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on June 11, 2017
Its the best basic phone its out of the stores but could still find it here anb there its the be add t
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on May 25, 2013
This phone is terrible. It will not hold a charge for more than 4 hours. It obviously doesn't function well, yet my local Sprint retailier says it is fine. It is cheaply constructed, has fewer functions that my last Samsug phne. Do not purchase this phone.
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on October 17, 2012
Overall the Array is a good phone if you get a working version. My first phone had a battery issue that forced me to charge the phone 4 times in the first week. I returned it through Sprint (a major hassle, but that's on Sprint) and got another phone. The new phone has gone 9 days before I needed to recharge it, so the issue is fixed.

Below are a list of the Pros and Cons that led to the 4 star rating

-Long battery life - 9+ days if you use it for a few calls/texts per day

-Loud volume - I have the volume at the lowest setting and sometimes have to hold the phone away from my ear a bit because it can be too loud

-Gets strong signal - no dropped calls in areas where I couldn't even get calls with my old phone

-Nice keyboard - has good sized, rubbery keys

-Good backlighting - both the number keys on the front and keyboard have a nice subtle backlight

-Music player - only used a couple times, but it's nice to have if you need it

-Camera sound - Can't shut off the camera sound, even if all other sounds are off, making it impossible to take pictures in a discrete manner (if you are in a shop or museum, everyone within 40 feet will know you just took a picture)

-Back is a little slippery - The back of the phone is a hard textured plastic that makes the phone move easily when on some surfaces, especially if you have the vibrate function turned on (watch it near edges of flat surfaces or on any kind of slope)

-Wallpaper gets flattened when keyboard is open - Rather than rotating the image and leaving black bars on the sides when you open the keyboard, the phone just smashes the picture flat (so your picture of your girlfriend goes all funhouse mirror)

-Size - the phone is a little smaller than the last one I had, fits in a pocket okay, but is still bigger than I would have liked (I think the era of small phones may be gone)

Most of these cons are relatively minor annoyances, but they have kept me from giving it five stars. What you have here is one of the last few phones that will serve you well if you just make calls and text.
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on May 30, 2013
I got this phone from CREDO Mobile, which uses the Sprint network.

For the most part, for the kind of phone it is, it's OK. I wanted a non-smart phone. I don't want to run apps or connect to the internet, just talk, text, and listen to music. It does all those things decently, but it seems like I have to go through more menus than necessary to get things done - more so than on the ancient Sony-Ericsson phone I replaced. The music player actually lets you sort by album or artist, unlike some phones, but you have to click an extra button to get there. A little annoying, but no big deal.

There is one major flaw, and I'm considering returning the phone because of it. Like many people, I like to assign custom ring tones to different people so I know who's calling without even looking at the screen. Like many people, I make my own ringtones out of music files I purchased legally or sound clips I've recorded myself. On most phones, you can transfer mp3 (and sometimes wav and MIDI) files to your phone and select them for use as ring tones, as long as they're smaller than 300 KB.

Not the Samsung Array. With the Array, you can only use the paltry collection of ringtones that come with the phone, or ones you purchase off the internet using the phone. When you look at sound files, either through File Explorer or Music Player, there's no option to use as ringtone. Going to My Stuff -> Ringtones takes you to a prompt to connect to the internet - no option to look in the phone's memory or the memory card. Going to Settings -> Ringtones gives you the option to select from Downloaded Ringtones or Preloaded Ringtones. No option to look in the phone's memory or the memory card.

Even if I had purchased ringtones on my old phone and exported them, there would be no way to use them on the Samsung Array.

It seems to me that this was set up this way so that people would have to buy ringtones and pay data charges if they wanted custom ringtones. In the telecom industry, this is what is known as a Jerk Move. I don't know if this was Samsung's decision, or Sprint's, or CREDO Mobile's, but whoever it is, you're a bad person and you should feel bad.
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on May 12, 2014
I've had the phone for 4 months, then the screen just went blue. Sprint said it was on a 1 year warranty with Samsung, but that Sprint would charge 79$'s to deal with the warranty and repair (I'm not sure the phone even costs that much). I contacted Samsung and now have to mail it to Texas. I will be without a phone for 2 weeks, though still paying for service. I've been with Sprint for many years and have paid them over $15K for service in total. Their customer service has been a nightmare every since the Nextel merger. I will be moving to T mobile as soon as my contract is up with Sprint. Tmobile is 40$s a month cheaper for 3 phones. And evidently with Sprint you have to deal with your own phone issues, so might as well do so from the beginning.
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on April 24, 2013
Samsung Array Model# SPH-M390. I only wanted a simple phone on the Sprint Talk/Text 450 plans in order to save money on utilities. But, you get what you pay for. I would recommend you purchase a true smart phone. I've had the phone for less than 30 days and I'm going to have to return it and spend more of my hard earned money getting another phone and possibly another plan to get a decent phone!

Good, sort of: It was cheap. $76 including taxes. Because I am supposed to get $50 rebate, I will have only spent $26 for the device.
Bad: The battery is so weak so you have to charge it every night and/or often during the day. Camera/phone is poor.
Ugly: I've had a lot of trouble with the voice mail. Phone doesn't provide notification (icon or message) of pending, unread messages. Sprint said it is Samsung. Samsung says it is Sprint.
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on October 31, 2013
First let me say that I have no use for a phone that plays videos, music, or games. That said I've found this phone to have exceptional sound quality. I am not really a text person but have to reply on a daily basis and the slide out full keyboard is a very welcome feature. My only complaint is that the phone has a very smooth surface making it easy fall out or your hand at times. Be careful of that.
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on May 30, 2013
I am on my SECOND Samsung Array within less than two weeks. On both phones, the first one and this current one, the mic does not work properly so people on the other end of the call cannot hear you. Also, you cannot create a voicemail greeting because of the faulty mic. This problem occurred with the first phone. I traded it in for a new one (same model) and am having the same problem. The only other option is to mail it off to Samsung for them to repair. TWO PHONES IN A ROW, both with broken mics. Additionally, the space bar only sometimes works, and that was consistent with both phones. Don't waste your time on this one!!!
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