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on September 12, 2012
I travel every week and as an owner of 4 other TravelPro pieces, this is by far the best. I love not having to pull all the weight myself and the ease of walking through airports - I am never going back to 2 wheels. The removable suiter worked a lot better than I thought, as it kept my suits and dresses wrinkle-free. This bag is very well made, the handle is sturdy, and it has a lot of handy compartments. I use the front pocket for my liquids and I also bought the matching briefcase, which has a checkpoint friendly laptop compartment; both of these features have cut my security checkpoint time in half.

The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it is still difficult to push it through thin carpet, which many airports still have. Maybe TravelPro can change the finish on the wheels, or change the size of the wheels? Either way, this is not that big of a deal and it is MUCH better than the alternative. The wheels are sturdy, they can turn any direction, and they easily glide through most surfaces.

I would estimate that I can pack 1 week's worth of clothes at most, and that is traveling very light. I wish this bag was made in 22" but the wheels take it to that 22" carry-on maximum, so it would be impossible for a bigger bag to fit in overhead compartments.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and I think it was a good investment. My arms no longer hurt from lugging around a laptop bag and a 2-wheeled carry-on on long travel days. I get compliments on this luggage all the time, which speaks to how nice it is because people almost never say anything about your luggage. I was also very happy that I returned the titamium color and purchased the black one. The titanium colored bag is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the color that is on Amazon's image. I thought the titanium would be a dark, charcoal color, but when I received it it was much lighter gray. I didn't keep the lighter one because I travel too much and it would probably be visibly dirty after a few trips. If you are a frequent traveler I would also recommend purchasing the Crew 9 briefcase. It has many compartments, its very comfortable to carry, it has a strap in the back to attach to your luggage, and as I mentioned, it's checkpoint friendly.
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on October 10, 2014
Can't beat it.. It fits PERFECTLY in Southwest's bins.. The flight attendant was trying to tell me it wouldn't fit. I said, "it's a 20" travel pro and it fit in the box at the gate, so if it doesn't fit, then we're going to get the gate agent down here and someone is going to explain to me why it doesn't fit when the airline's box "said" it did." Then she goes "oh, it's a Travel Pro.... it will fit just fine...." And it did. Have been on 3 airlines recently and it fit in every overhead bin. With the lifetime warranty, wheels, ease of use, it's perfect. if you're going to spend $90 on something, spend the extra for this brand.

The only thing I wish they would do is have a few different colors. Then my wife would want one. The only other issue i have with it is that when it's full, it does tend to tip as other uses have mentioned. So i'll modify that bottom piece some, but other than that, i can deal with that minor issue for quality.
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on December 19, 2013
Verdict: BUY
I recently started traveling (alot) for work and my cheap-o Samsonite immediately began to fall apart. So I did my research and decided on this bag. I could not be more happy with it. Spinners make life easy and have reduced my shoulder pain dramatically because the weight of the bag is not pulling on you.

- Build quality is super solid. I fly 2-3 times a week and toss it around like a rag doll. No problems.
- Zippers NEVER jam and are very easy to pull.
- Wheels are very smooth and go from upright spinner to traditional roll behind effortlessly.
- Wheels are very large for spinners and very quiet.
- Once it is broken in, the wheels wander minimally (so you don't have to fight with your bag) unlike other spinners.
Bag Handle
- Bag handle is sturdy, sets at multiple heights on the fly and is padded for comfortable spinner pushing.
- Bag handle button is in a place where you do not hit it accidentally.
- Perfect balance, my old spinner would tip over every time I let go of it. This one has NEVER tipped over on me.
- At 21" it is not the largest carry on, but it will fit in overheads wheels deep / handle out (vs sideways) making it easier to find space. Trust me, this is very helpful and much appreciated by airline employees. It also fits on almost all regional jets where larger carry-on's won't.
- Will fit a suit.

