Customer Reviews: ASUS MX239H 23" Full HD 1920x1080 AH-IPS HDMI DVI-D VGA Back-lit LED Monitor
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Size: 23-Inch|Style Name: Full HD|Change
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on February 1, 2013
UPDATE 4/15/2014: More than a year later, this monitor is still working perfectly! Also it appears the ICC profile was removed from the ASUS site - not sure where it can be found now.

UPDATE 2/8/13: Be sure to download the correct ICC profile (driver) from Asus' website - this file is critical as it defines the proper color space for this monitor. You will need to manually enter device manager to install this driver, otherwise you will use the Windows default. The windows 7 version works fine on windows 8. I occasionally noticed some green pixelating effect in certain .mkv movie files, that disappeared when I loaded the correct ICC profile.


My ASUS MX279H arrived snugly packed and covered in plenty of protective tapes. Included were a VGA cable, HDMI to DVI (male) cable, 3.5mm AUX audio cable and proprietary power adapter. This is a design tradeoff - the panel is so slim because the power adapter is external. It is the size of a MacBook power adapter, and is one more thing you need to keep track of if you decide to move this monitor as any old power cable will not work.

Thankfully, the monitor arrived with no dead/stuck pixels. Out of the box, the monitor was extremely bright and this washed out the colors. The monitor definitely needed calibration out of the box (hint: they all do). In addition, some of my biggest fears were backlight bleed and unbalanced lighting. I am happy to report that along with no dead/stuck pixels, backlighting was extremely even and there was almost no bleed (see uploaded picture). The silver base attaches with a single screw, and is very stable. Kicking the desk barely shook the monitor, and if you find yourself kicking your desk often, seek therapy.

The panel itself is extremely thin - sitting at just about 2 CM (see uploaded picture). The display, while not true edge-to edge, is the closest I have seen with the panel thickness sitting about 1 cm at the sides, and 1.5 at the top. The result is a beautifully flush panel (think apple cinema display - you can run your hand from end to end without hitting a bezel that does not have protruding edges around the border. Furthermore, this is matte screen, of which any computer gamer worth their salt already knows the benefits (no reflection/glare). Unlike many monitors, the inputs extend straight backwards (perpendicular) to the monitor, as opposed to down toward the desk (see uploaded pics). While this makes things easier to connect, it adds a layer of unnecessary depth to the monitor, as most cables cannot (and shouldn't) bend 90 degrees. I prefer the ports angled downwards, as this makes cable management easier. Anyone who wants to keep this monitor flush against a wall should take this into account. You might not be able to take advantage of the thin bezel in this scenario.

The OSD is very fluid, and there are touch controls neatly tucked away below the bottom edge which take a bit getting used to. However, they are very responsive and easy to learn. First things first, I changed the color mode to sRGB within ASUS' splendid feature. This lowered the brightness to an acceptable level down from stock, without affecting the colors. The color reproduction is very accurate and very clear. This is my first IPS monitor, and the advantages are immediately noticeable as I can lean back in my chair and move off to the side, and the monitor picture remains fantastic. Furthermore, I dialed down the trace free feature down from 60 to 20. This eliminated a major amount of ghosting. Anybody who wants to do their own calibrations should use the above settings as a starting base.

