Customer Reviews: Sprint Flash, Black 8GB (Sprint)
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on December 9, 2013
I'm a tech nerd the 1.5 dual core krait processor ( same a s3 us model) breezes through task like a race horse ...The ips display is viewable from any angle. The build feels very sturdy and comfortable in hand and pocket. With the adreno 225 playing games like gta 3 run smooth unless you start throttling. The phone does tend to fell hot with its screen at full brightness for long periods of time. With removable Battery expandable storage 12.6 megapixels camera Android 4.0/4.1 the phone truly stand strong especially with its low to mid level price range 479.99 without contract .......I have compared it to others high end models like the S3 and the only difference is the touch Wiz and Samsung's logos this is why i say it's secretly amazing and the fact that no real advertising was done to support this phone........ ZTE is the world's 3rd largest phone distributors so that puts them right after samung or apple whom ever you feel is in first..... I believe ZTE will be Soon.....My ZTE Flash is an awesome phone.........
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on January 12, 2014
I got this phone as an upgrade to my previous LG Optimus Q. If there's one thing I noticed about prepaid phones, it's that all of them suck. I don't mean that in a harsh way, it's just all of the phones offered through prepaid services are usually very low end devices. When I saw this, I was instantly amazed with its phone screen size and among other things, felt pretty impressed. After reviewing the specs, I was impressed even more! This sounded like an awesome deal!
While this may not be true for Amaozn, my local Kroger offered this device through their iWireless network for only $100! That's why I went ahead with the purchase. Once I got it, I felt kind of impressed still. It was better than my last phone, but sometimes there's a bit of awkward slowdown, lag, temporary freezing, and just in general on random times it wasn't very nice. However, despite its powerful processor, it still runs really well! Youtube sometimes doesn't work, which is kind of frustrating ((you can get around this by closing out youtube completely, or force-stopping the program)) and netflix sometimes has troubles buffering videos. Which I think is weird considering the specs. All things considered, I think if you're getting this as a prepaid phone and it isn't being sold for $100, I suggest getting it through a contract. It's not worth the price tag any other way.


Edit: I've had this phone for about a year now and I have got to change my score from a 4 to a 3. When I had first gotten this phone it had worked pretty good! But now it's starting to show its signs of weakness. It's becoming VERY slow, VERY laggy, and sometimes the keyboard doesn't even properly respond! I just want a phone that works! Oh well, off to buy a new phone again and get a new service plan because the US can't bother to switch over to GSM networking.
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on July 24, 2015
Bought it for a back up in case I loose or damage my Samsung Galaxy with Sprint. But apparently won't be able to use it, as Sprint will add surcharges and access fees of about $27. a month if I replace the Galaxy with it. Now have it connected to my home WiFi, it works well.
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on April 25, 2014
I bought a ZTE Flash from Kroger-iwireless. Sprint is the carrier. With the Kroger Plus card the price was $99. I have been looking into smartphones for several years and thought this might be a good "starter" for me.
The phone had problems with the display graphics in the lower right quadrant right out of the box. I understood when I bought the phone, that if I had any problems with it that I could not return it to Kroger, but for the price I was willing to do the extra effort. The people I talked to at iwireless and ZTE were very helpful. I paid to ship it to the repair shop that ZTE provided, but the phone could not be repaired so they sent me a new one at no extra charge. The process took about four weeks.
This replacement phone worked perfectly for a month. I was very happy with the service and it fit my needs. Now I am waiting on another RMA number from ZTE. There are "white lines/streaks" on the display from top to bottom. I noticed this after a notification that TouchPal had updated -- probably just a coincidence. I use Swype, not TouchPal. The white streaks move from side to side when I scroll through the display. The white streaks are worse when there are letters or numbers on the display. When I do a Search on any browser, the entire screen has the effect of looking through a thick gauzy fabric, virtually unreadable.
When I watch a movie, the white lines/streaks show up, also, and are worse when there are letters or symbols on the screen or a lot of white in the background of scenes. Otherwise, it's not too bad.
The only function not disrupted with the streaks are when I look under Settings such as "Display" or "Sound". On some functions under Settings, the white streak will be on the left side only, or right side only, or all over.
No, I have not dropped the phone or gotten it damp or wet (I was asked this previously). I am very, very careful with my electronics. I have had the same plain-vanilla Verizon Samsung cell phone for years and years.
I have not seen any posts from other folks with this same problem.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that the third time's the charm.
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on July 16, 2014
Firstly, the ZTE Flash marks the Chinese manufacturer's first entry into the realm of mid to high end Android Smartphones. The device is notable for it's high 12.6 megapixel resolution autofocus main camera, which is also able to capture 1080p HD video. The dual core processor, close to vanilla build of Android 4.0, and NFC support add value to the phone. if you are looking for a Cameraphone, then I think that this device will fit the bill. The camera app features a host of specials settings, filters, panorama shots, etc... which enhances the photos produced. One thing I will say is that close-up shots are not that great. For instance, if you want to take pictures of say, pages from a book- auto-focusing can be a issue.The optics seem to work better with further (12 cm away from the camera) landscape shots. The camera module also protrudes into a bump at the back (though still pocketable).