- Smaller than the maximum allowed carry-on size.
- Sturdier handle takes up storage space inside the bag.
- The smooth wheels can are slowed down on taller carpets making it more difficult to push as a spinner in some instances.
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on January 19, 2014
I came back to Travelpro after several years away due to previous quality issues (most notably zipper pulls that consistently broke off and handles that would no longer retract all the way) based on some more current feedback of better quality and features. Unfortunately, this Crew 9 has not lived up to my expectations of luggage--especially at this price. As mentioned in several other reviews, I was "upgrading" from a Samsonite 22" expandable carry-on "suiter" to this 21" Travelpro suiter. The 1" may not seem like a "big" deal, but it is a HUGE deal. The loss of that 1" dramatically reduces the capacity of this suitcase. In addition, the new, thicker handles used on this bag, which may be more stable, take up MUCH more space inside the bag, so the loading floor isn't close to flat. The zippered pockets on the inside are useless if you have a full load for a trip, and the mesh pocket on the lid just zippers across the top only, significantly reducing its effectiveness. Finally, the thing simply isn's stable as others have noted. I packed, repacked and repacked again to try and get the center of gravity over the wheels, but it just doesn't work. Even without expansion, it will fall over everywhere...in the airport, checking into the hotel, waiting for a cab, etc.--all times when you need you bag to stay upright. And, dangerously, it just isn's stable on an escalator in the airport. I am very disappointed with this bag and the design of what I thought was a respected brand in luggage. I will return to my Samsonite specials from Marshall's. They last long enough to justify saving the $100+ on a Travelpro.
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on March 25, 2014
I have heard rave reviews about how great the Travelpro bags are from colleagues at work. We all travel every week as consultants and the bags get heavy use. The problem with this bag is that it is Front Heavy and does not stand up on it's own. You take it out of cab and set it down on the sidewalk and it falls face first. With this winter being as bad as it was, I can't tell you how many times I had to clean salt and snow off the bag. My colleagues have the 2 wheel version which does not have that problem. I even tried to pack differently but without luck. This is simply a bad design with the wheels too close. I used to push my old Tumi spinner on its wheels and you could not get it to fall down if you tried. This bag falls without any help.

Would not buy again.
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on July 11, 2014
I purchased this for carry-on because it had the garment bag feature and the spinning wheels which make it a breeze to transport. It is very well made, has quite a bit of room inside, and the garment bag was exactly what I needed and kept my dresses from getting destroyed during my travels. The wheels were fantastic and I only encountered a couple of places where they got hung up on the flooring, though I feel that any bag would have done so. My only complaint, and I am not sure I can really blame the luggage, is that it did not fit in the overhead compartment on some of my inter-continental flights in Europe. Specifically, on Flybe and City Jet flights. In fact, I was almost told that I had to check it on one of my Flybe flights as it went slightly over the allowed height for carry on, though I do feel the airline staff was a little too stringent. On a couple of flights I had to jam it under the seat in front of me and about a third of the bag was still sticking out so I had to fly with my feet on the bag. On the larger aircraft, no problem though. One other thing about the bag is that because it is so roomy, you can exceed the allowed weight for carry-on easily. Until this last trip I took I had never had my carry-on weighed but on a couple of my flights it was weighed and I had to remove some of the contents of my carry-on and put it in my checked bag (incurring an over the weight limit fee of course...). I love the bag though and think it will be one of my favorite pieces of luggage, especially on flights in the U.S. where they do not seem as stringent about carry-on pieces.
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on November 21, 2014
It's just luggage so I wouldn't say its changed my life or anything, but it is a very well made bag. It's perfect for a short business trip, which is what I bought it for.

The materials of construction are top notch, the suit holder does a good job, and the size works well with your standard overhead luggage bin. It's also nicely maneuverable when boarding and exiting planes.

As others have mentioned, it is a little tippy and if you load up the expansion section, it's probably going to be very tippy. I have found though that if you stop with the casters pointed towards the front of the bag, the center of gravity relative to the wheels shifts backwards and it's pretty stable.
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on November 4, 2014
I travel for work, as in I'm on the road living in my suit case Monday - Friday every week. I also personal travel a lot on the weekends so this bag has been all over in the last 4 months since I purchased it. So far I love the bag and its everything I wanted. Its holding up well with daily use (Air and Car travel).

CONS (Short List)
*When pushing it up right and only using the wheels only (Not angled pulling from behind you, UPRIGHT pushing) it sometimes has a hard time pushing through carpet.
*The lip on the top of the pull handle is larger then I'd like to to be. When I put my bag (Which has a special pass through compartment that allows then handle to push through). Its harder to get the bag off it sometimes with that extra lip.
*The handle does protruded a bit much into the baggage compartment. But the handle is extra sturdy and will not break? So both good and bad.