My measured contrast ratio hovered around 1000:1, and ghosting time around 10ms. This is pretty much the limit for casual gaming. Coming out of Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3, I definitely noticed a difference coming from a 2ms monitor. (The above times are actual response times, not Grey to Grey (G2G). If you don't know the difference, do some research and stay quiet instead of rejoicing about the G2G times and confusing newbie buyers.) Adjusting the Trace Free feature eliminated almost all ghosting in Battlefield 3 and FC3, both powered by an EVGA GTX 670 FTW+. Although the higher response time was noticeable, I was blown away by the accurate colors in the game. The foliage in Far Cry 3 and streets and explosions in BF3 came to life by beautiful colors, which in of itself easily outweighed the higher response time. Adjusting the trace free feature eliminated the ghosting that I could see/care about. Finally, I popped in a Blu-Ray movie, and the picture again simply amazed me. Skin tones within sRGB were accurate, and colors were neutral. I prefer my picture a little warm, which can be adjusted within the OSD. Input lag was measured at 18~20 ms - not a problem. At 1080P resolution, the display looks sharp - text is rendered clearly, and pictures are crystal clear when sitting roughly 23 inches away. This resolution will satisfy most peoples' tastes as icons are large enough to see and there is still plenty of screen real estate. Even with the pixel pitch of 0.311mm, which worried me as this is a little on the higher side, text and images are sharp and defined sitting as close as 1.5 feet. Given this is a 27 inch panel, the neighborhood of .3xx pixel pitch is not uncommon. (Note: If you choose to opt for a higher resolution monitor, be prepared to shell out a lot more cash. Furthermore, people who do not have the graphics hardware to drive such a resolution will be shooting themselves in the foot). 1080p is more than enough in my opinion for gaming and watching Blu-ray movies.

Base Neutral Calibration Settings (start here and calibrate away!):
Color (splendid) mode: sRGB
Trace Free: 0 or 20
Backlight: The lower the better; I kept mine stock sRGB. Pay attention to your surroundings and your preferences.

I also tried out the speakers. Chances are you will never use them, but they are better than most monitor speakers. Don't expect them to replace desktop units; definitely not tinny. In addition, they fire to the sides, making it odd during directional action scenes. I hooked up my PS3 and popped in a Blu-ray movie, and the speakers were fine sitting as far as 5 feet away. But don't expect this to replace your living room TV. The monitor also supports audio passthrough, which is nice if you want to use headphones with your console (or computer I suppose).


-Stable stand, beautiful silver/black design.
-Very thin panel with near edge to edge matte screen - but comes at a cost (see cons)
-Excellent color reproduction
-Very Bright
-Very even LED lighting with little backlight bleed.
-Fluid OSD with neatly tucked away touch controls
-Dual HDMI input - PC and an additional media source like a PS3, Blu-ray player, etc.
-HDMI Audio passthrough with headphone port if your graphics card allows it - Good for plugging in headphones when playing games, especially if using a console.


- ports are aligned perpendicular to the monitor. This makes it easier to connect, but makes cable management a little more complicated. I don't care for it.
-1080P - Comfortable with me, but not the highest resolution you can find on these kinds of panels. Be prepared to shell out a lot more cash for a much higher resolution.
-Etched feature adverts in the silver bar on the bottom left. I'm well aware of what I bought, I don't need to be reminded this is an IPS HDMI panel. To each his own.


-No DisplayPort - A bit of a future proofing issue here, as I'd like to take advantage of DisplayPort's higher bandwidth.
-Proprietary power adapter & cable - Asus uses their own proprietary power brick, with a unique cable. Not a huge deal, but one more thing to keep track of if you move the monitor somewhere else.
-Not the quickest response times - will probably only irritate hardcore gamers.

For the price, this monitor is a great buy. An extremely slim bezel, stable stand, beautiful construction, IPS, excellent color reproduction, decent response times, and large matte near edge-to-edge display makes this a solid panel. The only cons I care about, the port orientation, lack of displayport, and proprietary power adapter are greatly outweighed by the slim construction and sleek edge to edge design.

If you are a hardcore gamer, stray towards Asus' VG series with a 144Hz refresh rate (and be prepared to have your pockets flushed). Demanding gamers may not appreciate the slower response times of the MX series. If you find yourself watching lots of movies and editing pictures, web surfing, needing lots of screen real-estate for getting work done and don't play games competitively, this monitor is for you.
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on July 12, 2013
I bought this monitor when it first came out as it was on sale at the time.

