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on April 10, 2013
My last Canon served me well for a couple of years. Then, all of a sudden, it displayed an unrecoverable error message regarding paper feed. Oddly, every single function, including scanning or copying to my computer, was rendered useless as well. After all attempts to fix this failed, I plugged my nose, and decided to stick with the Canon brand.

*Seems solid and well built for the price.

*It connected very nicely to my wireless network. I expected a fight, as this is the first wireless printer I have owned. No problems. Within 10 minutes or less, I was printing wireless.

*AirPrint is a nice bonus, and It works. I was both happy and surprised.

*Good quality prints. I play around occasionally with photo's, but really all I need is something that prints documents. Whether scanned or from an e-mail attachment, the quality is very good. The few photo's I did print came out fine, and the quality rivaled many from other more expensive printers. Not bad.


*If printing speed really matters to you, this is not where you will get it. For my casual use, however, I am fine with the printing speeds.

*It will go thru ink, especially the "starter" ink supply that comes standard with this unit. It is by design. Replacement ink cartridges, while very expensive, contain more ink, and therefore will last longer. While it may still cost a small fortune if you print a lot of stuff, to be fair, don't judge ink usage by what is supplied initially. Once you run out of original supply quite quickly, casual users will probably do alright with the replacement cartridges.

*It is somewhat noisy, and seems to grind just a little bit while working. The noise is not as bad as I have heard on other printers, so probably this is what is expected. It looks and feels substantial. The price is good. I guess if you even only get a couple years out of this thing, you could still go on with your life and buy something else (or another Canon, like I did).

BOTTOM LINE: 5 stars in this price range! Wireless is not fussy, so that is one less thing to worry about. An overall great purchase if a basic, all in one, with reliable Wi-Fi appeals to you. Recommended.

Update: 3/18/2014: I temporarily downgraded my rating, because after a few months of not using, it was hard to get this printer to start again. Have since learned long periods of non usage causes the ink to dry out, and it takes a while for the printer to fix this. The next day, I printed something and it worked like new again. Back to 5 stars, it is a good low priced printer.
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on November 21, 2013
This a a decent printer for the price.


Loading paper, a common task, requires fiddling with several pieces of the machine. poor engineering.

Loading ink cartridges requires opening several compartments of the machine. Again, poor engineering.

Poor computer user interface. It takes over five separate clicks to scan an image. Printing is unnecessarily complicated.

Plastic does not have to "feel" cheap. This one does. I get concerned about breaking the plastic pieces every time I open or close a compartment to load paper or change an ink cartridge.

The printer is slow and noisy.

The pinter hasw a HUGE footprint.

No back-light for printer messages. Maybe they could at least furnish a flashlight?


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on July 9, 2013
We bought this printer to replace another Canon printer (Canon PIXMA MG5320) that was less than 2 years old. I was hesitant to purchase another Canon after the first one seemed a bit sub-par for such a big brand name. We had trouble keeping the first one connected to our wi-fi network. It was also incredibly slow in response to print requests. This one was a decent price and had all the features we needed, including AirPrint, which our old Canon did not have. Printer arrived on time via Prime shipping. My husband did most of the unpacking and set up. There were no issues connecting to our network and it was showing up on our computers and iPads immediately. We've had it for a few months now and haven't had any of the same issues of the first Canon (perhaps we just got a dud?). This printer is quick to wake up and respond to requests. We've utilized the copy and scan features as well. Scanning is very easy. You choose where you want the file sent and it's there immediately after scanning finishes. We have no need for the fax function, so I can't say how well that works. We also haven't tried printing pictures. It's a feature we may or may not use in the future. AirPrint is super easy. The iPads pick up on it when we need to print from them. No additional software or downloads needed. It works well for us in a basic household/home office printing capacity and for less than $100, seems like a decent deal. We also researched ink replacements before buying and because this one only requires a black and a color cartridge, it makes the replacements cheaper than the individual colors we had in the previous printer. The only con I can come up with is that the menu screen on the printer is relatively small, especially compared to our previous model. But if you're ok with a couple extra button pushes to find what you're looking for, it's really not a big deal.
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on December 2, 2015
I really do love this thing. I bought it two years ago.

