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on November 8, 2012
This is my initial review after 36 hours with the frame. After a very bad experience with another vendor, I was reluctant to make another purchase. However, this one is looking good out of the box.
- Easy to setup
- Nice, clear screen
- Decent number of customization features in the setup
- My biggest gripe with my old frame was a very poorly implemented random shuffle. I have been
assured by the Nix support team that this shuffle actually works. I use the power off/power on
feature on a daily basis and I want each photo to have an equal chance of being displayed each
day. I'll be watching!
- The "quadrant" display is a nice feature. Four photos at once. It leaves you wishing you'd
bought the 12" or 15" screen!
- I had some pre-sales questions and the Nix support team responded quickly, with thorough
responses. It is very important to me that there is someone standing behind the product.

Wish list:
- I would like to be able to specify the photo duration, rather than the few that the manufacturers supply. This is not a Nix-specific gripe.
- My favorite transition is the fade (or dissolve). Most screens I've tested, including this one, have a very slow and choppy fade. I ended up turning the transition feature off.
- The black border is just a smidge too wide for me. I would have liked a smaller overall
frame size, with a smaller border. Definitely not a show-stopper.
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on October 24, 2012
I used to work for Kodak and I bought this as a simple replacement for an existing digital frame. To my delight and surprise, the cost was lower than the original frame, the resolution was 10 times better and it had features I didn't even anticipate (like sound and Clock/Calendar functions that also display pictures). I would highly recommend this for anyone and plan to buy several as Christmas gifts. PS The set up was as simple as plugging it in.
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on November 13, 2012
I purchased this as a gift and decided that I should check it out since it'll be a while before it gets opened.
I dumped a bunch of photos (that I have on an older frame) onto an SD card, plugged the card in, plugged the frame in and it started displaying a good quality slideshow immediately.
LOTS easier than my 2 year old frame from another company.
I noticed that the well done owner's manual gives tips on how to order your photos, organizing folders, and other things which I had to learn by trial and error with my old frame. Should be a breeze to set up.
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on December 9, 2012
My elderly mother loves to receive photos of her grandkids, but is not at all technically savvy. I had been wanting to give her an electronic frame for quite a while, but it had to be something that she could just plug in and use. This one seems to fit the bill. I had it shipped to my home, placed a bunch of photos on a USB thumb drive and tested it. After a bit of setup, it will work perfectly for her. All she has to do is turn it on, and the slide show will begin. Packed it up, and it is now on its way to her. Now instead of printing and sending hundreds of photos, I can just send her a new USB drive and she will be able to plug it in and go.
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on November 28, 2012
For a 10.4 inch digital frame and it's price, it over-passed my expectations. Good product that competes with recognized brands in the market for a less expensive price. The frame has good resolution, it can be visible from several feet away. Quality pictures are shown crisp clear quality. Music and photo display can be played together, but the music won't shuffle. I placed a 32G card memory and I've played it with my album from pictures, music, and videos from six years ago, even the old pictures with not so good quality were displayed in this digital frame with better resolution than in my PC; they get enhanced. Remote control works fine, and everything on the description is true.

