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on November 21, 2013
Fit: Tight. They're compression shorts. Of course they're tight. Maybe a little tighter than previous versions of this product.
Performance: Unreal. They wick away sweat from the hottest, sweatiest part of a man's body. If you're curious, get a pair. You will not be disappointed.
Quality: Lacking. If you're biking/running/walking in them 4-5 days a week, you'll have to replace them in six months or less. I'm not aware of a better performing product.

When I first bought these, in 2011, I would have given them six stars. They're amazing. They're life-changing. However, the "Under Armour Men's HeatGear® Compression" underpants product line has changed over time. It was once a sturdy product with heavy cloth waistband, crazy-strong stitching on the seams, and lasted years. The current generation is flimsy in comparison. I'm now retiring shorts I bought in early 2012, along side ones I bought in mid-2013. The product I bought in 2011/2012 for $30 a pair (B001EN027S is unavailable. The current generation of this product performs well, but does not last. All the awesome things you read in the other reviews are true, but not for long. The inner thigh seams tear after six months of exercise (treadmill or biking 4-5 days a week).

Edit 12/4/2013
I compared a new pair with an old pair and noted the following differences:
-The fabric is lighter and thinner.
-The waistband is lighter and thinner.
-The stitching in the new pairs are uneven. The seams on the inner thigh are not symmetrical.
-The new pair does NOT have a pouch to put an athletic supporter. The old one does.
-Both pairs have a rectangle of material, dead center where the inner seams meet. Think of it as a little shelf for your family jewels. Gives them some space. On the new pair, this rectangle is much smaller and oriented back-to-front. On the older pair, it is much larger and oriented left to right. The result is, the new pair is much tighter in the crotch. Also, because there's less fabric, they can expose your inner thighs and result in chafing. I have to continually hike them up when I'm on the treadmill.

Edit 12/29/2013
It seems the fundamental difference between the old product and the new product is the lack of pouch for an athletic supporter. Under Armour no longer offers a compression short product with an athletic supporter. [...] . The old, awesome product has been discontinued. The current sub-standard product misleadingly carries over the overwhelmingly positive reviews of the original product. As I retire the last of my originals and am left with only the new ones, I cannot recommend the product. They wear easily. The inner thigh seams split with little use. I have the chafing marks to prove it. If you want a comfortable pair of underpants, they're great. If you want a product in which you can regularly exercise, do not buy these.
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on January 4, 2014
History: I owned 6 pairs of UA compression shorts prior to purchasing these "newer" shorts. They are thick material and provide good support, don't bunch up, and very high quality (3 pairs are 8 years old and 3 pairs are 4 years old). I purchased 3 pairs of these compression shorts from UA's site without knowing UA changed the material and design. I also own many pairs of UA shorts, Ts, Polos, Sweats, and Boxer briefs and always thought their products the best.

Findings: These have very thin material for the shorts and the vented material is even thinner. I've had them for 6 months now and each pair gets worn once a week for running/working out/rec sports depending on the day and the vented material is tearing already! The shorts don't provide any compression due to the thin material. There is a thick band at the bottom of the legs which is supposed to keep them from riding up--it doesn't work. The previous version had the seam down the side, thick compression material, a cup shaped vented material that kept everything in place, and don't ride up.

I submitted the above review on UAs site and it was rejected. I reviewed the negative reviews on this product and they only stated poor fit so it appears UA won't allow negative review that call out poor quality. I also went to the UA outlet store so I could review the compression shorts before buying more and they were all--vented and nonvented) on the discount rack for 12 bucks. The sonic nonvented shorts are the same thin material with no compression. Finding UA compression shorts discounted was unheard of for the previous compression shorts. You couldn't find them discounted anywhere--because they were the best. It is puzzling how these made it through testing at a company that prides itself on quality, design, and engineering. They should have never made it through.

