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on March 21, 2013
(Updated 7/2013) So I've had this laptop about 4 months. My #1,2 and 3 criteria were weight and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how light this is. For the first time ever, I have a functional laptop I can carry around with me which I love. Did I mention how light it is? It starts up super-fast which makes it extremely usable. Did I mention the weight? That, I think, is the saving grace on this laptop. It is thin, small, and easy to pop in my bag and carry around. I hardly notice when I am carrying it which is a large change from my prior 3# computer. The screen is small, but for me, weight was the main need, so it is functional. If this were your main computer, I think you would want a 13" screen.

I actually like the touchscreen aspect, particularly the ability to increase font size. I think in a few years, this will be a nice feature. I saw a few years because it is too early in the technology now. The overall design of the Asus is lovely and it's a beautiful and well-designed interface.

BUT, and I'm afraid there are a lot of buts...
I researched laptops obsessively for a year and finally said: I need to get *something*. If you have another year to wait, I think I would recommend that before buying something new now. I should also say I am NOT a computer geek who knows a lot about computers. I am an average person, using average programs (word, excel, STATA, internet, email), and I can't always understand the complex and technical workarounds that might fix some of my challenging win 8 problems.

--It is true that the battery length is terrible (in my experience, about 3.5 hrs for routine internet surfing, email, Microsoft word, excel, etc. I haven't tried anything like watching videos or gaming. The extended battery is nice design-wise and adds a lot of battery time, but then takes away from the light weight, so it's a tradeoff. If you needed constant extended battery time AND very, very light-weight, this is not the computer for you. I don't use the battery for routine use so for me it's OK though sometimes during the day I have to limit my use so I don't run out of juice. I will need to take along the batter when I travel.

--Windows 8 is terrible. I think this is the source of most of my issues...some programs I use regularly aren't easily compatible and can take hours to figure out how to go thru unusual efforts to download, Internet Explorer and MS Word stall constantly and crash frequently. I've read all the tips on how to improve win 8, and I'm better than I was initially, but it just is a very amateur program with lots of on-going problems. I do think it was probably too early for release of this program. In a year, with revisions, it will probably work much better, and the learning curve is not as bad as people say. Win8 apps are not great--many of them lack the functionality of regular programs. For example, the app for internet explorer saves you time (easy to just touch the icon to start) but doesn't let you save favorites or have a toolbar, so it's not very practical. Many of the apps are like this--just easier to use less-convenient regular programs than half-functional apps. The apps on my iPhone are much better.

--Many of my programs (most of them, actually) stall frequently (blue circle rotates and you have to wait for 30-45 seconds). I'm guessing that's a Win 8 problem but I tried re-installing the OS and nothing changed. Remember, I'm not a computer geek; many of you are much smarter about this technology and might be able to fix these issues but I think I'm stuck with it.

--The touchpad on the Acer seems over-over-over sensitive. I'm constantly finding myself sending emails before they are done, inadvertantly increasing or decreasing my font size just because I have touched the touchpad in some unusual way. I still haven't quite figured out how this is working or how to fix it but it's just annoying. Not sure if that is a win8 or Acer problem. That said, I like the ability to easily magnify text just by touch because the 11" screen is small. Hopefully I'll figure this out eventually. For now, when I'm at home, I just use the mouse because it's much easier than the touchscreen.

--If you do buy an Acer, the first thing you need to do is write down your serial number (which is oddly not marked anywhere on the physical body of the computer--you have to do some special queries available on-line to figure out how to find it from the SSD). I tell you this because if you have a problem, you cannot ask a SINGLE question to Acer support without your serial number. If your machine won't boot correctly (as happened to me for several weeks and according to my on-line search has happened to many other Acer users), you can't do the usual query process to get your serial number so you are totally out of luck.

Do I regret my purchase? Well, no, because if weight is your top criteria and you need a full-fledged laptop, there just isn't much out there to beat this. Nothing better than a 2# laptop. The design is gorgeous, keyboard is nice (one key sticks), and overall I can deal or work around the flaws with my needs. But this wouldn't work for everyone. If I had been able to wait a year, I think that would have been ideal. Hopefully there will be upgrades to win 8 and things will be better. If not, I may be looking for another computer in a year or two.
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on June 30, 2014
Performance: 4 gigs of ram + SSD makes even basic tasks work through well. Currently upgrading SSD to a 480GB model (which for the price, this one should have been that large). i5 keeps things speedy

NOTE: If you go to upgrade this model's SSD, make sure you do so with an mSATA hard drive (looks like a circuit board). I will tell you that they say there are two hard drives setup in RAID 0 but that is absolutely not the case (at least for mine). I had a single 120GB drive inside. I'm glad I looked before buying two drives...

Battery life: ~1-3 hrs depending on load. Extended battery adds about 2-4 hrs. Basically is just goes into the same jack as the power cable and then you rotate it to snap onto the back. Two little screws tighten into the bottom and it's secured. Just be careful as it's easy to torque the battery and damage the power jack. I would recommend not connecting it unless absolutely necessary.

Peripherals: Only 2 usb 3.0 ports but thanks to a bluetooth mouse, this isn't likely a problem. Still, would have to rely on buying a 4 port hub to allow for additional devices. Keyboard buttons seem fine, I like the chiclet style and it's backlit well. The display adapter is a micro HDMI. They were smart to include an adapter dongle that plugs into this, but only for VGA. I don't know why they didn't include a micro->HDMI, considering that's what most monitors use anymore. You'll likely need to spend another $10 to get this adapter. There's also a USB adapter for a CAT5 ethernet cable in case you only have access to a hardline for internet. Useful in niche situations I suppose.

