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on February 10, 2014
Its a brand new phone with high configuration, in generic packaging. Includes 16GB microSD card & updated firmware to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 :-). What more you need!!!? & I paid $187 for it (on 29 Jan, 2014). BUT, I received this phone today (10th Feb)!!! Shipping was terrible. It supposed to be delivered on 6th Feb, but... :-|. I was very angry!!! but when I opened the box... wow! it was an awesome experience!!! I definitely recommend this phone!!!

Update (24 Feb, 2014): Still flawless performance after 24 days of power usage. You just can not ask anything more on 'performance' department. I could not utilize 2GB RAM, it is more than enough. Quad core CPU is super fast. I see many users complaining about battery life. Well 2100mAH is not enough for a android device like Optimus G to run 24 hours on moderate use. However, you can get that much of battery life by turning on 'Eco Mode' from setting menu. And about camera performance, it is doing pretty well. Images are fairly sharp enough, though the front facing camera is not that sharp. But you have to consider its price. In this price, this phone is the best phone ever!!! I still, highly recommend this phone.

Update (06 Oct, 2014): Bought another one for my sister. She is very happy with this phone. An EXCELLENT piece of hardware, released on December, 2012! Don't even think about the performance, its superb because of a very capable Qualcomm CPU with Adreno 320 GPU, coupled with 2GB of RAM, which still a standard amount of RAM. Only grape is the battery life. Its average. I'm rocking android version 4.4.4 (CyanogenMod 11). So, I'm getting the latest version of android through Cyanogen (they are still supporting the device), and my hardware is good too. What else I need?
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on January 14, 2014
I am reviewing the seller because of his lack of info, not the cell phone. The problem here is that this model only operates with this frequencies:

850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900/ 2100/ 2600 (phone box says, indeed, this phone is designed to work on all european countries ¬¬)

You must contact your service provider and ask for the frequencies they use, otherwise you could have something like a Ducati running at 10 k/h.

I had to subscribe to another provider in order to use the 3G speed. Please make sure the frequencies above works with your provider.
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on March 27, 2014
Wow! What a great phone. I have an LG Optimus G Pro locked to ATT that I use in the US. I needed a replacement for my awful Galaxy SIII for international travel. The SIII had a terrible camera. The photos were washed out whenever there was indirect sunlight. The SIII screen would lock up regularly, particularly just when trying to take a quick photo shot. So the SIII had to go. It was stolen in Colombia. So that put me in the market for a replacement. I love the LG Optimus G Pro. But it's still locked in contract and is really too big to be packed around the world. The Optimus G is just right. It's a nice size that fits easily in a belt case. The G is just as smooth and fast as the G Pro. The WiFi is strong and connects easily. Battery life is very good. I regularly get two days between charges under heavy use with the G. It will last about a week if just sitting on standby while I use the G Pro. The G audio is very good. I listen to both an extensive music collection and audio books on the G. For international travel in which I will be regularly trading SIM cards I like that the SIM slot on the G is accessible behind a cover on the side of the phone. You never take the back off the phone. It's easy to swap both SIM cards and MicroSD cards. The back of the phone is glass and quite slippery. It needs a protective case. I've got a hard case on mine which makes one handed use easy.

I picked up my used G that is like new for a very good price. The latest news is that Kit Kat is coming to the G. It works fine on Jelly Bean. But it's nice to know it will get the latest operating system. I'm very happy with this phone. Some phones don't age well. The Optimus G was released in late 2012. It's a great phone that is still cutting edge in both hardware and software. I'll have this one for a long time.
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on March 20, 2017
I was hopeful about this phone but my hopes were quickly dashed.

1. Not compatible with snapchat
2. Though unlocked it is filled with AT&T bloatware that I can't uninstall
3. Instagram constantly crashes
4. Battery drains FAST. It won't even last an 8 hour work day. This confused me as everything I've read suggests it has a decent battery life.
5. It freezes. A lot.

I have never had so many problems with a smart phone before. Everything I want to use a smartphone for doesn't work on this phone. I do like the screen resolution/size. It is so functionally deficient it is completely useless. I'm going to look into returning it. I hope I can.
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on October 29, 2015
Avoid the AT&T version of this phone! The AT&T LG Optimus G comes with pre-installed AT&T apps that are absolutely terrible. Like mind-blowingly, unbelievably, spectacularly, I-can't-believe-they-shipped-this awful.

This would just be a minor annoyance except for the fact that the AT&T Address Book app pops up unexpectedly in the foreground during the common, everyday scenario of viewing your contacts list--and this misbehaving app cannot be disabled or uninstalled without rooting your phone (note: this "perma-fail" situation is specific to the LG Optimus G--more recent phones with this pre-installed app/malware allow you to disable AT&T Address Book). To repeat: EVERYT time you go to the Contacts page in the Phone app, after your contacts instantly appear, the phone quickly whisks you away into the completely useless AT&T Address Book (which takes roughly 1 minute to load). If you dismiss or force-close the app, it will just pop up the next time. You can't disable or uninstall the app from Settings or various popular "cleaner" apps. Unlike newer models, you can't disable the app from popping up via the secret "*#*#2666#*#*". This app will annoy you until the end of time (or until you give up and just root your phone).