-they provide no compression
-they ride/bunch up
-the vented material is tearing in less than 6 months
-can't rely on the audited reviews on the UA site
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on November 17, 2015
I wear compression shorts for running and working out for the muscle support they provide.I had two pairs of Under Armour compression shorts that I wore for years before the elastic finally gave out. I bought these, expecting the same performance. Unfortunately, however, these are really just boxer briefs with a tight waistband. The fabric in these shorts doesn't offer any meaningful compression, and the waistband - I wear a size M and have a 32 waist - is great for keeping the shorts from sliding down but is much tighter than the flimsy fabric in the rest of the shorts, making for an uncomfortable contrast.
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on October 5, 2016
The material feels good and they are comfortable to run in with an extreme exception. The waist is way too tight. I ordered a large and the waist band becomes uncomfortable before I can finish a 40 min run. I really hate it when people say something is too tight without commenting on their body type so here we go:

I'm 5'10'' and about 185 pounds. I wear 33-34 inch jeans and almost always have to wear a belt with those to keep them up.

You will definitely want to go a full size up. Don't make the same mistake I did, ordering 3 of these in a short time. Maybe get one, wait a month or more and then decide if the size works and you want more. I wish I would have ordered XL but it's too late now.
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on August 13, 2013
My sons wore these while camping and hiking. They were recommended as preventative measure, to wear under shorts to prevent chafing. Worked like a charm, and no complaints about being hot.
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on August 14, 2016
If you've bought Under Armour compression shorts from several years ago you will probably be a bit disappointed. These are like most things in the clothing industry. Sox, underwear, t-shirts and these have just reduced the fabric thickness to the point where it just isn't as good as the old stuff. My old Armour compression shorts are starting to get a bit old but I have to say they are way better constructed then these new ones. It seems like the whole clothing industry is trying to see how thin they can make fabric and it's just not the same. These compression shorts feel "OK" but they don't feel as if they provide anywhere near the compression as my old shorts that are now several years old. I doubt you can find any manufacturer doing any different. Anyhow, they work fine, I just wish they reached that "old school" mega compression level of several years ago.
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on July 17, 2016
I purchased these shorts as an underlayer for running and hiking.

I live in Tennessee, so during the summer months things can get a bit swampy if you find yourself out of doors and doing anything that involves exerting yourself. These shorts are a great way to prevent the bevy of unpleasantness that can arise from a sweaty undercarriage no matter what your activity.

A couple of small issues bear mentioning though. First, like all moisture-wicking material, it is very important to remove these from the wash promptly as to preserve the coating on the fabric. Otherwise you will find these grey, wet lint-looking smears on them and their moisture-wicking ability will be diminished. Second, and I know that there are other versions of the product that do have one, but this particular set has no fly. Last, the waistband can bite in a bit uncomfortably if you've got anything extra around the middle.

All in all I like these shorts. The length is good and they don't ride up, they're well coinstructed, comfortable, and durable if you take care of them. This is one of many pairs of UA compression shorts I own and I will definitely purchase more down the road.
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on October 29, 2016
Got it for my BF he's a 33 pant size medium boxer briefs in Duluth/ Calvin Klein/ Emporio Armani.

But... his compression mid thigh shorts in Nike all say XL and it fits like a jimmy lol. So I ordered an XL Under Armour and though it fits comfortably he would've preferred a L to have the support for when he goes to the gym.

We are too lazy to return but FYI it's not like most other compression shorts that look SUPER tiny but looks more true to size.
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on August 10, 2016
Basically the same as Under Armour Heatgear Armour Compression Short, but fabric is twice the weight. Fabric weight I would call light to medium.

Tight in waist (as others have mentioned). I'm a 34-1/2" waist and the recommended Large ("34-36") is tight. The XL is OK and the XXL is borderline too large
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on October 25, 2015
I took the advice of several people whom mentioned to buy one size larger than you'd normally wear. DO NOT DO IT! They are suppose to fit snug not loose! I had to go out to Target to grab a few cheaper pairs that did fit me properly. So purchase the size you normally do wear. I wear these from time to time for my longer jog/walks on the weekends but honestly they sit in the back of the drawer and only get used when everything else is needing a wash.
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