Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Note II, Titanium Gray 16GB (Sprint)
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on December 5, 2012
I'm somewhat of a "Tech junkie." Therefore, I've owned/own my fair share of devices. Iphone 3g, 3gs, HTC EVO, EVO 3D, Galaxy TAB 7.7, Droid Razr Maxx, and droid DNA by HTC, to name a few. This by far does what all the above do and MORE. I am not a Samsung fan, but as of late they have set the bar in what modern tech can be. Anyone debating on making the leap to this monster of a device shouldn't hesitate! I thought the size would make it uneasy to handle since I have small hands but, I quickly got used to it. It also has 1 handed mode, where you can switch the keyboard, phone dial pad, and ecen the calculator to favor either side with the touch of an arrow! I know women who have no problem operating the phone with the smallest hands. There is already a wealth of accessories at your disposal since this is a global device, as well as being available on 5 U.S carrier's. This has taken over my tablet as my browsing and media device. The S-pen acts as a mouse with features like hovering over links to show previews of emails, web content, photo albums and even shows a live preview with sound of your videos just by hovering! this device is nothing short of amazing! of course, the main reason this device is made, being a phone, it is excellent and reception and 4g LTE conectivity where available. No dropped calls and everyone sounds clear and say that I sound clear on my end. Buy it!

Pros: super fast quad core 1.6 GHz processor.
Large 5.5 inch super amoled 720 p HD screen non pentile version.
A plethora of the features including the extra features that that s pen enables.
Great battery life with 3100 mah battery whuch is removable.
Micro sd slot for up to 64 gbs of external storage.

Cons: Pricey, but you will not need to worry about your device vecoming obsolete before your next device, as its packing the latest and greatest in every aspect besides the 1st and only 1080p display in the USA on the DNA. Which that device has ONLY a 2020 MAH battery, and a few other shortcomings which I don't need to list in this review.

A little large, but as I mentioned you will quickly become accustomed to the size and everything else will feel unnecessarily small. Making myself wonder why I ever wanted such a small device especially with this being pocketable.

My conclusion. This is hands down the best device for all your entertainment, productivity, and typical smartphone needs!
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on November 29, 2012
Actually the future is a smaller device that "unfolds" into a tablet size..and Samsung is already working on the type of screen to facilitate this. Until that arrives, this is the best mobile device in my opinion out there. I had a rooted EVO 4G and never felt the need for a tablet because it did everything I needed...aside from really working, for which I used my desktop. I was thinking of the EVO 4G LTE because I had grown to like HTC and liked the increased size and the beauty of the device. Still as a photographer, I wanted a mobile device with an excellent camera, not that the EVO LTE was not,(my daughter has it and my other daughter with her IPhone 4S, a very good camera, envies hers) did not want Samsung because of radio problems.
Then came the NOTE II and I kept hearing about the power and capabilities. I felt this was the device that would put a tablet in my hands at the same time.
At first I was put off by the size, almost so huge as to be ridiculous. I never thought I would have such a huge device. That was for about ONE day. After that, it quickly grew on me, and I was hooked.
Call quality - smoothly with my jawbone bluetooth...just paired up and connected...smooth.
Jelly Bean - Heaven...this thing is what Android was supposed to be...we have arrived finally...Apple no longer holds the advantage for having a seamlessly smooth no lagging OS...JB matches or surpasses it with intuitiveness, speed, beauty, flexibility and potential.
Features: so much that I haven't even used them all yet.
Speed: no lag...just goes from one screen or command to another like butter.
Size: I LOVE IT!!!...I cannot go back to a smaller device.
Camera: almost perfect...I would like to be able to adjust shutter speed and aperture...may be possible...have to see if there is an app available for that..other than that the photos are better than I have ever seen from a phone and rivals PS cameras out there. The HDR will make you scream in delight. So I am happy that the phone has the camera quality that I really needed.

I bought the adapter connection to stream to my TV HDMI..I bought another connection to connect directly to my DSLR...will come back with those results later.

It is not for everyone but if you want one device to do everything...browse internet, connect to many other devices, read magazines, read books, look at movies, edit photos!!(with a pen)...etc, etc....this is it.

note: I bought a case for it and while it looks good, it goes not fit in my pocket like before...before you could not know it was there because it was so thin.....this is how it overcomes its its thinness..

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on November 20, 2012
I initially wanted to get the New EVO 4lte. When I heard of this device I did some research, because as an EVO owner for 2yrs the only direction I could see myself going was IPhone... I was definitely not a Samsung fan.

After owning the product for a few weeks, I am impressed.
It is Fast
It is responsive
It is also Overwhelming with so much to do with it. I admit I use the pen function very seldom.

I do not like the keyboard, but that's because I am spoiled to HTC's. I will live.

You have to consider the size. I love the size, others may not like it so much.