1. The frameless design is 9.8mm bezel all the way around when the monitor is on. It's 0.8mm when the monitor is off. I find this slightly misleading but 9.8mm is still quite a narrow bezel compared to most.
2. The screen is absolutely beautiful with excellent color accuracy and viewing angles.
3. The monitor itself is very well designed and appealing to look at it. My only complaint would be a lack of mounting points on the back so your only option is it sitting on a desk.
4. The speakers are very good for internal monitor/laptop speakers. Easily the best I've heard of any of the branded internal speakers. However don't take this to mean they will blow you away compared to any decent set of external speakers.

I've now had it for months with no issues what so ever.

My primary warnings and complaints would be it's 1920x1080 which 23" is definitely about the maximum I would consider this resolution acceptable for I would not suggest getting the 27" version unless you don't sit very close to your monitor. The touch buttons all work fine but given the number of options I would prefer there be more of them or simpler ways to quickly go back on menus so you didn't have to scroll through so many options. It would have been nice if they included L adapters or made the video and audio ports vertical as for such a sleek monitor it's annoying having a bunch of cables sticking horizontally straight out from the back of it. They obviously thought of this as their power plug is L shaped so it doesn't stick straight out...

That said it's still my favorite screen I've owned thus far. The AH-IPS does a very good job of accurately portraying colors, is not at all hard on the eyes, is extremely crisp and clear, and I've encountered no glare issues at all.
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on August 20, 2013
- The bezel. Highly underrated, but it would be hard to go back to a monitor that didn't possess such design prowess. Its slim-ness only accentuates how sleek the entire model looks.
- Very minimalistic. Not a lot of extra eye-candy outside of the display itself, but it does make use of a nice chrome finish.
- Thin panel. It's around the ballpark of the thickest smartphones around today.
- Easy to put together. The monitor comes in two pieces, the panel and sundial stand. Simple.
- 27" 1080p display.
- 2 hdmi ports; very handy if you wanna connect any combination of, say, your laptop/desktop, gaming console or TV.

- The touch sensitive buttons are more than a little too sensitive. But after getting the ideal settings in place, you most likely won't have to fumble through the menus again.
- Speaker quality could be better. It feels a little muted at times, but this can be easily remedied if you already have a sound system to overlook this completely.

I do a lot in terms of media consumption, gaming and design. So far the response time for gaming performs very well; you would only have to worry, I suppose, if you were playing a fighting game competitively and each and every frame is absolutely crucial. While using Photoshop/Illustrator I found the display to be a hair too saturated on default settings, but that can be easily adjusted through the on-board menus. Movies look phenomenal, and if you're a big VLC user (or anything that utilizes stylized subtitles) the subtitles appear crisp and vivid.

If you're an everyday, run of the mill user, I would still recommend this even solely on the basis of sheer size. As a casual social network user or email-checker, the real estate provided allows a person to run two evenly sized windows side by side without sacrificing any loss in content.

The Asus MX279H shines brightest when taking into account how much you get at such a reasonable price. The design alone rivals products that cost several times more, and the near edge to edge display can't get enough praise. Though I suppose for a 27" monitor, the resolution could be stepped up a notch, but at this price-point that would just be trying to nit-pick. If you're in the market for a great all around 1080p monitor that can even take the place of your bedroom TV. As a designer, gamer, and a person who in general spends a lot of time on computers, the MX279H definitely fulfills all of the above.
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on February 24, 2013
I'm using a 2012 Mac Mini with an HDMI cable and the text is not as sharp as my 2007 iMac. In checking various forums, it was recommended to try a VGA to Mini DV port adapter. I have it on order (thank you Amazon Prime). Having said that, it looks incredible with a Windows PC DVI to HDMI adapter. I think it's a great monitor for the price so I have to give it 5 stars. I have not had the banding issues another reviewer complained about. If you want a truly exceptional 27" monitor, expect to spend 3x this price. I'm happy with the price/performance. It looks great on my desk. I provide my own hardware for work and am tempted to get another of these for use at work with a Lenovo i5 laptop running Windows 7. I'll update my review once the VGA adapter arrives. I would not hesitate to order this monitor, just make sure you also have the right cables from the start.

