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on November 22, 2015
We bought the wahl u clip (not the deluxe) to clip our severely overgrown goldendoodle. Firstly, we selected two day shipping with our new amazon prime account, and when it took four days to ship at no fault of amazon, they still refunded the amount we paid for the clippers. So, as always, amazon rules.
When we did receive the clippers, they came with all the guards, oil, and brush in a convenient carrying case. They were heavy duty and had a good long cord. Our dog had some pretty bad mats around his ears, and these clippers cut through them like butter. One star is removed because you will need to stop every once in awhile (if in use for a long time, our dog is huge and hates being clipped so it took three hours) and let the clippers cool down as well as continually oil the blades. Otherwise, they were perfect for our uses - to same money at the groomer and help get our dog used to being clipped in an environment he's comfortable in.
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on April 2, 2016
I'm happy to have the ability to shave my dog now. I have a 2 year old Bichon frise and it's not worth over $70 to groom her when I can easily do it myself now. The last few times I've went to different groomers, there's always one thing that goes wrong to the point I have to bring her to the vet and no she is not aggressive, but she is a bit squirmy when it comes to sitting still. I'm one of a few people that can deal with her movements so it's better shaving her myself and it all came out pretty good. And I don't have to bother scheduling an appointment at the groomers and worrying about their schedule. The only downside id say to this buzzer, is that it can get super hot quickly to the point that your hand cannot firmly hold the entire thing. Other than that, this is a good product.
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on August 28, 2016
I just adopted this sweet boy and I'm too cheap to pay for regular grooming so I bought this trimmer and was pleased with it. It came with plenty of directions and it was easy to use. The scissors that came with it felt flimsy at first but they cut without a problem! I can't compare the noise it makes to other trimmers but it didn't feel loud to me and my pup tolerated it even though it was his first trim. I take away one star because it did get hot to the touch over time while in use ( I had it on for at least an hour). I would say this is great for a first timer like me, if this dies in a year I will have gotten my money's worth.
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on May 24, 2015
This is a good trimmer. Not a 5 star rating ONLY because it was difficult handling the long soft hair of my Himalayan cat. But, this did a great job
in getting the pet trimmed eventually. The key to small animals with this type of hair is to scissor cut the hair first to reduce the length.
It's faster and easier. After that, the trimmer worked very well. We tried another trimmer recommended and sold in a pet store for over $100, but this one worked better. Couple that with the Wahl warranty and return policy, this is a product you can't miss with.
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on October 29, 2015
This review is for the Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Kit.

We bought this kit to trim up our baby Pom (4.5lbs) and I am a HUGE fan of Wahl as I have a pair of clippers to cut my own hair.

The kit is very expansive, tons of different legnths and options. It has that Wahl quality and dependability. Definitely a very nice set.

The DVD included sucks. It provides little to no value. I would use YouTube instead.

4/5 Do not hesitate to buy.
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on March 19, 2016
This works so much better than the home version I had before (it cuts through thick sheep-dog type hair much more easily). However, it is also significantly louder - something to be aware of if your dog has trouble with loud noises.

I deducted a star for both the noise and one other issue - the plug seemed really loose in the socket, so much so that it came out far enough during use to make the clipper start producing sharp 'popping' sounds (probably turning on and off really fast, is my guess). The latter issue worries me a touch, as I don't want that making the popping noise near my sound-sensitive dog and scaring her off it completely. (And it's not something you'd want to deliberately set to happen just to 'get them used to it' in case it happens.)

So check your plug is my advice, and if it seems loose like mine just keep in mind you may want to tie the cable somewhere so that it cannot easily tug the plug out of socket. Still a solid recommendation of this model for friends and family, it is a great value cost/performance wise.
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on May 30, 2017
This is a decent clipper "for the price". I didn't have high expectations given the price since the "good" clippers seem to run about $100 to $200. I was only looking for clippers good enough to do my standard poodle's face in between grooming appointments.

These did just fine for that. They seem "heavy duty". The clippers did pull the longer hair a bit, but the shorter the hair, the easier it was. Maybe I needed a different blade? (Likely). And it started to heat up after about 20 minutes of use. but that seems to be normal.

But again, my 4 stairs is relative to the price. If you are looking for professional clippers, pay the extra $$.
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on May 19, 2016
I purchased this because I refuse to pay more for my dog's haircuts than I do on my own.... and I'm glad it's paid off.

Having had NO prior experience with dog grooming, I watched the CD a couple of times. Once for instruction, twice for courage -- and I'm happy to report that the dog has survived without injury. The first time I trimmed him I left a couple of "holes" (thinner patches) on his chest as I was experimenting with the size of the blades. But considering it was my first time, I did a fantastic job -- plus he didn't complain.

Second time, went much smoother as I am now becoming a better user.

The machine seems too powerful/strong to cut around his feet, so I think I need a smaller machine for that. I need to educate myself a little better on this area. It's not too noisy. It's electrical - which is nice. A bit heavy, maybe, but still manageable.

Our Shit Zu also has a temper, so I figured I would be saving us all a lot of grief by trimming him at home rather than by an unknown person. I'm not sure if I'm more courageous than most, or thrifty beyond reason, but I figure I'm also learning a new trade. So far, so good.
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on June 15, 2016
Nice clippers for the money BUT...

We usually just use our clippers on our dogs and disinfect between each use. I kept somehow getting skin caught and nicking the dogs. Every single hair cut we'd find a nick on one of them. I figured the solution was to buy pet clippers, we must just not be using the right thing. Wrong. These still get really hot, just like our human Wahl clippers. They still nick the skin and that's WITH the guards! I have no idea how people don't slice their dogs to bits while not using guards. I only remove the guard for the sanitary cut, and have to be SUPER careful. I'm actually kind of disappointed we wasted money on these because for what they do, what we had was just fine, now it's just more sanitary I suppose to have a separate set for the dogs and ourselves.
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on June 23, 2014
The product I received was in a nice red carry case with outer cardboard wrapper which stated "For Medium and Fine Coat". The table on the back listed by dog type "Poodle" falling in heavy coat and not covered.The paper instructions inside describes how to cut a "poodle"? The instructions also talk about setting the side lever to position 15 or 18 yet it does not have any numeric markings and is not notched? It appears to be talking about some other style clipper?

All said and done, I used the number 2 attachment and did both my Cock-a-poo s. Moving slowly it did a good job and only bogged down a couple times. The hum is tolerable and the dogs were fairly quiet. One would not let if near her head. I tried the number 1 but it cut patches due to its lack of depth. Also, you have to go over several times, with the gain of the fur to get it overall even as a #2 (1/4 inch).

Bottom line, worked, saved me $160 trip to the groomer, dogs liked it. Its a good deal.

ps. The metal portion does get really hot, the plastic stays cool. No problem.
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