Technologically speaking it is top of the line... not top of the Android line, it is TOP OF THE LINE.
We have to understand that Apple OS is proprietary and specific which enabled it to edge towards perfection sooner. The Open Android System has finally approached that bench mark via the Galaxy Notebook2. It doesn't mean that Apple is not Top of the line also, BUT it does mean you have a choice of best devices and don't have to give up any functionality or capability and you may just possibly... be adding with this one. (Check out Phone Dog's head to head Notebook2 vs Iphone5).

Do your homework. As of right now there are 3 reviews. This and two others. The 1 star one flamed all samsung devices, so also do your homework in the reviews you read too.

This is my first review but I had to set the record straight.

If you can afford this, Get this!
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on December 8, 2012
I have had smartphones since they practically came out. I started out with a brick of a Blackberry and boy have things changed! I was hesitant about purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because of the hefty $299 price tag but I thought to heck with it and gave it a shot! Let me tell you...its worth every penny!

SCREEN: This screen is the best I have seen on a phone. Its crisp, clear and so easy to see even in direct sunlight! Netflix, Hulu+ and GoogleTV work flawlessly and look amazing! The colors are so bright and vivid! I get compliments all the time on this aspect! I absolutely adore the HDsuperAMOLED screen!

SIZE: Yes, the size is a little scary at first (5.5 inch screen!), but me being a woman, I wasn't concerned about placement (purses, ladies). I have heard a lot of people say "It won't fit in your pocket"...but the phone is so slim, its easy to place! They also make real nifty case/wallets for this thing!

BATTERY: This battery is straight up PHENOMENAL! I only charge it at night when I go to bed (unlike my other smartphones in the past that lived on life support 24/7) and at that, I really could even go a couple days without charging. With super heavy use like Netflix, texting, taking pictures, talking on the phone a couple battery will start at 100% around 8am and be around 74% by 6pm. That is amazing in my book. That alone is the worth the price!

INTERACTION: This phone comes with the hyped up S-Pen. I didn't really think I would use it a whole lot but wow was I wrong! It really is a lot of fun! You can use it to hover over your screen and see whats in certain folders (images, music, etc.). It also works as a scissors, which is nifty! You press the button and hold it and you can cut and crop anything on the screen! Its fun to quickly jot down notes in a pinch! You can send hand-written images to anyone! I love this little gadget!

Overall, this phone is the best phone I have ever used. In my honest opinion, it is much better than the iPhone! Sorry Apple! This phone is just so customizable! The options are limitless! The screen is AHHH-mazing and you just cannot beat this powerhouse's battery life! Thanks Samsung! You definitely made a quality product that I am just pleased to own! Keep them coming!
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on December 31, 2012
I will not needlessly critique the mobile phone, as it is the best handset on the market -- largest most attractive screen, extremely thoughtful and intuitive Samsung customized user interface, best battery life.

I had been a Verizon Wireless customer for 4 years -- recently on the Galaxy Nexus phone.

I use lots of data for streaming investment information, and the Galaxy Nexus was inferior when tethering / mobile hotspotting it to my laptop computer.

The Sprint 4G LTE network in Chicago and Rockford, IL is faster than Verizon's. Likely this is due to the lack of traffic, as Verizon's network was fast a year ago, but much slower now. (2011: 15mbps DL / 10mbps UL, 2012: 4mbps DL / 3mbps UL on Verizon; 2012: 20mbps DL / 15mbps UL on Sprint)

Sprint, having a deep pocketed Japanese investor, is poised to be the top carrier in 5 years. They simply have more wireless bandwidth they intend to leverage.

The Galaxy Note 2 I got thru for $100 as a new line of service. Add to that the $100 discount for switching from Verizon to Sprint and the GN2 mobile phone was free. If that were not enough, Sprint offers CREDIT UNION customers 10% off on their bill, AND, waives the $35 activation fee.

Sprint deals are simply the best.

Lastly, Sprint voice mail service seamlessly integrates with Google Voice. Google Voice allows for efficient and easy voice mail and calling services. Notably, when I left Verizon I had forgotten to back up my voice mail messages, and they were lost permanently. Google Voice emails me the voice mail message as an audio file AND transcribes the verbal message in the email as well. A feature that is cutting edge, and remarkable.