Update after securing VGA adapter.... LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. The text is sharp and clear and the graphics look great. I'm becoming happier with this purchase every day.
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on December 22, 2014
Everything on the left and right edges of the screen is dark. Text is blurry in some games even after running auto setup multiple times. Even at 100% brightness and contrast everything (including the stuff in the middle of the screen) still seems dark. I really regret purchasing this and will likely attempt to return it.
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on February 6, 2016
Best IPS monitor for console gaming. Went from gaming on a huge 50+inch tv to a 27" monitor for what I've heard would be a better and more fluid gaming experience. I have to say I'm never going back to a large screen tv again. Just stick to big screen tvs for movie / tv viewing and monitors for gaming. I use Xbox one to play on this monitor. Now, the "best" is if you want a monitor with the best of both worlds for response time or low input lag, AND picture quality. This monitor has the best and deepest blacks I've ever seen.

Console gamers - to get this out of the way, do not buy any monitor thats any more than 75 hz or a 4k. 4k "upscaling" it is a misconception. Consoles will only push 1080 p and 60 hz. This monitor and any monitors I've tested out do just that except for the 4k.

Bought a Benq RL series monitor and learned its a TN panel which gives lowest response time but low color reproduction. Which basically I didn't think was the greatest picture quality. Even after calibrating the settings. At viewing angles - especially for console gamers who sometimes want to sit at a slouch position (relaxed) can cut off the image quality. You have to sit in front and upright to get the right viewing you want. As for the speakers - it just merely provides sound. Nothing more. I don't care for this because I game with my Astro headsets. I went out and bought this monitor to begin with assuming it was the BEST gaming monitor out there. It is heavily marketed and talked about in the gaming community. The "best" is misleading. It is a great monitor to its own and recommended for MLG gamers. Theres a reason for that.

Bought a Samsung UHD 4k UE590 monitor and learned I didn't need it since 4k is still young. With outdated display connectors, punishing hardware requirements, and lack of os and app support besides netflix and prime that can stream 4k. && the picture sometimes appear grainy while the 4k is trying to push the 1080p and 60hz. Whatever you do... YOU DO NOT NEED A 4k (unless you want to drop 2000+ on a rig and proper video card). Consoles only push out 1080p 60 hz nothing more! so stick to that. Also, theres already talks of a 5k or 8k!!

Bought a Asus Vs series monitor (IPS) and compared it side by side with the Asus MX that I chose to keep. The Asus Vs is a great monitor to its own with lower response time but the color reproduction is so VIBRANT with okay blacks. This makes the picture quality appear GREAT but it also makes it appear flat. Thats only because I had the Asus MX side by side with the Asus Vs to tell the difference.

When it comes to response time you are talking 1ms (benq), 2 ms (asus vs), and 5 ms (asus mx). THE BRAIN AND EYE CANNOT... CANNOT... tell the difference between milliseconds. Thats a science fact. On paper, yes. Trust me, I went back and forth switching my HDMI to each of these monitors and it all feels the same. So if you are a competitive gamer aiming to be a MLG then maybe, just maybe the 1ms monitor would matter to you... or maybe not (input sarcasm here).

Honestly though, it is input lag you want to be worried about than response time. The Asus MX monitor actually puts out the lowest input lag out of all the other monitors I've tested out.

Overall I am VERY pleased with this monitor (Asus MX) and the choice I've made. Definitely made my moneys worth. The Asus MX monitor as I said earlier offers the deepest blacks I've ever seen. It makes the picture quality pop so wonderful and definitely doesn't make the picture appear flat like the Asus Vs monitor. The blacks offer texture to the colors, picture, and gaming experience. BE SURE YOUR XBOX ONE SETTINGS IS SET TO PC RGB!!!

Oh, front the extra cash if you can for a 27", you'll thank me later.

