolen company iPhone, which was on my dime, so I found a good replacement for a fraction the cost of a new device. Thank you, TaylorWireless! I will recommend to others when their phones break or are stolen, for sure.
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on July 8, 2013
I have only had this phone for a few days, but so far, I really like it. I upgraded from an evo shift, and was very hesitant to do so - I just really did not want to give up my physical qwerty keyboard. I agonized over the decision, but there just wasn't a great smartphone with Sprint with a physical keyboard that got really good reviews. So.. because the price of the upgrade was soooo cheap via Amazon, I decided to take the plunge.

I do miss my keyboard, but i am adjusting my easier and faster than I thought I would. Using Swype is a huge help, and I am also finding that I am using the voice-to-text feature some, too. I don't think the lack of a keyboard is going to be as big of a deal as I thought it would be.

Another one of my hesitations about upgrading, though, was a concern about the size of the phone. I have small hands, and I rarely carry a purse, so I was worried about being able to fit it easily in my pocket and/or it feeling comfortable in my hand(s). I am hoping I will adjust to this as well, but it is definitely hard to hold the phone with one hand and do anything with it with just one hand. My hands are just too small for my thumb to reach across the wide screen easily. I think I will get used to this and figure out a way to hold and use it better one-handed, but so far, this is my biggest complaint. I know the trend is for larger and larger screens on phones, but gee whiz... i don't want to carry around a tablet.

Overall, it's a fantastic phone with lots of neat features (most of which I will probably never use!), and it's definitely a huge upgrade from my evo shift. If I can adjust to it being so much bigger, I will love it. For now, I just really like it. And I am super-happy I didn't have to pay the $100 upgrade price at Sprint or even the current $50 upgrade price at Best Buy.

Edited to add: Forgot to mention that one of the main reasons I narrowed down my choices to THIS particular phone was because of the removeable battery - the HTC One nor the LG had that, and I want the option to do a battery reset and to have a replacement battery if/when I need it.
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on August 9, 2013
The phone has a lot of good software making it an excellent phone compared to the others I have had. The only complaint I have is that mine runs very warm, almost hot, almost all the time. The screen is amazing, it is fast with most applications, and it rarely crashes compared to other designs I have had. I have recently used the Nexus S, Photon 4G, and Evo 3d - I would rate this phone much higher than the others. The battery is not able to run a full day for us (my wife and I both have the S3) due to the fact we like to play movies and games on it instead of the computer for ease of moving around - but if we did not use it for so much that was screen intensive it would last a lot longer.

I would definitely recommend it to someone else and will try to stay in the series with the next upgrade in 2 years.
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on January 6, 2016
I'm still using this phone almost 3 years later. I haven't had a need for a new one. I got a 32gb sd card and that's all I needed to extend the phone's capacity. I've broken the screen a couple of times but it's a simple self fix and I just ordered a new screen (for about $3-$5 each) each time I broke it and replaced it myself. Truly a great phone. A great value.
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on August 18, 2014
Samsung builds great hardware, and modern Android (Jellybean) is a great OS. It's too bad Samsung can't just let them be happy together and insists on polluting the mix with Touchwiz and a lot of cruddy extra programs that can't be deleted without hacking your own phone. When I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile I got the Moto G, which is a comparable phone but much cheaper and without LTE. But the Moto G (and Moto X and Moto E and Nexus phones) come with pure, unadulterated Android.
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on February 24, 2014
Never bought a plan online or over amazon before.... but it was very simple and there are NO HASSELS...
price: was 10, it was a penny
ship: an 7-8 was pretty quick but NOT crazy its here already fast. I did get before christmas for those who buy as gifts
looks: 7.. blue is nice shiny and not bright but i would have prefered Black... your only going to cover it with a case anyway
Phone itself: was straight foward out of the box, ready and able to call, text and play games

battery life is pretty long but if your on the phone all day long and never take it away from your ear, good luck it wont last
I have movies on it, for hospital and doctors, battery life is fine for one full HD movie plus phone calls

Computer hookup is idiot proof....just plug and play

have one issue with receiving Group texting, but that was one person and its still undertemined if its the phone or not

would buy a PLAN & This phone again
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on December 2, 2013
Very overrated. Of course I received a defective phone, as determined by the Samsung service technician. This after only using it for 3 days and the best they would do was to repair and resend it to me. Thank goodness for Amazon who took it back and issues a credit, no questions asked. And the Amazon return policy is 30 days. Samsung does not have a return policy - only a repair policy. Since my trouble, I have talked to numerous people, including my own son, who tells me that the phone service on Samsung is very sporadic, regardless of the cell phone carrier. The toy features are great, but the phone - not so much. I actually need a very good phone for my business (real estate) and will stay away from Samsung. My new HTC One is great!
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