The ink isn't cheap, but it's not unreasonable. I typically get the color and black XL combo from Amazon for around $40. I've only had to replace the ink twice in two years and I do use it all the time. It helps to keep the print quality low for things that you don't need exceptional quality on.

My only complaint/regret is that it is a freaking Hulk of a printer. It doesn't fit on my computer desk or any of my other office furniture. I put it on top of a paper box on the floor temporarily and there it has stayed... for two years.

I never had a problem with it until recently. The printer pulled in multiple sheets of paper at once and got a massive paper jam. It took a while to fix and I had to yank the last paper out pretty hard. After that nothing printed right. Lines wouldn't come out straight. Text was printing double. It looked like the printer was trying to print through an earthquake will all these shaky lines.
I tried everything to fix it. I did both the automatic and manual print head alignment several times. I cleaned the nozzle heads, did a bottom plate cleaning, roller cleaning, re-booted the printer, checked ink cartridges, replaced ink cartridges, performed print head alignment with new ink cartridges, bumped up the print quality, and had no noticeable improvement.
Finally I gave up and sent an email to Canon's Tech Support. They responded in less than 20 minutes suggesting that I clean the encoder strip inside the printer.
Sure enough, when I opened the printer the encoder strip had a few smudges and the rail beneath it was dripping gunk. Once I cleaned that up the problem went away.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 2, 2013
I think Canon is the best printer maker period. I hate all the printers that make it so difficult to setup the wireless and the other funtions. Most of the HP and Lexmark printers requrie you to install the software before making it wireless. This is very easy to setup and printing quality is great as always. I have been using canon printers for over 5 years and they are durable and the ink seems to last much longer than the other brands that I have tried. As for the bad reviews for this product, people expect too much for a simple all in one printer and some people just have bad luck with electronics.

For me this is how I set it up and I had no issues with it for the past 6 months of usage.
-It was delivered withing two days and I unpacked everything
-Put the ink in and plug in the power cable and turn it on
-Go to settings and connect to wireless network
-Go to PC and "Add a Printer" under "Devices & Printers"
-The printer showed up, I select it and clicked next and followed two more steps and it installed automatically from windows update (If it doesn't auto install, simply put the disk in and when prompted to select a location, select the disk)
- Start enjoying printing wirelessly and scanning wirelessly.

You can also plug it in directly to your computer and it should install by itself. You don't need the cannon software. I think printer all softwares are useless. I also use it to scan to USB flash drive if i want to scan multiple files using the document feeder. You can save all the images to one PDF file if you scan to USB. The faxing also works as it should. The ink lasts as long as most inject printers.
Overall, Im happy with a printer that is easy to setup and simply works.
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on May 6, 2015
Purchased this printer Dec. 2013. Easy setup, etc., and was very pleased with the printer. Not long after started having a problem "waking" the printer to do a print job. Had to turn the printer off and back on for it to "wake up" and print. This was an intermittent problem and we could live with it. Finally it stopped "waking" and we deleted the printer from our computer and went thru a complete re-install. That was a short term fix. After a short time we had the same problem. Thought it might be a router problem so we replaced the router with a better quality router.
Set the printer up to the router and we were back on our way. Worked great for another short period of time and we had the same problem, printer would not "wake" from resting.
Now we can't get the printer to wake at all. Not going to go thru the re-set up business again.
Replacing with a different brand, not a Canon fan at this point.
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on May 17, 2014
I have always had Dell printers with their associated quirks and so this time I thought I would "upgrade" to a Canon. While this printer does an adequate job, it is far from what I expected.
1. Relatively easy to set up, but I was forced to resort to using a USB connection to complete the process.
2. Text printing is very good.
3. Picture printing is just average. Even when new, it left small lines on the pictures and colors did not seem to "jump" out at you. Again, I expected more.
1. Very touchy on paper loading. This is my biggest gripe, as it will only work if you load somewhere between 3 and 6 sheets at a time. Any more or less and it just gives you an error signal. This is extremely frustrating.
2. The scanning software (My Image Garden) that came with the printer is extremely difficult to use. I admit that I have not plowed through the instructions and help screens, but all I want is to slap a document on the machine, scan and save. The Canon software seems to take forever and the commands are not user friendly. Dell is head and shoulders above Canon in this regard.
3. The "out of ink" warning comes on very early. Granted you can still keep printing, but it is a little tiring to get this warning when you still have plenty of ink left.
4. This printer struggles with the "sleep" mode, as it takes a while to go in and out of sleep. But in fairness to Canon, this seems to be something all cheap printer struggle with.
Bottom line: this is an adequate printer for the money, but don't let the Canon name fool you. It has some quirks, but it does get the job done.
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on May 3, 2014
The price was great especially for being an all-in-one printer.