Anyone reading this review must choose this phone, with this carrier -- Sprint. The $100 discount to switch carriers, along with a credit union discount of 10%, and waiver of the activation fee, makes Sprint #1 in competitiveness.
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on November 26, 2012
This phone amazes me every day. It is not only fun to use and explore, but seriously one of the most interesting gadgets I've ever used. I bought the iphone 5 first, which I was super excited about at the time. After 2 weeks of glitches, dropped calls, microphone malfunctions, and boring interface I decided to try out the galaxy. WOW. A world of difference. The iphone seems like a dinosaur next to this phone/mini computer. I love my galaxy note II, and having the iphone first makes me appreciate this phone that much more. There are so many cool features, like handwriting texts with the s-pen, burst shot photography, you can make cool and intricate artwork with using the pen and appropriate applications, the list goes on and I'm still learning. This is the best phone I've ever had by far. It has excellent call quality, I have yet to have a dropped call, and unlike the iphone 5 everyone can actually hear me! The screen displays vivid colors and is the perfect size for viewing videos and photos but not too large that it's a nuisance. I highly recommend this phone.
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on November 16, 2012
Definitely faster than my Epic with the physical keyboard. No LTE on Oahu and the 4G coverage is crappy so I can't say how that goes. Wifi connects quickly. Jelly Bean is great and easy. If you're afraid to switch to's not that hard. Our 4 year old knows how to use my iPod touch and this phone. Never used Siri so I can't compare the S Voice, but it seems helpful so far. I was able to send text messages hands free while driving. It's not perfect though. I asked it to dial one thing out of my address book, and it dialed a different person. I wish that it had asked to confirm if that was the name that I said before connecting. Oh well. I even asked it, "How much wood could a woodchuck..." and it gave the correct answer, but it couldn't give me an answer when I asked if it liked green eggs and ham.

I actually use the S pen. I did my homework last week scribbling notes on a PDF.

This phone works for me because I watch a lot of videos from my memory card. They load fast and smooth. I email and text more than talk so the big phone next to my face isn't a problem. It doesn't fit in ANY of my pockets. It evens hangs out of my back pockets. Women's clothing have small pockets. If you use this for you really wear pants with cargo pockets to meetings? It fits easily in purse though because it's slim. Since the screen is bigger, I have it set with bigger fonts. When it comes to music, I still prefer using my iPod classic. It just seems simpler.

I miss having a physical shutter button like the Epic has. Takes good enough pictures for phone quality.

The biggest plus so far is the minimal amount of bloatware that Sprint has on this compared to when I got the Epic two years ago. There was a crap load Sprint and NASCAR apps that you couldn't delete. Those are all optional now in the Play Store. Still has Swype. I can't Swype some works while holding this with one hand. Thumb won't reach across.

Biggest complaint is that when any version of iphone comes out, there are hundreds of cases available before the phone is even out. I'm still waiting for Otterbox to release their cases that their website keeps saying, "soon". I have butter fingers. MMMmmmm, Butterfingers.

Keep in mind that the screen is bigger so anyone standing around you can easily see what you're doing. I'd like to play with this and a Samsung TV to test it out. Also interested in that docking station with the HDMI output, but not for $100.
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on November 26, 2012
I had an iPhone 3GS that kept getting slower with each OS update. The battery finally died after nearly 3 years. I originally tried the first Note phone in June and the touch screen software was clumsy while the pen was uncomfortable to use.

The pen has pressure sensitivity and I use it to draw with often. It's got a good camera, and the native software do their jobs well. It's good enough for anything I can think of so far, and I'm very happy with its responsiveness. It's a great piece of hardware on the inside, however the outside visual aesthetic is boring (aside from being thin, grey, and smooth) but that doesn't matter if you buy a case. I have a serious case of man hands and this phone feels right.

And Google maps is awesome on this phone. One of the biggest reasons why I chose not to go with the new iPhone is because of their sub-par Apple branded map app. I am astounded how manly leaps and bounds Google maps is beyond the Apple Map app. I am very glad I switched, and I am very happy with this piece of hardware. I got a blue tooth headset two weeks after I bought this phone, and I feel like I am in the future now.
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on November 16, 2012
I have waited long time. This phone is fast.(Faster than Laptop). I was with Verizon and I could not wait until November 27. I went to check with SPRINT. They have better phone plan Unlimited Data and much cheaper than Verizon. I switched and found it worked better in my house. I teach the computer in my church and found they have 4G coverage in the area and Verizon does not have 4G in the area. It works better. Most of my friend who has I-Phone checked this phone and find this is more responsive and smooth than I-Phone. My daughter should use medical program for her work and her performance goes up because of the faster speed of the response. Because of quad core process, the web response become much faster. I am not worried about the storage because I have installed 64 GB micro SD card. I checked the navigation. This is much smoother than GPS. I am considering to buy the mount and car charger. Once I changed to manual sync from auto sync of my e-mail accounts, the battery can hold 2 days enough. This become the walking entertainment machine for me since you can enjoy the U-Tube. I don't need to buy I Pad and I-phone. I could use for both. I am very happy with my purchase from SPRINT.
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on January 30, 2013
This is about a phone that can do it all.

