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on January 12, 2014
I ordered this headset here off of Amazon in August of 2013. Before this headset I was using the Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Stereo PC Gaming Headset - Frustration Free Packaging which I wrote a pretty great review about (I still have the headset tucked away in the closet in the event I ever need a backup). While I liked the headset there were a few things I liked more about the BlackShark- The Blackshark uses analog audio connectors versus the USB on the Plantronics (which in theory, the analog connectors provide better audio as the USB can have some interference since it is electric). Also, the Blackshark looks sexy.

So, I plunked down the most money I have ever spent on a headset and got it a few days later.

So what are the things that I like about? The construction quality is AMAZING. It's actual metal alright. The wires are routed in a neat way. You can detach the microphone (more on the quality in a second and pop in this metal nub thing to make it look complete without a headset. It is adjustable so it can fit on all sizes of heads AND the padding after 5 months, is still holding up. It still looks brand new- unlike other headsets I have used where the padding starts to look worn after months of use. It comes with a Y splitter so you can connect it to your PC (which is where i use it mainly)- but you can detach it from the splitter and use it on anything that accepts a regular 3.5mm headset (I have used it on my iPhone, iPad, 3DS and PS Vita).

The first thing I noticed when I plugged this thing in compared to my old headset? Bass. So much bass. In a good way.

The microphone works really well. It's on a little boom and is adjustable in all sorts of directions. I use it mainly in vent- but I have also used it for "narration" work for youtube videos. The input is very clear and crisp. The filter over the mic does well to guard against plosives while recording. So pop your p's and slur your S's- you won't pick it up in the recording (unless you are holding the mic RIGHT AGAINST your mouth).

So what do I NOT like? There are TWO things.

1. The cable is rubber. I think Razer should have used a threaded cable like they do with the Naga. Threaded cables can handle much more of a beating and do not fray or rip as easily. But to the headsets credit, the rubber cable feels sturdy enough and after 5 months of use there is not any signs of wear, fraying or warping- so maybe it's not so bad. This is more of a nitpick really.

2. GLASSES- if you wear glasses and plan on using this thing for hours like I do- listen up. If you have thicker plastic frames- the padding over the ears will press it a little against your temples. What this means is after 3-5 hours of use, your temples might be a little sore. If you adjust your glasses when you put them on and raise them up just a tad, then I have found I do not experience the tenderness. When I wear my thin framed glasses however, I do not get sore. If you wear contacts or nothing at all- you won't run into this issue.

But those aren't big deals for me. The cable so far seems like new and the soreness from my glasses can be avoided if I adjust my glasses when I put the headset on.

I definitely recommend the Blackshark. It looks awesome and works just how you would expect something in this price range to function.

EDIT: 5/8/2014

Thought I would give an update. So far, so good. Everything is just as it should be in the sound department and hardware department. I am now at 9 months of use and am now starting to notice kinks in the rubber cable which was my biggest concern when buying this thing. Because of the kinks, those parts of the cable "coil" around themselves which bend the cable which reduces the total length and is annoying. My biggest concern is that the cable will either start to rip/fray around the kinked parts and eventually stop working. But as of right now, I'm not really worried about it. I haven't really been moving this thing around either. It always stays plugged into my system and rests on my desk when not in use. Obviously it was something I did to make the kinks- they just didn't happen on their own- but what worries me is how gently I treat this thing and for that to still happen. I can't think of anything where I misused the headset to cause the creasing in the cable.

Seriously Razer, if you are listening- threaded cable is the way to go with this beauty. With that said, I still stand by my original review and rating. Just keep that in "the back of your mind".

I'll update if anything should change.
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on January 20, 2014
There are a few things to consider on this device, mainly the playback quality of the headset and the recording quality of the microphone.

Audio Playback:

This part of the device is top notch. I live in an apartment with several loud roommates and these headphones block out about 80% of their shenanigans just by having something at a low volume play. I have sensitive ears, so I listen to most things at low volumes and I find it hard to find good headphones or ear buds that really give the full auditory experience when you listen to things at such low levels but this definitely gave me great volume at those low levels. They are great for gaming, however if your looking for some really nice bassy ones for music you could find better ones at this price. Then again if you wanted to use these for music you probably wouldn't be looking at a headset with a mic.


The microphone on this device is great. The unidirectional mic insures that my keyboard and roommates can't be heard in the back ground. Even when they are play radioactive on our keyboard at max volume for the 50th time that day. The mic's sound quality is top notch, I use to use a blu snowball mic before coming to this apartment, however there is too much background noise for that now. I'd say this mic is about 80% as good as the blu snowball, which was a much better comparison than I expected. The only issues I have with this mic is it tends to be a little on the quite side (an easy fix with a tad bit of volume boosting) and it seems to have a constant white noise. For voice chat your friends probably won't notice it. If you're using it for recording purposes just throw it into audacity, adobe sound booth, or adobe premiere and they will be able to easily get rid of that bit of white noise however.

The short version:
These are bloody fantastic and I would highly recommend them if you want a fair balance between playback and recording quality at a reasonable price.
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on June 10, 2014
Headset is pretty well built compared to the previous ones I owned logitech g35 (broke in 2 weeks) and my Corsair Vengeance 1500. It sounds great and the cords are a decent length since my computer is on my desk. I didn't have to worry about the cord dragging on the floor so the chair can eat it.

All that being said they would be a keeper but this headset is very uncomfortable wearing for long periods of time. I wear glasses and the amount of pressure was like having a vice strapped to my head. Even after trying to adjust it over and over again. Eventually I gave up and sent these back to amazon.
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on August 27, 2016
ihave owned these for over a year and i love them ,very tough awesome sound .the shipper did not include the pc adapter in the box so i used my logitec adapter and it did very well up till a week ago and just quit. when i tried to get one from razer they don"t have them so now i have to try to find one elsewhere/very good product but no replacement parts
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on June 17, 2014
This has been a great headset so far. There are certain features of the build quality that makes me concerned, but so far it has worked great!

- Great color and style
- Detachable mic is very useful
- Sound quality is great
- Included splitter cable is very helpful

- Feels a little loose/flimsy
- People on the other end of a skype or game can hear my music and any other computer sounds plain as day

Overall this is a good product and comes for a good price too.
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on May 14, 2014
The sound quality is fantastic... when they work. The microphone quality is great... when it works. These are an all around good set of head phones... when they work. If you plan on buying these, don't unplug them, only use them at your desk or gaming station. They are not meant to be carried around and are a fair bit fragile. I have the skills to repair them, but it's kinda' a pain.

Well worth it if they are kept in one place, not for walking around or traveling.
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on April 9, 2014
My son loves these. This is a quality product that will last. All Razor products are good and this one is another home run.
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on March 15, 2014
I have owned many headphones and may i say that beats by dre and bose headphones do not even come close to the quality, durability, and sound quality of these!
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on July 8, 2016
Lower than average quality, brittle and easily bendable/breakable cord at twice the price! Either get Chroma 7.1's or a HyperX Cloud 2, not this garbage.
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on July 19, 2015
I lost one of the screws that adjusts the size so I had to tape it to my head. The mic wasn't that good either. I had to buy my own splitter too. I eventually got a Hyper X Cloud and that is way better than this.
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