Hilariously, the most bizarre part is that AT&T Address Book doesn't even work! If you try to set up the redundant syncing of contacts to some AT&T cloud service, the app just closes. I'm truly shocked that this product ever saw the light of day.

As a quick aside to AT&T: this piece of software is not a "value add." This is taking an already solid, functional system, and bolting on a useless and frustrating distraction. Please put down the mouse and stop ruining Android. Thanks!

In summary: save yourself a ton of trouble and buy a non-AT&T phone (or at least a newer model than this one where you can avoid this headache entirely).
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on January 11, 2015
I've had the phone for a year now and let me start by saying that I love the phone itself, my problem is with this AT&T version of the phone. The phone is great, it has great processing power and a beautiful screen and display. However AT&T thought they could improve the phone by adding their own irremovable software which, putting it mildly, sucks. The phone has all this AT&T apps that do nothing, like every time I open contacts it redirects me to a AT&T contacts app that serves absolutely no function and I have to battle with the back button just to get to my contacts, and it happens every time I try to do so. Also a MAYOR annoyance is that every time I try to update to a newer version of android it doesn't allow me to, it gives me a "server not available" or some sort of problem message like that, which basically means I haven't been able to ever update the phone and am still stuck with the 2012 Android software.
I would recommend this phone wholeheartedly if you buy the unlocked international version, not the one affiliated with a company that thinks they can do a better software job than LG.
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on January 29, 2014
I have shopped, online and in the store at each of the three carrier and finally decided to purchased this unlocked phone and stayed with my carrier rather than switching...sometimes you can't tell by the image until you have the touch and feel of the device in your hand...and i am here to tell you...if you are looking for screen that is bigger than an iPhone (i had that) and smaller than a Note - look no more...this is your phone...but that's just the physical trait...the processor speed on this thing is phenomenon and the clarity....and the battery life...I have it on for almost 24 hours now...and i still have at least 30% left (but probably because i havent been able to get my data to work yet) uses a micro SIM (not included) and the unlocked code (included). I am currently having trouble accessing my tmobile data on this phone but i am sure that's user's error than the if you are still searching...stop...this is the phone for you...not too big of a screen an not too small that you need magnifying glasses to see...
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on March 19, 2014
I knew that this was a retired model before I bought it. However, the newer version is bigger and that is not what I wanted. This phone is almost too big as it is. It runs great and resolved issues that I had with my older LG Thrill 3D phone.

That said.
Pros: Quad-core with 2gb of Ram.
8gb built in storage with SD card slot. (SD slot not available on the international and T-Mobile versions)
Screen is large and responsive.
Call quality is good
Bluetooth connectivity is excellent.

Cons: really nothing other than size. A little too large.
Discontinued model... too bad since it works well and is smaller than the replacement
unable to easily access the battery. This is mostly ok with me.

One important note. I did not see where the description of this phone says it uses a micro sim card. Standard sim cards can be cut down to fit in this phone however.
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on February 23, 2014
I have purchased this item and used it for one week. It is fast , I like the screen size and the phone is really fast. As it is mentioned in many reviews, the camera is not as good as similar phones. But I believe the phone totally worth price and much cheaper than its competitors. This version is unlocked att one and I need it for my straighttalk, so several annoying att apps were on it. You can disable all of them but att address book and it bumps up every single time you want to use contacts. I struggled a lot with it for 2 days, finally I figured out that by rooting a phone (using simple free available programs to download on your PC) you have access to uninstall all undesired apps without loosing any data (you also need to install a managing app after rooting). Now I removed all the att apps and the phone is as I like it. Also you can specify several features to save battery life (visual instruction available on att site for this particular smartphone). I totally suggest this item to a friend (Till now I have not seen any problem).
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on February 15, 2014
Wow It is great! It is so fast, work perfectly. In Venezuela you need configure the internet acces point or go to your prefered operator . If you have Movistar in Venezuela you can configure the internet: Go to (ajustes, redes y conexiones,redes móviles, Nombres de puntos de acceso: Nombre movistar WAP APN Proxy Puerto 9001 MCC 734 MNC 04 Tipo de APN default). With movistar work perfectly. Quad-core amazing and 2Gb RAM made this phone better than phone of 500$. This I received is E970, there are people that buy the E975 and it have a different camera of 13 Mp without expandible memory. E970 has a camera of 8 Mp and expandible memory. The meaning point is that sometimes you need to configure the APN in order to enjoy internet, if you doesn't do the APN configuration you will think that the phone doesn't work 3G. I recommend you see other phone that works with your prefered operator and copy the APN information and your phone, will work perfectly in 3G or 4G.
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