I'd recommend this product to anyone that wants a frame that stands out from all the ordinary 8" frames in your home to purchase this competitive product at the same time saving money.
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on September 8, 2014
I bought this as a present for my wife. I new that there would be technical issues when it came time to set it up but it wasn't too bad at all. We really like the frame, the motion sensor that turns it off and on again as you leave and enter the room is a very nice feature. The calendar is nice but we won't use it very much. The 4 gig flash drive was a nice surprise too. Pictures are clear and sharp. The sound for the music and movies is OK but that's not the primary reason for the frame either.
A couple of cons: Converting movies to the correct format is a bit complicated until you do it a couple of times. It's just a matter of a learning curve. Nix gives instructions on how to do it and what web site to use but I still had to email for additional help. They emailed me back the next business day and then we actually talked over the phone. Tech support was very helpful and they really seemed to be concerned that I was happy with the frame. I finally got my four or five movies converted and now they play just fine. Pictures look great except some of them are oriented in the wrong direction. Usually the ones from my iPhone. The instructions didn't go into much detail with help there. I finally figured out that merely rotating the pictures on my PC wasn't enough because they would simply revert back to the original orientation when showing on the frame. I learned that you need to actually save them on the PC as well, not just rotate them. I use Windows 8.
Got them all done and that was simple.
I am disappointed that the movies and pictures aren't mixed in together when they play. You actually choose either one of several options when you play. Either movies or pictures or music, etc. but they won't be mixed in together. When you load the files the Nix frame automatically sorts them to one of the formats so you can't mix them together.
So, if your are playing the pictures option and you want to watch your movies you have to stop the frame, get out of the pictures option and start the movies option. Kind of a pain but easy enough.
The last con is that you can rotate the picture if you need to while it is playing on the frame but it won't save it in that orientation. So the next time it comes around it's oriented wrong again. Disappointing.
Bottom line....a very god quality frame for movies, pictures and music. We are really enjoying it.
Hope this helps and I would buy a Nix frame again.
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on October 25, 2013
My wife had been urging me to buy a digital photoframe so that we wouldn't have to view them on the computer each time we wished to see them. But, I hadn't found one that appeared to have a quality build, or that I liked well enough without being too expensive. Then, I found the NIX photoframes here on Amazon. After reading reviews and doing some online research, I decided to try the 10.4 inch model. I have been completely pleased with the understated, classic and simple appearance of the frame, and its video quality and ease of operation have been superb. It also has just the right mix of features to organize and playback photos, or jazz up transitions between photos, without being too gimmicky. The remote control is about as basic and tiny as it could be, but it gets the job done. Native resolution on this screen is 800x600, and I helped make things easier for the frame in displaying my photos by downloading a program called "Fotosizer", in which I first resized all of my photos to 800x600 before saving them into folders on an SD card. The process isn't as cumbersome as one might think, and it didn't take long at all. Photos are crisp and clear, and colors are accurate and bright. It also works well with photos taken in the vertical perspective, and they are displayed with black sidebars on the photoframe.

I'm thinking of buying the 12 inch model for the fireplace mantle. Great little device, I'm completely pleased.
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on December 6, 2013
This is the last in a long line of digital photo frames I've either purchased myself or have been given as gifts. I have never found any of them easy to use until this one. The included 4GB USB Memory Drive works incredibly well. I have about 6000 pics on my hard drive, and with this little USB drive, I have come back every day to add more photos, and the frame plays them all. I know that sounds elementary if you've never had a digi-frame, but this is the first one I've owned that doesn't freeze up while operating, require extensive cropping to show entire photos, or otherwise make me want to throw the thing against the wall. I LOVE it! I haven't tried all the options included in the frame yet, but can enthusiastically recommend this frame based on the clarity of the display, the ease of uploading photos, and the intuitiveness of the menu and set-up. I like to give Digital Frames as a gift, already uploaded with a few pics that I think might be of interest to the recipient. I will stick with Nix for any future digital photo frame purchases.
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on November 14, 2013
The NIX 10.4 inch Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor looks impressive but that's the limit to my satisfaction with it. I uploaded a few JPEG's that were all between 2 and 3 megs and first noticed that some pictures took 15 to20 seconds to shuffle instead of the 3 seconds selected. There were others that would not display at all. I change the file size and image shape to match the photos that did display well but that didn't fix the problem. Changing file size, name, and orientation has given me a small measure of control but I have decided to return this digital frame because the picture quality is poor and text is almost unreadable. If there is an easy solution I would love to know what it is because the package looks great and would be nice addition to my display.

After following the advise given by the tech rep, the digital frame does work much better. The pictures don't shuffle at the rate there are suppose to but it is acceptable were it is. The picture quality is also decent. I will keep it.
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on December 18, 2012
Brand New - NIX 10.4 inch Digital Photo Frame - X10D

We uploaded the photos from both our daughter's engagement and her entire wedding week onto a memory stick, then inserted the stick into our new Nix digital frame. That's it!

We also transferred these photos from the memory stick onto a 4 GB SD memory card, inserted it into the frame, and received the same fantastic presentation.

With either memory format, we are enjoying a truly professional display: viewing professionally taken photos on an high-quality digital frame.

The entire process was easy, we are quite pleased with the results.

The stand was an added bonus. It is metal and screwed into the back of the frame, stabilizing the frame from tipping over. This problem plagued us with our older 12-inch digital frame (not a Nix product).
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