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on January 28, 2013
I received this lovely ultrabook by UPS today and the track pad worked well enough for me to register my ultrabook and add my Microsoft Student Teacher with speed and ease I might add; I was a bit scared because I read the mumbo jumbo previous people left about this laptop and I started to second guess my decision. I am just a regular student that owned a previous HP but the hard drive broke and my IT guy at worked told me it would be better just to upgrade my situation. He started to tell me about the SSD hard drive and how this was the new technology that I needed to be up to date in computer technology. So I shopped around and found this one this one with all the features I needed on Amazon. I am in my class now writing this review and I love the touch of the keys the backlighting (although my IT says that its just cosmetic, not a necessity!! But HEY, he's a guy!! lol) It comes with this suede like holder it will not get scratched or smeared. OH and the beats By Dre, the idiot at Best Buy said there is no difference unless I plug it into output speakers, but let me tell you, when you play Pandora, it is just like the headphones, and I say this because you can actually hear words that you can not hear on your phone. WONDERUL!! If you are not from the GEEK Squad, you will be pleased with this purchased and as far as the fan, I do not have that problem but I hope you know you are not suppose to have this on your comforter on your bed, it needs to be on a flat surface like a desk or a portable one. I'm sure the computer geeks were aware but just in case some of us civilians were not!! Happy hunting, this one is a winner winner... you know the rest
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on June 1, 2013
Overall, I'm satisfied, especially for the low price I paid.

- It is light
- It did boot up in less than 10 seconds (though the amount of crapware installed by default slows it down quite a bit right after you login)
- The overall appearance is quite nice, though they could certainly have done away with the conspicuous stickers. Backlit keyboard is quite gorgeous as well.
- Laptop is not very hot, and can actually be placed on lap

- The amount of crapware that is installed by default, and that remains with your computer when you try to reset it to "factory settings" (because it came straight from the darned factory). It can be uninstalled relatively painlessly, of course, but still a rather annoying thing to be confronted with right after opening up a new computer.
- Only around 60 GB of usable space when first unboxed.
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on January 1, 2014
I was looking for an i5-i7, 128SDD, 4 to 8 gb of RAM, display of 13 to 14 inches, and the smaller price with the best quality. I considered other products, but I ended up taking this, which also has a great audio, backlit keyboard and aluminum exterior.

The product is incredibly beautiful, it's details are mazing, it's a great plus that it does have an RJ45 cable too, which is very rare in ultrabooks. It's not the lightest in the market, but it's very light and it looks considerably strong and durable.

I work with Linux, so one of my concerns was the support of this hardware. Fortunately, it's working perfect with a fresh install. The webcam, the wifi and the ethernet, the backlit, screen brightness, and even the audio are working perfectly. So it is definitely a plus. Also, as I installed Linux, I could feel the power of it's RAM, it's SSD and it's i5, it's running like a race horse.

My only concern with this is the material that holds the screen, it looks crappy, so maybe in some months I might have a surprise, I've already read of people having bad experiences with it (just a few, but there are), so be warned. Nevertheless I'm really happy with this purchase.

There are new HPs with similar prices on the store, but this looks better and I really prefer laptops without touch-screen.

So, anyway, good luck with it!
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on August 17, 2013
First I want to say that this is my first ultrabook. I am not going to repeat what other reviewers have said but I would just like to say a few things:
1. this is by no competition the single fastest devise I ever have. I intentionally say devise since it boots even faster than any of my smart phones, tablets, or even my old but trusty Nokia E63 (not so smart) phone. this includes logging in and connecting to the local WiFi.

2. on the downside, there is only a single thing that I wish HP has done right: the activity LEDs. now placing these on the side is not a smart idea since it simply becomes irrelevant. I'm (and other people probably) not going to lean to the side of my laptop each time I want to know if the HDD (SDD) is busy. this should have been placed on top, preferably by the power button where it is always visible.

I will update this once something new happens.

Update 18/Sep/2013

I have two more cons that I discovered from day to day usage:

1. The keyboard is not that good. SHIFT sometimes does not register, some keys (nothing particular) also fail to register or register as adjacent keys. Now some might say that this is me typing wrong, believe me this is not the case. Most of the time anyway.