I hope my journey and review helps you find a great monitor for your gaming pleasure or even use it for PC.
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on July 13, 2015
Love it! Moving to this from my 6-year-old 23" Samsung TN panel has been a huge upgrade. You get the IPS benefits you expect: vibrant color, great viewing angles, perfect brightness and contrast. It just pops visually. And of course there's tons of real estate, about 50% more pixels than Full HD. I love the stylish design, too. I'm already spoiled. No going back for me. Every time I sit down at my desk I'm glad I splurged on this.

The built-in speakers are the best built-in speakers I've heard, but that's really not much of a compliment. They're fine for office tasks like playing notification sounds and doing video conferencing but for music, movies, and games you'll probably want to stick with separate speakers.

On the down side, I'd deduct half a star if I could for three minor complaints: 1) lack of height adjustment, 2) lack of mounting holes on the back in case I wanted to hang it on the wall, and 3) no dedicated buttons for changing inputs or volume. I have to go through button menus for that. Kinda stupid not to allow direct access. But none of those are a big enough deal to deduct a full star.

In short, this is a fantastic monitor.

*** UPDATE ***
I did the math wrong, as pointed out in the comment. This has about 78% more pixels than 1080p, not 50% more like I wrote above. 1080p is about 2 megapixels and this is almost 3.7 megapixels.

After a month I'm still loving this monitor. No regrets.
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on August 29, 2013
This was an impulse purchase for me. I quickly looked at the star ratings without doing further research and it turns out; there's no VESA mounting options! Oh well... That's my fault for not checking. Otherwise, it's a beautiful monitor. Very thin front to back and a thin bezel. It is lightweight compared to other monitors of the same size and it looks really slick and high tech. Text is easy to read. It has a matte screen; which I mention because it's sibling, the ASUS VG27AH, does not. The only issue I had was that the image I got was smaller than the screen size - I had to go into my Catalyst Control Center (my video card software), and select the overscan option.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 8, 2014
I used this product for about a month, everything was alright until 2 major issues shown up.

1). The screen would flicker every 25-30 minute or so, this is definitely not a laptop problem as I have tried 3 different laptops on it

2). The plastic located at the lower part of the monitor is cheaply glued to the monitor. After a month of use, part of the plastic is coming off by itself.................

Good design and approach, VERY VERY POOR IN EXECUTION & QUALITY
review image
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on May 13, 2014
Quick synopsis: Asus makes great products but if you need support... be ready to be seriously let down.

Had the monitor for 2 days when it started to flicker. Called ASUS support and had to leave a message. No one called me back so I found the email address and sent in an email. After getting a case going i was able to call in and talk to someone. After trying some basic troubleshooting I was told to box the entire monitor up and send it back, even though we determined the most likely cause was just a faulty AC adapter. So I lugged the monitor to fedex and had to pay for a better shipping box myself.

A week went by and then two and all the RMA status would say is "Pending" so I called in and after 3 attempts got to talk to someone. Yes they would get right on it. I got an email from ASUS recapping our convo leading me to believe that after that conversation they actually began work on the RMA.

After another week of non-communication, I replied to the email they had sent inquiring about the status of the RMA. That resulted in a tracking number and the monitor was sent out.

When the monitor arrived I was shocked to pick up the box and feel the metal stand drop from one end of the box to the other. I imagine that the METAL monitor stand was banging around inside the box for the entire trip back to me. When I opened the box, to no big surprise, i found the monitor was completely shattered. Now I get to sit and wait for a replacement monitor.

So after almost a month... no monitor... just drama. I wish this wasn't the case but this will probably be the last ASUS product I buy. They make REALLY good products when they work... i have dozens of their motherboards, two of their gaming laptops and dozens of other components made by them but every time i have to deal with their support I know that I am going to have 20+ days of drama, have to pay for boxes and/or shipping and now deal with waiting for a replacement.


THREE MONTHS from when I purchased this monitor... and STILL NOTHING. I called today. The guy on the phone told me "don't worry... simply call back in two days and check again! We cannot do anything else for you... but don't worry..."

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