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on August 28, 2014
Received this promptly via Amazon prime and I immediately recognized the quality of the optic. It is a little on the heavy size for what it is, mostly due to the massive ocular bell, but I was willing to compromise the weight for the versatility of the product. The throw lever is clever and super functional. Makes using other scopes without a lever a chore now that I have been spoiled with this one. The reticle is sharp and the lenses clear. At 1 power it is basically a red dot but zoom to 4 power and the reticle with the bdc hash marks open up before your eyes unlocking longer distance shot potential. The turrets are zero reset-able but do not lock. They have very positive clicks though and would not be prone to accidental changes in my opinion. The lens caps are of superior quality compared to other free bees I have received in the past. I have read reviews prior to purchase stating that the illuminated reticle was not bright enough. This has not been my experience at all, even on the brightest day at the range the illumination was very visible. These people saying this in the reviews must be using it on the surface of the sun... Idk? I can only speak to my experience and it is very bright and clear. I don't really even use the illumination in the day as the black outline of the reticle in all power levels is perfect for me and my usage. At night my mounted flashlight makes using the dark reticle a perfect contrast so I have only played around with the brightness levels a little bit, basically just to see in what conditions they would work best. I don't really see myself using the illumination feature much except for maybe early morning or dusk hunts but it is a nice feature nonetheless. I mounted this up using the Amazon recommended Millett one piece 30mm/1" mount (B004YL6CS0) at the T10 receiver mark and I was 1" high at 100 yards using 62gr xm855 right out of the box. I could not believe how easy this thing was to zero. Made this an excellent experience to sight in. No wasted ammo!!!!

Several rounds later (too many to count) this optic and mount set up is still at zero. I have not even had to tinker with the turrets.I have not been gentile either. It is a tool and I use this weapon as such. I use Kentucky windage on 2-300 yrd shots, no problem. Zero'd for 100 yards as the manual instructs to do, hold over is a breeze with the bdc hash marks. Right on the money, thanks to the first focal plane no adjustments needed between zoom. Groups well with my precision barrel. Close up 15-25 yards it shoots a tad low so I use the 300 yard hash mark and it is dead on. This is also the one more pronounced to the eye in 1-2 power settings, it is the first mark my eye sees at the lower powers so it works perfectly for me.