PRO: The ink cartridges are relatively inexpensive (CON: The color ink cartridge is all-in-one so if you run out of red you have to buy a whole new all-in-one cartridge even though you may still have other colors left.)

PRO: You get all of the features described at a low price

PRO: If you want to do photo quality printing, this printer is very user friendly and easy to use. (CON: Don't put photo paper on top of your regular paper, the printer will pick up both and you wind up printing on regular paper)

CON: There is no paper tray, it has a shelf and holds a small amount of paper

CON: The rack that receives the printed pages is TOO small, 50% the paper falls off the end or is pushed off by the next sheet of paper.

CON: It is described as being able to print two sided, this is true but they put in one word you may overlook (MANUAL). That means you have to manually turn the paper over to get it to print on the other side (you can do that with any printer).

CON: There are little or no instructions on how to set up the wireless network or blue tooth. Trial and error won't work, the error messages are cryptic and talk about your access point not your printer.

CON: The led display is very small, thus you get cryptic messages and instructions

CON: The printer is SLOW, when doing copies, it will have read 2-3 pages before it begins to print and continues printing long after the copy cycle has completed.
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on June 17, 2016
I have had this printer for 3 years and it has been a problem from the start. First off - setup was a nightmare. It was not a simple process and took considerable time to get it up and running. I have had other printers that set up in 15-20 minutes with no issues. Even for the price ($80) it has not been worth it. It is constantly going offline and just stops printing. One day it is printing fine, the next day it won't print at all. It will print for several weeks, then stops. My computer-savvy brother regularly gets it running for me when this happens. But this time it has finally konked out for good. My brother did everything he could to get it up and running again, spent an hour working on it, but to no avail. Now I will just toss it in the junk heap and research better this time for another printer. But it will definitely not be a Canon!
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on January 14, 2014
My old Canon MFP died. It was old enough that it did not feature WiFi or Blue Tooth connection for my iPad or iPhone, so figured I needed a new MFP anyway. The old Canon MP530 served it's time and the last noise I heard from it when it gave up the ghost was a loud slipping skidding sound! I tired in vain to try to fix it, but something inside must have broken.

My new Canon MFP MX452 arrived today and I had it connected in minutes following the quick start instructions and CD easy setup. After I connected with the option of using the included USB cable I found out I really should have setup the configuration going the wireless option. I used the USB thinking I could later use both the wireless WiFI and the USB connection to print from my iPhone and iPad. That I found was not possible. I then went into the menu settings with the included software and disconnected the USB and did a restart after the printer was automatically found on the network with the Canon printer. This proved to be a cinch with the smart software. I didn't even need to enter the network password and the Canon printer found my password in the iMac keychain. Neat!

The included software for multifunction processes is very comprehensive, so have to figure out all of the features. I do however, feel this is a great printer for the money. It is no speed demon as my title implies, but I only use an inkjet printer to print on occasion. Most of my printer jobs go to the Dell laser. I like the fact that the Canon MX452 is primarily used for scanning, faxing and light color projects. Color inkjet cartridges are always quite pricey. This printer only uses two, but I am not sure if that is an advantage or not. Time will tell.
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