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I am very familiar with Anonymous and have closely followed the news about all the events covered in the video, and I'd say the video did an EXCELLENT JOB. There was nothing I'd take issue with as far as historical accuracy and the individual members that were interviewed, and their mothers, did a great job explaining the technical aspects.
I personally think the HB GARY hacks could merit a documentary in itself. I personally was horrified by the uncovering of HB GARY's talk of weaponizing sock puppets in Operation Metal Gear. To me that sort of manipulation of public opinion is very frightening, perhaps as much so as living in a surveillance state, because that's a form of mind control of the masses. I can't help but think if people understand it, and know about it, they will be more inclined and determined to always think for themselves, so I was disappointed this was not covered in the documentary. I would also have loved for them to have asked Aaron Burr when he said he big releases of information was destructive, "Destructive of WHAT?" What is it he thinks he really supports?
Two big issues are brought up that are very important - Yes, a hacktivist doing what is really a victimless crime can do more time than pedophiles, or in some cases, murderers. The sentences are over the top crazy and heavily weighed towards the very corporations that would often be so oppressive themselves.
The end hinted at the NSA's new data center, and where the surveillance state is going. This was before the time of Ed Snowden. Because of that, I think it would be great if more people saw this to help them understand a bit more of the issues that are facing our culture, right now, that really need some resolution and light.
The film does a great job of steering clear of conspiracy theories that surround the groups, such as government involvement and steering. I think, in this case, it helps the film a lot. It sticks to historical facts, but covers the political opinions of members and people that really seem to get it well, and that's really what's important.
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on April 28, 2016
Insightful. I came away with a new, more intimate perspective of Anonymous. I work for a hosting company packed full of very brilliant and slightly off-color individuals so I felt somehow connected to this community. 4Chan is not my cup of tea (hell, I barely reddit), but I couldn't help but laugh when serious chants turned into "long cat is long." Lovely.

Sometimes they made decisions I wouldn't agree with and sometimes they stood for something wonderful and powerful. I think the general population tends to see a stark division between us and them in regards to this collective of "nerds" but they are the equalizer - the average individual that refuses to be made inferior by those with greater means, pedigree, and greed. Today, the most powerful tool for good and evil is the internet and anyone can learn to wield it. This documentary illustrates how that's both a beautiful and a terrible thing.
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on September 8, 2016
Boy, did I feel like an idiot watching this. Soooo much going on that I didn't have any idea about, that wasn't reported in mainstream media in any way that let me connect the dots. Given the direction news reporting has gone, the knowledge that there are still people of courage out there trying to bring attention to stories we should all know, challenging the status quo in new and increasingly difficult ways, is heartening. That they are also being persecuted and silenced by the government that needs them to exist, now more than ever, is terrifying. Everyone should watch this.
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on May 1, 2013
I'm not a hacktivist--more like a technoklutz--but I recognize the need for accountability in the technology industry and corporate world among so many others. The story was really captivating, and I felt the POV was neutral enough that I didn't feel like I was being given a lopsided view of the hacktivists among us. I've started reading up on the plight of some of these hacktivists and the struggles they face. I am of the opinion there are many sympathizers who are probably quite passive (like me) in the world at large but care about the subject matter when it's presented in such a thought-provoking way.
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on March 10, 2017
I knew very little about Anonymous before watching this documentary. I learned about the organization and its history, but I learned more than that. This is truly a revolution, one organized very differently from others.
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on December 11, 2016
This documentary movie covers a few of the key events that occurred within the Anonymous movement. It is entertaining and informative. I liked it quite a bit, but some might find its documentary format boring or some of the comments by the people interviewed off putting or offensive. I would have liked a bit more coverage on the operations that have been successful and why they were carried out and what sort of consequences occurred as a result, but this covered about 4 major events and you know what... that was enough to get the point across. Get it if your are curious about Anonymous or Hacktivism.
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on January 5, 2013
'We Are Legion' is a fascinating study of modern cyberspace legends. It reminds us of two important concepts - first, that there are real lives and powerful forces behind and beyond the worlds of electronic shopping, social networks, and video games, and second, that public commerce, politics, and discourse have moved significantly away from the streets where historically we could have mounted a soapbox to address our neighbors, or picketed an unfair business if we saw social injustice.

By turning on our computers do we give up the civil right (many would say social responsibility) to object to the wrongs we see in the world? How should we respond when the audience we want to address and the actors to whose actions we want to object have shielded themselves behind the remoteness of cyber-isolation? It's easy to picket a store or business, but how does one draw similar public attention directly to the activities of a presence accessible primarily over the web?

These and more are the issues explored in 'We Are Legion'. It's a fascinating film about an important spectrum of issues.
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on September 28, 2015
Disappointed that it's free on YouTube, but I hope that a small part of my rental fee benefited a worthy group. Aside from that, it was very interesting to learn about a subculture that I knew almost nothing about (until now) and am not technologically qualified to join. It will be interesting to see what these folks cook up in the future. Kind of like ambulance services--you don't think about them a lot, but you might need them some day.
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on March 10, 2017
Great movie. Empowering.
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on February 10, 2014
This is a great documentary on Anonymous. It's very engaging and intriguing. It asks some important questions regarding freedom of information Online and the use of hacking as a form of protest. It highlights the nebulous quality of Anonymous and the wide range of abilities of the hackers involved. The director interviewed Anons (members of Anonymous both past and present); people hacked by Anons; and people studying Anons and hackers in general like Dr. Garbriella Coleman. If you are curious about Anonymous and the role of hacking in creating social change, this is a great place to start.
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