Overall this is probably the best ar optic for the money in my opinion. It is clear, fool proof, and cleverly designed with ar shooters in mind, I will put one on every ar I own at this point. I have tested many optics like it and this one stands out in a class of it's own. Also don't forget about the $30 rebate going on right now from Bushnell. Makes even more sense to buy from a value standpoint. I only wish I could give it additional stars. Thats just how much I enjoy this product. Amazon is awesome as well with their freaky fast shipping and excellent customer service.
***I hope this review helps any one on the fence about purchasing this as I was. I have not looked back and am very pleased with my purchase.***
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on January 12, 2017
I have over a dozen scopes and the Bushnell's are great scopes for the money. I have it mounted on an 308 AK and the 1 X 4 and is perfect for what I want, which is "combat" type accuracy and it holds zero. The construction is solid and durable. Very clear optics and I like the focus handle for easy of changing the power, it made it easy to change with gloves on in the cold. The illuminated reticle is for low light shooting and not a substitute for a red dot. If you want a red dot purchase a red dot since it will not appear red and illuminated in bright sunlight. The BDC works fine for 308 "kill zone" since the trajectories are with in a couple of inches of each other at 300 yard for my use. Long range precision shooting I like the 6500 series tactical.
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on December 12, 2014
The concept being this scope is very interesting. At 1X you can shoot both eyes open and have full peripheral vision. It acts as a red dot. Since it is first focal plane no matter what angle you look through it 'where the dot is your round goes'...At 4X the scope has a nice reticle. The inside of the edge of the horse shoe reticle covers exactly 18" at 100yds. The 2nd crosshair covers 18" at 200yds and so forth. Very easy for range finding. This scope is much more of a tactical design and is very flexible. I have been able to shoot and keep shooting 1MOA or less at 100 yards with this scope. The downside is the turrets. They wobble a little and aren't secure enough for my liking. This is why I knocked off a star. For a tactical scope where you want rounds on steel at 100 to 200 yards and inward this scope is for you. It's more of a running and gunning scope. If you really want a tack driver there are better options with more magnification, that said I am getting under 1 MOA at 100 yards with this. They need to address the turrets and it would be substantially better in my book. That said they are not terrible, they just are not 'the best'. Great scope, great design, slightly flawed turret design.
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on February 29, 2016
Great scope for the money. Check out this link to learn the difference between MOA and MIL. [...]. I had a dumb @** attack when sighting this in and treated the .1 MIL adjustment and .1 MOA. Needless to say any adjustments I made were approx. 3X too much. Once I figured out my stupidity I had it dialed-in in less than 10 minutes. The resetting 0 turrets are great, just don't reset them to 0 until after you have it zeroed. The illuminated reticle is nice, but not as bright as I wish. I went with this over the Burris-Fullfield 1-4X due largely to the fact that it is First-Focal Plane. It's a great feature, the reticle is small and not in your way when you don't need it. I would buy it again. Only complaint is that the scope covers fit very tight and are hard to remove quickly. Fits great in
Burris 410341 AR PEPR 30-mm Scope Mount (Black).
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on December 23, 2014
Pretty much the same as everyone else has said here...
Damn good scope for the money, a tad heavy, wish it had locking turrets or caps, wish it was made in America...
Aside from that, here's pics of it on my Tavor.
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on April 15, 2017
Just bought a Springfield Saint, but although I've been shooting since I was 7 or 8 and now have several pistols and rifles, this is my first AR15.
I agonized over optics for several days, as I wanted magnification because I love to shoot longer distances, but also felt I didn't want to sacrifice CQB versatility and target acquisition with a huge zoom.
I also had to consider price carefully -- i don't have ton of money to spend, but I refuse to buy garbage just because it's inexpensive.
I searched a LOT, and read customer reviews for most possible scopes between $75 and $200. Everything below seventy five bucks is basically junk, and two hundred is the max I was ready to spend.
I had narrowed it down to three choices and I had reservations about all of them.
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot 1x25 (no zoom, no reticle without battery)
Monstrum Tactical S330P Ultra-Compact 3x (fixed 3x-only magnification with customer reviews indicating common build quality issues), or a Barska 1-4x28 IR (this was the most likely candidate, but reviews were only so so, and I don't know the brand).
When I stumbled on the Bushnell AR Optics line it became pretty obvious that was what I needed/wanted for my new Saint.
It's from a well-known brand, variable zoom, illuminated reticle that looks like a red dot at 1x and at 4x it is a circular reticle with line gradations showing bullet drop over distance every hundred yards out to 500, pre-calibrated for .223/5.56.
I just put the scope on my Saint the other day, using a Burris AR-PEPR and it looks amazing. The lever for the zoom is quite helpful, the glass conveys a clear and crisp image.
At 1x my front fixed sight is visible in the lower 3rd of my scope but it's not an issue for me, and at 2x it drops off entirely.
I haven't had time to get it boresighted yet or take it to the range to get it dialled in, so after I do I will probably update this review with range notes an daybed another star.
Got a bipod for the front, several picatinny sections as well... this gun looks extra badass. Can't wait to shoot it!
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on June 26, 2015
The Bushnell AR/223 optics are worth the money.
#1: when I was shopping for optics for my AR15 the Bushnell model was retailing for over $400 U.S. Dollars. I was able to get mine for under $200 from Amazon.
#2: Bushnell makes quality products. You know because of the name that you are not buying cheaply made optics.
#3: I have had optics that are very clear. Sadly, one of my best optics is on a Ruger 10/22 target rifle and those are clear as can be. This model of Bushnell, while not quite as clear as my Ruger's optics, are very clear.
#4: although slightly on the heavy side (mostly due to the illumination feature), this model is compact. My AR is carbine length and the scope doesn't drown it with size.
#5: The reticle changes size with magnification. This is what people refer to as first focal plane. If your scope's reticle doesn't change size, it is a second focal plane and can drown out targets (cover them up) at distance. I really like the first focal plane feature of scopes.
#6: It has a BDC (bullet drop compensating) reticle that goes out to 500 yards. This means that Bushnell took the ballistics of the .223 round and placed hashes in the reticle to compensate for bullet drop at given distances. This nearly takes out the guess work of where to aim at those given distances (still have to adjust for windage though).
#7: The reticle its self is very fine lines (when not illuminated). This means that you can still see your target without the reticle covering your target.
#8: the turret adjustments are 1/10 per click. Most scopes are 1/4 which means that the Bushnell AR/223 can make finer adjustments. Scopes that are 1/4 can be either left or right of dead center because they aren't able to make those fine adjustments. This model can, and I might add that when I sighted mine in, in was amazingly accurate and didn't lose its calibration at all.
#9: while there is some bleeding when the reticle is illuminated, I don't find it distracting. Turn down the illumination setting and it's not as bad.
#10: the throw down lever for the zoom is really handy. Of all my scopes, this is the first one I have had like this and am use to adjusting the zoom normally. Now I don't even look for the zoom ring anymore. I feel for the throw down lever. Then when I shoot my other guns it is annoying they don't have it lol.
#11: Last but not least, with the Burris PEPR mount, it installed right over the top of my MBUS sights without any problems. AND IT JUST LOOKS REALLY COOL!!! Check out the pics.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on June 14, 2015
Seems like a pretty good scope so far. Good points; provides extremely clear and crisp view, easy to operate, easy to see the red on 4x magnification even during daylight, easy to ratchet down the brightness to transition to near total darkness, you can still use the scope even if the battery is dead. Weak points; It's a bit heavy for a scope of its size, the red dot on full brightness on 1x magnification is hard to see in daylight and there is some debris in the inner workings of the scope somewhere that occasionally gets into the field of view as a small but somewhat distracting spot (scope is still usable, the spot is just annoying). I have nightforce glass on two of my AR's, a Leupold on another AR, some Burris red dots on two ARs and some lousy scopes on my AK's so I have experience with $20 dollar and $2000 scopes. I got this bushnell for another one of my ARs and I've only had this bushnell for a short time. Bottom line is that this bushnell optic is not a nightforce, nor a Leupold, but is a pretty good scope and value for the money assuming it holds up over time and if you can live with the shortcomings listed above.
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on March 3, 2015
Pretty solid scope with bright and very clear optics. Reticle is great, and really easy to obtain sight picture. Zero has stayed through the couple of hundred rounds on my .223, and it has been so good I am considering getting another.

Update: reticle is leaning, after several hundred rounds. Scope looks as if it's at a 45 degree angle on my rifle just to get the reticle level. Contacted Bushnell, will update when I hear back
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on January 25, 2017
I thought the power lever was a bunch of hooie but after mounting the scope and using it I wonder why more companies don't do the same. The last time I shot all my rounds went into a 3 inch square at 50 yards it was a windy cold day so I could have done better if the weather had cooperated. I like the lighted reticle and the inbetween off position for the control. Considering my old eyes I don't know if I'll ever be able to check out the bullet drop compensation but as long as I can shoot well out to 100 yards I'm fine. I would have rated this scope higher except the adjustment for elevation seems to be reversed that is down moves the point of impact up it's not a problem once you have it figured out. Would I recommend this scope yes it seems well made and so far has been solid and accurate.
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