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on August 17, 2015
I was somewhat disappointed with the purchase of this phone. When I received the phone, the packaging was awful (brown paper bag with the phone rolled up inside of it). It looked like the phone was being smuggled into me illegally. When I opened the package, I noticed that there was no phone charger that came with it (the only thing in the brown paper bag was the phone and its back cover, unattached). Luckily, I have a few spare chargers around the house. When I attempted to activate the phone, there was no SIM card. I had to go to the Verizon Wireless store to get one and activate the phone. While at the store, the representative could not assist me because the SIM Card activation was not working. They informed me that the phone could have been "flashed". I was so embarrassed as they sent me away, I came home and attempted a few times to activate the phone until it finally did. The phone was a gift for my mother because she is learning new technology and was really excited to get her new "smartphone". For a moment I thought I would have to send the product back. Overall, the product is working and looks great. It is fully functional and has not given us any problem. I just wish that the product would have came with a charger and a SIM card. I would try shopping around for other vendors who offer these options!
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on October 1, 2015
Just bought this one used and was not surprised to find the water indicators had already been triggered on it since these devices are so prone to it. This is the 3rd S3 I've bought this year, one for me and two for other family members, and mine died when exposed to rain water (thank goodness for insurance) and the other two are still going strong but all three of them showed the water indicators triggered upon arrival after purchase and since the other two haven't been dropped in water or caught in rain or even tipped into a sink its a little unnerving how touchy the things are, especially since some insurance wont cover what they see as water damage even if that's not what caused a phone to fail. Other than that this would have been a fantastic phone that I had no issues with.
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on April 10, 2013
Caught this phone on sale for $10 on March 31, 2013 and I've got to say, it's a fantastic phone. I was really nervous about switching from a no-contract phone (HTC Evo 3D on Virgin Mobile) to being locked into a 2-year contract, but so far it's not so bad. Verizon has the best service I've ever seen, and the 4G speeds continuously blow my face off.

I'll list a few personal likes and dislikes.

-It's fast. Real fast. From off to fully booted in about a minute, which is a far cry from the 5 minutes it took my Evo 3D to fully load.

-Plenty of storage. I was concerned about the fact that the S3 doesn't allow storage of apps on the SD card, especially with the limited space (16GB onboard), which effectively makes my 16GB SD card an endless supply of photo storage. I use Spotify as my main source of music, so I was disappointed that the S3 forces the offline storage onto the onboard emulated "SD card". However, it didn't turn out to be too bad of a letdown. I've got about 4GB of space left to play around with on the phone itself, and the SD card is pretty much untouched.

-The camera. My God, the camera! It's honestly the best one I've ever had on a phone. My Evo had a dual 5MP camera (hence the 3D) and it was decent, but what a difference 3MP makes! The auto-focus is excellent, and the low-light function is fantastic. I was surprised at how much light this device can capture in low-light settings! Shooting video is also a pleasure. There's a certain realistic effect to each video that makes me never want to go back to anything lesser.

-The size. At first I thought it might be a little to big to handle. Compared to my Evo's 4.3in display, this dude's a monster. But it's a nice change, I have to admit! It's still comfortable to hold, and in fact it's thinner than my old device which adds to the experience. I very much appreciate the power button's location on the right side of the device. So much easier to access than if it were on the top.

-The notification LED! This is more of a silly novelty, but you'd be surprised how many people actually consider it a dealbreaker if a phone doesn't have an LED notification. It doesn't quite display every color imaginable, but it does more than just blink red and green. Certain apps have their own default color built into them (Facebook blinks blue, Yahoo mail blinks pink/fuchsia, etc.) It's a nice plus. Just DO NOT GET LIGHTFLOW if you want more control over the LED. For some reason it drains the battery at ludicrous speed, and causes certain features on the phone to act wonky. Wait until they update the app.

-The Battery. This is probably the biggest selling point for me. My old phone would last about 5 hours on even medium or low-medium use, and that's pretty sad. The S3 does much better than that. Heavy usage still sucks battery life, but the usage-to-battery-life ratio is much more comfortable than anything I've owned. I can usually get through an entire day and still have about 40% before bed, and that's after 4G, wifi, screen and surfing. I really appreciate the capacity this phone has.

-The headset!!! My God, the headset. The headphones that came with the phone are quite possibly the best headphones I've ever owned. They're the in-ear type so they cancel out most sound, ensuring a rich hearing experience. Coupled with Spotify Mobile's new Equalizer feature, I can't help but keep them in my ears all day. It's like hearing my music for the first time again!

-S Voice is OK. I'm not foaming at the mouth over it, but it's a nice addition to the OS. I use it to set alarms and tasks, and ask about the weather. Google Now can also do these things and then some.

Now to the other stuff...

-Screen quality. I'm not a fan of the screen type Samsung and Motorola use in their devices. There's always this blue-green tint to everything, sometimes it's not very noticeable, but on lighter backgrounds (such as on Facebook) you'll notice it. I'll get used to it, but I much prefer HTC's pure-white, no-tint look with their screens.

-Pixel Density. I can see pixels, which is automatically a con. It's not horrible, I'd just prefer a higher pixel density. But where there's higher pixel counts, there's need for higher battery capacity which means bigger battery size which means fatter phones. I'm okay with it for now.