Otherwise, the multi-touch HD screen is vivid (not as saturated as an AMOLED, but still very good) and offers terrific viewing angles for gamers out there. I like how the navigation buttons are all part of the display (minimalistic design), and disappears when streaming video to expand the screen's real estate. The soft-touch back also adds to a premium feel. Performance-wise, I found the smartphone to be occasionally sluggish when too many Gpu-heavy apps were running simultaneously. All popular apps from the Play Store downloaded without a problem, and ram ran the apps smoothly. The phone does heat up a bit when running for extended periods of time.

The included web experience is terrific, with snappy page-rendering speeds with on network or WIFI connections. Call quality with the microphone is crisp, and the speakerphone is loud- though reception is just average. I found that GPS signals were easy to acquire, and that stereo streaming over Bluetooth performs well. In terms of battery life, ZTE's Flash is kind of average. The larger 4.5" screen and many wireless options depletes the battery life faster than I'd like- but with moderate usage, I still averaged 1-1.5 days before needing to recharge again.

Overall, as long as you have reasonable expectations on the speed of the phone, I think that it'll function quite desirably. You get all the standard Google services (gmail, maps, Play), and even some extras thrown-in (NFC Beam, Wallet, a great camera and screen). If you can purchase the device either as a prepaid (under $110) or on-contract device (under $49) I would recommend taking a closer look at the ZTE Flash!
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on April 8, 2015
Got at kroger for $99. And I use it on the iwireless pay as you go plan. Had about 8 months. Was fast at first but now it's slow and sluggish. I've had to delete lots of apps just to keep it running decent. As far as web browsing, forget about it. Once i start browsing it will work for 30 seconds or so then a prompt will come up saying "unfortunately your browser has stopped working". It does this no matter what search engine I use. I hear it's running on Sprint, maybe that's the problem I don't know. I get many dropped calls as well. Lots of people complain I sound really far away but that don't happen til about a few mins into a conversation. I have come to hate this phone. I won't buy another zte. I guess for the 99 bucks it wasn't too bad of a deal though. Oh yeah and the camera SUCKS! Says 12mp but it's focus is horrible! It actually focuses to a blur and then snaps the pic lol.
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on January 16, 2014
I got it at Krogers for $100 and i'm not stuck with a 2 year contract for an Android phone. I can make phone calls, surf the internet, take photos, etc and its not costing me an arm and a leg. For what i use it for its just as good as those other phones and a whole lot cheaper.
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on December 4, 2013
Great for prepaid wireless. I got mine at a grocery store on sale for $199.99. Ive had no problems with browser, but Id rather use Chrome anyway. Great big screen, and well reactive.
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on November 1, 2014
This phone after one year is absolute garbage. you couldn't pay me to use this phone again. It worked great for two months. Then everything went downhill. Lagging, shutting off repeatedly during the day, restarting on its own, closing programs, browser will not work, keyboard has a mind of its own, oh and the best part is numerous dropped calls.
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on July 26, 2014
Possibly the absolute worst phone you'll ever have. I would describe it as the dumbest smartphone on the market. Sure it's great if you enjoy Google shutting down on you almost every time you try to search's also amazing if you want to wair got the phone to catch up so you can send a text message. Not to mention how you're unable to make calls sometimes and how the dialpad won't even work at all. And constantly having 30 apps running at the exact same time unable to stop any of them is amazing.and one of the best parts is the battery life, it's so terrible that it won't ever last all day and sometimes it'll just go straight from 10 percent 0 percent in less than a second. If you're smart you will never buy this phone ever is be worst phone ever have. I'm not speaking from experience of one damaged phone, I've had 3 different phones of this exact same model and every one of them has had the exact same problem, they are terrible.
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