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on October 19, 2013
I am so glad I went with the Galaxy SIII for my upgrade. Mind you, the phone I had before was a Google Nexus S 4G. I must say that this is one HELL of an upgrade. Seriously. Just go over and look at the specs of that phone and you'll understand why. Sure, I could have gone with the S4, but honestly, this one is still a great contender, plus I have heard that the S4 has a lot of problems. I decided to go with a more solid product that's been out for a while already, and is still selling like hotcakes. So anyway, things I love about this phone:

-It runs very smoothly and is very responsive.
-Since installing a new memory card and transferring all my files to the card, the phone is even FASTER than before. I think the memory card is definitely a must. Amazon has great deals on high-performance memory cards.
-It has a great design, I do not get the sense that this is a cheap phone at all, like some have said.
-I can't believe I'm saying this about an Android phone, but the battery life is GREAT on this phone.
-LTE reception and overall service reception is definitely fantastic; I have all my bars pretty much everywhere I go. I am even able to get 4G LTE in my home, was unable to do that with my older phone.
-It has optional expandable memory. My old phone did not have this feature, just 16 gigs of internal memory and that was it.
-Went from a 1.0ghz processor to a 1.5ghz Quadcore Cortex-A9. Not bad, not bad.
-Better camera. Went from 5MP to 8MP. Sure, the S4 has a 14MP, but I have a regular digital camera for all that, so it's not necessary to have that on a phone, at least for me.
-Very nice user-interface. Even if you're new to smartphones, it has plenty of built-in guides to help you navigate throughout your phone with ease.
-cool features like S beam, hand gestures, S voice (seriously, it's awesome), things like that.
-Bigger Screen, plays videos very crisp and clear. Also records 1080p high-definition video.
-Camera actually has a self-timer, a feature that was absent on my old phone. Now I can take selfies with my back camera if I want, and it not be awkward since I have a chance to get into position for the photo.
-I can't stress enough about the battery life. Despite what I have heard from other reviewers, the battery life on this thing is fantastic. I find that I probably will not need the gorilla gadget for quite some time. I find it close to impossible to run the stock battery out as it is. If you baby the battery and charge the phone ONLY when the battery is at 10% or less (I usually let it get to less than 5% though), I guarantee you will get better performance out of your battery, rather than charging it when it still has a substantial amount of juice in it. In fact, I find that each day, it actualy becomes harder and harder to run this battery down and I have put it through very heavy use on purpose before several times. It also charges from 0% to 100% in only 2 hrs, not bad. So I really can't understand people's stance on the battery life. You very well could have just gotten a defective item, or are not taking proper care of your battery. With my old phone, it never charged to 100%. I could charge it all night, and I'd be lucky if I could get it to 89%. Horrible, and it would start depleting from the moment I unplugged it. Not this phone, though. I am still grasping my head around the fact that I have an Android phone with a great battery life. Never thought I'd be saying Android and good battery life in the same sentence.

**Should also add that Amazon more than exceeded expectations with the shipping process! I got my phone a full two days earlier than expected! I ordered on a Wednesday morning and received it Thursday afternoon, even though the delivery date said Saturday! Very good.
** There were a couple issues I had initially with trying to order this phone, Amazon kept cancelling the order even though my account was eligible for an upgrade and in good standing. Found out that it was because Amazon kept registering my number and account as prepaid for some reason, even though it's always been contract as long as I have had that phone number, and for as long as I have had Sprint. But, once the issue was solved and I was put at ease by the Customer Service Rep, all was well in the world.
*** I was debating with myself on whether or not to get the Purple one instead, but went with this white one, because I was thinking in terms of what happens once I'm ready to sell it at the next upgrade.

Things that could have been better:
-It is a bit awkward to hold in my hand, I have to operate it using two hands otherwise I run a high risk of dropping it. Guess my hands are not as big as I thought they were afterall lol. **Update: I have solved this problem by getting a really nice carrying case for this phone.

I think this is the only real issue I had, but hey it's the closest thing to perfect and I wouldn't change anything else about this phone.

If you are debating on whether or not you should take advantage of the deal Amazon's got going for this phone, I'd say that if you are eligible for an upgrade or getting with Sprint for the first time, the S3 is still a very solid choice, even a year after it's been out. I can guarantee the price is not dropped due to being a bad phone, it is because a newer model came out, every time a newer model of a phone comes out, the older model gets cheaper. That's just the way it works. The S4, supposedly a great phone, will also get cheaper as time wears on. Anyway, it's a fast, responsive, reliable and great looking phone that I use often since I conduct a lot of my business through my phone and the internet and I needed something reliable when I'm on the go, so this fits the bill quite nicely and then some. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a new nice phone on a great deal (I basically only had to pay sales tax) whether you are joining Sprint for the first time, or are looking to upgrade.
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on June 19, 2014
The S3 was delivered on time and was as described. I have the same Galaxy S3 phone running on AT&T and have enjoyed it for over a year. We wanted this Sprint S3 to use with FreedomPop since we use our phones very little and are paying way too much. Since my old phone works with my husband's bluetooth hearing aids, we were sure this would, also (same phone, after all). It worked fine for a day or two, and then we had a system upgrade to Android 4.4.2 (KitKat). The hearing aids no longer work with the phone, but it's not the phone's fault, it's the KitKat. Lots of people are having problems using bluetooth devices with this upgrade.
The reason I'm posting this comment is to warn people who use bluetooth devices to wait until this problem is fixed before accepting the upgrade.