2. The touch pad buttons are a joke. right clicking results in left clicking most of the time, so I was forced to use a mouse. this makes the point of carrying and using an ultrabook simply mute. The multi-touch feature is AWESOME though. Zooming, and scrolling have never been easier. Only wish the buttons would work as they're supposed to.
I still consider this the best PC experience I've had since upgrading my AMD 100 to Intel Pentiom 233 MMX which is why I just can't bring myself to take another star
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on July 24, 2013
I had my previous laptop for a while, so I decided to buy a new laptop. I go to college and I have to bring my laptop to school often, so I wanted something small and lightweight. I looked at dell (which was what my previous laptop was), but nothing interested me. I even looked at a Macbook Air, but then I realized I didn't want a Mac for a computer. Then I found this Ultrabook and the specs were everything I wanted. Also, I have never saw a better looking computer than this. The brushed look is amazing and the light up keyboard is awesome. Besides the looks, this computer is extremely fast for being so thin. I haven't done anything that makes this computer lag yet. The beats audio sounds nice and it can get very loud for an Ultrabook. Also, for it's purpose of taking it to school, it is so light that I sometimes get scared that I forgot it at home, which is great.

Of course, this Ultrabook isn't perfect. One reason is that the touch pad is sometimes erratic. Sometimes I try to move the pointer slightly and it jumps to somewhere else. Also, I don't like when the left and right buttons are attached to the touch pad because sometimes when I am trying to click something, the pointer moves and I miss whatever I am trying to click. These aren't big problems, but they can be irritating at times. I use a mouse at almost all times, so it doesn't affect me most of the time. The other problem is not really the computer's fault, but the computer comes with it. The problem is of course Windows 8, which is horrible. I have never used the app mode of Windows 8 because it's useless and more difficult to use, so I just use desktop mode all the time. The only reason why I keep Windows 8 on this computer is because it is somewhat faster than Windows 7.

Besides those small problems, I really love this Ultrabook!
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on March 3, 2013
Not quite sure about all the negative reviews, which I read prior to purchasing this laptop, but I guess I'm one of those who got an outstanding ultrabook. I've been using this as my primary computer for the past two weeks, and it's perfect for my needs. The mSATA drive is lighting fast. The keyboard is responsive with a great tactile feel. The sound is fine for an ultrabook. It's 3 lbs! The 13.3" screen is more than enough for my needs, and I can connect this to a desktop monitor via HDMI if needed. Everyone talks about the fan - not sure what the problem is, but normally, it's off, and during CPU loads > 50% it's running, but not that loud. I had a HP i7, and you should have heard that thing run when all the cores were being utilized. I do video editing, and it's not that bad. I bought this at 699.99, which is a steal for the quality of this laptop. Highly recommend.
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on August 29, 2013
It arrived as promised (the NEXT DAY)... and worked beautifully right out of the box. I did have to go through a lengthy setup process with HP Support (by phone), but they did that mostly by remoting-in to the computer (so that I didn't have to do all that much myself). The support had mostly to do with installing all of the software updates to the Operating System which had been issued since the computer was first built.

At any rate.... once that was all completed it's been running full-tilt for nearly two months with NO issues at all. Batttery life is really good, and it gives ample warning when the level it getting low.

The "form factor" (size) as well as its having a solid-state drive (as opposed to a spinning hard drive), REALLY make it perfect for my mobile lifestyle.. I am far less "afraid" to take it along on a car ride or bumpy subway...

It's a KEEPER!
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on October 24, 2013
I really like the ultrabook. I was actually in love with it at first, but then little things started to make it not so loveable.

Pros: Very sleek, light, backlit keyboard, multi-gesture touchpad, the homepage, windows 8, can use two apps/things at the same time, can switch to original desktop view if you dislike windows 8, Beat By Dre audio, Apps: you don't use a lot of space with apps, the charms, battery life, quick charge, and I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of them all right now.

Con: The keypad is sensitive at times. It's quite irritating when you try to do one thing, but the keyboard commands something else because it's extremely sensitive to the touch.
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on March 12, 2013
I received the laptop in perfect conditions and at the right time. It's what I expected, very portable, light, well constructed and finished. The keyboard is very smooth and the screen resolution is quite good, the RJ45 connector availability was the feature that made me choose the Spectre over the MacAir (and of course the price). However, the well known issue about the fan is real, it's noisy and you'll notice that from the begining. A good product for the price, best value for money in ultrabook category.
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on July 24, 2014
Item was received. However, it was defective. The computer would not hold a charge; it would shut down if it was not plugged in. I did call HP to discuss, and they suggested returning the computer. The computer was sent back and we had to pay $21.77 for fedex return of this defective product. The seller did not pay for shipping return on the defective product. This was disappointing. Also, the keyboard format was not US format, it was Canadian / French. I did not know this when purchasing the product, but the major concern was the defective battery.
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