In a couple short years, Samsung has created a new form factor and design to lead us into the future of smartphones. 6 Years ago, my favorite phone was my Treo 650. A trusty Swiss-Army-knife-type phone that was a blend between PDA and cellphone, issued to me by my company at the time. It had everything a professional could want in one package.... albeit a very bulky package.

Since leaving that company, I have had quite a few cellphones with NONE of them matching the utility and business acumen of the trusty Treo 650. I played with hardware QWERTY phones and some with snazzy screens and dual cores. Each phone had it's own draw, but none of them covered all the bases. Phones began to get smaller instead of expanding their roles as Digital Asistants.

Until now.

Samsung has changed the game with this segment-defining piece of mastery. The skills that they have amassed since their entry into the Android sphere have culminated to a device that is part computer, part cellphone and part everything else in between.


I'm not going to get into all the fantastic specs and numbers that this phone currently holds title to, because in the world of smartphones, this will only last a short while. What I want to show you is why you should seriously consider this phone as your device for the next 2+ years.

The specs themselves are enough to persuade many to purchase this phone (including myself), but it is the things that don't hit the spec sheet that will make you happy after the inital buzz wears off. Things like the S Pen (Samsung's Stylus that is based on award winning Wacom technology) and Samsung's dedication to cater to everyone make this the perfect companion. Multi-screen, just one of Samsung's many developments, allows you to run two apps at the same time, sharing half of the screen each. You can also dynamically change the amount of screen that each app occupies. Want to shoot off an email while finishing up that YouTube video? Do it at the same time. This is just one example of the Note II's appeal.


My previous phone to the Galaxy Note II was the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide. A QWERTY device with 3.6" screen. And although the screen on the Note II is nearly 2 inches greater, the flatness of the Note II makes it fit in my pocket more comfortably. The weight is just about perfect with a nice 50/50 balance between all sides. Holding the phone for the first time felt a bit strange as my hand got used to being more open. Within a week, the Note II felt perfectly natural. In fact, I feel quite "weird" grabbing an iPhone or my old MT4GS and having to hold it closer to see. I notice that the Note II's viewing position is much more natural for my arm and eyes. Samsung even included toggles to change the font sizes to match your needs, as well as a "one-handed" mode in some apps so you don't have to reach across the full screen with your thumb. All other phones look small to me now. The Note II has literally changed me.

The screen real estate comes in REAL handy when using SplashTop to remote into my Windows 8 machine. The S Pen doubles as a mouse, if you don't feel like attaching a regular mouse using a USB OTG (On-The-Go)adapter. (That's right: the Note II can use standard peripherals like wired/wireless keyboards and mice). During the my 2 week vacation, I was able to remote into my work computer and stay productive using a wireless mouse and a bluetooth keyboard (Logitech). I'm not even going to get into all the things you can draw and create with S Note and S Pen, you should play with that yourself at a store if possible.

Another place that the increased screen size has come in handy is while watching movies and videos. All eyes will hit your Note II when it comes time to share videos with a few people. No need to break out a tablet or computer, everyone will have a good view. And if you want a bigger screen, one button will send your screen images in the gallery to DLNA capable devices (like my Sony Bravia LED TV) to be put on screen.

Some people will want to hold out on getting this device since it does not have a full 1080p screen like some that are soon to launch including the Droid DNA. To me, the 720p screen of the Note II does a fantastic job. I cannot discern the difference between pixels, even when holding the phone painfully close to my face. That said, the Note II is able to manipulate the 720 lines of resolution with aplomb, making it an excellent Netflix watching experience. I'm not sure if the extra pixels will make much of a difference.


This phone just cannot be held down. I have seen YouTube videos of torture test that show how much this device can handle. There will be no point at which you will outpace the phone unless you are deliberately trying to bog it down. And with all this strength, you would expect the Note II to have a battery that can hold up to the demands of such a powerful device. And Samsung delivered the goods, mating the Note II with an enormous 3100mAh 3.8V battery (11.78Wh if you're counting). This easily lasts me all day, and I like playing with my phone. The battery is removable if you have any concerns with spares easily available. I have a spare battery and only found it necessary during a plane trip in which it became my movie player.


With technologies like NFC, DLNA, MHL (11-pin), USB OTG, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n the Note II is FULLY future proof. You certainly won't be "left out in the cold" when some companion device comes along and requires one of these technologies to in order to have full funtionality. (i.e. FitBit's BT 4.0 requirement or NFC for contact less payments and sharing).


Samsung has worked hard to create services and features that other manufacturers do not dare to dream. The social and sharing capabilities of the Galaxy line will make them a coveted group. The Smart Dock (look it up) is just another example of how Samsung is shaping the what we can do with our devices. Being the Flagship device, you cannot go wrong with the Galaxy Note II. And if you don't like the color choices right now, more options will be out soon as Samsung has realized that they have a winner in the Note II.
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