Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Victory, Silver 4GB (Sprint)
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on October 18, 2012
I have used quite a few smartphones in the last few years, (I probably go through like 5 a year just buying/selling on ebay). I remember when under 3 inches was still a decent size. I got an HTC diamond and it had a 2.8 inch screen and I loved it. The iphone had a upped screen when it came out to with a huge 3.5 inch. Now we have phones coming out classified as mini (Galaxy s III mini) with a 4 inch screen. The huge phone displays look great but are awkward to hold, and in the pocket. 4inch has probably been my favourite size so far, I was excited about the lg viper but the design and battery life were really bleh. I recently gave a try to the Galaxy Victory and it was fantastic but the battery life and the size of it were just to much, so i'm swapping for this.

I saw the galaxy victory and it seemed like the perfect fit. The phone is 4 inches, plenty of resolution for the size, plenty of ram, an S4 processor, decent design and decent sized battery (same one as the Galaxy S III)

So sorry for the ranting, here we go. I've put it through the tests over the day and I've had great results.

The screen looks great, It's LCD not an AMOLED but it gets the job done fine. I miss the contrast ratio when reading in the dark.

It performs really great, I put it through tests and games run great, running quadrant shows it really close to the htc one x. Really don't let the midrange category of this phone scare you off performance wise, the S4 is what is in some versions of the Galaxy S III and HTC One X, Its a S4 lite and lower clock but its not horribly far off.

Physical design while not the best, is not to bad either. The phone feels good in the had, it has a good texture and weight. I wish the power button was on the side but its not bad on the top. It has a camera button which I LOVE. Function buttons on the bottom are good though I wish there was a multitasking button (though you can just hold home to do it)

Samsung's customizations are surprisingly fairly useful, the launcher isn't to distracting, performs well and has some good shortcuts over stock. However one bad thing is that folders are a bit more difficult to make, but its like just one more step. It comes with some of Samsung's applications and enhancements which are mostly fine, I tried out the S Voice and it was pretty terrible.

battery life has been pretty awesome, it almost matches my Galaxy Nexus with extended battery (3850 mah). To give my battery use today, I was at work from like 7am - 5pm today, my service at work is terrible like 0-1 bars most of the day which wrecks batteries. I texted about 30-40 texts probably, did some ebaying, a bit of web surfing, I did like a 5 minute gps nav, played a game for like 10 minutes, checked weather a couple times. When I got home my battery said it was unplugged for 11 hours and I had 60 percent left, I used the program "easy battery saver" also, I'm not sure how much that affected the battery life though.

Camera seems to be fine, I'm not to concerned with quality on my cellphone, as long as it takes a picture and I can tell what it is, the camera button works great too.

Reasons I gave a 4: as mentioned above, some of the software (S voice) aren't to great but they aren't really needed either. The function buttons are fine but the home button for some reason has like a second delay before it does anything, which is slightly annoying. The phone has NO haptic feedback build into it, so if you need that it's a no go.

So really nothing to horrible unless you need haptic feedback, I highly recommend if you want a smaller phone on sprint.
comment if you have any questions, hope you enjoyed.

EDIT: fixed the home button lag by disabling double home button tap for s-voice :D
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on September 9, 2014
I got this last year from Sprint with no contract free with rebates, so I can't complain about the price at all, it was a good deal considering.
When I originally opened the box and activated the phone, I thought I was going to love it.

It had a good screen size (small now compared to huge screen phones like the Note series), the colors were pleasing to the eye, and it looked like it had a good amount of features to play around with.

*Up until then I had been using an LG Optimus from Virgin Mobile (terrible signal strength, lost signal for a couple days at a time more than once, and horrible customer servcie..but I loved the phone itself, and it came with a pretty decent camera)

Two things that I like the least :
The camera (honestly the worst I've had in years. Just terrible quality. My Optimus was 100% better as far as the camera goes!
Lack of storage space - This phone is so full of preinstalled apps that you are NOT ALLOWED to uninstall, that there is very little room left for videos. photos, games and apps that you want to download.
The most frustrating thing about the storage issue is that every time the storage gets full (which is A LOT), it will not allow you to open your images. You can't even open images (or the camera) to DELETE images to make space! The only thing you can do is start uninstalling apps until you have enough space to open your images/camera again, or wait until you're home and can transfer them to your computer and delete them from there. Every time I was at a concert or out somewhere and trying to take pics, it would get full like this and not allow me open and delete pics to make room.

I hate to rant, but that is absolutely my worst pet peeve about this phone.
If you want something that is just a backup, or a cheap phone for the kids to have for emergencies, then this would be a good option.
Otherwise, unless you rarely download apps and/or rarely take pictures or video, this phone would be a poor choice.
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on January 6, 2013
Not too big, not too small . . .it's just right. It has everything I actually need and use plus some! The only hesitation I had was that it only has 4GB but I popped a 32GB SD card into place in less than 10 seconds and for only $10.00 (a great lightening deal the week before Christmas)and it was game on!! The battery seems to last forever and the %meter keeps me from having to guess. I haven't found a single thing I don't like. I LOVE THIS PHONE!!
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on October 24, 2012
If you don't want to carry a giant phone, this is the phone for you. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles the Galaxy S3 has, but honestly, a lot of those features are kind of useless.

It does have LTE and S-Beam and S-Voice and runs really smoothly. My wife wanted a phone that fits in her pocket and she could not be happier with this device.

