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Having been born with the dreaded condition NSOD (no sense of direction) a GPS is essential if I'm ever to end up getting to where I need to go. My last GPS was the Garmin 3790 which was excellent - however it froze up and died on exactly the 29th day of use which allowed me 24 hours to return it to Amazon.

As I researched a new GPS I found it more complicated than putting the specs together for a computer. Reviews are incredibly mixed on each model. All of them have plenty of pros and no shortage of cons. I decided to call the dedicated number for GPS units on Amazon. And doing so was an excellent experience and one that I highly recommend to anyone frustrated over which unit to buy. Amazon also has consultant Reps for computers, cameras, televisions and so on.

These folks don't work on commission - so there's no vested interest on their part in the recommendations the make it's a zero pressure approach and really an under estimated service - but a very valuable one. After going through the applications I was looking for i.e.: map updates, voice recognition, large screen etc - I was steered to the Garmin 52LM.

At the low price of $145 I was at first skeptical as the 3790T was $300

As I prowled through all the GPS units on Amazon the 52LM had the highest percentage of positive reviews - I was sold.

Quick Specs:

* Preloaded Maps

* Card Reader microSD

* Interface USB

* Voice Street name announcement,

* Navigation instructions

* Included Software Garmin City Navigator North America NT,

* nüMaps Guarantee

* Antenna Built-in

* Internal Memory Flash

* Speed limit warning

* Junction view

* Emergency Help

* Lifetime map updates

* Custom POIs (points of interest)

* Built-in speaker

* Gorgeous Display

* Trip Computer let's you Avoid toll roads

* Connector Type is USB

* Battery - Lithium ion

Included Accessories;
USB cable
Suction cup mount
Car power cable

This unit offers tremendous bang for your buck, I miss the photographic quality of the street maps of the 3790T but considering how beautifully the 52LM performs it's one issue that's easy to get past. The voice directions are crystal clear, set up is effortless and the large screen really makes an enormous difference.

You can spend more - however if your looking for a solid non problematic GPS that's going to get you to and from where you need to go, warn you of traffic delays, provide alternative routes and is absolutely effortless to set up and update - You'll be hard pressed to find a better GPS at any price.

Highly Recommended.
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on March 18, 2015
I received this GPS a little over 4 months ago. Because I am a pizza delivery driver, I have used this item to find addresses hundreds of times, if not thousands yet, and have driven, as of writing this review, 19,042 miles with it (it tracks this). I haven't had it for super long, but because of how often I use this, I figure I'm qualified to give a good review.

This product has it's ups and downs. I'll list them in a simple fashion:


- Quick start up, quickly finds the address
- Very accurately reports your speed, down to the very mile per hour, only it lags a second or two behind. (Pretty good for a device that connects to a satellite in space then back!)
- Easy to read UI.
- Is good about which side of the street the house is on, and usually around where it is on the street.
- Automatically turns off when you turn off your car (On a 30 second countdown timer.)
- Battery life without being plugged in is a few hours if left on.
- Has decent approximations as to when you will arrive to the address.

- It "saves" previously entered addresses, up to a point. For example, if one day I put in "1234 Amazon Way", then the next I start entering that in again, a little folder lights up, that you can click and just select the street instead of having to type in all in. The reason this is not in the positive category, is that it doesn't save that many. I often go to streets I know for a fact I have been to many times, but it doesn't save it unless it was very recently.
- There's a function to put multiple waypoints in. So, if I had to deliver to 3 houses in 1 run, I could supposedly put one address in, then the next, then the next, and it would direct me to them one by one, without me having to reenter the information even when it briefly turns off when I leave the car. This function, at least for my device, is very glitchy and not worth it. Sometimes it will mess up the order I put them in (and not even in logical fashion, like it choosing the next closest one or anything), and sometimes it will just not work at all. After I go to the first address, it will act as if that's the only one I entered in in the first place.


- It sometimes will report the speed limits of certain streets. Often they are wrong. Usually just by 5 MPH, but still. I mean, you shouldn't trust a GPS on this in the first place, you should look for posted signs, but it gets annoying when the speed turns red to indicate you're "speeding" when you aren't.
- Too many screens to go through to get it going. Google maps is super simple, click the line, type in the address, and go. This device is a little outrageous. First, you start up your car, and if plugged it, it will automatically start up. Then you have to click an agreement to not use it when driving (1). Then, you have to click "Where to?" (2) Then, a page with multiple options, but I usually select "address", to put the address in (3). Then it asks to select city, postal code, or search all. I usually select search all (4). Then, you have to enter in the house number and click done (5). Then, you have to enter in the street (6). Then you may have to confirm the city if there are multiple streets of that name (7), then you click "go" (8). That's 7-8 pages. Way more than necessary.

- About 5% of the time, it will not be able to find the address, and I will have to fall back on google maps. Worse yet, about 1% of the time, it will bring me to blatantly the wrong place. Very upsetting for me and the customer!

- Sometimes suggest slower routes. Not terribly slower, but slower none-the-less.