UPDATE: After a week, the charger was giving me trouble. I contacted the seller and they immediately sent me a new charger. Now it's working fine and it's a great phone.
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on July 10, 2013
Hardware: The phone doesn't feel as cheap as some people make it out to be. It isn't premium material either, but it isn't total crap. I love being able to remove the battery, and that it has a microSD card slot. The home button on my Galaxy S3 feels broken, I mean it functions properly, but it is too flush with the device. It doesn't rise a bit like a button should - it bothers me. Although I came from an iPhone, so I should be used to a flush home button...The volume and power buttons are great however, and I'm glad the microusb charger slot is at the bottom, with the 3.5 mm headphone jack on top - perfect!

Speaker: Not great at all. Wish the speaker was at the bottom of the phone, so it isn't muted when you put the phone down. It is OK in terms of loudness when it isn't being covered however. Better than my iPhone 4S, in my opinion.

Camera: Great!! Wow, I did not expect the low light quality of the pictures, they look fantastic. The auto focus works well, and pictures look great overall.

Software: This is why I said the phone is great, if rooted. TouchWiz is awful. I can't imagine how some people deal with it. First thing I did was root it and install Cyanogenmod 10 I recommend everyone do this. Get a friend who can do it for you if you're not able to. Trust me. You do not want TouchWiz over the pure Android experience.

Closing: If like me, you're able to buy a new phone, either by upgrade or new customer, and you don't have enough money for the new Galaxy S4 or HTC One, then BUY THIS PHONE NOW. You will be very happy, trust me.
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on November 5, 2013
I was apprehensive about any phone that was not a slider phone because I just liked having a physical keyboard. However companies just aren't making them anymore, so the ones that are out there are one step away from being completely outdated. If I didn't keep my phones for years without upgrading I may have gotten the same old slider, but I wanted something that would last me a while and be able to withstand our rapid pace in changing technology. I talked to family and friends and even reps at different sprint stores to formulate a decision on which phone I should buy. They all had different things to say with one common factor, the Galaxy S III. Those who did not have the phone had only great things to say about it or it's because they just upgraded to the S4. I have never heard of a phone that gets so much praise with basically a free price tag. With my 2 year contract through Sprint, this phone cost me just $9.99! Granted the phone retails at the Sprint store still for $99.99, that is the reason I shop around.

All in all, great phone! Had it a little over a month and loving it. Very easy to navigate, but you find new things it can do everyday!
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on December 8, 2014
My husband and I bought thus phone to replace his Google Nexus S (which is a terrible phone!), and he loves his new SIII. Its a lot bigger, faster and just overall better. The nexus was so sluggish; less the Apps button and it would take 5 seconds for the list if apps to display.
There are only 2 con's he has noticed: the phone itself is thin, so he is getting a cover so as not to drop it. Also, the volume down button seems to not function, so he must turn up the volume before he can slide the control button down.
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on August 19, 2015
I would be a lot happier if the phone held a charge. I only use it when I'm out, and it loses it's charge sitting in my purse overnight without being used. It is my first smart phone, and I like the functionality of it. If the battery held a charge, I'd have given it 4 stars.
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on August 31, 2013
I have been a long time user of Samsung phones, from some of the first touch screens, to pre touch screen mp3 player/phone mix. I have also dabbled in other markets such as HTC. I love the GSIII!! I lost my Galaxy SII and decided to go with the 3 because I will be deploying soon and I thought it would be better to just get the 3 now and upgrade again later. The 3 will not disappoint at the upgrade price. The 720p screen looks amazing. I shot a video of my dog outside messing around and my wife couldn't believe the quality. Camera is pretty good as well.
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on November 21, 2013
I bought this for my sister when it was on sale for $30(2 year renewal Sprint). She loves it so far. I have the same phone for At&t and have been impressed with its performance and the fact that it doesn't bulge out of my pocket nearly as bad as my Atrix.

It's got so many great features, battery life is pretty good, and overall is just a cool phone to own. I'm not sure how much longer it will be available but if you're looking for a good upgrade and don't want to spend the money for the s4 this is your phone!
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on August 6, 2013
myself also my girlfriend to enjoy on the Sprint network as an upgrade w/our contract renewal. They work fantastic and are so much faster than our old outdated HTC's that simply just didn't fit our needs nor hectic lifestyle anymore. Also one just can't beat the price of $20 for both of these units!.

Another couple reasons I bought this Samsung S3 phone(s) is the SDHC-memory slot and the replaceable battery features!. (GOOD LUCK and hope this helps)
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on June 2, 2013
I came from an HTC Evo to the Galaxy S III Android phone through Sprint. I considered the Galaxy 4 phone, but at the time the IV was brand new and there were not a lot of positive reviews for it. The Android OS was also very important to me, as I started out with an Apple product, and I much prefer the Android apps.

I am very pleased with the appearance and function of this new phone. I really like the ease with which I can text, using auto-completion. It's much easier and faster than my old phone. The camera is much improved, and I am still learning many of the new features of this phone. All in all, I am glad I made the switch.
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