*Its a great size and fits everything well.
*Once you start pushing the bag using the wheels only upright. You will do this all the time and its wonderful.
*Compartments are well thought out and easy to use.
*Is holding up well with daily use for the last 4 months.
*Handle is extra sturdy and looks like it will hold up well overtime.
*Nice side pocket for drink

Overall the bag was a great buy. I love it.
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on June 22, 2015
I've been disappointed with my purchase, and wish I bought something else. It's a nice looking bag and well put-together, but not as good as other bags for the frequent traveler.

I usually have about 50 flights a year. This is my 3rd carry-on bag in about 10 years. Of the 3 (all the "same size"), this one seems to have the least amount of space. The way the bag opens, there's a lip around the opening of the main compartment that doesn't make for easy packing all of the time. I also have large feet, so for some of my shoes this creates some packing problems. My other bags, I could usually pack for a week fairly easily. In this bag, 5 days is difficult. More suited for a 3-4 day trip max.

The garment bag on this is useless because of the previously mentioned lip around the opening. To use the garment bag, you either need to put it in first, at the bottom of the bag, or find a way to cram it at the top. I was hoping to use the garment bag, but usually don't.

This bag easily tips over. If you aren't careful, it is constantly tipping towards the front of the bag. There's nothing more annoying about a suitcase than a bag that keeps tipping over. The direction of the wheels makes a difference, but only helps some, and be extra careful if you attach anything on the top. I travel with a laptop bag that sits/straps on to the top. Making a bag that much more top heavy when it already isn't sturdy just adds to the problem. Also, if you do decide to use the expandable compartment, chances are it's because you need more space, but you're also adding weight to the side of the bag that already wants to topple over. So when it's expanded, it will tip even more frequently.

The toiletry bag included is permanently attached to the inside, main compartment of the suitcase. If you're not already thinking it, here are the problems with that- You won't be taking the toiletry bag out of the suitcase to bring into the bathroom, it is taking up space in the main compartment of the bag, and don't plan on putting liquids in that area since you can't take them out while going through security if needed. If you have TSA pre-check, the last point wouldn't apply to you unless you're out of the country, or something were to alert TSA during the X-Ray/Screening process. Nonetheless, I now don't use the toiletry bag at all, and it's just taking up space.

On the positive side, the wheels roll smoothly, the construction of the bag seems to be good, and I'm assuming would last several years with my travel. The bag does fit well in all overhead compartments that I've used (American Airlines, Southwest, United, and US Airways), and rolls through the aisles sideways without a problem. The handle is comfortable, and the zippers are easy to zip.

If I had to do it over again, I'd choose a different bag, and I might just end up buying something else sooner than I would have liked.
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on May 26, 2014
I absolutely love this bag. After several trips with it, it is such a pleasure compared to previous rollerboards I've traveled with.

The telescoping handle is extremely sturdy. It doesn't wiggle around or give in a bit when you push or pull on it. I can lean on it, put another bag on top, and it stays completely stable.

This bag is amazingly effortless to pull around. Even stuffed to the brim with heavy clothes and shoes, on hard surface floors I can pull it with one finger. A little less effortless on carpet, but it still performs with no issues. If I'm walking quickly or running through the airport, it keeps up with me and stays at my side easily. I didn't realize what a difference that makes until experiencing it. You exert so much less effort moving through the terminal. It really takes away a lot of stress and fatigue.

I love the way it stays completely upright while it moves. If I'm in line at security or maybe at a food stand in the airport, I can be looking for things in the front pocket while still walking.

The included "suiter" is actually very effective at keeping shirts and nice garments free of wrinkles. It takes up a bit of space in the main compartment, but it's totally removable when you don't need it. The design of the front pockets is great - far better than my previous bag where anything in the front had to bulge out. The way the front compartments are layered, you can stuff both at the same time. They're also both big and deep.

The tie down straps in the main compartment are so much better than in other bags I've owned. They're thick and strong, and the clips are really sturdy too. Great if you want to really compress some clothes for extra space.

As for size - I was worried it might not fit in the overhead, since it's a bit taller than most rollerboards and pushes right up against what most airlines (US, domestic) say you're allowed to bring. But I've had no problems so far. I've taken it on flights on 737, 757 and A320 on Delta, Air Canada, US Air and United so far, it's always fit fine.

My only negative comment is there isn't a good place for a pair of shoes. Some bags I've owned have pockets on the inside you can slip shoes into, this one does not.
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