- Touch screen is meh. 1/5th of the time, I try to click a letter, and even though it lights up in response to me pressing it, it won't put it down. Incredibly. Annoying.

- There's a function where when you start entering in the address name, it will suggest the only possible options. For example, if I wanted to enter in "Northstar Way", once I typed in "Norths" it will suggest that street along with others that fit. Convenient, but runs into problems. If I accidentally select the wrong one (say "NorthStore Lane" , then click the back page, the full street name remains typed in. So when I try deleting it, with each letter it goes to the suggestion page.

"NorthStore Lan"
Did you mean:
"NorthStore Lane?"
"Northstore La"
Did you mean:
"Northstore Lane"
"Northstore L"
Did you mean:

and on and on. Really annoying.

I bought this device because I was spending lots of money on my phone for extra data when using Google Maps. This device was a one time payment, and allowed me to save money on my phone plan. After 3 months, this device paid for itself, and I get to use it for a long time to come. For me it was worth it, but for the layman, it might be better to just to use Google Maps. It's just more reliable. I used it for many months as well, and I rarely had problems with it besides the data usage.

I have a lot of things to say about this device, and may update this review later when I remember more about it and if people are actually finding this review helpful.
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on February 27, 2015
Voice a little loud; must learn how to turn it down. Works very well (one usage so far)
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on August 29, 2013
Each time I turn this on, it requires me to accept the End User License Agreements (EULA). I tried scrolling to the end (28 screens, including one in which I am indemnifying Her Majesty the Queen--my pleasure, your Highness) to see if there was a "once you read all this, I'll stop bugging you each time" but no luck. Incidentally, if you hit "Reject" the EULA, you are told to return the unit within 7 days of purchase.

Then there is a second thing the unit asks each time, which says you can't adjust it when driving. This is an OK thing to ask and require a response cuz of liability issues I guess, but don't they realize many people might use a GPS unit while driving? BTW, you can outwait providing a response to this question and it will start operating.

Maps have 2012 copyright. I got this in late August 2013. Restaurant information appears at least a year old as they don't have some newer stuff around here and still have some closed stuff. Also, if you sell water softeners or water heaters, you get a place on the list of "food" places even if you don't sell any food.

Fyi: no 110 volt power adapter, just 12 volt and UBS cable.

I had 5 bars of signal and couldn't get the car icon or the "driving" bottom indicator to realize I was pointing it North, or South, instead of West (even after giving it a minute or two to allow for satellite back and forth, while out in a clear space). And now while it's sitting here on my desk 10 minutes later, it shows it is moving at 7 miles per hour--wait, it's up to 14 miles an hour now as I watch it laying on my desk in my house. When carrying it around outside earlier with clear views, I couldn't get it off 0 miles per hour. Now it's only going 9.9 mph, and SE in case you're interested, while sitting there on my desk. So, just be aware that you too may run into these interesting situations. Now it's back at 0 mph.

This is maybe my 7th GPS device, and it's an OK unit as long as you don't trust it too much, but Garmin can step up a bit and do better.
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on May 2, 2014
Arrived in fine condition, packaging was very good. I fully charged this item when I had received it, and I go to select "Maps" and of course a problem. Message said "no maps available". The machine says no. The minimal instructions that come with the device do not address this of course much less any thing in depth. So, I go on line to investigate this travesty. I find I must go to the Garmin site and down load the program that will install maps. So, I hook the machine up to my computer after I had downloaded the Garmin set up in my computer, plug in Garmin with the USB cord, and then hit download maps. All is fine until my machine powers down as I have the power settings on my machine set to power down after so many minutes. If you do as well set to not dim or power down. So, I go to power settings on the lap top and set it to not power down, try maps again, and it did download into my Garmin just fine. Now I have maps. The Garmin works just fine. It is easy to use. My complaint is the minimal instructions that come with this item, and having no maps pre installed , and having to download them via computer ( Garmen Express) and finding the downloader to do so. If I did not own a computer, I would be out of luck, or if I did not know how to reset my power settings on said computer, I would have had a problem. However, the product works just fine now, and I like it. Rated four stars due to the hassle factor. I also recommend the friction pad that can support the device on your cars dash board. Easy to set up and use, and plays nice with the glove compartment for hiding it after. The machine itself is very well built. The screen is clear and bright and ample. You can turn up the volume for audio directions easily, and trust me, it is LOUD if you want it so. I would order an in house charger but it does come with a car charger, and no case. Hope all this helped you.
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on May 12, 2015
The 52LM a good upper-mid level GPS unit by Garmin. I've been a fan of the brand for many years and so far they had yet to lead me astray. Living in Texas there are many tiny towns and Garmin gets them right 98% of the time (there's only been 2 instances where it got confused and they were towns with recent road work). This nuvi 52LM is a nice size, not too big, not too small, The touch screen is typical nuvi, nicely responsive and with the familiar "BOINK!" and "CLICK" sounds during each touch. It comes with pre-installed alternatives for the navigation voice and car icon, plus more can be downloaded from the site. The unit is solid feeling (once again in the nuvi kind of way) and comes with a very nice window suction mount unit. If you clean your window before pressing the vacuum stopper against it and locking down the vacuum lever, you will feel confident as the mount easily holds the nuvi 52LM safely and securely without any worries of loss of suction and falling off. The battery is adequate (I got about 4 hrs. on a full charge before having to plug into the car's power supply) which exceeded my expectations considering the size of the screen. It's not fancy, doesn't come with many bells and whistles, Bluetooth, or anything else. It does however come with the great, solid Garmin navigation and product reliability nuvi enthusiasts have come to enjoy. The price is quite reasonable as well since this will probably be your last GPS vehicle navigator for many years.
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on May 16, 2015
At the moment I'm giving it 4 stars assuming it will continue to work well but I was not pleased at all to have received a used unit! I know this because it was clear the plastic from the front screen had been removed and placed back on and when I turned it on the darn thing was in Japanese!! I was only able to finally find how to turn it back to English because I own an older model and the morning was still very similar. The whole thing had a very "fell of the back of someone's truck" kind of feel. Like someone clearly used it and then they attempted to resell it as New. The depressing part is my seller was Amazon LLC. :(. If it wasn't a gift I needed now to give away I would totally be returning for an actual new unit but I don't have the time so I'm just hoping it was first sold yo Japanese person who changed their mind for a reason other than malfunction. I do not like my chances though considering some of the awful reviews I read. Purchasing this was already a gamble without the additional used factor. :(
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on November 20, 2013
I bought this Garmin after my TomTom XL was stolen from my car. I have to say, I'm very pleased so far.