To be honest, the pros outweigh the cons by a longshot.
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on July 26, 2013
I am still getting used to all the functions of my new Samsung Galaxy S III phone.. As of this date I love everything about it so far.
There are many features that I have still not explored, for the phone is less than a month old. It takes some getting used to even though it's fairly simple to move around in in the phone. It's 100 times better than my Palm Pixie that I wore out.
I love that you can open several windows at one time. Look up information while you are on a call... A great little computer at your fingertips.
I really like the speak function for texting. It's very convenient. I will give it a few more weeks before commenting on the rest of what this phone is capable of doing. Definitely use the setup wizard, extremely helpful. There are some apps that are preloaded in your phone that you will not be able to remove or uninstall. And if you spend more than 8hrs a day using your phone... It will have to be charged two times during that 8-12 hour period. Just like any other electronic device when used excessively make sure you charge the device fully. Also make sure you have your contacts backed up in a gmail account. This is a google opps system. Everything backed up in your gmail account will pop right into your phone.
I am looking forward to a long relationship with my Samsung Galaxy S III phone. Thank you Amazon for the prompt delivery
I will definitely recommend this phone.
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on May 10, 2015
This phone hasn't charged well since I bought it. Bought a new battery for it, still wouldn't charge. Bought new charging cords, still no success. The problem is the phone's charging device that is connected to the motherboard and cannot be fixed. I not only wasted my money buying this phone but additional money trying to get it to work!

I knew that this phone was not new, but why would anyone sell a phone that was broken and could not be fixed? If the description said this phone won't charge, but here, buy it anyway, waste your money, that would have been an honest description. I think this was a rip off that that seller was aware of. By the time you trouble shoot the problem it is too late to return it. What a waste of money and what an underhanded seller.
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on April 6, 2015
So far so good! I was afraid to leave my HTC Incredible. That phone has served me so well over the years, I feared to let go. Unfortunately, my poor HTC was beginning to show signs of aging, despite having been taken care of diligently and meticulously. She was showing no signs of recovery. I feared the worst. I went on to doing some research on phones in which were already used, but in great condition, as I didn't want to spend as much as my mortgage on a new one and refused to give in and renew my contract with corporate henchmen. That said, my sister and brother-in-law have already had this phone for about a year, or so and so, with research, I decided upon this glorious item. As I've stated, so far aso good. The only caveat I have personally with this phone is the calendar. Much preferred HTC's.
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on July 15, 2012
The US version of the phone differs as it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor with 1.5 GHz Dual-Core CPUs, while the the rest of the hardware specs are the same as the international version.

I switched from an HTC EVO 4G to get this phone and so far it's been great! Here are the things I like about the phone:

* The phone is a nice size, it's lighter than my HTC EVO 4G.
* The processor is one of the fastest US released Android phone, and it comes with 2 GB of RAM.
* I played around with the camera and video camera and the quality is great in my opinion. (I'll post some pics or a video later.)
* The ICS 4.0 is really snappy and it opens up applications quickly.
* It comes with Google Wallet. I signed up and got a free $10 to use. (I'm going to McDonald's to test it out!)
* I've only use the S Voice application a few times, but it seems to be just like Siri on my wife's iPhone 4S.
* It comes with a micro SD slot in case more space is needed to save pictures, videos, etc.
* You can change out the battery if needed.
* Battery life last twice as long compared to my HTC EVO 4G.

Now for some cons:

* This is carrier related and not the phone itself, but the 4G LTE is not all in all areas so be sure to check your carrier if internet speeds is a deciding factor in purchasing this phone. If not you'll be stuck with 3G speeds.
* The phone is so nice, that I baby it all the time!

I was on the fence about getting this phone or the HTC EVO 4G LTE aka HTC One X. The main things that I like over the the Samsung Galaxy 3 over the HTC EVO 4G LTE is that it comes with the Micro SD slot and also the battery can be changed if it ever goes bad.

I love this phone! :)
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on April 18, 2014
Everyone in my family has a Samsung Galaxy, so I purchased this one for my mom. She is in her sixties and got her first smart phone two years ago but the screen was a little too small for her. She had a hard time seeing the screen even with her glasses. We upgraded her to this phone and you would have thought she was just given a million bucks. She loves it. She has never been a texter until she found out she could talk to her phone and it would type her message for her. She loves that feature. She learned she could tell her phone to do a whole lot more than just text too. We all love our Galaxy phones. In fact, some of our IPhone friends have switched to the Galaxy just because I haven't had near the issues they have. :-)
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on August 17, 2013
We were looking at going from Straighttalk to Verizon 2 year plan so we can have hotspots, etc. This deal allowed us to do just that. I will warn you that for our situation it took up to 2 days to 'keep our number', but the Straighttalk phones still had service until we were notified that it was ready to activate. With a little patience.......for one cent, this is a deal that we are glad we did not pass up. I am really not dissappointed about not getting a Samsung IV as, there are so many app upgrades you can run and the 16gb is a must now days. A very sleek and user friendly phone. I actually prefer the home screen "starter mode" so I can have my top 3 people that I contact all of the time at a tap of my finger. VERY HELPFUL. I had been using Samsung products for several years now (Galaxy Tab, etc.) and am very happy!
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on September 16, 2013
I was debating the whole time between the 3 or the 4. And honestly there really isn't much of a difference. My best friend has the 4 and mine is a little smaller and doesnt have some of the motion features (which honestly i hate, i don't want to accidently answer a call i meant to ignore!) But the phone works wonderful, doesnt freeze at all. camera takes beutiful pictures, nice focus on it and love the extra features with the camera.

con: battery life can be a little short on it. I'm not on mine ALL the time, but I am 24, I usually check it every now and then and it seems to only last a full day if I'm REALLY on it a lot, which isn't bad but it would be nice it lasted a day in a half like some of my older phones.
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