Screen: Clear and bright, about what you'd expect. Also it's touch. If you're not used to it, it takes a little practice, but definitely makes sense with Windows 8. Obviously not very large.

Sound: OK, considering speaker size. Loud enough for most situations. Use headphones if it's too loud elsewhere.

Finish: Feels solid yet very light and compact. Nice brushed metal finish. Product is misrepresented. Will NOT open to 178 degrees unless you break it. 135-140 TOPS. Probably not a huge issue for some, but not what is advertised. Fan noise is very low until it kicks up the processor. Even then, it's not a big deal and usually goes off in about 5 minutes.
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on June 14, 2014
I have only had this unit for 5 days. I upgraded to Window 8.1, and I have installed all of my programs on it. Many !!! I thought I was opening up an apple product, the packaging was awesome. I got the extra battery that screws into the back/bottom. It came with a very nice (feels like leather) envelope case, an Ethernet adapter, video adapter, and a Bluetooth mouse. Wow !! Nice touch. I could not find one with 256GB, but that turned out not to be that big of a deal. I got a 64GB micro SD, and I keep all my junk files on a backup drive. I am so impressed, it is so fast ! Unbelievable, and with the Windows 8 Desktop View, there was very little learning curve. I am so pleased. Nothing out there with specs like these at this price. AND SO SLEEK !! I did not let the cons keep me from giving it five stars. And here are the cons: Yes, when the fans kick in it is noticeable, but not a cranky irritating sound, a loud soothing sound. That's a trade-off for a 2.2 lb super ultra-book, 1/2 inch thick. Also, the extra battery could have been designed to snap on easier, but I am very glad to have it just in case I need it. You can charge it separately, and the computer uses the extra battery first before it uses the laptop battery, very smart. And the touch-pad is sensitive, but like anything you get used to it. The keyboard keys don't depress very far, again, that is because this is a very thin notebook computer. Easy enough to adjust to it. I highly reccomend this to anyone that wants a fast, small & light computer.
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on June 3, 2014
We bought this model for several reasons: the SSD, the touch screen, the backlit keyboard, the extra battery, and its very light weight. Reviews for it were good and we have not been disappointed. It comes on almost instantaneously, and turns off very quickly, as well. Windows 8 is a bit annoying, but I've become accustomed to it. I like the touchscreen, and actually enjoy having the option to use touchscreen, touch pad, or mouse, each of which is better for different things. The small keyboard is taking some getting used to, and battery life is not particularly long, but these are minor complaints.

Although it really has nothing to do with the computer per se, I have to say that the packaging for this Acer laptop is strikingly beautiful. The care taken with this presentation took me by surprise and really impressed me. Receiving a nice sleeve for the laptop, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a bluetooth mouse, is a plus too, although actually the mouse hasn't worked out very well for us, since it frequently looses contact.
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on September 30, 2013
i really like this laptop. my requirements were less than 13", HD display, backlit keyboard, and decent power. This guy fits the bill quite well, and added a touchscreen to boot. I'm really surprised just how frequently I've ended up using the touchscreen, which was a feature on my "take it or leave it" list. It's quite nice for scrolling an article, zooming in to show someone what you're looking at, or reading a guitar tab.
Almost all of my complaints are in the software, which I don't really consider any fault of acer in all likelihood. the backlit keyboard doesn't seem to have much rhyme or reason to the times it's on and the times it's off, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to figure out how to put linux on here without ruining the windows install due to this newfangled UEFI business. Those are non-issues to most consumers though.
The only actual problem I've had is the ease in which the aluminum parts of the case get dinged. it seems like the aluminum is super super thin, so the edges have a few small gouges in them. This is no real problem now, but it makes me wonder where I'll be at in a year or so. i'm envisioning something like the early macbook top-case mess, but hopefully i'm wrong.
the keyboard does take some getting used to, i'm sure you've read that in the official reviews. since i go back and forth between different laptops and desktops all day long i still haven't completely gotten used to it. the function keys don't end up being a huge inconvenience though, so that's cool. all in all i think it was quite a good purchase for about $800
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on September 17, 2014
We have used this Ultrabook for about 10 months, and I would not buy it again. The battery in the back is sort of flimsy, it feels as if it is not fastened tight. The charging unit broke once, was replaced, but it looks as if we need another replacement again.
Keyboard: it is hard to type on this keyboard, oftentimes I miss letters, because I don't slam on the keys (type with all fingers).
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on December 8, 2016
Purchased one of these used for my grandmother, its overkill for what she uses it for, but i don't have to hear about it running slow no matter how much junk she throws on it.
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on April 24, 2014
This Acer Aspire exceeded my expectation. It boots up quickly and has excellent battery life both with and without external battery. Comes complete with Bluetooth mouse, HDMI to VGA adapter, carry case and power supply. The only thing this computer is missing is an SD slot, but it has 2 USB ports.
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on August 22, 2013
The 11.6-Inch Acer Aspire S7-191-6447 model features incredibly thin and light construction, a bright and beautiful full-HD touch-enabled display, an excellent keyboard and trackpad, a very capable Intel Core i5 processor, and an ultra-fast solid state drive in the RAID 0 configuration. It is a truly outstanding portable computer, and I give it my highest recommendation.
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on March 28, 2014
Had it less than a week and upgraded to Win8.1 - slight improvement in the OS performance. Also, the Wifi strength was a little disappointing - had to move my router closer to my living room in order to stream movies. Otherwise, pleased with the look, weight, screen, keyboard, and overall device.
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