Hopefully this review will answer a few questions that you may have yourself, so that you can see if this is the right GPS for you.

Off the bat, the first thing I noticed is how quickly the satellites find your location. Sometimes my TomTom would take a few minutes to locate me, but with the 52LM, it never seems to go over 10-15 seconds.

One of the features I really loved about my TomTom was the mutli-line information on the screen. It would list my current time, the time I would arrive, how fast I was going, all on the screen. I was sad at first to find Garmins on screen information was very simple, but later rejoiced as I found you can have FOUR customizable "widgets" on the screen, which closley resembles the mutli-line format from TomTom. For example, you can pick Current Time, Arrival Time, Distance, Elevation (if that's your thing) , Speed, etc.

Also, the big 5 inch screen is a plus, almost too big if you don't find the correct spot in your car.

Another thing I HATED about my TomTom was that when you added a Favorite, and titled it e.g. "Work" it would delete the address, so if a friend needed the exact address to one of your favorites then you were out of luck, because it simply showed the title of the favorite and not the location. With my Garmin, it STILL shows the location as well as letting you name it! Fantastic!

Of course, this Garmin comes with access to other cool stuff including Emergency services.

All in all, I think an in car GPS is the best investment you can make, for yourself or for your kids , especially new drivers. Gets rid of the anxiety of being lost and it's accurate 99% of the time.

So if you're looking for a powerful GPS that isn't loaded with a lot of "gimmick" features (*cough* like Bluetooth dialing *cough*) then I highly recommend this one. Just take caution, because a GPS is like candy to car thieves, which I learned the hard way with my TomTom.
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on November 30, 2014
This device is basic, easy to use, no fancy features added.

If you want a gps that has HD display, radar detection, 10 finger enabled responsive screen, then you should go for something else. This device only provides basic functions as a $80 gps would do. I am a Garmin user since 2010, this is the second gramin gps I owned, it seems that nothing noticeable has been upgraded on the screen resolution, I would say still a fair resolution(not good for playing videos, but hey it is a gps unit, a HD screen might cost you $200 more), the screen response time is also fair compared to your smart phone. What I hate on my old garmin was its poor typing response time and accuracy, this 52LM does a much better job in terms of recognizing typing and the latency between letters is acceptable.

I've seen someone complaining about its map update, what I would say is the updating process is pretty simple: just plug in and download a software called "garmin express" from its official website and install it. After that, you'll only need to click a few buttons and the device will do its job. I got the firmware and map updated in less than 15 min, I don't see how difficult the whole process was.

In short, this device is worth your bucks, a budget gps that includes all basic features. Plus the life time map update did work !
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on May 11, 2014
I have never owned a GPS before so I did some homework about these things.
I am a member of Consumer Reports which has rated the Garmin's highly. My sister
has owned a Garmin for a few years and loves hers. I was going on a family gathering in
New York city and I did not want to get lost, I live in suburban Maryland, so I bought my
Garmin nuvi 52LM....I love this device!!! There were a couple road closures and my Garmin
got me around them with no trouble. Before this I was using paper road maps and triptiks from A.A.A..
Now I am not nervous to go any place that I am unfamiliar with...I type in the address of my destination
on my Garmin, hit GO and the display and voice prompts get me there.
Did I already say that I love this thing!!?? Ain't technology great!!!
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