I really do not understand why Sprint isn't promoting this more. There is a large group of people who don't want a giant expensive phone and yet the sales reps at the Sprint store didn't even know they sold this device.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 26, 2013
This is not a bad phone at all. It does everything pretty well, and is a very good budget smart phone. If you care about Near Field Communication (NFC), and all the features that NFC makes possible- Google Wallet, S Beam, and whatever else that hardware can do- than this is definitely the phone for you.

If you don’t care about NFC, or don’t think that it will provide you any benefit in the lifetime of your next cell phone, than the Galaxy S2 4G is a slightly better choice, for the same price.

Both phones are great, and both cost about the same price. Foregoing NFC, by getting the Galaxy S2 instead of the Galaxy Victory, gets you the following features that to me are more valuable than NFC:

S2 has a larger screen at 4.52” vs. 4.0” for the Victory.

S2 has a slightly better camera. Both cameras are really good, but the specs on the S2 is 8MP vs. the 5MP on the Victory.

Battery life is supposed to be about 10 percent better on the S2. I didn’t really notice a huge difference in this area, but don’t doubt the 7 hours for Victory vs. 8.7 hours for S2 that Samsung claims.

S2 is lighter. Despite the larger screen, the S2 is slightly lighter than the Victory.

The processor is about the same, and the Victory has a newer version of Android than the S2.

Overall, I think that both of these Samsung phones are great. You should decide if you care about NFC, and if you do more than you care about these other differences, than the Victory is probably right for you. Otherwise you should look at the Galaxy S2.
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on March 27, 2014
Seriously! I went in to Best Buy for an "Upgrade" on my line. I traded in my Motorola Photon 4G, which was an awesome phone, and after trying out two other phones for a day, ended up settling for the Samsung Galaxy Victory, because it had the most familiar setup. What a mistake! The phone has the lowest internal storage out of any phone I've had since the early 2000's. I've had it for a month and my memory is almost full, and it won't let me upload any more apps or photos. I've got less apps and literally hundreds less photos on this phone than i had on my photon, and my photon wasn't even close to being full. Also, the volume controls do not work on this phone. I thought it was just mine, until i did some research and see that this is a common problem on this model. You can't turn the volume of your call down and it's LOUD! I have to hold the phone away from my ear to tolerate it. The ringers and other volumes also do not adjust, even if the volume bar goes up/down as you adjust it...the sound stays the same. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!
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on February 28, 2013
I love this phone, I was a little scared getn this phone coming from evo to a galaxy s2!!!! This phone galaxy victory is a lot smaller and almost the same features as the galaxy s3. The battery even last a long time and I don't have to worry about bringing my charger everywhere I go......Fits right in my pocket, I'm into every new phone wen they come out, but I think I'll stick to this phone!!
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on December 15, 2014
Warning to impatient people and heavy app users: Do not buy this phone. 800mb of RAM is going to run Swype, Messages, the random apps that come with the phone, and one or two background apps with notifications.

HOWEVER, to everyone else: Superb value. Best thing you're going to find unlocked and on Sprint (with all its MVNOs!) for <$100. If you mostly use wifi, not data, you can bring one of these babies to Ting and pay <$40/mo for a gazillion texts and a whole bunch of minutes.

But this phone requires patience. In the words of Louis CK: "Give it a second. Would ya? Could you give it a second. It's going to space. Can you give it a second? From space. Is this speed of light too slow for you?"
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on April 7, 2014
I got this phone because of its size and it was supposed to be functionally similar to the galaxy S3. What a joke. My old LG Optimus out performs this overpriced POS. Every couple of months it has to be reset and that erases the apps. It continually shows that I have 1-New email, when I don't. It always asks me what you're of keyboard style I want to use. When I log onto the internet, it will only open the website about half of the time and then it takes forever to do it. Weird of wisdom, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.
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on October 23, 2015
I have one of these with Freedom Pop, which is an MVNO on Sprint.

It's an entry-level phone, but it's surprisingly decent for such a cheap phone. The screen is bright and fairly good quality. While it is an older release, the operating system and Samsung software is well optimized for the slower and more limited hardware. I've gotten overall okay consistent performance and responsiveness in the operating system, stock apps, and some other apps I use regularly. It can still be bogged down with multitasking, however. When it comes to cheap phones, the screen quality and responsiveness and performance are usually the things first to suffer, so having these two aspects work well on with this cheap of a phone is really nice.

What's probably its biggest weakness and trade-off is that it only has 4 GB of storage built in. After the system files are taken into account the phone recognizes only about 2 GB of storage for use, which is very small by today's standards, even for entry-level smartphones. If you are a casual app user who only uses a few small apps and nothing more you'll probably be okay, but otherwise you will likely run out of storage very fast, especially if you try to install a some larger game.

Thankfully it does have a micro-sd card slot, so getting one of these is essential to move apps and files to it to save space internally. While having an SD card will help, it will still be a hassle if want to install a lot of apps and have to keep moving them and anything else you can over to the SD card to try and prevent being low on storage. Therefore, if you think you'll use more than a few apps you probably should look for a phone with more built-in storage, if you can.

This phone really comes down to if you can live with the small amount of internal storage. If 2 GB (usable) storage internally and an SD card works for you then getting this can be a great value. If you are a heavy smartphone user then this internal space will most likely be a problem you'll have to continually deal with.
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