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on September 30, 2013
I wish the permanent 'home' key along the bottom border of the phone were touch-sensitive, just like the 'menu' key and 'back' key on either side of it, rather than one that needs to be mechanically pressed - the action requires just enough extra effort to make it unnecessarily awkward to use. But so far, after about 4 days with the phone, that's my only quibble, aside from the built in TouchWiz launcher, which isn't awful, but just annoying enough to make you want to seek one of the many free options available. The phone is fast, the display is large and beautiful (be sure to set the display to full brightness if using the phone in daylight, otherwise it's impossible to see). I was one of those 'old-schoolers' who always wanted the security of a mechanical keyboard option, but the amazing SwiftKey app keyboard/text predictor app (along with the size of the S III's screen) renders irrelevant all of my concerns about typing accuracy with touchscreen keyboards. I'm cynical enough at this point to expect this phone to start lagging annoyingly within about 18 months, but we'll see... so far so good!
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on June 17, 2013
Verizon was having a sale on these, so we bought two and signed up for the Verizon Share Everything Plan. The phones are phenomenal - loaded with features, and with fast processors. I have all the apps I want on my phone, and I still have plenty of memory left! The camera takes pretty good pictures from both front and back. The videos it takes are 1920x1080, which is HD quality. Granted, my Canon HD video camcorder and my Canon SLR are better, but for a phone this is the best I've seen. The flash also stays on as an assistive light, and it is very bright. Will be very handy in a power failure, or when searching for something in my black hole of a purse. My previous phone was a Huawei Ascend II, and it was a little put putt in comparison. This phone leaves that one in its dust. The only small inconveniences are the placement of the on and volume buttons. It is also hard to grasp it when taking photos without hitting the back button, unless you are holding the camera in a landscape aspect. I would shave off a half a star for that, but since I can't give a 4.5 star rating, I'll chalk the difficulty up to my butterfingers and give this phone the five stars it deserves.
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on October 13, 2013
Its been a while since I got a new phone. I won't say this one does anything all that new, other than the IR blaster, but its just so darn slick. And the size is perfect, big screen and its really thin and light. It displays gmail nicely in the browser so I can use my work email easily. I also could just throw in my old microSD 32gb card with all my music etc on it, really easy to back up. Keeps a charge all day also plus its a cinch to swap batteries, essential for traveling. And the batteries are cheap, $9! Just does EVERYTHING a little bit better than anyone else. I will say this apples camera is better. Why does apple so dominate the camera thing? Or why can't Samsung get Sony to make its camera? If apple would ever make a light 5 inch screen phone they might compete, but until then, apple 5s, droid maxx and htc one are all jokes by comparison. I got the boxwave blackout case which rocks, its very thin, so you hardly know you have a case, but good protection, and only $7.
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on June 3, 2013
I have not had a "smart phone" since my Palm Trio. Needless to say, things have changed a bit since then. I purchased this unit as a bundle with a Verizon account and I am not unhappy with the decision. My biggest issue is not with the phone but with my lack of knowledge on how to use it efficiently. The screen's resolution is excellent and even with my fat fingers in the horizontal position I am able to text without having to back space too often to correct errors. The auto complete library is impressive and a time saver. I am not a uses "chat" abbreviations. I use full proper English when I text and this feature speeds up the process. Once I figured out how to clear the RAM of unnecessary background programs, battery life has improved dramatically.

Great phone and I couldn't beat the price with the Verizon Share Everything plan.
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on August 27, 2013
I like this phone very much. I would like it more if I had not accidentally dropped it and shattered the screen. The only thing holding the screen together is the screen protector I bought for it. I tried to get some relief from Amazon without success. Verizon sent me to the insurance company I bought for it. They wanted me to pay them $100 to replace it with a refurbished phone. I passed on that. The phone still works so I'll stay with it. Screen is very sensitive to the touch. That's good except that sometimes it makes calls when I did not want to do so. Other than that, it's a very good phone.

The only negative I would give to this phone is its short battery life. It runs down way too quickly. That can be remedied by buying an extended life battery. Worked for me.
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on January 4, 2016
Great phone! The size is perfect it fits right in your hand and you can easily text worth just one hand. The screen is not good quality though after just two small drops the screen and LCD was completely broken. The price to have that fixed is just about the cost of the phone itself.
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on July 8, 2013
I have used a cell phone since 1999, but recently decided to advance to the 'smart phone'. I am delighted to find it so easy to use and intuitive. I recently took a trip to Minot, ND and Verizon was even stronger there than out here in WA. As I headed home I found the signal was lost and so was my mobile phone. Using a land line I called the Verizon techs and they helped me in resetting my phone. The signal was back and so was my Mobile phone. Apparently my phone was still searching for the ND signal but by simply removing and reinstalling the sim card my phone looked in the right places and my service was restored. It's nice to know the service provided by Samsung and Verizon is so great,
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on August 26, 2014
I am very happy with my Samsung galaxy s3. My husband searched for the best deal after my Nokia Lumia 822 died after just over a year. Naturally, a week or two after the warranty was up. He had the Galaxy S3 & has experienced no problems with it. I am still finding new things to do with mine & haven't had any problem so far. I really like that it has the simplified window tile setting for people like me to get familiarized with the operating system. The only complaints I have are NOT being allowed to disable autocorrect (it drives me nuts!!!), & NOT being able to uninstall some of the preprogrammed apps ( VERY FRUSTRATING TO ME!!!!) that I have NO NEED for. Otherwise, a great phone! Get the otter box too!
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on June 10, 2013
I love the size. It feels good in my hand and the screen is large enough to make reading twitter, email and the Internet easy and comfortable.

My only complaints are the placement of the buttons at the bottom corners and the light, almost fragile feeling of the device, but a cover gave it some much needed stability and the raised edge of the cover keeps me from accidentally tapping the back and menu buttons.

I love being able to put shortcut icons on the lock screen, I'm lazy like that.

Overall, I love my galaxy.
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on March 23, 2014
I had the newer version of this phone, The S4. But to replace the S4 would cost around $800.00 I dropped it and shattered the glass. So I shopped around on Amazon, and found this phone ( Galaxy S 3 ) for a lot less, and it has pretty much the same features to the point I can't really tell the difference. Its also the same size as the S4. I really like it. The same phone at Walmart is $699.00 with tax included. Amazon saved me $200.00 Thanks Amazon.
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